Infiniti Pro by Conair Instant Heat 20 Ceramic Flocked Rollers

The Infiniti pro by CONAIR xtreme instant heat ceramic rollers create beautiful curls with ease and convenience. They only take 85 seconds to heat up and include 4 different sizes of rollers. Each of the 20 ceramic flocked rollers has a super clip for a superior hold.

Key features

  • 4 roller sizes: jumbo, large, medium, and small
  • 20 easy-to-use Super Clips(TM)
  • 85-second heat-up
  • Bonus: One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment .25 fl. oz. included!
  • One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment helps protect, revitalize and nourish hair

Honest reviews


Bouncy, frizz-free curls every time!

I have used hot rollers for years. From the good old days of the plastic ones to the ones you had to use the U-shaped clips that burned your finger tips. Now the era of Tourmaline and Ceramic is upon us – which of course has been proven to be better for your hair. Both technologies give better heat distribution and will not strip hair of moisture or oils, which prevents the cuticle from damaging or splitting.I am Latina and have very, very thick hair. I straighten my hair with a keratin treatment every 3 to 4 months. Putting hot rollers in my hair is very easy and using the Infiniti Pro by Conair and I was ready to go out the door in less than 30 minutes. I like to get the rollers as hot as possible because that allows a better set in your hair. The “ready in 85 seconds” is not long enough for me. I let them heat up for at least 5 to 10 minutes. I also allow them to sit in my hair until they are COMPLETELY cooled. The clips hold the hot roller securely in place. The variety of different sized “flocked” (fuzzy coating that grab your hair) rollers in this set offer a variety of different hair-do, up-do, and glamor style possibilities.The added bonus of the Argan oil is nice since I useAgadir Argan Oil Spray Treatmentprior to blow drying and as a finishing mist. Argan oil is a great heat protector and moisturizer to hair. It restores shine, cares for the scalp, and minimizing the damage caused by split ends.This is a wonderful hot roller set that will be used often for years to come.Comes with a limited 3-year warranty.

Kimberley Teasdale, UT

Clips are a big improvement

I use hot rollers nearly every day of my life, and I am quite familiar with the different types available.This set is a sort of update to a Conair set that used plastic clips that were heated individually inside the unit. (This unit does not heat the clips.)PROS:- Heats up quickly…but not in 85 seconds. Come on, anything that heats up in 85 seconds would scorch your hair off anyway! 😉 I’d say more like 5 minutes to get them good and hot…fast enough.- The clips are AWESOME!! I have used everything from the old wire clips to the plastic claw-style clips, and then ones that come with this set are the best at both holding the roller in place AND not “denting” your hair. They are amazing at holding the largest (and heaviest) rollers in place, even when there’s very little hair in them. The only problem? I’m not so sure they’ll last for many years…already one has a prong broken off. It still works, but if that happens every time, this set may not have longevity.- Flocked rollers are ‘kind’ to hair — and tends to make it easier to get the job done without burning your fingers or scalp.CONS:- Not enough smaller rollers. The rollers come in 4 sizes — 4 jumbo, 6 large, 6 medium-small, and 4 tiny. Inevitably, you won’t have enough of whatever size you prefer. I generally end up using two hot rollers sets in order to get more of the smaller rollers.- The jumbo size rollers are simply TOO large, I think, for most people — they do not produce a curl at all. So, they’re great for smoothing your hair out…but then there aren’t enough of them to do all of your hair at the same time.- Clips bend out of shape and break somewhat easily (though they are GREAT at holding the rollers in place).- No bag or container to hold the clips. (Conair used to give you a drawstring bag to hold the clips in.) No big deal, just a company getting cheap!Overall, this set of hot rollers is very similar to sets put out in the past 5 years…nothing really new here, except for the clips. You probably won’t hand it down to your daughter in 20 years, but the clips should make it a few years, at least…

Olga Jonestown, MS

Great For Quickly Creating Curls

Because I have always been skeptical of their worth, at almost 30 years old, I have never owned a set of hot rollers, until now. I can proudly say that I love the Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers!I am an African American woman with lots of very thick hair. The only styling tool I use on a regular basis is the Chi iron because most heated styling tools do nothing for my hair. The Infinit Pro Rollers are the exception. I used every one of the 20 rollers included with the set and came out with a head full of soft, beautiful curls in less than 15 minutes.The Infiniti Pro by Conair Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers were very easy to set up and pretty much ready to go straight out of the box. A quick read of the directions, cleanse of the roller holders, and my rollers were ready for use. The amazing thing about this product is that it takes less than 2 minutes to heat up for use on the hair! As I have thick hair, I allowed my rollers to heat up for about 10 minutes before using them. When it was time to curl my hair, the rollers were easy to use. They were not too hot to hold and it only took a few seconds to roll each individual section. The roller holders firmly held each roller in place, and after 15 minutes, I was able to quickly and easily remove each roller and was left with beautiful, springy curls!The Infiniti Pro Rollers have exceeded my expectations, and I have received several compliments on my curls. In fact, I have been so excited about this product, that for the first time ever, I am excited about styling my hair each morning to create a lovely curled style. I highly recommend this product for those who wish to have beautiful curls, but have limited time on their hands. Whether you have long, short, fine or thick hair, this product is sure to do wonders.

Judi Lakemont, NY

Wont curl my hair

I’ve tried the curlers twice now. The first time I used them before going to work. By the time I got to the office, the slight wave they gave me was gone. I used Kendra hairspray to keep the hold, but it obviously didn’t help enough. Then I figured, maybe I didn’t leave the rollers in long enough.So, I tried them again and this time put them in (again with my hair 100% dry) and left them in for about thirty minutes. The curlers honestly don’t seem to heat up enough. I allowed them to heat for several minutes, left the rollers in my hair for what I think should be long enough (I’m not going to leave them in for an hour if they seem to have cooled off after 30 minutes). I was SO disappointed. My hair looked like crap. I wasted about 45 minutes getting ready between heating them up, putting in the rollers and then making sure I left them in long enough. I should have taken a picture so I could’ve posted it (or done a video). It was unbelievable. I have used rollers and curling irons for years – this by far was the worst set I’ve ever used. What a waste of money. The only curlers that seemed to do anything were the teeny tiny ones – all the medium and larger rollers didn’t do ANYTHING. Horrible.I have basically straight hair, but it’s not naturally pin straight and has some natural wave to it. I have never before had my hair not take a curl. Bizarre.

Sue Castleton, VA

So easy!

I have shoulder length, straight, fine hair that gets kind of ridges in it if I don’t use a flat iron on it after it dries. I actually think using these rollers is going to be quicker to do in the mornings than using my flat iron. They heat up in probably less than 5 minutes. Then, I just take my dry hair (it can still be a little damp) and start rolling it up. I haven’t been really neat about putting the rollers in at all and just grab sections and start rolling. It always turns out great. I only use the largest ones and there are more than enough rollers to do my whole head. The clips that hold the rollers on are very secure and once I have my hair set, I just keep going with my routine of getting ready. Then I take them out, brush my hair and it’s done. The curls are just nice big bouncy curls and it doesn’t look that unusual on me considering that I always wear my hair straight. The curls stay all day and I don’t even use hairspray. I would highly recommend this for someone who just wants to do something quick with their hair in the morning.

Celeste Green Bay, WI

Surprisingly Happy with this Product

At first glance, I thought the uncovered heating elements might be a problem. My previous Conair product’s heating elements are covered by plastic, with holes only large enough for the rollers. However, even when making an effort, it’s pretty tough to touch the heating element on this set, so I don’t consider it to be a problem.My original Conair set has 12 jumbo size rollers; I hoped there would be more large rollers, but I’ve been able to use all but the smallest rollers. Plus, I can do my whole head of hair at one time rather than in two segments since there are enough rollers.I have fine hair and need to use the wire clips from my old set for the upper layers of hair or there’s a tendency to get dents in my hair. It would be nice if there were wire clips included, not just the plastic clips. Wire clips generally don’t hold the hair as well, but they don’t leave dents.My older set also tends to get too hot. There isn’t a way to increase or decrease the temperature of the rollers in either set. At times, with my old set, it felt like my hair was going to burst into flames; that’s not a problem with this set. Time will tell, though, whether the felt covering the metal seam on the rollers will start to wear as it did on my old set. Then the hot metal comes in direct contact with my hair or scalp and is very uncomfortable, not to mention, unsafe.The rollers reach maximum temp in just a couple of minutes.Putting the rollers back in their slots is something of a puzzle, although the positioning is a bit more forgiving than anticipated. I thought they’d have to go back in the same places, which isn’t necessary symmetrical, but that’s not the case.All-in-all, a rather pleasant surprise.

Brandie Fort Shafter, HI

Love the felt, heats quickly

The felt helps protect the hair and I love this. It smooths my frizzy ends.They do heat up in a short amount of time but to have them really hot enough, it takes a few minutes. Still a lot quicker than the average roller.I mainly use the rollers for smoothing my hair and adding bounce. I don’t like flat irons or curling irons. I’ve been using hot rollers for about 35 years. I put the larger rollers on top and work my way down. I pretty much use all of the rollers except the smallest ones.I also tried them in my daughter’s hair. She’s Spanish. Her hair is thick, fluffy and frizzy. The rollers smooth it out very well in a short amount of time. Much better than spending 30 minutes to smooth it with a flat iron.Although, I like the big clips that come with the rollers, they don’t hold the rollers as tightly as the wire slip on clip but they are easier to clip on and remove.I would recommend this product.

Francine Jamestown, CO


These are some of the best hot curlers I have ever used!! They heat up quickly (about 2 minutes) and I think that’s FAST. There are several sized curlers in the set to give you different types of curls. Since they heat up quickly they are ready to reuse in a flash.I felt the price for these was comfortable.I highly recommend them for your consideration as a purchase or gift. EnjoyThe oil that is included with this purchase is also very nice. Almost used all of it….LOL

Tommie Woollum, KY

Conair As Usual—Great!

I’ve been using rollers [by Conair] for about 15 years and like always these are great. They heat up fast, give great curl and go in and out easily. My favorite part about these is that they come with black clips—I much prefer them to pins. If you want smooth, shiny, non-frizzy hair try these out.

Angie Eastchester, NY

Love these rollers!

My hair is very hard to control or use rollers on. I don’t know what it is about these rollers – whether it is the ceramic base or the flocking on the rollers or the clips that hold the rollers in place that make them actually work on my hair. In any case, it’s a miracle! The ceramic base holds the heat well – much better than the plastic rollers of days gone by. The unit heats up quickly and the rollers don’t feel too hot to handle. One of the things I especially love about this is the way the clips work on the roller. They’re basically butterfly clips that are a little shorter than a typical butterfly clip so they fit the size of the roller perfectly. The other good thing about the clips is they hold much better than pins and don’t leave a dent in the hair in the way a long bobby pin does. The curl twirls down in a coil without creases. Lovely set. Highly recommend.

Natalia Adams, MA

Works great and love the new grip clips!

I was excited to try these ceramic rollers and plugged them in to do my hair for a party I was attending. My hair is thin and fine textured, and about shoulder length, has its own natural curl and tends to frizz a little with all the hot and humid weather we’ve been having in the midwest the past month. My main goal was to smooth out my hair and to give a small amount of curl. The rollers heated up quickly (just watch the one curler in the front turn from red to white) and I put them in. The best part was the hair clips! They work great to securely hold all 4 sizes of the rollers! No more digging the clips into your skull or twisting the roller so tight to get it close enough to secure. I only use about 12 of the 20 rollers but the sizes seemed just right for what I wanted. The flocked curlers didn’t tug on my hair and the temperature for setting seemed perfect. My hair turned out great — smooth with a hint of curl. I could have kept the rollers in longer or used the smaller rollers if I had wanted a tighter curl.The only reason I’m not giving this 5 stars is because of the storage problem of those 20 plastic curler grips. As perfect as they are for securing the curler, they take up a LOT OF SPACE. In most of the sets the clips are stored right inside the cover, but this one has no place for that many. I solved the clutter problem by obtaining a drawstring bag and putting all the clips in there and then hanging it from my towel rack next to where I plug in the curler set. Not a perfect solution, but at least the clips won’t be laying all over the counter or crammed in a drawer full of all my other things! Providing a place for storage in the actual curler set probably wouldn’t work due to the heating temps on the plastic or the sheer amount of room you’d need for 20 clips! I hope they hold up well to constant use, as I said, they’re some type of plastic. Will let you know if they don’t!I got this to replace theConair Xtreme Instant Heat Multisized Hot Rollers, Pink(actually mine are blue) I bought a few years ago. The issue I had with those rollers was the fact that the clips didn’t seem to hold the curler in place as solidly as I needed it to because I leave them in for awhile and still try to accomplish some tasks while they are “setting.”All in all, very pleased with my new Infiniti Pro Ceramic Rollers and can recommend them to anyone wanting this type of product.

Anne Eagletown, OK

Creates great waves if you have the time

If you have the time in your daily routine to set and curl your hair, this is a great kit. The superclips hold the rollers securely even when walking around/doing chores while the curls are setting. My pin straight hair is hard to curl, but this Conair set makes a nice wave if I leave them in until completely cool and then set with a hairspray.

Cathleen Juana Diaz, PR

different from the old school hot rollers with the u-shaped pin

I like that there are more rollers in this set than my compact version of my old-style Revlon rollers. The hair goes onto a felt-like material covering the rollers. I really like the clips. They don’t fall out, and grip really well, no matter what size roller you use. There are a lot of clips. At least twice as much as I need. And you need a bit more space to store this set, because of the four cardboard strips which hold the clips. The clips are very sturdy.The curls are different from the curls with the old-style, spiky rollers. The curl is softer, fuller. The hair really doesn’t wrap around much to hold the hair in place. The longer your hair the better in my opinion.So the next to largest of the rollers curls like the largest of the old-style rollers in my opinion. I spritz water and/or product on my hair before wrapping the curls. Hairspray works good too. The ultimate is to blow dry the hair, to dry it almost dry, give it some volume, and roll the hair in the curlers.If I want my hair to look like it has more body I use these curlers. For tighter curls I use my compact set.The main advantages to these rollers are 1. There are lots of rollers and clips, 2. The clip idea is superior, 3. The curlers seem less damaging to the hair. The heat is centered on the inside.

Brooke Cannel City, KY

NO super jumbo curlers … NOT good for smoothing long hair.

I have used hot rollers for well over 20 years. I have fine (but a lot of it) hair that falls about mid-back. I use hot rollers to smooth my hair and add body. I do not like lots of curls. I also use curlers so that I don’t have to stand in front of the mirror while the curlers are doing their thing.This set does not work for me for two main reasons …1. The curlers are NOT large enough … in circumference or length. I like the SUPER JUMBO size hot rollers (which are next to impossible to find). I have an old Conair Big Curls flocked set from about 15 years ago that I love because the curlers are 1.75″ and they sit on small posts (not bars, like these). I have too long hair to go around the curlers to smooth and add body.2. I do not like the “slits” in the curlers. I prefer the curles to have a small hole at the bottom, not a huge slit up the middle of the curler. I just have not been able to master curling my long hair with those slits up the middle. My hair gets caught inside or gets those ugly dents.If these are not issues for you, then this set works great. It heats up to a nice temperature in under 5 minutes. The clips have super long claws (albeit weak and flimsey claws) to really hold the curlers in place. The smaller curlers do a good job of curling shorter hair.Again, a good set of curlers just not the right set for someone looking for super jumbo size curlers without the slit for smoothing and adding body.

Amalia Manchester, CA

The best purchase!

This is the must have item. I am not a professional when it comesto doing my hair but this makes me look like one. This has made it soeasy for me to do my hair and have a fantastic look. It is so easy to useanyone can really do it. I love how i can just put the rollers on and do mymakeup. I think every women should have this.

Noemi Portal, ND

Maximizing Your Styling Mojo

I used to use hot rollers religiously. The results were at best inconsistent, certainly not enough to compensate for the damage to my hair. This neat little set provides a nice variety of sizes, allk covered with a felt-like “flocking” which is gentle. These are ceramic which is reputed to enhance shine and smoothness. But perhaps the biggest improvement is in the design of the clips. The old wire ones always slipped through my hair and never held the rollers in place. These are easier to use and provide a sturdy grip. I found these rollers provided me with nice bouncy, shiny curls that lasted.Contrary to the package, they do take a bit longer than 85 seconds to heat up. There is no storage area for the clips in the case so you need to improvise by putting them in a separate bag or box.It does take some time and experimentation to maximize your styling mojo but these rollers will help you take your hair to the next level.

Louisa Avalon, MS

Works pretty well

The giant rollers don’t curl your hair, they just give you more body. The rest work great but a good amount of them are the large size so about half are useless. The curls didn’t hold up as well as the red travel set they have on here. My curls looked and held a lot better with the red one.Takes up a lot of room on my counter for something that does less than the mini one.

Nannie Sod, WV

Four sizes of rollers–versatile for styling

This set of heated rollers heats up fast and has four sizes of rollers, small, med, large and extra-large. My current set of rollers only has medium and large and it doesn’t produce a very long-lasting curl. I do my hair by washing, then air drying (I don’t blow dry my hair unless I’m in a hurry.) Then I use hot rollers to create loose curls on my chin-length hair. This method cuts down on the damage from blow-drying when you are brushing and pulling on wet hair. And since I want curls, not a smooth bob, I’m prefer these to using a curling iron (which I find too hot for the hair.)This set is better than my current set for two reasons; the very small rollers work for the short layers, and I can vary my result (soft waves, use the larger roller, more curly, use the smallest.) The flocked surface is kinder to the hair. My stylist says that this is the least damaging method to styling hair and I find it efficient–heat up the curlers as I get ready for work, heat for 2 minutes (FAST!) put them in, 10 minutes later, I drop them out (don’t pull, just let gravity drop them off the curl), run fingers through and I’m set to go. The instructions have illustrations to show you how to put in the rollers to achieve various styles.Ceramic is said to hold heat better. These do get nice and hot but not uncomfortably so. Where the edge touches the skin, however, I slip in a was of TP to protect bare skin from the heat. These seem not to have so many “hot spots” that burn me, very comfy.For travel, this set is not extremely large (the size of a small shoebox, let’s say) but the clips are bulky though light weight. You could travel with it, but it would take up quite a bit of space in a small carryon or even a small size rolling suitcase. These days, there are all kinds of sneaky weight limits on suitcases (40lbs on one airline, 50 on another if going overseas) and you’d be surprised how just a few days clothes and shoes make the entire weight limit. So I’d find a smaller set if traveling abroad, besides, there is no dual voltage switch, so you’d need a step down transformer. For travel, I’d recommendRemington Compact Setthough it also has no dual voltage. It’s very small but works well.I currently use a “tourmaline” coated set where the clips do the work, but this style of clip is rather loose. It doesn’t seem to set as strongly as the set I currently use. These plastic tooth style clips hold very well, but from experience I can tell you that you should make sure you put them back in a bag when you are done. Also, these clips are very light gauge plastic. If you were to step on one, you’d easily break it and the tines of the grippers are extremely thin. Otherwise you have to order replacement clips. This is a versatile set, and I recommend it if you use rollers or a curling iron and want to avoid burning your hair. This is a good method and a good set.

Rhoda Fairbanks, AK

Excellent for quick curls…

if you’re hair isn’t long. Mine is.I have the other Infiniti Pro that has just big rollers which I wanted for my long hair. That one comes with U-shaped pins to hold the rollers to your head.The clips included in this set simply don’t work with my hair. I just used the wire pins from the other set, and like that set, they stayed just fine in my hair.Since I’ve had the other set – which is essentially the same as this one but for the variations in roller size and the clips – I can say this is a GREAT set. The rollers heat up fast, they curl quick, and are totally worth it.In fact, they work so fast I have to take the first ones out as the last ones go in, or else I’d be giving Orphan Annie a run for the money in the curly dept.If you want a quick solution to fast curls, AND your hair isn’t superheavy or very long, you absolutely cannot do better than this set.

Arlene Mechanicstown, OH

Doesn’t beat wax core …. but has great clips!

I love hot rollers and use them nearly everyday. This Extreme set by Conair does heat up quickly, but it just doesn’t get hot enough to curl my hair with all day curl. I still prefer a wax core roller to ceramic and currently use Remington KF-20i Protect and Shine Flocked Ionic Hair Rollers.The clips that come with this Conair set are the best I’ve found, and they can be purchased separatelyConair SPC10X Super Clips, 10 Count.

Sonya Chapman, AL

Great Set

I picked this set up for my wife after her old curler set had seen better days and she loves it.She raved to me about the variety of curlers available, the ease of use and how quickly they warmed up for use. She was extremely enthusiastic about the product, saying she’d highly recommend it to others.

Lenora Medicine Lake, MT

Boo Humidity!

I really liked using the product. The rollers were comfortable — even though I had to use every single one! It was just a little bit weighty. The rollers are comfy and didn’t pull, especially when I took them out of my hair.My curls were very pretty too — for the first ten minutes, until humidity took over and made them just frizballesque.I can’t wait for winter when I can use this and have them actually work.My hair is VERY very thick, I had enough rollers to go all around with nice curls. The rollers fit back very nicely also into the tray.I remember the OLD hot rollers with those weird metal clips that never really kept them in place — these new big plastic clips kept these in place and locked my hair down, nice and tight, with very little added weight. My only dislike about the product was that I don’t have anywhere to store the clips – they are rather big. I kept the piece of cardboard they came on and keep them clipped to that, but alas I know those will just become useless at some point. A bag or box would have been nice for storage.

Beatriz Napoleon, MI

curls don’t last!

I find these rollers pretty easy to put in and the clips work good. The downside is that the curls only stay in for about a half hour! I’ve used these twice now, and the curl doesn’t stay in no matter how long I keep the rollers in my hair.

Lilia Clarkfield, MN

Love them!

I wanted hot rollers that got hot but would not burn the ends of my fingers or my ears off! I do warm these up longer than directions state and they do get hot but I am able to use them. The clips that came with these are the best I have ever used!

Tammi Hasbrouck Heights, NJ