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Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Innovation Curling Iron with Rotating Clamp, Purple

The infiniti pro by Conair curl evolution curling iron with rotating clip has a 1-inch tourmaline ceramic barrel. Tourmaline technology helps the hair cuticle lie flat for luminous shine and soft, frizz-free, manageable hair. Ceramic technology creates higher, evenly distributed heat that penetrates the hair fast and adds smoothness in seconds! It also features 400 degrees Fahrenheit high heat with 30-second instant heat option; also includes professional swivel cord and auto shutoff. Clamp holds hair and spins around to create the perfect curl.

Key features

  • Auto rotating clamp with bi-directional left and right rotation buttons
  • 1-inch tourmaline ceramic barrel for smooth, shiny, silky curls
  • Anti-frizz with tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Less damage and zero hot spots with gentle ceramic barrel
  • 400-degree Fahrenheit high-heat with 30-second heat-up time

Honest reviews


Not outstanding, but works great

This is a hard one to write a review for. This really is just your basic curling iron. It works well on both my wavy medium thick hair and my daughters thin wavy hair, but like most curling iron, doesn’t work great on my other daughters super straight REALLY thick hair.The rotating clamp is a nice feature. The curling iron seems a bit more sturdy than others I have seen in the same price bracket. I think there are better curling irons on the market, but especially for it’s price, I think this one works well. If you have thick hair, you will have to step up to a higher price bracket, but for most hair types, this iron will work well.

Denise La Crosse, FL

Doesn’t handle layers easily and high heat setting is inconsistent

I used the Infiniti Pro Curling Iron with Rotating Clamp on myself and my teen.I have naturally wavy/curly hair(2a/3a type) that is of normal thickness and is easy to curl. My hair is also layered and long, at about the middle of my back. Though my hair is naturally curly I have a couple of sections that are more of a loose wave so I use a curling iron to even out the overall look. When using this curling iron, my hair was dry with a medium hold gel in it:- The curls from this curling iron were shiny.- I could get a loose curl and a tight curl from this curling iron.- I found the clamp on this curling iron isn’t tight enough to handle layers, large sections or small sections of hair so I had to make sure the sections weren’t different sized layers or the shorter pieces that were in the clamp would fall out. I tried turning the curling iron at an angle to get the diffent sized layers in the clamp without the ends hanging out but again the shorter pieces in the clamp would fall out because the clamp doesn’t clasp the hair firm enough.- I had to leave about 1/2 inch of the end of my hair outside of the clamp most of the time or it would slip out of the curling iron. Since the ends of my hair are not straight this isn’t much of a problem for me but it will be for those with straight hair.My teen has shoulder length, thick hair with long layers that has a lot of body to it and it’s hard to curl so we used the high setting according to instructions:- The curls were shiny but they didn’t hold close to her head though the ends stayed curled.- I could get a loose curl and a tight curl from this curling iron.- Had the same problem with the clamp not holding the hair firmly in place so we had to leave about 1/2 inch of hair at the end which made the curls not as uniform because her hair is nearly straight naturally.- I had to switch the curling iron to the low setting after using it for about 5 minutes because we started smelling burnt hair while curling her hair. Her hair was completely dry and I had been leaving the curling iron on for only 10 seconds (I was actually counting to 10 with each curl). Because we went to the low setting is probably why the curls didn’t hold very well on her hair.Pros:- Does produce shiny curls- Can produce loose curls and tight curls.- 30-second heat up- Auto-off- Limited five-year warrantyCons:- Clamp does not hold hair tight enough. I thought maybe I had a defective curling iron but after searching online I found others experiencing the same problem with curling iron.- Too much work to use on layered hair.- I found the buttons kind of cumbersome and would repeatedly accidently hit one of them when I went to push on the clamp to release my hair. This clumsiness would probably go away with regular use.- The tip of the curling iron gets very hot, even on the low setting so I could hold the end only for a couple of seconds at a time.- It’s loud when rotating.- High setting doesn’t maintain a consistent heat, getting too hot at times. Also found others online saying the same thing about the heat setting not being consistent.Honestly, I couldn’t recommend this curling iron even though it can produce shiny curls for two main reasons, 1) the inconsistent heat problem 2) the loose clamp. I think this rotating curling iron is more of a high priced novelty item than a real beauty tool.

Letha Summit, UT

Slippery and Clumsy

This curling iron touts two key features: 1) a “tourmaline ceramic” surface on the curling rod that releases hair easily and reduces frizzing; and 2) a rod that auto-rotates at the push of a button (rather than rotating by hand). I am disappointed that both of these features were a fail for me.Regarding the tourmaline ceramic surface:The rod has two heat settings — hot and hotter, for fine and coarse hair, respectively — but my fine hair needed the high-heat setting. The ceramic surface is incredibly slippery and so the clamp has a strip of silicone to help grab/hold the hair and offset the slipperiness. That silicon strip helped somewhat with my fine, short-ish hair when I turned the barrel very slowly by hand, but when I used the auto-rotate my hair was flung off the rod. I haven’t noticed a difference in smoothness/frizziness.Regarding the auto rotation:First, the little motor that powers the rod’s rotation is housed in the handle, which makes the handle bulkier than an ordinary curling iron. And I can’t get a good hold on it because the buttons that run the motor are placed exactly where my hand wants to be. That might be what the designers intended, except when I reach for the clamp lever I keep inadvertently pressing the buttons. Note: awkward hold + surprises in rotation + 400-degree iron = (best case) a dropped iron and (worst case) a burn. I can’t stabilize the iron by using my other hand to hold the rod’s “cool tip” because that plastic tip in fact gets hot.Second, the “L” and “R” buttons for auto-rotation of the rod seem counter-intuitive — they don’t rotate the way I rotate my hand (to the iron’s left and right, respectively), but exactly the opposite. (I guess the buttons refer to what side of the head you’re curling??) And (as mentioned above) my hair is flung free. But I don’t need to use auto-rotate; I can rotate it by hand like an ordinary iron, and so I do.In summary, I can ignore this iron’s auto-rotate and use it traditionally, but with the awkward hand-hold and slippery surface, I have to proceed so slowly and meticulously that it’s not practical to use.

Lucille Laughlin A F B, TX

Your hair, manual dexterity and expectations are key factors in determining effectiveness

Over the years, I’ve used a number of curling irons, from Conair and other manufacturers. One of the things I’ve noted is that some are easier to use (and more effective) than others and that this is not always about the product itself, but about one’s own dexterity and the physical ease (or lack of it) of wielding an item that you need to place on bits of your hair, all over your head. And also, the type of hair you have and its length. (The effect of these tools on thin versus thick hair, on straight versus slightly wavy hair differs.)That’s a long way of saying that some of us are better at manipulating these tools successfully, while some of us are not. Sometimes it’s us, sometimes it’s the tool and sometimes it’s a combination of both. Sometimes, it’s just a bad match of hair (length, thickness) with tool and one’s expectations (as in you expect more from a rotating wand curling iron than a non-rotating one where you have to do the work of curling/shaping.).I experimented with this and managed to get the curls/waves I wanted but I could just as easily have used any number of curling irons (without rotating wands) to achieve the same effect in the same, or less time. As a lark, I asked a friend to use it on my hair. She achieved even better results, and more quickly, which makes me think that for some folks, this product is more effective in the hands of another who is wielding it on your hair!Things you want to consider:>Length of your hair: Unless you want to risk rolling up onto your scalp, I wouldn’t use this on very short hair. I’ve got medium length, wavy (and medium-thick) hair that curls easily and holds its curls. I didn’t have any problems with hair falling out as others noted, but I used smallish sections of my hair. I can see how someone with thin hair could have it fall out.>Your own dexterity in holding and using a device where the “wand” rotates. It’s really easy to hit the wrong button (left rotate when you want right)and have the hair rotate up and out when you want it under (Think flip versus bob style.). This is due to location of the buttons and which hand you’re using in regards to where you are placing on your hair/head. I’m right-handed so it was easier to curl hair on the left side of my head. It was a bit trickier, when I held the curling iron in my right hand and tried to curl the hair on my right side. I tried holding it in my left hand but that was a non-starter.>Your willingness to experiment with it until you get what you want. Some folks just want to plug it in and have it work. This may not be the case with this unit. However, after you master it, it may end up saving you time and provide “better” curls/waves compared to other products you use. It’s very subjective.On the upside:>Heats up quickly (I used it on low and my hair set very easily.)>Provided you use it properly, you will be able to create a variety of curls and waves.Can be problematic:>Can get very hot so you want to watch where you place it.>You can easily wind too quickly and end up with too tight or misplaced curls. And in some cases, if you don’t hit the right buttons, you’ll end up with a flip of hair rather than a wave.>You have to play around with how much hair can be clipped and held without falling out. Depending on length and thickness of your hair, and where you want curls, you could find yourelf having to repeatedly clip/curl, which could extend amount of time needed to finish the job on a whole head of hair>The labels of L (left) and R(right) are misleading. It’s more about hair winding under (in) versus out (up). You have to experiment. Of course, if you’re looking to flip the ends of your hair, this unit offers a faster and perhaps better method than a regular curling iron.Before you buy, ask yourself:> If you’re already using a non-rotating curling iron and it does a good job for you, do you need a rotating curling iron?I gave it three stars because for me, I can achieve the same results with existing, non-rotating curling irons I already own.

Katheryn Calvin, KY

Mixed review for Infiniti Pro

I am a bald man with no real need for a curling iron. However, I bought this for my wife. The big positive (so I am told) is that it heats up really fast. The big negative is the placement of the controls is not really the best.

May Port Byron, IL

Once you learn How to Use it You’ll Love it!

I have been using theInfinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler, Blackdaily for a couple years. I recall when I first tried the rotating brush I got frustrated until I got the feel for it. This rotating curling iron was a bit of a learning curve for me, so I am sure that anyone who has not used a rotating hair tool in the past will need to take their time and practice.The beauty of rotating hair tools is they don’t maintain constant damaging heat on your hair.> Users need to understand that although this looks like a typical curling iron, it’s definitely not.> The clamp is NOT intended to keep your hair immobilized.> The clamp is there to guide your hair just to get the section started.The previous reviewers that complained that the clamp didn’t hold their hair tight enough, fail to understand that it is not designed to do so. The rotation allows you to shape your curls in pretty long twirling locks, vs a traditional curling iron roll up & roll down.With practice you may learn to love this as much as I do. This a a great tool to add to my hair styling collection.Heats up quickly, spins smoothly, silicone is smooth so no tangles, curls really hold all day. Controls are easy to use once you understand them, and the placement is just fine for me.The unit I received is deep purple colored.

Alyson East Point, LA

Superb design makes it a #1 best pick

With a left/right setting (and a center reset to make it easy to reset), a ceramic 1″ barrel and auto shut off, Conair’s curling iron is a big, big hit for my daughter. There is a cool tip to the barrel and a high/low switch. Auto off; if there’s anything missing, we can’t think of it.Outstandingly well made, the Infiniti Pro is superb.

Jill New Century, KS

Poor functionality, ridiculously overpriced

I cannot believe Amazon is charging $49 for this crappy curling iron. It’s AWFUL. The only really good things I can say about it are that it heats up very quickly and the curls hold all day. However, I have many, MANY gripes with this curling iron. First of all, the controls are awkwardly positioned on the iron, but more than that, the “rotating clamp” seems stupid and useless. What is the point of having the clamp rotate? Just adjust your wrist when you position the iron near the hair: DUH! Seriously, the only person I can think of who MAY benefit slightly from the rotating feature is someone who has arthritis or something and can’t move their hand easily. My other issues with the iron are that it only has two heat settings, low and high. I have very fine hair, and I find that the low setting is still way too hot for me. Also, I had a hard time releasing my hair from the tool…it tends to stick to the clamp. Not good for my hair, which is already on a hotter heat setting than it should be. Overall, I do not recommend this at all.

Beatrice Forest, LA

Not the best for long hair

I’ve got pretty long hair that is on the thick side and I fussed and fussed with this curling iron, but did eventually curl all my hair with this item.While I know that this fluxuates, my biggest issue is the price vs performance. If I’m paying more than $30 for a curling iron, I expect a bit more from it than I would the $20 one I can pick up at a local big box store.The curling iron heats up in a reasonable time and features two heat settings, high and low.The most interesting feature, in my opinion, is not the rotating barrel, but the rubberized strips that line the inside and outside of the hair clamp part. They are designed to help hold your hair in place, but it seems to do the exact opposite by preventing the clamp from securely holding your hair down to the barrel. It seems like making a stronger spring would eliminate the need for the strips, but maybe not.The curling process is a bit of a trick to get down because I am so used to either using a curling wand where you wrap your hair around the barrel or a traditional curling iron that you spin in your hand. For this tool, you just push the left or right button, depending on which way you want the curl to lay. When you are finished, you can rotate it the opposite way just a bit and then release it from the curling iron. There is a “center” button you can push that brings the curling iron back to the middle.The issues that I ran into included getting my hair caught around the motor that spins and not getting a good grip on the section of hair that I was attempting to curl. I didn’t have enough issues to prevent me from doing my hair, but it was kind of annoying to deal with.

Rocio Wixom, MI

Do Not Buy

This was not okay for a curling iron, there are two safety flaws. 1) It gets too hot even on the lowest setting, it also takes about 20-30 minutes before the curling rod cools down so there is plenty of opportunity to injure yourself or somebody you are helping style their hair. 2) the rotating rod and clamp if you get your hair to catch can become entangled in the barrel of the curling iron. I’m not a curling iron expert but I had a hard time clamping my hair on the curling rod; these flaws makes Infiniti Pro a do not buy.

Angelina Emeigh, PA

Doesn’t work well

This does not clamp my hair, which makes the rotating feature completely useless – and useless as a curling iron overall. I don’t have very thin hair, and I even tried making the sections bigger, but my hair just kept sliding out of it.

Summer Ligonier, PA

Curling Iron still has some Design Kinks

Positives:1) Heats up quickly2) The rotating barrel. I have a lot of hair, and you would not think that my wrists get tired but they do. Plus it’s just cool.3) The curls last for hours, and my hair doesn’t even hold curl well.4) It comes with clips.5) It produces even (I think it’s the auto rotator) bouncy curls.Negatives:1) My hair tends to fall out of the clamp when using the rotator function. Minor irritation.2) Only two settings? High and Low.3) Due to the rotator’s design when I put the curlier down, often it would rotate of its own accord.Notes: You can’t really tell from the picture, but this iron is a bright purple.

Diana Greensboro, PA

The New World of Ceramic Hair Tools

I have fine-ish hair, but a lot of it which makes it seem very thick. I don’t usually have a problem keeping curls in my hair – it’s actually creating a curl that’s the issue. I have gotten used to big rollers but I dislike the discomfort of them immensely.So I’m trying an iron again and I’m happily surprised by this one. My previous irons required a lot of twisting and turning from my hands but this one does most of the work for you. Basically, you clamp the hair and then select left or right direction and the iron magically swirls in the selected direction depending on the curl direction you want and which side of the head is being curled. Also, there’s a bit of a silicone barrier where the hair clamps to the iron. This alleviates that sometimes odd bottom piece that seems flatter and sharper than the rest of the curl and is typical with regular curling irons. Also, the barrel is ceramic which is also safer and more effective than the actual iron models of times gone by. I don’t know how we coped before ceramic hair tools became available.The unit is supposed to heat up in 30 seconds and it does get hot in that time but I wait a little longer – about a minute or two – to really get it where I want it to be. I found the high setting was maybe a bit too hot for me so I’ve been using it on the medium setting. I have long hair and the curls look very twirly and smooth with this iron. I’m happy with the results.The good news is this has an auto shut off if you forget to turn it off. The bad news is it takes so long to turn itself off, the house would fall to cinders first. Maybe that’s a tweak Conair can address for the next batch that gets produced (I removed one star for this). Overall a great product.

Meghan Maybee, MI

A Great Improvement

It has been years since I have purchased or used a curling iron, so you should understand that these comments are coming from someone who hasn’t been paying attention to technological advances in this sphere for a while. That being said, I think this curling iron works very well and is a huge improvement over the ones I used years ago. It heats up in less than a minute. It rotates so that it is much easier to curl the hair on those difficult spots on your head. My hair is thin and straight and I had no problem curling it with this curling iron. The rotation feature allows the user to curl to the left or to the right–another feature that enables curling in formerly difficult to reach areas. If you are looking for a curling iron that performs, I recommend that you consider this one.

Emily Lafayette, IN

Clamp Won’t Stay Put

When it’s working right, there’s a lot to like about this curling iron. It heats up fast, the rotating clamp is a fun feature that makes curling hair just a little easier, it produces nice curls, and the curling iron looks nice. But there are three problems:1. The big problem is that the clamp won’t hold my hair consistently. My hair slips out quite often. I have shoulder-length layered hair that’s on the thin side.2. The placement of the controls is not the greatest– I kept bumping onto the rotation buttons when I didn’t mean to.3. The high heat setting gets too hot. I was just using it for a minute when my daughter said, “Mommy, why is smoke coming out of your hair?”I hope Conair fixes these issues, because I do like the rotating clamp feature… it made it less awkward to try to get the right curls.

Carole Greencastle, IN

5 Stars for Crazy Iron

This Curl Innovation Curling Iron is no doubt a lazy persons iron!! It actually rotates for you!Its has heat settings to choose from: low, medium & high. It also has three extra buttons: L/R and C. These control which direction the iron turns for you, L is for Left, R is for Right and C bring the iron back to center. The clamp holds your lightly, so it doesn’t pull as it rotates. It rotates gently and at a slow pace. So if you’re in a hurry, this is not the iron for you.It’s not a slender iron, the extra controls make it somewhat bulky, but it’s not heavy. If you have problems turning your regular curling iron, this will definitely help out your wrists and arms. but it does take a while. I gave it 5 stars for the concept alone!

Tamra Croydon, UT

I Like It!

There’s several great aspects about this curling iron ~1. It heats up quick ~ 30 seconds or less, (two settings ~ high/low/off button)2. It’s light-weight and feels comfortable & balanced to hold.3. The 1″ tourmaline coated-ceramic barrel makes a pretty cork-screw curl.4. Four nice plastic clips come with the iron & are use-full with the iron,as well as root lift when either air drying, or blow dryingThis iron gets very hot, (it doesn’t say how hot) so even though hotter heat sets a curl more,I personally will be very cautious about using this iron on high.I have long, coarse hair ~ past my shoulders, but I’ve had it thinned, so I’ll be using a heat protectant lotion.FUNCTIONALITY:1. The clamp is said to be a ‘non-slip silicone strip’ but it doses slip, badly.It won’t grasp/hold my hair between it and the barrel on auto, no matter how small or large the amount of hair.I found I need to wrap my hair a full wrap around, or more, for it to grasp and turn a curl.Perhaps because the ceramic barrel is so slick, and/or the clamp isn’t strong enough.Also ~ I’ve found it’s easy to get my hair caught in the gap between the handle & the bottom side of the rotating clamp.2. The iron could use an improved, more substantial stand.It’s stand is quite short, so a person needs to stay alert to avoid burns on their lavatory top.(The iron gets hot enough that I would be concerned it’s capable of damaging our lavatory foe marble finish)3. The iron has a 60 minute auto shut off which seems a bit long considering how hot it gets.CONCLUSION:Over-all this is a fairly good curling iron (better then ‘off the shelf’) but a couple of features could be improved on.For me, the $50.00 price calls for the ‘non-slip clamp’, to actually be ‘non-slip’ ~ there-fore I can only say ~ I like it,as opposed to ~ if the clamp worked ~ I’d love it,Comes with a 5 year warranty.

Blanca Kyburz, CA

Very good but not perfect

My hair is very fine and shoulder length and I’ve never found a curling iron that was simple for me to handle and left my hair “curled” for longer than an hour or so, but this is the best I’ve owned.This curling iron works well on my hair type (fine), and my hair stays curled for most of the day with just a little mouse used before drying. The (L)- left and (R) right setting allows you to have your curl/wavy going in the direction you choose (how cool is that)? The iron heats up very fast 30-60 seconds it seems and that means I can be out of the house very quickly while using this before work.My minor complaints are (2) – the shorter pieces of my hair do slip out of the barrel, but since most of my hair is the same (longer length) it is not a big deal. The other issue was that while I am grateful there is an auto-shut off, a must for me, it takes about an hour before it will turn itself off it seems — way too long IMO. Seems like 15 minutes, would be much safer. Despite these (2) issues, I’d still recommend this item…try it.

Rosanne Jeffersonville, IN

Like the brand, but not this curling riron

I have used several Infiniti Pro by Conair hair products in the past and currently use the Infiniti Pro Spinning Brush Dryer. I love it, as I have loved every other Infiniti product I have used. Sadly, my Infiniti Pro streak is over. I was a bit leary about ordering the Innovation Curling Iron with Rotating Clamp due to the lukewarm reviews that I read. Since I’ve always been impressed with Infiniti Pro products, I did go ahead and order this curling iron. It’s a very nice quality curling iron. It heats quickly and evenly. I was just not able to manipulate the clamp and the spinning barrel very well. I have collar length hair, that is thinning, but the texture is not fine and I’ve had no problems with any other curling iron in the past. I was able to get my hair to stay in the clamp as the barrel rotated clockwise which resulted in a sort of “flip” hairstyle. However, I could not get my hair to stay in the clamp with the barrell spinning the other direction, no matter what I tried. Since I usually wear my hair tucked under (and not flipped up), I am no longer trying to use this product.The Infinit Pro Curl Innovation could be used as a regular curling iron without spinning the barrel, but there are plenty of other good curling irons on the market, so why pay for something that you may not be able to use? I gave the product 3 stars because there may be others who can manipulate this Curling Iron better than I could. Good luck with that!

Lorie Battle Mountain, NV

Love That It Rotates

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Innovation Curling Iron with Rotating Clamp is pretty cool. The fact that it’s such a cool color of purple is a real plus! And it heats up fast.I really like the rotation feature. The only thing I would caution you about it is to make sure that any hair you don’t want to curl doesn’t get caught at the base of the barrel. The first time I used it, a few stray hairs got caught up in there and YOWL! it was a tad painful and a little bit of a pain to get out. I’m just more careful now and make sure I clip any hair not being curled out of the way. Easy enough.Like some of the other reviewers, it would be nice if there was a middle point for the heat setting. Low is a bit too low and high is way too high. Still, not a deal breaker. My hair is pretty fine so I keep it on low and after I roll my hair, hold it for a few extra seconds. It does create lovely curls.While some other reviewers complained that the clamp doesn’t hold the hair on the barrel well enough, I’m actually glad it isn’t a tighter clamp. I’ve had curling irons with iron clad clamps that left a crease in my hair making me look like an idiot. If my hair happens to slip out, I just put it back and start rolling again. I have found that sometimes rolling the barrel in one direction will cause my hair to become loose and fall from under the clamp more than rolling it in the other direction. Play around with it and see what works for you.Or twisting it around the barrel a couple times before releasing the clamp works too. No big deal. Having to go back to electric curlers would be a big deal. Or, shudder, soup can sized hair curlers and bonnet hair dryers! NOOOOO! Your hair slips out, do it over. Shrug.Works as well with products you put in your hair for extra hold before you curl it as well as those you spray on afterwards.And it’s purple! I love it!

Hilary Stopover, KY