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Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave In Treatment, 16 oz

Infusium 23 Repair & Renew Leave In Treatment helps repair damaged hair and protects it from further damage. It infuses the hair cuticles to help strengthen it and foster healthy growth. In combination with the i-23 complex, this serum helps nourish and restore your hair’s overall health. It also leaves your hair adequately hydrated and shiny. The i-23 complex is enriched with amino acids, proteins and pro-vitamins.

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Honest reviews


Wanted to like it, but HATED IT!

I wanted to like this product so badly because I’ve always read and heard great things about Infusium 23. I have relaxed hair and this stuff made my hair feel like wire. I tried it again and again in so many different ways. I even mixed it with several different leave-in conditioners. I even wrote to the company’s customer service twice to find out what I needed to do to make it work for me. It’s such a large bottle, and I didn’t want it to go to waste. Even though the company’s website has a form you can submit to ask questions, they never responded to me. This didn’t make me very happy with them or their product. I was considering trying the original formula, but after the lousy customer service, I’m just gonna use up the rest of the bottle on my daughter’s curly hair, and cut my losses. I now use Aphogee products to get the protein I need for my hair.ApHogee Pro-Vitamin Leave-In Conditioner

Gay Buffalo Lake, MN

So far so good….

I have wavy hair that sometimes gets a few small curls here and there. It gets frizzy very easily. I have combination hair, greasy on the top, and dry on the bottom. Lately my hair has been very dry, and felt a little rough to the tough, and i was getting alot of tangles.I Tried:Dermorganic argon oil – left my hair so greasy.Bamboo leave in conditioner – again greasy and weighed down.Note: I’ve tried this only once so far, so if my results change i will update this post.Anyway, i put the product in a spray bottle as the other reviews advised, i washed my hair, and i gently towel dried it a bit. Then i spray length of my hair, and one spray for the hair on top of my head.When it dried, i was STUNNED, my hair was so soft to the touch, it was not frizzy at all, and i only had a few tangles. My hair only feels this soft when i used to blow dry it (i stopped cause im growing out my hair) theres nothing like the feel of softness from straight hair.But i love my waves, and thought i wouldnt be able to have both soft and wavy hair. But it is possible, my hair feels so soft and nice! It did not feel/look greasy, which is a relief.the only bad thing is that my waves have lessened, but i can deal with that. Its still wavy, obviously, but its much less defined.So far im in love with this product!UPDATE: Its been a few months, and this product is still working great, in case anyone is interested. =)

Isabelle Ocate, NM

Make your hair silky and smooth

I’ve always used this for my hair and my wigs leaves them silky and smooth will always use this product love it

Gabriela Pauls Valley, OK

What a deal!!

I’ve been using Infusium for many many years now and have never found anything that can compare to it… at least price-wise. It’s by far my favourite leave-in conditioner. It easily detangles my long, fine, thick hair and keeps my hair flowing freely (it usually clumps together and looks bushy when I don’t use it). I got men stopping me on the street and complimenting my hair from the very first time I used it.Recently however, the price of Infusium in Canada shot up outrageously overnight (let’s just say I would be paying close to the price of the 33.8fl oz here for a bottle 1/4 the size!) So I am EXTREMELY happy I found it here at this amazing price!

Janis Severn, MD

a must have

every woman that loves her hair as much as I do must have this product. This stuff will keep your hair healthy regardless of the weather.

Marva Crandon, WI

ZERO Stars

I’m sending it back because it’s the consistency of water with a few bubbles, seriously. I will just have to find the real deal at a store. HATE that stuff like this can be messed with. It makes me not want to buy anything like this online.

Meagan Bethel, AK

Not the best, but not the worst.

Personally I do not care for this product. It is OK, but it isn’t as great as some people express it to be. I bought this product knowing that not every product works the same with everyone’s hair, but this just made my hair dry and and feel a bit wiry. My hair is short and curly, and often dry. I think I will stick to a thicker leave-in-conditioner like Giovanni’s Weightless Leave-In-Conditioner because I like the consistency and what it does to my hair. I just wanted to try something new that was in my budget at the time, but I don’t like this. However, this works well on my you get sisters hair. She has a lot of shrinkage and this helps to stretch her hair out and keep it soft and moisturizer throughout the day. I guess this just goes to show that this can be a good product, but just isn’t made for everyone.

Earlene Taunton, MA

It is nice, not an overnight miracle but is not bad

It is definitely helping somewhat, however, for very damaged hair, this won’t be too much help.. However, it does do some repair. My only recommendation – DON’T buy it here on Amazon… this thing actually costs so MUCH LESS in other stores… These shameless scalpers sell them for 11-16 dollars here, this is insane, if taken into consideration that the stuff costs at most 4 dollars in reality.

Roxanne Stanwood, WA


Leaves the hair soft and manageable no build up I have natural hair 3b/4c I use this daily great product!!

Ruthie Chester, SD

Great product

I was surprised at how much I liked this product. I had read a review in the paper and thought I would try it. With permed and colored hair, my hair starts looking dry and the curls flatten rapidly just a couple of days after shampooing. I now take this liquid in the palm of my hands and run it through my hair and it brings it back to life.

Madeleine Pevely, MO

Everything Else Is A Waste Of Money

A terrific lady at a beauty supply first sold me a bottle of Infusium 23 in 1975 after my hair had been fried by a bad coloring job. After the first use, my hair felt like hair again, and the natural curl was back. Over the decades people have suggested, used (at salons), and gifted me with other “curl-enhancing” products, but Infusium is the just the best.This summer I decided to try to find a way to make my now-graying hair less frizzy and more like it used to be, so I experimented with different products. They were sticky, greasy, smelly, and overpriced. Now I have a linen closet shelf full of expensive junk I’ll never use again, because I’m back to Infusium.For those who haven’t tried it: In my experience, the product works best after shampooing without using a heavy conditioner of any kind. Heavy hair conditioners, at least for me, remove the curl and leave my hair dull-looking and limp … and the now-graying frizz comes through when my hair dries.There’s just nothing better than Infusium. And the prices here at Amazon are the best I’ve found.

Daphne Colburn, ID

great product!

Received the product very early. This product has a great consistency and the price is not bad. Infusium made my hair smooth and kept it moisturized. You must buy this product.

Dollie Silvis, IL

Works well with my long hair!

The fragrance has changed since I last remember from many years ago. Smells ok, not overpowering. De tangles my long hair. My hair feels healthy and soft after each use. Its good for to use to de-tangle from the scalp and does not make my scalp greasy.

Mabel Madison, MS