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Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet / Dry Hot Air Styler

The Infiniti Pro by Conair Wet/Dry Hot Air Styler straightens, shines, and controls frizz with its Triple Action Styling System. It detangles, straightens, and shines with ease. The unique tension control system is suited for all hair types. It features Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, technology that outputs ions to help smooth the cuticle layer drying from the inside out, providing faster, more gentle, more efficient drying process. Infrared energy protects hair’s natural luster creating silky, shiny hair. This seals the hair cuticle, reducing frizziness, leaving the hair shiny and more manageable. It also includes a 2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot button to lock in styles.

Key features

  • Straightens, shines, and controls frizz with a Triple Action Styling System
  • Unique tension control system is suited for all hair types
  • Features tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Infrared energy protects hair’s natural luster creating silky, shiny hair
  • Includes a 2-speed slide switch, and a cool shot button to lock in styles

Honest reviews


Maybe You Won’t Need To Buy Both the Styler and Dryer.

I gave a very favorable review to the Infiniti tourmaline hair designer, the hair dryer sold by Conair as an accompaniment to this Hot Air Styler. I tried the Hot Air Styler because it was light weight, and also appeared to be lighter and more portable than the dryer. As it happened, two hours after the Styler was delivered via Fed Ex, I got caught in a rainstorm while running and was able to test the Styler on my very wet, long, curly hair. It appears to work as well as the hair dryer and is also highly maneuverable. In fact, I think that you might want to try it before either purchasing the dryer or buying both items together as Amazon suggests.

Kara Bridgeport, IL

this dryer sucks

I bought this drying straightener and was just thrilled with the way it worked, the first time. The second time I went to turn it on, it started smoking and died.Not worth fifty bucks!!!

Kathie San Felipe, TX



Claudia Reform, AL

Never buying from Conair again

While the thing worked just as good as a flat iron in half the time I went through 4 of these, in a little over a year. They All died within 3-5 months of each other. I called the company and gotten replacement for my first one and and was given a 6-10 week wait, so I buckled and bought another one…which died before they even sent me my replacement which was taking way longer then 10 weeks, when i called again asking where my replacement was, the guy we talked to said there was no reason i should have even had that wait and that he’d make sure he sent a replacement for both dryers, and that they’d arrive in a timely manner. Which they did. Both replacements are dead. I switched back to my flat iron, which cost the same as one of those stupid driers but has lasted at least 4 years and still works like day 1.

Monika Appalachia, VA

It dries hair – but frizzily

This did the job of taking out the main curl and drying the hair, but I always had to go back through with a straightener to get it to look right – otherwise it was really frizzy.

Leticia Aynor, SC

a little disappointed

I have very short hair that is thick and coarse with some wave. I read all the reviews and decided to give this a try—it did work but, like another review I read, it left my hair fairly frizzy. I tried a number of products to eliminate the problem but with no luck. My hair didn’t look awful but it bothered me. It was fairly easy to use although I found I did get better with practice. The drying time was fine and overall, I was good with the way it worked. I have stopped using it but may try it again at some point.

Latonya Hazel Green, KY


I really wanted this to work, but my fine hair was blown off the brush. My hair continued to be wavy and frizzy after use. It’s going back.

Lucille Fox Lake, IL

Like this very much

Having gone from long hair to short I wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to get it to look like my hairdresser had styled it. This nifty tool solved all the issues. I can go strait, add more lift even a bit of curl and it’s soft and natural feeling. It’s the best styling tool in my large collection and I don’t need to use as many products.

Carmella Seabrook, SC

Good dryer for curl setting

Have natural beach wave curls. Medium length hair. They have to be dried first with Deva gloves to remove excess moisture, then I place this dryer on low setting next to curl to dry. Sets curl. Does not blow. The high setting is too hot. That setting is great for smooth style because you are keeping dryer in motion. Have used defusers on standard dryers, never had any luck with not blowing, even a little. This drys and sets.

Tanya Redfield, IA

Not bad..could use improvement in design

I have shoulder length, highlighted hair with some natural curl. Using a flat iron after blow drying takes time so I was looking for something the help eliminate a step.Pros: Creates shine – even on dry, highlighted hair! Unit is lightweight and easy to use. Doesn’t get too hotCons: The brush part needs to be wider! With a little more surface area, you could dry larger sections and actually produce a bit of a curl on the ends if you wanted to.For best results, you need to dry the hair in sections. Trying to comb thru large areas just doesn’t work.The hair does feel great after styling – that hard to achieve smooth, soft salon finish we all love!Not bad for around $20

Samantha Farnham, VA

Great While It Lasted

I bought this in December 2013 & it broke mid April 2014. The unit’s air pressure became extremely weak & stopped blowing hot/warm. I emailed Conair via their website & got a response after a week. Their response was to call their customer service hotline. After waiting 10 minutes to speak to a customer service representative, I was told that this unit has a 3 year limited warranty. I’d have to send it back to them at my own expense & add a $7 money order to the package. That means postage to & fro with an unwarranted trip to the post office. Not worth the trouble & honestly, I’ll steer clear from Conair products in the future. Less than 4 months of use at 2-3 times a week & it goes kaput. It may have been a faulty item but the company does not stand by their product.

Penelope Courtland, AL

Awesome Dryer!

Since I have short hair I was looking for something that would style my hair and also dry it at the same time. I love this. It take me no more than 5-7 minutes in the morning it gives you volume like you would not believe as well. Plus the price is right! The comb on it is small about two and a half inches so if you have a lot of hair or if you have long hair it would still work only it will take you longer to do. But for me it’s perfect.

Jocelyn Lansing, MN

Still In Use

I do not like doing my hair. I am mixed with curly hair. I hardly go thru the trouble to straighten it becasue, perms dont take, I hate that burnt hair smell from flat ironing & rollers take too much time, just for a stlye to last until it gets humid. My mother sent me this AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I wash my hair. May or may not air dry, blow dry or even all wet and use this to dry. But it straightenes TOO! And I have a friend who has nornal hair and she loves it. My sister locves using it on both her hair and her sew-in hair. The bad review, cant say what went wrong. But Im on here now looking for one for a friend (because I really dont want to let mine go).

Flossie Plumville, PA

love it

My most favorite hair styler.It really works well on my shoulder length hair,fast and easy.I got one for my sister as a gift and she loves it too.Definitely would buy it again

Ines Granger, WY

conair infiniti blow dryer/styler

This is the second one I ever bought. The first I blew out after 2 years but it was really great. Dried and straightened/flipped my hair without the damage of blow drying THEN straightening. Gives more volume too. very good product and came in the mail really fast!

Jan Boles, AR

An Excellent Idea But A Costly Dissapointment

Our 13 year old daughter begged my wife and I to get this Infiniti BC173 Tourmaline Ceramic Straightening Hot Air Styler for her as a Christmas gift. We hesitated to spend $50 on this unit, without knowing if it would live up to its claims, but we gave in and bought it for her anyway. She squealed with excitement when she opened her gift. She couldn’t wait to break it out of its box and try it right away. After taking a shower she decided to give it a try. She fought with this device for almost 30 minutes before giving up. The unit wouldn’t grip her hair well enough and it just didn’t dry her dair much at all. I told her that I had read several reviews that indicated a learning curve before getting the wanted results from this hot air styler. After ner next shower she dryed her dair most of the way with a hair dryer. She then tried the Conair Infiniti BC173 again, but the end results were nearly the same. She noticed that this air styler seemed to add a mild frizziness to her hair, even though the unit is supposed to prevent frizzy hair.Our daughter has used this product again and again, over the past several weeks, and she has determined that the unit is just not for her. She ended up spending some Christmas money on a good hair dryer and a cheap hair straightener. She now gets the desired results, and this Conair Infiniti BC173 is just sitting, unused, in a bathroom drawer. She says that she will still try it again, in the future, but overall it looks as though we have wasted our money on this fairly expensive product. My wife has tried it as well, as seems to be slightly better results, but still this model is certainly not worth the inflated price tag.The biggest problem seems to be that the hair is not held tight enough against the ceramic elements. The dryer feature just doesn’t do much drying, and the lack of proper hair tension allows the hair to become slightly frizzy, and just doesn’t straighten well at all. I think this product is a great idea, and the BC173 certainly feels well built and looks very cute. However, the usefulness of this tool is questionable, and my wife and I are not too happy about spending $50 for something that will likely remain in a drawer over the months and years to come. Because of these dissapointing results, I would not recommend this product to anyone. If Conair can improve on the design, adding more tension in holding the hair in place against the ceramic elements, I think they will have a real winner. I hope it works better for other consumers, but my wife and daugher have nothing but dissapointment in this ceramic wet/dry straightening air styler. We learned a valuable (but rather expensive) lesson. Think seriously before buying this product. It may work wonderfully for some but seems to be a real letdown for others.

Brittney Auburn, WY

Good if you don’t like to spend time on your hair

So first off, I want to say don’t go into this expecting your hair to look as good as if you paid for a blow out, it just won’t. You’ll need a boar hair round brush and fairly nice dryer as well as an arm coming out of your back and 45 minutes of your life to spare. If you’re like me though and generally just don’t have the patience or skill to deal with irons and round brushes and such, this is a great product. I have loose curls and medium thickness hair and this works best if I have the intention of getting it manageable and wavy/straight, which tends to look better on me than stick straight anyways. This requires zero skill to use and works very well. It gets plenty hot enough to dry my hair fast. It works best if you hold your hair taut while you go over it, since this thing cannot hold tension. I generally let my hair air dry to the point of being very damp, then run this over it otherwise it will take hours and hours (numb arms) to get dry. I bought some velcro hair straighteners on Ebay that keep it flat while it dries, and then this finishes the job. If there are some waves you can easily get them out with an iron. This is honestly a GREAT product for people like me who just don’t want to take time to fix their hair, but like it straight-ish. If you want it stick straight and are terrible with a round brush and dryer, this will get it mostly there, but you’re still going to need to iron it. Oh and it should be given that you’re going to need a decent product to protect your hair. I put some argan oil in and it was incredibly soft and wavy. I definitely do recommend this product for those of us who don’t have an hour to spend every day on our hair.UPDATE: I decided I wanted my hair to get sleek with this and discovered a way to use this with a round brush to get it. Once you’ve gone over everything with this dryer and it’s a little poofy but mostly straight, take a section of hair and roll it around a round brush, then use this like any other hair dryer to give it a blast of hot air, and just heat it around the brush. Then hold the brush there, rolled up, for 15 seconds or so until it cools mostly and unroll it. This is much easier than trying to do the whole thing with a round brush, but still gives that sleek look with bounce and volume. I saw the woman who always cuts my hair doing this and thought I’d give it a try. I’m highly uncoordinated with a hair dryer (I usually hit myself, hard, in the head at least a few times), and I can easily manage this since I don’t have to multi-task with holding and sectioning things. You can put the dryer down, section and roll, then dry. You can also roll up a few sections of hair at a time in velcro rollers, heat them with the dryer, and unroll for a sleek shiny straight look. I almost looked like I’d been to a salon using this method and it took maybe 15 minutes from when I began drying my hair, and that’s with hair down to the middle of my back. I got many compliments including that I had “beautiful mermaid hair” from a kid.

Isabelle Wolf Point, MT

Great for little black girls with natural hair

Washing my daughters hair is quite a chore and I’m trying not to break down and put any chemicals in it. I was so pleased with this product. It really dried and straightend her hair. Afterwards I didn’t even need the flat iron, I jut used the edge stick on her edges and ponytailed it up and we were done. Great price, great product

Sophie Glendale, CA

not impressed

it works ok and that’s really all i can say, i just wasn’t impressed. i already have straight hair and i thought this would help eliminate using a straightener, i just like having that shine and sleeker look, well it didn’t really do anything a regular blow dryer wouldn’t do. i don’t recommend you waste your money.

Pearl Ruckersville, VA