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INM Out The Door Top Coat, 0.5 Ounce

Out the door’s long wearing, high gloss finish will not yellow. Use alone or over any polish to accelerate the drying time.

Key features

  • America’s no.1 super drying top coat
  • Long wearing, high gloss finish will not yellow
  • Use alone or over any polish to accelerate the drying time

Honest reviews


This is my favorite top coat

I have several top coats that range from the higher priced OPI, Poshe and Seche Vite to the less expensive Revlon, NYC and Sinful Colors and I gotta say INM is by far my favorite of the bunch. It isn’t as thick as Seche Vite or Poshe but it isn’t really thin either. It dries really fast which I love but I don’t get the shrinkage like I do with SV and Poshe. It is definitely my go to top coat and the one I almost panic over when it gets to the bottom lol…ok not really panic but I do jump online and place an order before I run out. =)

Marcia Rogers City, MI

Absolutely the best!!!!!!!

This product is FABULOUS!!!! I have nothing but high 5’s!!!!! I will be buying much more of this to make sure I NEVER run out.

Mellisa Broadway, VA


I decided to try Out the Door after noticing some shrinking from using my Seche Vite fast dry top coat. The Out the Door didn’t give me any shrinkage, but it definitely does not dry as quickly as the Seche Vite and I would even go as far as to say that it doesn’t dry any faster than a normal top coat. The top coat itself is good, it stays on well and makes your nails shiny, but it doesn’t really dry any faster in my opinion.

Kara Winona, WV


Please no one should compare this with Seche Vite….this is no where near as superior as that is… This does NOT dry as fast, look as nice…its also yellows and makes nails look dull after a couple of days. I wont be repurchasing.

Merle South Boston, VA


Been into giving myself manicures for a long time now, and Seche turned me off because the harmful chemicals! Out the Door takes a tad longer but works just as well in my opinion. 3 free too! And from that horrible smell.

Carmela Georgiana, AL


Not shiny and doesn’t prevent chips. I bought this to add to my topcoat collection and am only going to use it for my toes or manicures I don’t care about. BUY SECHE INSTEAD OF THIS

Joni Barnard, MO

Dries quick, but expensive

I have tried a million top coats, but this one is the best for quick drying to prevent ruining that fresh manicure.Doesn’t prevent chips as well as others, but definitely good for drying.

Hallie Alsey, IL

Best I’ve used

Quickly dries polish. Best I’ve used.

Marguerite Champaign, IL

Okay Top Coat

I have heard about Out The Door for awhile and finally decided to try it. I am a nail art blogger and I need a quick drying top coat for my nail art. This top coat does dry fast. It also smears nail and shrinks you polish on the nail. I was not happy about that. I don’t think I would order this again for those reasons.

Britney Cedar City, MO

I do like it, dries fast

dries fast, good shine but shine doesn’t seem to last long. It was ok..I will continue to use it though.

Roberta Lebanon, NE

INM Out The Door Top Coat, 0.5 Ounce

This top coat is great. I gave it four stars because it isn’t "water-chip" proof lol I usually do a lot of house cleaning (usually involving water) and when I get in water my polish doesn’t last long and this top coat doesn’t help much. Other than that this top coat makes your polish last a good two weeks and is very shiny. It also dries really quick, living up to its name "Out the Door". I do recommend this top coat though, the best so far that I’ve used

Chelsea Tres Pinos, CA


I like this top coat alot, but after a few uses it becomes really thick. I switched to seche vite top coat.

Susie Brinson, GA

Average top coat

I was excited to purchase this because alot of reviews said that this top coat was really good and better than most. But for me its okay, I’m usually put a coat of this polish and then the essie fast dry and the polish usually last me 2 weeks.

Krista Pittsfield, IL


This works amazingly! Thin coats that are very easy to apply, I think I may like this more than Seche Vite!

Lakisha Knickerbocker, TX

Won’t go without it.

This is my favorite top coat for sealing layers, especially for stamping as it dries quickly and totally in minutes!

Elvia Hominy, OK


I researched like crazy and came across this top coat. I agree that it dries fast and looks great, but my nails always chip when I use it! I don’t think it protects your color and keeps it for days. I to Essie no chips ahead, which has worked great. I wish this topcoat just didn’t make my nails chip!

Mari Washington, CT


Great top coat. Wear it over any polish I put on. Definitely helps polish last longer and looks shinier. Great

Cherry Shawanee, TN

INM Out the Door Top Coat for Nails

Totally in love with this topcoat, this will be the second bottle I have used. I feel it is a must have item for nail polish addicts like myself because I don’t have the time or patience to sit around waiting for my topcoat to dry esp after doing a detailed mani. Two coats and go, works fab and i def recommend this topcoat. I”m a mom of two and it also works well for when my daughter wants her nails painted because she also lacks the patience to sit under the dryer…Love it

Jeannine Buffalo, WV

Must Have

This topcoat is amazing and dries really fast and makes the polish look extra shiny I would recommend getting this.

Rosario Oxon Hill, MD


I just have to say that I absolutely love this top coat. Held my nails (regular nail polish) without chipping for about week and I did EVERYTHING! From washing dishes, to digging for shoes in my closet, to working. Works horrible if used as a base though; It WILL chip immediately if used as a base. My fault, since I realized a bit later it only says top coat. Oops!

Yesenia Frederic, WI

Works well for me

I heard a lot of good and bad reviews concerning this top coat after it was used by my nail tech. I had never heard of it. MY POLISH LASTED TWO WEEKS. Never had my polish lasted that long. It generally takes 2-3 days before my polish starts to chip off. I couldn’t believe it. It worked for me. The only difference I can think of is the name brand of polish people are using before the top coat. I don’t know. It works for me. It has been 3-4 weeks and my toe polish is STILL ON.

Sara Wales, ND

Out the Door Top Coat

Just perfect – I have used this for 15 years and keep coming back to it. Goes on easily, dries quickly.

Octavia Gilson, IL

lives up to it’s promise

Definitely lives up to my expectations! I love it! I was hesitant about it because of other brands with the same promises of how quickly it dries. This product actually DOES dry within a couple of minutes even over 3 layers of polish! Am definitely going to recommend this to everyone! Great bargain!

Minerva Rock Springs, WY

Dries quickly, great top coat

The polish is perfect all around for those of us who are impatient. I don’t like to sit still and wait, so this top coat is just great.Love the hard clear polish & love that it dries quickly!

Kayla Millville, MN

Last about a week

i use it with a mavala and everyone think i go to a professional salon best I have ever used!

Barbra Santa Margarita, CA

Really good!!!

I love this top coat!! But you must be careful because it’s very strong and if you apply it with a hard hand it will "pull off" some polish underneath and will make your nails look streaky. I wish it was shinier, but really holds up extremely well!!

Kristi Needmore, PA

Works great

The best topcoat I’ve used. I use to renew my polish. Makes it shine. Also dries almost immediately. Doesn’t make polish mushy.

Cortney Manson, WA


I’ve been searching for a top-coat that does a great job at preventing chips. I use my hands a lot and seems I can never get through a day without chipping – super annoying! The first time I used this top coat I had my polish on for 3 days before they chipped, and I had even spent the weekend gardening! LOVE this!

Jenifer Keswick, VA

INM out the door topcoat

Now my favorite top coat. Glides right on the nail and doesn’t chip for days. It has not gotten goopy and thick like seche vite top coat and I have had this for months. I really like it.

Sallie Buffalo Junction, VA

Top coat

This top coat is great it’s the best one I’ve owned by far! I painted my nails and put this on top and it lasted way longer than usually so I can say with confidence that this is definately my favorite and I recommend!

Denise Sulphur, IN