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Infiniti Pro Full Size Salon Performance Ac Motor Dryer, Black Ombre

The Infiniti pro by Conair full size salon performance/ac motor dryer provides fast, effective drying. With its powerful motor you get up to 50 percent faster drying time and up to 3x longer life. With its unique soft-touch finish, you can do your hair in style. It features 1875 watts, ionic technology for less frizz, and 3 heat/2 speed rocker switches for a variety of styles. For additional styling power it features: a true cold shot button, removable filter, hang ring, and concentrator.

Key features

  • Salon performance ac motor-up to 50 percent faster drying time, up to 3x longer life
  • Ionic technology-reduces frizz and enhances shine
  • Unique soft touch finish
  • 3 heat/2 speed-rocker switches
  • Bonus “one n only” Argan oil .25 fl. Oz. Included

Honest reviews


Love it!

I have been using a 20 dollar conair hair dryer for years and while it did the job, I now see what I have been missing out on.Firstly, this is a sleek and modern looking dryer. Although a bit on the heavy side, it is not uncomfortably so. It feels very solid and well built. As for drying, I just use the high and medium hot settings and wow! Super fast, super strong air. I have never had a blow dryer dry this fast. I especially appreciate the fast drying when using it on my pets after their baths. It doesn’t seem to really dry out my hair either, it looks great aftewards – smooth and soft. I am very pleased with this blow dryer and have already recommended it to a few friends.

Georgia Lupton City, TN

Awkwardly long, very loud, and has terrible button placement

I have been really wedded to myBaByliss Pro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme Dryerfor several years, even buying a second one when I dropped it one too many times. For this price point, I expected the InfinitiPro to be around the same level of quality and design intelligence. Unfortunately, I have to agree with other reviewers who felt that the length was really awkward to hold – it’s nearly three inches longer than the BaByliss and even longer if you include the air directing attachment. I blow dry my thick bangs every morning and I ended up holding this thing almost a foot away from my body to direct it.The buttons are also in quite the awkward spot – I was always switching it from hot to cool to low while drying. It takes longer to get warm than the BaByliss and I think this one causes more frizz. My bangs definitely frizzed out at the ends after drying with a big brush. This happens a lot when I go to the stylist (who then flattens them with a hot, hot, hot iron, which I really don’t like for everyday), so I think this hairdryer might have more in common with the dryers he uses (especially since it’s designed to be super fast drying – hard to be both fast AND fight frizz).Maybe the grossest part of this dryer package is the free bottle of “Argan oil” that comes in the package. The ingredients are:- Dimethicone (silicone), Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Fragrance, Argana Spinosa Kernel Oil (ah, THERE’s the actual argan oil!), yellow 11 (CI 470000), and Red 17 (CI 261000). Compare that to the ingredients of actual argan oil likeELMA&SANA; Golden Argan Oil 100 Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Certified By Ecocert -1oz(30ml)– there’s only one: argan oil. This is like buying olive oil that has 10 other chemical ingredients. Gross. Don’t put that stuff on your hair.In all, I intended to use this for a full week to give it a full review trial, but I knew after two days (I swim, and dry my hair twice a day) to know that this was not going to work. Back into the box it goes. Maybe my stylist will want it.

Constance Dixon, MO


Right out of the box, it was obvious the InfinitiPro is a QUALITY hair dryer; but I was shocked [and disappointed] at the weight. It is nearly twice a heavy as my previous Revlon RV484 Ion 1875 Watt Hair Dryer.I was astonished at the SHEER POWER. I was drying my hair THINKING it was set on high, when I discovered it was only on medium. When I turned it to high, the velocity was unbelievable. There is no doubt the dryer will cut my drying time in half. I am glad, because upon my first use, I am very uncomfortable with the heavy weight. I am also uncomfortable with how much vibration the motor produces. I am sure the incredible power comes at a price, but I am not sure I am going to get used to the heavy weight and the considerable vibration.The toggle switches are very easy to operate to change settings. The three heat settings and two power settings make the drying options very versatile.The dryer comes with a concentrator, but I was disappointed it does NOT come with a diffuser.The packaging also includes a sample of Argan Oil, but I can not review the oil because I have very fine hair which is weighed down too much by oils.The dryer did produce a smooth style with minimal frizz, but not noticeably different than my previous, less expensive ionic dryer.In conclusion, I think this is a HIGH QUALITY, HIGH EFFICIENCY hair dryer … but I am very skeptical about getting used to the very heavy weight and considerable vibration.

Betty Claridge, PA

Its A Hairdryer.

How does one review a hairdryer? If it claims to dry 50% faster, do you then time your old one and see if this one blows that one away? Do you compare looks? Ease of use? Measure the Cord length?My “old” hairdryer, is less than 3 years old. I have always had a problem with how its buttons were placed, more like sliding switches that you had to rip a fingernail off using. It dried our hair, it blew when it should. But I wanted something I did not have to wrestle with to use.InfinitPro by Conair has the most magnificent buttons for hot/cold and on/off aka low/high. It did dry my hair extremely fast, even on the low setting. That comes in handy when all you want to be doing in the morning is sipping coffee with your spouse not drying your hair.The looks of it? sleek, stylish, modern and hairdryery.There was a teeny bottle of Argan Oil that came with it, I dont know why…its all the rage these days. I myself have been using the stuff for years, so a little more is nice but not really needed as a “bonus”.

Nelly Midway, FL

Excellent hair dryer.

This is a bargain of a hair dryer. It looks and operates like pretty much any hair dryer, but it does have plenty of power and heat (you do need to keep your distance with it) to dry hair efficiently.I felt it was louder than ideal, but I’m very picky about that.The controls work well (they stick out and click easily… you don’t really have to look to know what you’ve selected) and are dead simple. You can control the temp (in a binary sense) and control the air flow.It’s not a small hair dryer, and it wouldn’t be the best for travel, but it feels solid. the claims about the motor lasting a long time interest me as well. I have a similar Conair that is 15 years old and it works as well as it did on day one.The best thing about this product is that it’s a good hair dryer for an excellent price. On the basis of value, compared to about five hair dryers, I think this is a five star product.

Audra Okmulgee, OK

…Awesome! 🙂

InfinitiPro by Conair Full Size Salon Performance / AC Motor DryerOne can never have too many hair styling tools! ‘nuf said. :)The InfinitiPro by Conair is Impressive right out of the box with its Sleek — gray on black — design that goes with most any decor. Cord is average, in length — not too long, not too short. There is only one “concentrator” type attachment, included.A few things, among many, I liked about InfinitiPro by Conair:
• 3 heat, 2 speed settings — rocker type switches that are easy to switch — while styling — with gentle press of finger tip.
• The “cold, blue” button is fantastic for use with a round brush for adding plenty of volume — at the roots, or for doing bangs.
• The removable filter, on the backside, is easy to remove and clean.
• The speed/force of the airflow. I was able to thoroughly dry My (very thick) waist length hair, and style bangs and add volume to sides with round brush, in 3 minutes. Usually this takes about 5 or 6 minutes with previous blow driers of the same 1875 wattage.Totally Amazing!
• smiles, sips espresso
• Does the InfinitiPro by Conair Full Size Salon Performance / AC Motor Dryer sound like what you may be looking for? 🙂 Highly Recommended! –Katharena Eiermann, 2013

Estela Cohasset, MN

It Gets HOT. It Dries. It’s Heavy!

I have fine, thin hair. As a result, I don’t need a *ton* of power from my hair dryer, but I do need reliable temperature control. Also, since I don’t just dry but also style with my blowdryer (first a rough dry, then section my hair and style using a round brush), I have to be very careful when it comes to heat settings… and weight.This thing is HEAVY. H-E-A-V-Y. It’s possible that I’m a bit spoiled, using a ‘travel’ style hairdryer, but even my husband (who has thicker hair that he doesn’t style but just wants to dry as quickly as possible) complains about the weight of this.Then there’s the heat. WOW does it get HOT. I use the lowest heat setting on this but since the nozzle’s so long — and my arms are not — it’s still pretty darned close to my hair. I just can’t say I’m comfortable exposing my hair to that kind of heat day after day. Yes, they include a small bottle of Argan oil which works to deflect some of the heat damage but it doesn’t make sense that I have to use a special product to compensate for what seems an overkill with heat.That said, the cool blast is nice. It definitely sets a curl.I’ve tucked this away for company’s use, though, and will continue to use my smaller, much lighter dryer in the meantime.

Cara Valhermoso Springs, AL

Wow, This Hair Dryer is STRONG!

I never knew there was a marked difference between hair dryers until I used the InfinitiPro by Conair. What a difference between this and the Conair Ion Shine that I own! After turning on and seeing the power of the two back to back, it’s not hard to see that the InfinitiPro has much more power than the Shine (or most hairdryers for that matter). The lowest speed of the InfinitiPro is stronger and more concentrated than the full power of my Shine. There are three heat settings to use, although I usually stick with medium heat – low heat is warm, and high heat is really quite hot. There is also a cool blast button for cold air, in case you don’t want any heat. There are two speed settings – low and high – and because this thing packs a punch, I usually keep it on low as well.The air comes out very concentrated, and I noticed that it takes less time to get my hair dry (I have mid back length hair that’s fairly thick, and Asian “aka porous”). The hair dryer also comes with an attach on concentrator which I don’t use simply because I feel that the airspeed is concentrated enough. I have not used the include tiny bottle of oil either – it’s a nice sample that I’ll try later. I didn’t have any problem with the weight of the hair dryer like other reviewers had…but then again, I’ve been using a fairly heavy hairdryer for a while now. Who knows, maybe it’s all those arm workouts finally paying off.All in all, this is a fabulous hair dryer. It dries my hair quickly, makes it easy to style, and the power! I love it. Highly recommended.

Young Spalding, NE

Good dryer. Kind of heavy.

I received this dryer free to review but I find I prefer my old oneRemington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryerfor my needs. (However, I would recommend this dryer instead if you utilize the cold air setting most.)Why it almost got five stars.1) Strong air current—even on the cool setting.2) Cool setting is actually cool not warm.3) I like the reusable cord tie.Why it did not get five stars:1) It’s a tad heavier and a tad longer/larger than my old dryer–which was not happy for my wrists.2) There’s no diffuser included, only a concentrator, and it is oddly annoying to attach–popped off three times before fitting.3) I think the finish of my hair is less shiny than with my other dryer.4) I prefer the soft to touch exterior of my Remington.I did not try the bonus hair oil. This will make a good guest dryer at my house.

Suzanne Titonka, IA

Seems to get the job done.

Overall, I like this thing. As a dude, I have short, coarse hair, and it dries it quickly without a fuss. Only concern is how long it will last, but it doesn’t feel cheap and no troubles so far. Isn’t awkward to hold or anything like that. Minus a star because the argan oil is a chemical laden variant.

Claudine Nome, ND

Light, easy to use, six settings and a cool button

My wife has long, thick hair and uses a hair dryer every day. She’s had a professional model for a while which is actually quite heavy. This InfinitPro is so much lighter it is a relief to her!It’s easy to control with essentially six settings: high and low speed with cool, warm and hot temperatures. Plus it has a button for instant cool. Not only does it get pretty hot but the fan is very powerful.The lint catcher is easy to remove and clean and it also comes with a removable concentrator. It is comfortable to hold and stylish looking, too.The InfinitiPro is a powerful hair dryer that should work for any type of hair.

Sadie Still River, MA

Salon quality

I received the InfinitiPro today & perfect timing since I had just washed my hair. I was able to try it out immediately!The look of the dryer is really nice. It’s a 2 tone silver & black that fade into each other. It has a long cord and a hook for hanging. There is a removable filter. The toggle buttons are easy to push. There are 3 heat settings, a high & low setting and a cool shot button. It came with only one attachment, a concentrator.The dryer itself has an AC motor with both ceramic & ionic technology. It’s 1875 watt. It also came with a little bottle of Argan oil. I didn’t try the oil, my hair tends to not like oils so I didn’t want to chance it.I have long hair to about the middle of my back. I let it towel dry for about 5 minutes, applied product, then let it air dry about 10 minutes while I did my makeup. It was still pretty wet but I decided since one of the claims is that it will dry your hair in half the time, I would go for it.The dryer had my hair dry in less than 10 minutes. I was actually shocked. I used the high setting on warm. I just tousled it with my fingers & then used a brush to smooth the ends. When I was done, my hair actually looked better than it does at the salon when they dry it! It had more volume, was smooth with no frizz or static. It was also very soft.I love this hair dryer! I never really had a preference with dryers before, they dried your hair, that was it as far as I was concerned but this one has changed my mind.

Allison Falmouth, MA

Pretty good, not *that* fast

To be fair, I have to disclose that my previous hairdryer is a Conair, so I’m used to the heat and force that this line generates. I have very thick hair that normally takes a long time to dry, and I have found Conair dryers to work well for me. This one is good, but it’s not any better than my previous dryer. In fact, I think it actually takes a little longer to fully dry my hair. It seems to be just as hot, and it’s blowing just as hard, so I’m at a loss to explain this. I have used this dryer three times now, and I think I’ll go back to using the previous one and keep this one as a spare. It’s a very nice dryer, but it’s not “all that.”

Hillary De Tour Village, MI

Professional quality for fast drying time

Professional qualityThis is a super powerful hairdryer. It literally takes me half the time it did before to dry my hair. With my old dryer, I would have to leave the dryer pointed at each section of hair for about a minute, and it still was limp when I removed my round brush. With this, it’s literally 4 or 5 seconds, and it’s done. And that’s the best reason for upgrading to this dryer.Also, if you are still using an older dryer without the ionic technology, it’s time for an upgrade. It definitely makes my hair smoother and less frizzy. My hair sets into the shape that I dry it in better with this. It takes the round curve of my styling brush and stays that way.This has the usual hot/warm/cold settings, and the low and high power options of most dryers. The easy toggle switches are a nice touch, and can allow changes with one hand.It comes with the attachment to target a section, has the cool shot feature which toggles on and off, and comes with a small bottle of Argon Oil. This isn’t terribly loud either which is surprising considering how fast it dries. My hair doesn’t feel dried out from this.That hot setting is really HOT. I won’t be using that one, out of not wanting to aim that much intense heat on my hair every time I use this. Warm is actually beyond warm and fairly hot.This dryer is slightly heavy, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for the speed. This is like a wind tunnel.Pros:Powerful, fast dryingIonic technology to tame frizzLooks goodComes with attachment to target sectionsHas cold shot toggle–sets hair into shapeHas hangerToggle switches are easy to workComes with small bottle of Argon Oil, good stuffI recommend this for super fast blow-drying. This is a perfect, stylish looking hair dryer.

Kenya Conway, SC

Nice Looking Dryer, Powerful.

I have a less expensiveConair 1875 Watt Turbo Styler with Ionic Conditioningthat I’d been using that I was perfectly satisfied with. I needed another for the camper, so I decided to order this one to review. Wow, it doesn’t even compare the other one. It’s much more powerful and it gets hotter…so hot that I only use it on the low heat setting. I have curly hair and had been using the other one for scrunching and drying, but this one is too powerful to do that without a diffuser. It’s great for straightening though. I’m keeping this one in the house and sending the other one camping. 🙂

Gloria Thorp, WI

Nice dryer but not as nice as Baby Bliss

This hairdryer is pretty nice. It’s pretty comparable to the Baby Bliss one I already had. The thing I don’t like about this model is the part that you pull off to clean the filter. It’s made of cheap plastic that is hard to pull off and seems like it would be damaged easily if you pulled it off too hard or snapped it back wrong. The Baby Bliss has a thick plastic screw on part that is substantial and easy to take on or off. Otherwise they both have the same features — hot, cold, warm with the blue cold button.It’s not any louder or more quiet than most hairdryers. I’d recommend it.

Nichole Kingston, OH

almost comparable to my old one

I had the Blackbird Conair Pro 2,000 Watts. It was great! I like them hot, and this one, being 1,875 Watts, isn’t as hot. However, to be fair, I cannot figure out why it blew my hair out so fast, and why my round brush curls were more intense. This model, being comparable in price, has advantages over the Blackbird. It has 3 temperatures, 3 speeds, and a cool button. Plus this Ombre look of the ceramic looks cool. It comes with a taster of argan oil and a spot attachment. It is just well-designed, except for the fact that my finger keeps sliding the heat button off. Maybe it is just me.It has an AC motor for 3X longer life -It has a removable filter -It has ionic ceramic technologyGet this: It has a limited 4-year guarantee. My Blackbird has 2 years.It sounds like this may just be made better.Recommended. It blows very well.

Meagan Loma, CO

Quality Larger Dryer …

This dryer works great, temps are easily adjusted, easy to hold on to, and the blower is very strong. The only drawback is that this dryer, as powerful as it is, can be a little too large for some, making it difficult and tiring to hold for extended times. There are dryers out there with similar specs, but in much smaller and lighter packages. I would recommend this for those who can handle a full size dryer.

Millicent Grimesland, NC

Strong But Worried

This is a really strong dryer but it gets very hot. That’s what worries me. I’ve previously owned a Conair dryer that performed wonderfully until sparks shot out the side of it while I was blowing my hair. It scared me. But in all fairness this dryer works well, has a cool shot, a concentrator and argan oil. And it did seem to cut a few minutes off my drying time. I’l use it but with extreme caution. That other Conair dryer experience was enough to scare me for good.

Maritza Norton, WV

Great hair dryer

This is just what I was looking for. It is really strong so does a quicker job than my old one. The handle is just right for my hand and I was able to use it easily. The weight is actually less than my old weaker one so that is nice plus too. There are several different settings for different needs – very happy with this dryer.

Cecilia Davis City, IA

Conair Does it again. Love it!

I have thick curly hair so I need a powerful hair dryer. I’ve only used Conair for many years because it’s the only hair dryer that performs well for my needs. I loved this dryer. The buttons are conveniently located and it is very powerful. It cut my drying time down by a few minutes. I love the “cool” button. You don’t have to hold it down and it really dispersed cold air. It also has a removable filter that can be easily cleaned. This dryer is a tad heavier than my current Conair, but the power and performance more than make-up for this small inconvenience.

Tammy Thebes, IL