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Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin Styler, 2-Inch

Conair BC178 InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler InfinitiPro Spin Air Rotating Styler is an all-in-one tool that produces versatile hairstyles. Conair is revolutionizing the way you dry and style your hair with the BC178 Spin Air Rotating Styler. It gives volume and shine to your hair while it simultaneously dries each strand. Drying is safe and delicate while delivering high heat. Don’t worry about damaging hot spots or frizzy strands with the BC178 Spin Air Rotating Styler. It’s convenient and easy to use and eliminates the need for a brush. View larger Before and After View larger Ion Technology gives you healthy, silky results Designed with ion technology, the BC178 allows you to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair without damage. True ionic generator releases up to 100x more concentrated ions than ions created from natural sources to protect hair from damage and seal in moisture for silky, smooth results and gorgeous shine. Create volume that fits your style To customize your volume, use with or without the spin function. This gives you ultimate freedom to volumize just as you like it and shine as you dry. Use with or without spin function This spinning brush opens the possibility for numerous styles and techniques. It adds volume while drying your hair and can give a distinct style other brushes cannot. You can also use it without the spin function for additional styles. And use the multi-directional rotation for carrying techniques and styles. The tangle-free anti-static bristles work through your hair to produces volumized results. Lightweight design for prolonged styling The BC178’s lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use from any angle. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, the styler is well-balanced for easy movement, and the contoured handle makes it comfortable to grip. View larger 3 Heat and 2 Speed Settings For customizable styling, the BC178 features three heat settings along with a low and high speed setting. With an easy flick of the rocker switches, any combination of these settings can be used to match your hair texture and length. For example, the low-heat, low-speed setting is ideal for delicate, fine hair of all lengths, while the high-heat, high-speed setting is best suited for thick or long hair. Features: Volumizes and shines as you dry Ceramic technology safely dries and promotes healthy hair Faster, smoother hair, less frizz 2 heat settings plus cool setting for all hair types Multidirectional brush rotates in both directions to volumize and shine Use with or without spin function Tangle-free antistatic bristles Removable filter allows lint cleanup and extends motor life Limited three-year warranty

Key features

  • Volumizes and shines as you dry with ceramic technology that safely dries and promotes healthy hair
  • 2 Heat settings plus cool setting for all hair types
  • Multidirectional brush rotates in both directions to volumize and shine; use with or without spin function
  • Tangle-free antistatic bristles
  • Removable filter allows lint cleanup and extends motor life

Honest reviews


It works, but it’s too much work

I have very straight, fine, almost shoulder-length hair that I typically style using a round brush and hair dryer, followed by a straightening iron to smooth everything down. I thought this product might help me eliminate some of those pieces, particularly when traveling, and I was also intrigued with the claims of faster drying and the ionizing properties.What I found:Pro: Added volume and shininessCon: Very heavy; unwieldy; not terribly intuitive (for me, anyway)The Styler is very large and very heavy. Although I have a large blow dryer, this product is even heavier. The real problem, though, is that the handle is extremely large, which makes it hard for me to grasp for any length of time and I have big hands (size 8.5 glove)!The spin feature is triggered by pressing a button — one button goes clockwise, the other counterclockwise, which would be really handy if you have hair long enough to roll up on this thing. However, I kept using the wrong button and would thus either change an under flip to an over flip, or just ruck up a layer of hair that I was trying to get to lie smoothly.The product claims to dry hair “faster” but I’m not sure what it is supposed to be faster than. It definitely took longer to dry and style with this than with my traditional methodology. I’m sure some of that is from not being used to it.I do think my hair looked shinier after using this product, and I think it was easier to add volume at the roots with this product than with my round brush and dryer.I found the styler to be too big and heavy to want to use, despite some improvement in results over the three-tool method. For travel, it is slightly less bulky than my other tools, but heavier, so I think that benefit cancels out. If they could make this work with a brush the same size but a handle more the size of a traditional curling iron, I’d be interested, but, as it is, it’s just too much work.

Lena Portsmouth, RI

Great Product, but not a Swiss Army Knife…

This product worked very well as advertised. It is very good for brushing out long hair while partially drying it. On the plus side, my wife tried to tangle her hair with it, and it simply would not tangle, which is a first! As impressive as that is, there are mote positives. I tried touching the brush while on and found that I was unable to find a way that would result in a burn, so this is very safe to use. There are adjustments for temperature as you would find on any quality hair dryer. Also, the cord is a bit longer than your typical dryer, so you have plenty of room to work.Now for the drawback, and there really is only one. The airflow is a bit anemic. Perhaps this is the only way it could be done, since more airflow would blow your hair right out of the brush, but the end result is that this will not replace your blow dryer. As I said, I don’t think it is really designed to replace anything, so I didn’t knock off a star for something it isn’t designed to do, but you should be aware before purchasing that this is to style and brush your hair, but not to dry it.

Eugenia Pleasanton, KS


I’ve never seen the commercial for this product. I had immediate anxiety when I discovered the tip of the styler rotates. I pictured knots, a hair nest, and some pain. I am pleasantly surprised. The more I use this product, the more I love it.THE BRUSHThe styler has a brush top. I want to warn you that when the brush is in your hair, it’s not going to feel like it has enough strength to do the job. The brush felt too soft in my hair. It does do the trick.THE SETTINGSThere are thee settings: low, high and cool. There are also two buttons that can be pressed with the thumb. One rotates the brush head clockwise and one rotates it counter clockwise. When I had the brush on “cool” the rotate function does not work.BENEFITSThis product saves the wrists. It takes a two hand task and makes it doable with one hand. The rotating brush really saves time because I don’t have to hold a brush in my other hand while drying. The fact that the brush rotates both ways makes it easy to style hair no matter what section of hair I’m working on. No more sore arms or wrists.My hair is shinier. It looks smoother. When I use this, I don’t need to straighten it with a flat iron afterwards.It’s really a great product.TIPSComb your hair out before you start using it. To me this is common sense but I felt the need to add this.My hair is half way down my back. I don’t pre-dry it with a dryer before using this. If anything, it takes 5-10 minutes longer to dry but I save that time by not having to use a straightener after my hair is dry. In essence, it takes the same amount of time it normally does to do my hair and uses 1/3 of the tools.NOTE: You DON’T need to ever roll your hair around this brush. You use it the same as you would use a round brush during a blowout.I found that it’s easier to use this product on the low setting. The brush rotates slower and it makes it easier to style.I tried this on my son’s short hair. I put a bit of gel on top. Combed through the top of his hair making the brush move towards the back of his head. Instant lift and spikage. Now, he didn’t appreciate this experimentation. So we wet the top of his hair and this time brushed with the rotator going toward his face. Instant combed down, flat hair. It was very cool.During my week long experiment with this tool, I’ve found a way to make my long hair flip out or curl under. Comb a bit of gel through the ends of your hair. Then place the brush at the bottom of your hair and keep the rotation button pressed, it will continue to roll that part of hair again and again making either a little flip or an undercurl. This works at the bottom only because there is no additional hair that the brush is going to try to roll. The hair continues to tumble.When using this to straighten hair, start at the root, as soon as the hair is in the brush, press the rotation button and pull the brush down as you would any round brush during styling. It’s really that easy. The hardest part is knowing which button makes the brush turn which way. In this instance, the direction that the brush moves will depend on whether or not you’ve place the brush above or below the section of hair you’re drying. If you push the wrong button…the hair will start to come out of the brush. It’s trial and error based on how the user is used to blowing out hair.To add volume, start at the root. Instead of using the rotator, just leave the brush at the root. It would be the same as if you are using a round brush to add volume.I was surprised at the negative reviews and difficulty others with long hair had. I don’t understand why there were problems. If anyone has questions before buying, please feel free to contact me. I think this is a great product, very easy to use and especially kind on the arms and wrists. I would pay to replace this product if it ever broke. I love it that much.

Kenya Mountville, SC

“I feel pretty… oh, so, pretty…”

When I saw the large size of this rotating-action hair-brush/dryer, I thought: “Uh-oh, that’s not going to work too well for my very short hair.” And then I read a few reviews that said it didn’t work on the reviewers’ short hair, so I almost decided against getting this.However, I was so tired of my former blow-drying method–awkwardly holding my regular brush with one hand and a hair dryer with the other– that I decided to give this multi-purpose brush a try. I can’t believe how easily I can manipulate it with only one hand; my fingers and wrist hold the brush in place while my thumb presses the rotation button. Easy-peasey…This larger, two-inch wand actually turned out to be perfect for giving just the right amount of volume that I need for my casual, everyday look. But there are times when I’m feeling “bouncier” and want a “prettier” look, so I’m going to search for another dryer with a one-inch wand. There’s no law against having two, is there?This rotating action brush/dryer has been salon tested and proved to be 50% faster, while the ceramic barrel emits such even heat that it produces smoother, less frizzy hair… It’s a best-seller in the European market and is preferred by many professional stylists. Besides all that, it comes with a pretty purple brush cover to protect the bristles from becoming “squashed” when stored. You can’t beat that!As you can tell, I’m absolutely thrilled withInfinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler, Black. Prettier, healthier hair is just another excuse for a photo fanatic like me to bombard my Cyber friends with tons of new pics. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. :-)Reviewed by Betty Dravis, April 15, 2011Author of “Dream Reachers” (with Chase Von) and other books

Eliza Nora, IL

I Love This!!!!!

Seriously, the INFINITIPRO SPIN AIR ROTATING STYLER may be the best styling tool ever! The INFINITIPRO SPIN AIR ROTATING STYLER is a dryer, curler, and brush all in one. The brush head rotates and heats up as hot air blows through the styler, creating silky smoothness, brilliant shine, and significant volume. I have below chin length, very thick, wavy hair, and this little beauty gave me the soft, sleek, shiny look I have been craving. And it really did increase my volume! The INFINITIPRO SPIN AIR ROTATING STYLER also shortened my styling time and required very little product to finish off the look. I couldn’t be happier with this little device!Now, there are a few tricks to using the INFINITIPRO SPIN AIR ROTATING STYLER, but they only took about 10 minutes to figure out.1. Read the instructions. If you have long hair or thick hair (like mine), Conair recommends that you use your regular blow dryer first. Get about 80% of the moisture out. Then use this tool to finish the drying and add the style you want.2. It is not necessarily intuitive, but to get the rotation of the brush head correct, look at the position of your tool and how you are holding it. If you want the brush to rotate and curl your hair under, use whatever button is on top. If you want to curl your hair up, use the button that is on the bottom. Note the button you want to use will change as use change your grip. Just remember to curl under use the top, to curl up use the bottom. This has worked perfectly for me.3. Make sure you start at the top of the hair and work down. This gives you gorgeous volume.Now, about broken hairs: personally, I have not seen any more that when I use a round brush and the blow dryer. Don’t jerk or pull on your hair, and let the brush run through to the end. I’ve used the device for several weeks now, and have had nary a tangle or a knot.Overall, I am extremely pleased with the INFINITIPRO SPIN AIR ROTATING STYLER. My hair looks and feels great, it takes considerably less time to dry and style my hair, and keeps one hand free. For a Kindergarten mom, the look, the time savings, and the convenience are all priceless.

Latasha Fort Montgomery, NY

Too big and not enough power!

The Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler is, in my opinion, not worth the effort to use. It is way too large for average hair and the spin feature is nothing short of useless. The spin controls are difficult to get to and the styler is hard to handle. If you have long hair and wear it in a pageboy style, this appliance might be for you. I find it too large and bulky and difficult to use, even after weeks of practice. It has very little power for the size. Not recommended.

Margo Gallupville, NY

a lot to be said for it

While this device takes some getting used to if you’re accustomed to using a traditional blow dryer I think it’s worth the effort.After getting over my initial awkwardness in using this and a tad of concern about getting my hair tangled in the rotating brush I was well pleased with the results.My hair is quite short and fine so it dried as quickly with this as it did with my other dryer (I’ve been using T-3 and do love it). My hair also appeared to be shinier than usual after drying.I’m not used to using a 2″ brush so I would guess that this would be perfect for those with medium length to long hair. While the brush worked for me I was not able to achieve the style that I can with a smaller brush. (But, that’s my hair’s fault – not the brushes) ;-)All in all, I found it to be a very good product with some “added attractions.” I’m looking forward to hearing what other short hair folks have to say.

Laverne Westfield Center, OH


This product is reasonably well built but the motor just doesn’t have the power. The buttons that make the brush turn are a bit awkward to use as well. If you’re looking for something like this, I think you can do better.

Vicki Arcola, PA

For Certain Hair Types, Only. InfinitiPro Styler: A Critical Review.

I thought this would be a nice for my 19-year old daughter have before she went back to school. Her aunt who has very similar hair uses a product called, “True Ceramic Pro” I was under the impression that it was a similar product and she’d have something that may work better. I don’t have any idea about these kinds of things.I was mistaken.All of these hair styling devices don’t work the same. I didn’t know that. She and her mom told me that her hair is too thick and the brush’s bristles are too soft. “Perhaps if the brush had harder bristles, maybe”But, they liked the fact that it was solidly built and had the weight of a good blow-dryer but it was not designed for women of color and/or women who have thicker, weighted hair.Her mom suggested that maybe if a woman had her hair permed or “straightened”–to use a cultural vernacular–then this could work. Otherwise, they would have enjoyed using it.

Kristi Sheridan, AR

Silky Smooth Hair without Flyaways

I have very thick, wavy hair just below my shoulders. I’ve been growing it out so it is in that really awkward stage with layers in varying stages. When I let my hair dry naturally or use a hair dryer, it has a lot of bounce and wave but also a lot of flyaways. I also dye my hair (and my kids remind me when I’m due for another dye job… how nice is that.)The Infinitipro Spin Air Styler has three heat settings – low, high, and cool. The spinning action goes in both directions and is optional. I use it on high but it is recommended if you have damaged or dry hair, to use the low setting. It gets warm quickly as the hot air comes out but after about four minutes, it gets really warm as the ceramic heats to its full setting. The brush rotates using a switch located close to the brush head in a fairly convenient place.My impressions are that after use, my hair is very shiny and healthy looking. It took away my flyaways but it also flattened my hair a bit. I think I could probably get some more bounce if I used the curling brush differently but having such thick hair, it tends to lay down flatter because it went very smooth. It feels great to run my hands through it, no snags, very silky. The styler is large and somewhat heavy, 13 oz compared to my Conair hair dryer that weighs in at 16 oz. Because you have to hold it a certain way to use the rotating brush, it takes some getting used to, especially if you are used to holding a hair dryer which has a completely different balance to it. It is just under 13″ long and has a 6″ diameter around the barrel which is why I think it is more uncomfortable to hold – but not horrible.I was very surprised that the rotating brush did not get stuck in my hair. It has enough rotating strength to pull on your hair and smooth it out. You can also put some downward pressure on it as it rotates and that helps to catch your hair in the brush. If you accidentally turn it the wrong way and there is too much resistance, it stops rotating.A couple of other things to note: it is recommended by the manufacturer to put the brush cover on after every use to protect the bristles. It is also recommended that if you have thick hair that you dry it to about 80% using a hair dryer (or air dried) before using this styler.I guess it really depends on what you want out of a styler. If you have long or thick hair and are looking to replace your hair dryer, it will be difficult. If you want to tidy up your hair style and have some more control over the lay of your cut, this should do a nice job.

Valarie Glen Ellyn, IL

Didn’t work well for my long hair

I have long hair that I regularly straighten and thought this might be a great way to add volume. Used on my dry hair, it does a decent job of giving my hair lift, but at the cost of a few hairs being pulled from my head. Used on wet/semi wet hair it simply took too long to use and due to the length of my hair, it got tangled up a couple of times. It’s also heavy and bulky. For that reason, I don’t intend to use this again.I imagine if someone else was using this on me, they might have better results and control than I did. I’m going back to an ionic hair dryer and vented hair brush.

Gwen Cheshire, MA

Didn’t make me a stylist.

I have short hair. I usually let my hair air dry. It doesn’t look the same compared to when my hairdresser does it. She uses a dryer and her fingers, but I don’t seem to be coordinated enough to copy her method. I thought this might solve that problem. It didn’t. Maybe my hair isn’t long enough to really benefit from this product. Maybe I’m still not coordinated enough to fully benefit from it. I had a hard time knowing which button to push to make it spin either clockwise or counter-clockwise. I even had a hard time getting it to stop on high heat. It wanted to go all the way up to cool. I also found it to be quite heavy for me – probably the weight of most hairdryers, but since I don’t use one of those, my arm got tired.It may work for someone with more hairstyling experience than I have or someone with longer hair, but, for me, I think I will stick to air drying.

Josefina Kansas City, MO

I love how it made my hair look like it was styled by a professional in just a few minutes- for real!

This is a fantastic product I love how it made my hair look!My hair is long and prone to frizzing and kinking in different areas. This product really smoothed it out and curled my hair so it framed my face. It works like a circular brush that rotates. I placed a section of my hair over the brush, turned on the heat air and pushed the button to spin it and pulled down on my hair. It immediately grabbed my hair, curled the ends and straightened the rest. I did it just a few times and it as done. I have tried for years to style my long hair but curlers burned my hair and a brush and hairdryer were difficult for me to work with and had mixed results. This product is really light weight and did not burn my hair at all. In fact it made it look shinier, smoother and less frizzy! I liked that the heat settings worked immediately, I didn’t have to wait for it to heat up and I also liked that I don’t have to pull too hard on my hair. The bristles gently grabbed my hair and did not jank it- so no pain. It can also give your hair volume by placing the brush next to your roots but your hair can’t be really wet. It says it can dry your hair but I have a lot of hair so am hesitant to try this option unless in an emergency because it is not as powerful as a regular hair dryer.This product also has 3 setting settings (cool, low and high) but I felt it was best on high for styling. But I am not sure what the cooling is for because it doesn’t spin on this setting. I also liked that it had 2 buttons that spin the curler in opposite directions. This makes it tons easier for either right and left handed people and helps depending on which side you style your hair. I also loved that it was lightweight so my arms didn’t get tired.Here is a quick break downPros-Great for long hair-Works on dry hair and slightly damp hair (but wet hair takes a long time)-Super quick- styled my hair in literally minutes (I could not believe how fast!- great if you like to sleep in like me)-Does not burn hair- air that comes out is either warm or cool, there is no hot. It has 3 settings (cool, low- lese warm air and high- more warm ari)-Lightweight and easy to use-Bristles rotated gently so they do not jank on your hair-Works for right and left handed people- so good for different positions of styling-Great for “bed head”-Make hair shiner, less frizzy and look healthier -yeah!Cons-Can’t take too large sections of hair or the bristles won’t grab the hair-Won’t work on really short hair- can’t grab the hair (but my sis tried it on her ~5-6 inch long hair and it helped smooth, curl her hair and did make it shinier)-Advertised it can also dry hair- not sure if true, the heating power doesn’t seem as strong as a normal hair dryer. It is lightweight and I will probably still use my heavy duty hairdryer instead since I don’t want to damage it. I think you could do it if you had fine hair but would not advise for long or heavy hair. It would be a waste.-Does not rotate on cool setting-over time I noticed it did make my hair more dryI love how it made my hair look like it was styled by a professional in just a few minutes- for real! My super critical sister actually complemented me. Now I know if I have `bed head’ I know I can still look great and not be late for work.UpdateWhile is still like this product, it does not spinning mechanism has slowed down considerably and I feel it may completely stop over time.

Claudine Saint Amant, LA

this is ok but

I thought this was going to change my hair situation since I have carpal tunnel syndrome and hate to use both hands. But I have to blow dry my hair first the use this for the finish touches. But I still like this product.

Corinne Wolf Island, MO

Awkward and Heavy to Handle

I had a number of problems using this product. It was heavy and bulky. The buttons and switches are in awkwardly placed areas. They are stiff to slide. The buttons for the direction of rotation are unlabeled and I was constantly choosing the wrong direction and tangling my hair The buttons were nearly impossible to use with out taking the product away from your head and looking to see which on to push for the specific direction for curling.It did nothing as far as smoothing my hair. It DID give me a nice wave, but I had to work very hard and long at it.I will say- I DO have quite long hair (near lower-back length), and this may be a better product for someone with shoulder length hair. Also this may be a product better suited to and easier to use by a woman or man with a larger hand than I do.Unfortunately I would not recommend this product to any of my friends since the same style could be gotten by using a decent inexpensive hair dryer and a large round brush.

Carmella Seneca, NE

Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler, colors may vary.

It is okay if you have fine hair. I don’t use it to have curls coz you are not going to have them and if you do they won’t last. But good to dry your hair

Ginger New Stuyahok, AK

It’s ok but for true salon quality “blow out,” the John Frieda brush is better…

I have never used a hot air brush in my life. I just assumed I was only able to have the salon quality blow out when I had my hair done or if I blow dried my hair then curled it. I just don’t have the skill to use a round brush and hair dryer as I end up with the weird waves around the roots. I know other ladies know what I’m talking about. I stumbled across this Conair hot air brush as well as theJohn Frieda JFHA5 Hot Air Brush, 1.5 inch. Being that both were ranked as #1 and #2, I was torn which one to get. I ended up trying both side by side but first I’ll start with the pros/cons of this one. I literally did one side of my head with the Conair and one with the John Freida cuz I’m crazy like that. lolPros:- Rotating brush takes the wrist-work out of the curling process- The High blow dry setting works very well and dries hair…but is very difficult to use the rotation on this setting- Large barrel for long hair- Cool to touch- The concept is very cool and might be a 5 star product on different hair but it was hugely disappointing for me.Cons:- If using the rotating brush on High it easily gets out of control. My hair didn’t tangle but it spins so darn fast that you can’t just let it rotate as the hair is brushed over it instead of getting wound up around itself.- Keeping it on low with the rotating is really the only way to be able to manage it.- Curls don’t hold- The blow dryer part of this is not that great, compounded with only *really* being able to use and style on the low setting- it would be faster for me to blow dry with a real hair dryer then curl or flat iron. That just defeats the purpose- I have just past shoulder length hair that is sort of fine but very thick (if that makes sense). It’s naturally wavy (not curly) but the bristles just couldn’t really get through to lower layers. They were soft but almost too soft- when I’d get the curl I wanted, it would pretty much get brushed back out. I couldn’t define the layers how I felt I should be able to.- To take different sections of hair, I had to put the whole contraption down so my hair was carefully sectioned off so as not to have lower layers get tangled. This was a giant pain in the rear considering this should be a one-handed operation.- I couldn’t for the life of me get the back of my head. I tried rotating the brush both ways and even without rotating. I finally gave up.- Didn’t truly smooth my hair the way I was expecting. I even had my fancy Bumble & Bumble products so this should have been a given but it really just ended up looking like a bad blow out with only the ends curled instead of the layers that I actually have. I tried both directions on the rotating brush and it just didn’t look right.- I tried on two separate occasions to use this before work and gave up because it was taking so long.My verdict between the two brushes is the John Frieda. I will write a separate review on the appropriate page but the summary of it:- Even though the John Frieda brush doesn’t rotate, it gets hot enough to provide the true salon quality curls/waves of a traditional blow out.- The JF brush truly eliminated frizz as well as those weird waves from bad drying.- The hair dryer part of this actually works. Easily half the time of the Conair.- The brush is a little more rigid on the JF so it doesn’t brush your curls out and it allows you to have better defined curls and layers.- After trying for 30+ minutes on one side of my head to get the Conair to work (or master how it’s supposed to work), I ended up going back over it and fixing it with the JF Brush. Thankfully, it was salvageable. lol

Ladonna Graford, TX


I have fine hair and my hair doesn’t hold to the brush well. It takes a while since I have to keep starting over, but the result is nice. Probably better for thicker hair.

Roxanne Earling, IA

It works but takes some practice.

I have shoulder length hair with a bit of wave/curl. This rotating styler gave me smoothed-down hair with the ends lightly curled under. It will save you a step if you normally curl under or flip your hair ends up after it’s dry since you can curl/flip & dry at the same time. However, this is only a 500 watt dryer so it will take a very long time to go from wet to dry. They mention in the instructions that you can use your hair dryer first to get the hair almost dry & then finish with this device. I agree with that and it’s the method I use with this device.Pros:-Soft bristles on the brush; doesn’t damage scalp or hair.-Low, High & Cool settings.-2″ Barrel for large, soft curl.-Twirls in 2 directions so you can style your hair in a “flip” or curl under.-Ceramic/Ionic for smoother hair. It did make my hair smoother than if I had only used a blow dryer.-My hair didn’t get tangled around the brush but I can see how that could happen if you have very curly hair.-Has a hinged filter at the end of the barrel; easy to clean.Cons:-Only 500 Watt so will take a long time from wet to dry. It’s best to use your hair dryer first.-It takes practice to use this device. Start at the root of your hair, brush through/down, then start the rotation near the ends of your hair by pushing the rotation button. It is a bit awkward.-The handle is large for my hand & it is slippery if your hands are wet. People with mobility issues will probably have a hard time using this device.-This device is large compared to a curling iron. I would not travel with it.-It is light-weight which could be a pro but I feel it’s more of a con because it probably means it will not be very durable. Every light-weight blow dryer I’ve owned has died early.

Deidra Newry, PA

Great product

I absolutely love this tool. My hair is mid back length with the shortest layer at my chin and this gives my hair sooo much volume. It is so much easier than using a blow dryer and brush. It is also great to use for bangs, gives a nice volume and shine leaving your hair soft with that salon looking blow dry.

Sadie Houghton, MI

Turn up the volume

This rotating styler has its uses, but it isn’t for everyone. It’s probably best for hair that’s not too long and not too short. And you have to know that if you start with very wet hair, you’re in for a long session with your Infinitipro Spin Air.The good news is that it’s pretty hard to tangle your hair with it. You do need some eye-hand coordination to make sure you’re spinning it in the right direction, and if you plan to end with dry hair, you’ll probably want to air-dry a while first or else start with a conventional dryer. The Infinitipro seems to leave hair shiny and it certainly adds volume to my hair, which I like.But here are some things I don’t understand:Why is it so big? It’s 13 inches long and the handle has a circumference of 7 inches. My bathroom is quite small and this thing takes up WAY more room than I can spare. Your mileage may vary.Why don’t they offer a smaller brush head? The brush is 6 inches around, and lots of people have hair shorter than that.If you’re looking for an all-purpose hairdryer/styler, this probably won’t be the one. But if you’re in the market for its particular skills–and have room to store it–then you may be happy with it because what it does, it does well.Linda Bulger, 2011

Delores Leitchfield, KY

Hate it

Its bern my hair and the moving brush part have a space between the brush and the fan when the brush spend the hair get inside it and bern the edges and pull the hair from the root it was painful worses day

Cora Lenoxville, PA

The best ionic for styling on the go

I bought this for the ladies of the house. The are both using this with great success. This helps with volumizing with minimal muss and fuss. Removes kinks without damaging so far. Right now it is getting more use than the ceramic ionizing plate things that we bout previously.

Carla Peachtree City, GA

Mixed feelings

I am not absolutely positive how I feel about the Spin Air.My first impression was “OMG it’s huge, awkward and is going to tangle my hair into a mess!”That being said, it definitely IS a huge device which if you need to use for a length of time (if you have really long or thick hair) it gets to be very awkward and your arm gets tired and achey, as well as your hands. It is very thick/fat and uncomfortable to use after a while.If your hair is really long (mine is past the bra strap) you have much greater tendency to tangle if you are not absolutely precise and accurate with your movements, positioning and control of the brush .. not to mention you have to precisely control the spinning by pressing/holding the button in. It is definitely a task and something to get used to. Getting the back of your hair without tangling or running into other issues, when it is long, is definitely a challenge.Once you get the hang of it, the results are pretty good (they’d better be for all the effort involved!!!) BUT I can get the same results with less hassle, in less time, just by using my regular brush and hair dryer. With the Spin air, you DO still get fly aways if you do not use the right styling products and techniques. This device is not a cure-all.The Spin Air takes longer to dry your hair as well. It did for me anyway, but again my hair is longer.For the price, I cannot justify it’s worthiness. I mean, it is a neat idea, but it is expensive as an added “tool” when we already use a hair dryer to begin with. This isn’t something I could/would use everyday in place of my dryer and brush .. it is not easier, it is not a time saver and it provides no better results.If you’re the type of person who likes extra gadgets to use every now and then and you don’t mind spending this amount of money, then sure, go for it. But, if you’re looking for a total replacement to your dryer and brush, do not buy this… or at least not at full price. I think the Spin Air should be around the $20-30 price range at most. That is just my opinion, but I don’t see anything amazing in it’s ability or in it build quality to justify the current price.I also would never recommend this for anyone with shorter than chin length hair – the round brush head is just wayy too big to be useful.

Freida Malakoff, TX

Really satisfied!

I used to live in Europe and there I used a Remington Rotating Brush that is not sold in the US and that did not fit the voltage requirements for the US so I could not bring it with me, but I have been very satisfied and was decided to buy a rotating brush here. I bought the Conair brush and I absolutely love it. I mostly use it for curls and I have medium to long hair. The curls stay all day long and it takes 5 to 10 minutes to get a great hairstyle after I wash my hair. I use it on my damp hair, but sometimes I also dry my hair with it.Although it is great for curls, you cannot get the straight hairstyle they advertise. You can get extremely loose curls, but I always have to use a straightener if I want my hair straight. The edges just won’t stay straight from the brush only.However, I knew that from my previous brush so I bought it only for curls.I am giving it only four stars because it leaves my hair a little frizzy.

Myrna Glen Rose, TX

you have full control!

I was glad to see that the user has full control over the spinning feature of this hairdyer. There are two buttons by your thumbs that allows you to choose between left and right rotations giving you the look you desire. Also, I want to point out that the spins are very soft and therefore your hair DOES NOT get tangled if you don’t lift up your thumb in time. The only reason I did not give this a 5 star review was due to the fact that I am used to a paddle brush,this is more of a rounder brush that I normally do not prefer for my straight thin hair. I needed to brush afterward which I was hoping to avoid. Also, I was hoping the fan setting could be a little more powerful. It has a high, low, and cool option but it seemed to take a tad longer to dry than a normal hairdryer. Overall, I can see how this would be a great styler for some.

Angelia Greenville, SC

Gives body and shine to limp hair

I naturally have very thick and very curly hair… as it gets longer, the weight of it straightens it a little bit, and any amount of breeze can make my hair matt like the coat of an Old English Sheep dog. After an incident with a bristled curling iron over 30 years ago, I’ve learned that such implements should stay very far from my head unless I wanted to call 911 to have it removed. My mother, on the other hand, has relatively straight, limp hair that she refers to being like long cat fur. She has shoulder-length hair and I’ve seen her spend countless hours over several decades, attempting to tease her hair to give it more body. I had this Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler sent to her to try it.My mother is admittedly not very mechanically inclined – and by “not very” – I mean “not at all,” so it was a bit confusing for her to use initially. The brush can spin in either direction, which is handy when you’re switching sides and/or switching hands, but when you’re looking in a mirror where everything is backwards anyway, it can be confusing as to whether you’ve got it set the right way or if you’re going to get tangled and rip your hair out.The ceramic heating prevents hot spots that occur in lesser products. For someone with very fine hair like my mother’s, this cannot be understated. She has always had to be careful to not burn or otherwise damage her delicate hair. The ionic conditioning helps to build up some body without having to use a comb to brush up hair underneath.My mother’s hair is almost completely white now – with some silver – it’s quite pretty, but sometimes it can have a flat appearance depending on the humidity. The ionic conditioning helped to bring out a natural shine to her hair and she was quite pleased with that result. Regarding building up body, my mother was a tad underwhelmed. While the effort wasn’t as intense as what she has normally done with a comb to build up body – the results were not what she expected or hoped for.The instruction manual is quite hefty, but contains mostly legal information (don’t take it with you into the bath tub, etc.)… and for someone like my mother, who has nearly zero mechanical aptitude, it was a bit confusing for her as far as what button to press, how to orient the device, etc.

Brenda Barhamsville, VA

didn’t work for me……

I have thin fine shoulder length hair with long layers. This did nothing for me. I can’t use these type of bristles. I need the hard plastic bristles. I was going to return it but let my friend give it a try. Her hair is thicker and she loved how it worked. Guess I did something wrong, who knows…… she bought it from me. I will stick to my very old ConAir hot air brush with the plastic bristles.

Justine Slatyfork, WV

A little hard to use

I’m not a spin brush pro, but I was intrigued by this product. My daughter has long hair, as do I, and I liked the idea of a brush that also dried the hair. The problem for me was that it was quite hard to use. It took me a while just to figure out how to make it spin, and when I did, I somehow didn’t have the hand movements down and it spun too quickly, rolling the hair around it. My daughter did not care for that! I did like the drying aspect, and it’s a nice quality brush, even if used non-electronically. I can’t speak to the ion aspect, as I don’t really believe that does much, and can’t say if I was proven wrong or right, as I wound up not using the brush as a spin brush much. It has the feel of a quality product, solidly made, and I am going to keep trying to use it for styling. If you are more talented with that kind of thing than I am, I think you might get better results!

Marjorie Vincennes, IN

Good for Styling

As unconventional as it is I decided to give this hair styler a shot to see if it could make my normally curly hair a bit straighter. It got the job done without any visible damage so I can’t really knock it.Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of experience with stylers aside from this one so I can’t compare how good it is relatively speaking but as a guy who just wanted to see the effects I have to say it works as intended.

Danielle Severn, VA