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Infiniti Pro by Conair 2-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic-Coated Plates with Rotating Spin Attachment

Straighten, brush and create flips with one tool. the bc176 pro styler by conair straightens, waves and creates body in a single stroke – maximizing your styling options. the unique design of the pro styler features a motorized rotating barrel which combs your hair as you style. the motorized barrel eliminates tangles and reduces the time it takes to style your hair. the two-inch tourmaline ionic ceramic plate reaches professional temperatures quickly for more effective straightening and curling. the far infrared heat gently heats hair cuticles to help them lie flat, creating smooth frizz-free silky hair without any heat damage. choose from a variety of heat settings to find the right temperature for your hair type. Includes a rotating barrel which straightens your hair as you style.

Key features

  • Tourmaline ionic ceramic plates reduces frizz and protects hair’s natural luster
  • Tangle-free rotating barrel
  • Features 30-second instant heat up to 400°F with variable heat settings
  • 2-Inch tourmaline ionic ceramic plates
  • Includes 2 removable bristle brush attachments

Honest reviews


The Best For Curly Hair!!

I’m so surprised that this doesn’t have many reviews, I think this is the best hair appliance I’ve ever bought. I had the instyler, and could not get the hang of the roller going the “wrong way” on one side of my head. This solves that problem with a (left,off, right) button the switches the direction the roller goes in. It is sooooo easy to use. My hair is naturally curly, and it has always been a problem to straighten my hair so it naturally straight looking in the past. It would be stick straight and stick flat against my head if I pulled the straightener through, or the wave would just be pressed flat, but still be “bumpy” if I clamped the iron over each section. This does not happen with this styler. It has bristles that seperate the hair prior to straghtening, so it is flat and stays gripped well while you pull it through your hair. The plate is also curves, so it doesn’t make your hair pin straight, it has volume. My hair looks like its been professionally blown out every time I use it, and its quick. Also, half the price of the instyler. Its a win/win!The only con is that it is LOUD (as much as the inslyler) Whenever he’s home when I use it, my husband asks me what the noise is, it sounds nothing like a blowdryer, more like a power tool.

Mina Wendell Depot, MA

Love it!

Saw one of my friends with one and wanted to try it. Found it on amazon very reasonably priced and am very happy with the decision. My manager even noticed my new hair look and complimented me. Makes your hair so soft straight and shiny! But make sure to use it properly or you will damage your hair by not having it on the correct heat level for your particular hair type.

Shana Reynolds, IN

Really like it

I had the instyler but after a year it simply quit working, would not heat up at all anymore.I decided against another because I found it noisy and didn’t really do a good job so thought I would try this Infiniti instead.I LOVE IT!I have long, super thick, course wavy hair and this straightens it out so fast and it is shiny and healthy looking.No “dents” or frying of the ends. I am really happy with this purchase, and it is quieter than the instyler. My cat does not hiss at me when I use it…

Adrian Birmingham, NJ

Nice Straightener

I am very picky when it comes to hair straightener because i have a lot of hair and highlighted too. What i look for is something that wont break or burn my hair easily and something that straightens easily too. I can say i really like this tool and recommend to everyone. Leaves my hair straight, smooth, and shiny.

Doris White House, TN

Pro styler

I purchase this rotating flat iron for the holiday’s. I live in a city were the humidity is terrible for trying to keep your hair straight. This flat iron heat up really well. I was not to impress with the removable brushes on the side. I do like the rotating barrel the located on the inside. Its does make your hair shiner and gives it more body. If you have short hair this is probably not the product for you.Its a pretty large styling iron. But for someone with long or thick hair this would be a great styler.

Lorie Jonas Ridge, NC

Should have gotten an InStyler

I got this because the InStyler was out of my price range. I should have just waited. While it heats well, it’s just way too hard to use. The rolling part is small and I can’t for the life of me figure out which direction it’s supposed to spin. The bristles that should hold my hair straight during the straightening process aren’t really effective. It took 4 times as long to get my hair silky straight with this as opposed to a regular hair straightener, which negates any other reason one might have for using it.

Kelley Bramwell, WV

works great

Heats up fast. On/off button is easy to accidentally push while using, I dislike that. But, this straightens very good, better than the other one I had. And, most of all, it does remove frizz. Frizz was my biggest complAINT.

Sofia Houston, DE

fine, 1/2 relaxed

I purchased both this and the instyler and found both to be helpful in styling my coarse, fine, 1/2 relaxed, 1/2 natural 3-4ab hair. I started with the Pantene keratin shampoo and conditioner and tressemee conditioner keratin smooth, then washed it all out and put the Pantene leave in keratin, as well as the tressemme keratin serum and Tressemme keratin heat protect keratin spray. then dried my hair with a blow-drier and comb attachment. When dry, I then sprayed on the RenPure Originals Brazilian 4 day straight leave in spray and then followed with the prostyler and the instyler. I used a lot of the RenPure spray, particularly on the new growth portion. Since I just took my braids out and knew that I would have more resistant hair, I slept i the shea butter, curl smoothie and wore my hair in a bun with that in there for a whole day before attempting this experiment.My hair looks like I have a keratin treatment. Did not revert, even in yesterdays snow storm… I also sprayed it with 2 types of hair spray after. All I can say is that for styling different parts of your head, particularly if you have different lengths and different hair textures you willl really prefer the prostyler. I actually used both on different settings, and with all the keratin protective products, did not lose any hair. So I recommend using some good protective products and go for it. By the way, I bought the 3/4 inch prostyler, and the regular instyler. I liked using less heat than a flat iron and not burning the hell out of my hair as this seemed much gentler.The hair was dry at the end of the day, but i just put some castor oil on ends the hair and roller set it, with magnetic rollers in pink, and took it out in the morning. My hair was not soft, but not dehydrated but really straight. I also had some nice volume because I am terrible at using hot appliances with my hair.I am all thumbs with hair styling, and dread going to the hairdresser. I have such a sense of accomplishment using both tools and getting a great result. Hope this helps!!!!Just remember, i have some repetitive stress issues in my arms and hands, and found that both together relieved any tension from another appliance and enabled me to complete the job. I no longer fear getting my hair braids out, knowing I can walk out of the house without fear.

Jacklyn Palmer, AK

The Perfect Hair Tool!

Okay if you are even thinking about buying a overpriced Instyler do not buy it Im telling you now. This hair tool is what u need. It is way more affordable and does the exact same job. I live this tool, if you want volume or some shine to your hair use this. The only con about this tool is the noise when you use the barrell. It gets kind of annoying the first couple times you use it but after that youre use to it. Idk if the Instyler makes the same noise. But ladies save your money and buy this!

Ethel Albany, CA

My Hair’s New Best Friend!!!! 🙂

After just minutes of owning this product, I can say it works wonders on super thick course hair like mine. I washed my hair yesterday and even after using my temperature controlled hot comb and flat iron to lay this stuff out, my hair just wasn’t trying to straighten. It was puffy, my ends looked just too un-managed, and it’s almost impossible to tame this stuff. Even with my mother’s help, still nothing. the roots of my hair were the only things straight on my scalp. That was it! Even after wrapping it up, when I took it down today, my hair was just puffy and unmanageable. Being of ethnic origin, my hair just won’t act in the least bit right.Well, after plugging this tool in and separating parts of my hair to test to see if this thing would even do wonders, let me tell you, it did! My ends look as if they were professionally done, my hair is straight and shiny, and when shaking my head, oh my god, I love the motion! 🙂 If you want something to manage your hair, especially if it’s like mine, you need to buy this and do it today!But to protect your hair from the heat of this product, buy Olive Oil heat protection serum and Olive Oil shine serum, along with Kerotin Oil. You can’t go wrong. :)Update: Having washed my hair yesterday, I didn’t blow dry it, but let my hair dry in the air while having a bit of moisture to it. When putting this little miracle to my hair with the proper protection, my hair became straight instantly within 25 minutes as opposed to the 1 1/2 hours it would have taken with my flat iron and temperature controlled hot comb with no results. This is a must have and take my word for it, you will NOT regret owning this tool for stubborn and hard to straighten hair. 🙂 The tool isn’t heavy or clunky, but just right to get the job done. 🙂

Valerie Clifton, TX