Infiniti Pro by Conair 1875-Watt Salon Performance AC Motor Styling Tool, Purple

Get professional results at home with the infiniti pro by Conair AC motor/salon performance styling tool. The AC motor delivers a powerful airflow for fast drying and a longer life. It features ceramic technology that safely dries and promotes healthy looking hair and ionic technology for less frizz. The included true cold shot button locks in curls, waves and styles. Rocker switches toggle 3 heat and 2 speed settings for heat and airflow control. It includes a removable filter that prevents damaging lint build-up and extends motor life. It includes 2 concentrator attachments.

Key features

  • Ionic technology reduces frizz and enhances shine
  • Ceramic technology safely dries and promotes healthy hair
  • 3 heat settings; 2 speed settings and a cold shot button
  • Concentrator attachment for pinpoint styling
  • Diffuser attachment for added volume and no frizz

Honest reviews


Very good dryer

I searched for quite a while trying to decide on a good blow dryer. I was willing to pay a little more. After questioning my hair stylist, checking out her equipment, looking at reviews and features of brand names across the board and sensible to outlandish prices, I settled on the Infinity Pro by Conair.This dryer looks nice. It handles well and easily – it’s a a light-weight, but not a feather-weight, which I like. It blows a strong, soft, even flow of air that dries quickly and the cool shot works great! My hair dries smoother and with a shine. I am very happy with this purchase. As for ‘settling’ for a less expensive dryer? I didn’t settle – I got a great product for a good price… that’s winning! And I like to win.

Kirsten Norris City, IL

It’s a nice dryer

I like the light weight of this dryer and it dries my hair quickly.This only challenge I have is in the ergonomics. I have to be conscious of where I hold the machine… otherwise I start flipping buttons on the handle.The attachment also comes off very easily. Once I find the time to go shopping in person for the "right" fit, I will give this to my daughter for her apartment at school.To end this with a positive note, this dryer has a great hot temperature setting that does not over dry or burn.

Tasha Mineral Springs, NC

This diffuser is AWEsome! 6 inch! Edited 5/30/14 to remove all stars!

I am editing my review to demote this dryer from Five Stars to One Star (would love to give it zero). Pretty serious opinion change, yes? This is WHY: I just had to CUT my hair out of this dryer. About a centimeters worth. Now, sadly, having occasional hair strands grabbed by the dryer is one of the hazards of having very long hair. However, because of that, I’m careful; also, I have NEVER had so much hair pulled at once! The dryer wasn’t even on high. It didn’t shut itself off after grabbing the hair, either. (Not that I wasn’t swift to cut it off myself!) And this is what realllllllly got me. The back vent cover wouldn’t snap off (which it should, and I thought it did at my initial inspection. Had it snapped off, perhaps I could have at least tried to gently extract my hair. I had to cut it.I hate you, Conair, I really, really hate you.I still love and will continue to use the fabulous diffuser.My original review, where I once gave it 5 full stars, appears below:I’ve reviewed other hairdryers. I’ve given other hairdryers solid reviews. I have even reviewed other Conair Infiniti’s which were essentially the same as far as the hair dryer itself. However, THIS one is my FAVORITE!And frankly that has very little to do with the dryer itself (which is solid) but it’s the DIFFUSER!!!!!!!!! I picked this up not expecting it to be much different from my other dryers (it’s not) and my other diffusers (and it IS). The diffuser IS different. It’s huge!!! That photo of the diffuser is NOT an optical illusion. It’s big.Advantages of a large diffuser: More curl, less frizz, faster drying. If you have curls, GET THIS! Not only does it have a large surface area, it has more air vents than most, and it has the vents on the spokes, which I prefer.It does also a good concentrator for days you may straighten .(Conair makes good straighteners, I think, I’m not sure why they seem to work a teensie bit better than some out there, but if you are straightening you gotta use a concentrator! This one is good.)The dryer itself has good power. It’s well-weight-distributed for your hand, though it’s a tad heavy. Contains a good range of temperatures, with distinct cool/warm/hot settings. The cold shot is truly cold, and works well when held for a long time (unlike some that become warm). I do wish the cord were longer (I notice cord length especially when diffusing as it takes so long that I attempt to multitask).Simply.Adore.the.Giant.Diffuser. It is 6 inches across, where my previous diffuser was a more petite 4.5 inches.

Carole Casco, MI


I have the orange version of this. I have nothing good to say about it except that the straightening nozzle stays on, but it is supposed to do that anyway! This just simply does not get hot enough to dry hair in a reasonable amount of time, or provide any straightening benefits with a round brush. Results on my straight wavy hair is complete frizz! I must follow up with a hot iron, which I do not need to do with most other dryers. This has caused EXTREME damage to my hair, ever since I started using this item. Tons of breakage. I cannot even believe the good reviews on this. I have used other dryers (the old Remington T-Studio for one) that are in the same price range that are far superior. Don’t waste your money!

Ma Milford Center, OH

My New Hair Dryer

So originally I had purchased a Andis 75370 Tourmaline Ionic/Ceramic 1875 Watt Hair Dryer last year. The dryer was um, well I didn’t like it that much. Too make matters worse, the attachment began falling off with the slightest touch. That becomes very annoying since my hair is so thick…. Anyways, I received this dryer on Saturday which was the day it was supposed to arrive. I had missed the delivery, but I was so anxious to get it that I went to FedEx and picked it up. I ordered this along with the Denman Brushes Thermo Straightening Brush (D79) . So I am Black and I have 4b natural hair. I had been trying to straighten my hair for the longest. I also recently purchased a Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline Titanium 1.5-inch Steam Styler off of, which I like way better than the HSI The Styler Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener, 1 inch I also purchased last year.So the whole point is, I really like this hair dryer so far. I wish I could have got the blue one but it cost almost $11 for shipping which made it not worth it. The color is very vibrant. O yea the main thing is, the dryer dries my hair very quickly. The cord moves with you and was a fairly good length. I would recommend this product.

Nan Gilboa, WV

Premium Hairdryer

First of all, this hairdryer is beautiful. I love the glossy finish and the very nice purple color. The hairdryer itself is lightweight but very powerful. It heats up very fast (within a few seconds of turning on) and the fan is very powerful. Hence, it drys my hair very quickly. The filter is replaceable which is nice. Overall, excellent product. Price is a bit higher than regular hairdryer but you get what you pay for.

Marissa Pe Ell, WA

Salon results for a fraction of the price

I’m not sure if I am the beauty industry’s best or worst customer. I’ll gladly pay a premium for a product that delivers but don’t BS me with slick PR marketing. Case in point are hair dryers. The beauty industry and hair salons would have you believe that you need to spend over $100 (sometimes much more) on a hair dryer. As someone with thick, waist length color treated hair, I have pretty much tried them all, from the T3 to Chi pros. Honestly, those were the ones that broke down far sooner than any others (I expect a hair dryer to last more than 5-6 months). I was glad to find the Infiniti Pro. It is sturdy and well built but not so heavy that you tire when using it. Cord length is good and the diffuser is huge – 6" in diameter – definitely pro quality. One feature I especially like is the removable lint filter. There were no instructions on how to remove this but it didn’t take long to figure out that you simply twist it off to clean the filter. The air flow is strong and easily switched between warm/hot/cool and high/low. Note that this is not dual voltage and instructions say to NOT use with a voltage converter. But if you are traveling overseas, you’d probably want to take a smaller travel dryer anyway. I have found that as long as I take the time to dry my hair properly, I can get salon results with a far less expensive dryer like the Infiniti Pro.

Vanessa Cocolalla, ID

Strong and powerful — but not for the weak!

I got this dryer to replace my old one that was cracked and falling apart. Overall I am very happy with this product. The theme of all of the reviews pro/con thus far have been:PRO: DRIES HAIR QUICKLY CON: HEAVYI must concur. This dryer is so powerful that if you have thin or fine hair I would recommend using on the low setting. If you use the high setting you will probably end up with a bees nest of a hairdo. For those of us with thicker hair that takes forever to dry, this blow dryer is wonderful. I can dry my hair in the half the time. The concentrator nozzle is nice when I am actually styling my hair and not just doing a quick blow dry. It isn’t the quietest dryer I have ever owned but that being said it is amazingly quiet for the amount of power it generates and I can dry my hair in the bathroom without waking others. I haven’t found the fizz free function to be true. I have frizzy hair and still require all of my anti-frizz products in order to tame my hair. I have owned the dryer for about two months and the only con is that it is rather heavy. I am strong and have a lot of upper body strength and because my hair dries in half the time it’s ok to be moving the big dryer around. I definitely wouldn’t take it in my luggage on a trip.Overall, great home hair dryer. Recommended for people with thick hair who are sick of taking an hour to dry their hair in the morning.PS Mine is purple!

Mabel Hubbard, OH

The Conair Infini Pro Dryer is efficient

Most of all, this dryer does the one thing most important to the young girl using it. It diffuses her hair and leaves it less frizzy each morning. She arises at 5AM each day for school to shampoo her long black hair. Constantly experimenting with different shampoos and conditioners, she has tried several different dryers and stylers.Anything that has to do with personal appearance is of utmost importance to her. Not so much for her own looks, but she wants to be a theatrical makeup technician as her adult occupation. Whether it is facial makeup, hair style, fingernail/toenail painting, or style of clothing, she reads, practices, and watches videos to learn everything she can.Her favorite color is purple, so this dryer pleased her. It is brightly colored and just the right shade. Some of the cords on dryers are too short, but this one allows the room she needs. Her mother is also subject to her practicing skills, so the first night we had the Conair both used it. Mom has long straight blonde hair, hers is long, curly and black so a contrast was automatic. The Conair kept the curly hair in a more refined manner with no kinkiness or frizziness. It allowed the straight blonde, very thin hair, to lock in some curls that lasted at least till bedtime.Since my hair has long since mostly disappeared, I can’t give a personal recommendation, but according to the 2 women, the heat and blower settings were ideal. They were pleased with the results and the only complaint I heard at all was the weight of dryer was not perfect. Maybe it is the balance, or maybe it is just heavier than others they have used, or maybe they were just at it for too long a period of time. But, their hands grew tired. Particularly the young girl who wants to do this for a living since she worked on both her own hair and her mom’s.Overall they were happy with it and said it was at least as good as any other they have tried, and better than most.

Gwen Wedron, IL

Very Good Ionic Dryer

This is a good hair dryer; it feels heavy enough that it may actually be a durable dryer. And wow, it is PURPLE! If you like the color purple, you will love this color. It’s a really deep, gorgeous, in-your-face PURPLE.-It has 3 heat settings, 2 speed settings & the cool shot which you use at the end to "set" your style.-1875 watts – decent output. I appreciate the higher wattage when I use a diffuser.-Comfortable to use & the buttons are easily adjusted even if your hands are wet.-Comes with a narrow concentrator AND a diffuser.-The diffuser has "hard"/stiff fingers; not the rubbery/soft kind. I like both kinds but the rubbery kind doesn’t wear as well. They both work well at keeping curls curly.-It is an ionic dryer so if you really want full, fluffy hair, this is not the dryer for you. Ionic dryers tend to make your hair more flat/sleek especially if you have fine hair. Ionic is great if you have curly hair or just want to have a more straight/sleek look.-The diffuser works well at keeping soft curls/waves in my hair.Overall, this is a very good dryer. I wouldn’t really consider it a pro dryer but it’s a very good home dryer. My mom has a salon & this would probably not last a long time with hard professional use but most people only use their dryers at home once or twice a day. It should be more than adequate for that purpose.

Lauri Watkins, IA

Good Heat Control, Lightweight, Dries Quickly

The Conair Infinity Pro Dryer is a good solid hair dryer that has good heat control, is lightweight, and dries hair quickly. For several years now, I’ve used a much older Conair Ion Shine to dry both my and my kid’s hair. While it got the job done, over the years I noticed that it seemed to be taking a bit longer to dry everyone’s hair. The Inifiniti is a vast improvement over the Ion Shine. The unit works much more efficiently, and if it’s as durable as the Ion Shine is, I can imagine using the Infiniti for many years to come. My only gripe about this unit is that it’s shockingly purple colored. Thankfully the kids love the color while I love getting their hair dried fast! Highly recommended.

Martha South Lyme, CT

Good Product – Priced right

I was looking for a hair dryer that was powerful but also fairly lightweight and this product meets that criteria. I have baby fine hair, and it literally dries in 2 minutes with this dryer and stays smooth, sleek and shiny as well. My old dryer seemed to dry my ends after a while, so I’m hoping this doesn’t happen with this one.It looks & works like a more expensive salon dryer. Recommended.

Jewel Falcon Heights, TX

Nice hairdryer, button placement is a little off

This has a nice weight to it (light) and is a cool color. It does a nice job drying my hair, even though it doesn’t get as hot as I would prefer. My only gripe with the dryer is the placement of buttons – it seems way too easy to switch the buttons from hot to cold and back again. Would be nice if they’d thought of putting the buttons just a tad lower or higher. Otherwise pretty bueno.

Shari Kingsbury, TX

Excellent dryer

Right out of the box this dryer feels sturdy and fits well in your hand. The buttons are placed at the finger tips for easy selection of temperature (cool, warm, high), air flow (off, low, high) and the quick push Cool button. While it is slightly heavy it is powerful. My wife has been using this everyday since we got it and likes it better then professional model she has. It has a removable lint filter for easy cleaning that prevents lint from getting inside. And it looks really cool, too!

Lori Varney, KY

Hot is Hot, Cold is Cold

Wow. This hairdryer really comes through on its promise of hot and cold air effectively. Hot is so hot, you really can’t keep your fingers in front of the hairdryer closer than a few inches for a couple seconds. It’s absolutely wonderful not only for hair, but for when you need hot air for crafting projects (e.g. shrinkwrapping baskets). The hot air does a great job loosening up glue under retail sticker labels to make it easy to remove as well. Temperature changes come through full force in a matter of seconds. No waiting around. The hairdryer is a two-prong device and comes with its own circuit fault interrupter built into the plug.My favorite thing about this dryer is no matter how long you run it pumping out hot air, the body of the hairdryer doesn’t get hot anywhere. You can hold it anywhere you like for as long as you like with no issue. Wonderful design and very effective.

Kris Uhrichsville, OH

Pretty in Purple

It’s not often I’m struck by the beauty of a blow dryer but this is gorgeous. The shine, the color, the shape all come together to make this eye candy.This comes with a huge diffuser and it makes the airflow gentle and even. Lately I’ve been finding the power of the air hitting my hair from these super powerful dryers to be more than is good for my hair, so this diffuser creates a much needed buffer. This seems fairly weighty but it dries so quickly I don’t need to use it long at all. And the ion technology really works. It’s no gimmick. If you aren’t using a dryer with this technology you are missing out. My hair is glossy and smooth from it as clouds of invisible ions surround my hair to tame it.This also has a concentrator and my hair is incredibly smooth and straight instead of its usual wavy frizzy mess. It looks like I used a straightening iron on it after this with the concentrator attached. I usually stick to only the diffuser however since I am being extra gentle to my hair these days. I also like the wavy look I get with it. I’ve never seen a diffuser this big but it dries my whole head in record time while letting me scrunch in the waves and body. My hair doesn’t get heated and beaten, it is gently molded into a natural shape.This has low and high heat and three settings of airflow, plus a cold shot button to set your hair into place. The handle and buttons are ergonomically designed for perfect hand feel. The pictures don’t do this justice. If you love a really gorgeous purple, not too dark, not too light, with tons of shine and black accents you are going to love this dryer, aside from that huge diffuser and ionic technology. I recommend this dryer highly.

Marcy Eagle Lake, FL

Decision points and how this model fits

This review is from: Conair Infiniti Pro Dryer AC Motor / Salon Performance Styling Tool, Green (Misc.)This is one of many Conair hair dryers and certainly one of their best. By using price signals, it compares favorably to other Conair models.
• Wattage – An interesting discovery in the hair dryer industry was the fairly tight range of wattage for the better hair dryers. Conair has many hair dryers that can use 1875 watts, including this one. The extremely popular and more expensive Babylis Pro Tourmaline uses 1900 Watts.
• Heating element – The better ones are ceramic and tourmaline. Ceramic elements are made of among other things clay, and this coats internal parts resulting in far infrared heat heat surfaces quickly and evenly. Tourmaline is a costly crystal mineral that generate only negative ions and is considered better than ceramic – but it all depends on how much tourmaline is actually used in the product and most use too little to have bragging rights.
• Attachments – Concentrator and diffuser. These are large standard attachments and the hair dryer itself is large.
• Settings – 3 heat and 2 speeds, and a cold shot button to lock hair in place once one is finished with the heat.
• Removable filter – This is pretty new for inexpensive hair dryers. I think it shows that the hair dryer can be expected to last a lot longer than previous ones. I like that.Summary:1) I like this hair dryer a lot and see the results – faster to dry hair and definitely with less frizz than previous models.2) This is one of the better models available from Conair.3) Beware that whereas tourmaline is even better than ceramic, similarly priced tourmaline dryers use so little of the crystal that it’s not going to produce actual tourmaline results.

Johnnie Thurmond, NC

lots of air, love the settings

I like how much air and heat this hairdryer puts out. I have a ton of hair that takes ages to dry, but that time is much shorter with this hairdryer.The only downside is that I wish the cord was longer! My old hairdryer had a much longer cord and I was spoiled by it.

Dee Davenport, FL


I wasn’t impressed with this hairdryer. The biggest turnoff was the weight, its so much heavier than the hairdryer i’m used to using, AND its not as powerful. you’d think more mass would equal more power, but not when it comes to this one against my goody( the goody wins. The goody is a little bit bigger…but most hairdryers are. not exactly something i’d ever describe as portable or petite. The color is pretty and it is made from more solids materials, but I’m happy with my $15 dryer.

Clarice Lawn, TX

Tim Taylor Must Love this Hairdryer

Have you ever wondered what a hairdryer would be like if it was rebuilt by Tim Taylor, the over powering host of Home Improvement’s “Tool Time?” Well, if I recall the show correctly, it would have a pull start gas engine and it would start something on fire. But I think even Tim would love this hairdryer, which is big, heavy, super-powerful, and well designed.It produces a lot of heat on the top setting (3 heat settings), and has a super powerful fan on top of this. We’ve tried a lot of hair dryers, and this definitely produces the fastest results. It also has all the bells and whistles you might expect – tourmaline ion tech, which allegedly reduces static and frizz, a diffuser and a concentrator.If, like Tim, you want more power, then I recomment the infiniti pro – it’s a powerful dryer at a good price.(Edited to correct Tim’s name, as suggested in comments. I guess I should have paid more attention!)

Brandie Canterbury, CT

…Quick and Easy! 🙂

Conair Infiniti Pro Dryer AC Motor / Salon Performance Styling Tool, PurpleCategory: Hair CareOne can never have too many hair dryers, imo! And, this one comes in one of my Favorite colors — Purple :)Ionic technology reduces frizz and enhances shineCeramic technology safely dries and promotes healthy hair3 heat settings; 2 speed settings and a cold shot buttonConcentrator attachment for pinpoint stylingDiffuser attachment for added volume and no frizzOkay, I’ll try it.
• into my Shopping cart it goes
• In the box one finds a sleek, deep metallic purple, Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer, 2 black attachments: a huge 6 inch (across) round Diffuser (for soft curls and adding volume) and a (larger-than-normal) narrow Concentrator (for spot-on drying), plus an instruction booklet and warranty.The Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer, with an impressive 1875-watt AC salon motor for 3x longer motor life, is surprisingly light weight. The AC cord is of ample length and plugs into designated wall outlet with a nice secure fit. No wobbling, that I noticed. The plug is polarized (one blade is wider than the other).The 6 inch (across) Diffuser and Narrow Concentrator attachments are very sturdy, large and made of hard plastic. The Concentrator is very narrow and has air openings on the sides, as well as the front. Both attachments, effortlessly, snap into place on end of nozzle. I didn’t detect any looseness or wobbling. Both, actually, took a bit of effort to remove from the nozzle.There are 3 heat (Hot, Warm, Cool) and 2 speed (High, Low, Off) settings on the inside of the ergonomic handle. Thumb operated rocker-type switching is easy, and smooth, with audible clicks — even when dryer is running. There is also a Cold shot button above the settings that I find useful when using a round brush on my bangs, alternating between warm air and then giving the brush a blast of cold air (top button presses in for Cold blast then just release pressure on button to return to original heat setting) to quickly set my style.The air inflow filter, on the back end of the dryer, is easy to remove, and clean, with a simple twist to the left. To replace filter, simply twist to right till it locks in place. There is also a rubber-like loop for hanging/storing unit when not in use.I dried my very thick, waist-length, hair with the Hot heat setting, on High speed, (cuz’ that’s the way I roll) and then switched to the Warm heat setting and Low speed to style my bangs, alternating Warm heat with the Cold Shot button — adding volume and shine. Next, I went for the hot/curling irons and spritz of hair spray for the finishing touch… :)Quick and Easy! Done in less than 5 minutes. Hair is soft, frizz free and extraordinarily Beautiful!
• smiles, sips espresso
• Does the Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer sound like what you may be looking for? 🙂 Highly Recommended! –Katharena Eiermann, 2014

Lottie Pell City, AL

Performance hair dryer at an affordable price

Aside from loving the color purple, this dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. The rocker switches are easier to use unlike sliders which are stiffer and slippery if you have some remnants of lotion or soap in your hands. The accessories are also easy to replace, just pull and push – no need to do the twist.Pros:- Tourmaline ionic technology. Prevents static on your hair. Removes water faster as it neutralizes the water molecules with negative ions. Lesser time to subject your hair to heat which minimizes the risk of heat damage.- Powerful wind fan- Two accessories included – diffuser and concentrator- Convenient rocker switches- Replaceable filterCons:- Heavier than my other hair driers

Robyn Pontiac, IL

Great little affordable Conair

I have been using an ionic Conair Infiniti for a few years now. It is still running great. This new version of the Infiniti addressed some of the complaints I had with the older version and for that, I like it much more. The buttons are easier to switch on/off and to change settings. (the old one I had to dig my fingernail in to slide over because they were flat buttons) The new version is lighter weight, and feels more comfortable in my hand. It is also not as loud. The ionic technology is important for drying my hair quickly and without added frizz. The former Infiniti was a good dryer and has lasted me for many years, but I have switched to this one and like it more for the improvements.

Alma Jefferson, MD


I had to send this back, as was too heavy for my wrist and rotator cuff problems. Thought it was reviewed as lightweight. Might work out fine for other people.

Tara Denton, KS

Infinity Pro by Conair 1875 watt Hair Dryer – Purple

Great hair dryer…I use it when on the road or at the gym. I like the powerful yet quiet air blast it emits (when compared to a previously owned Conair that died)…this is definitely an improvement and I recommend this effective product.

Gertrude Murdo, SD

LOUDEST hair dryer. Ever.

This is the loudest hair dryer ever. Works ok, but I swear I have ringing in my ears and a little hearing loss for about a minute after using this dryer to dry my shoulder length hair. I would NEVER buy this again. This is louder than dryers that I’ve had for about a year! Forget this….

Luz Dover Afb, DE

Great hairdryer!

I love this hairdryer!For years, I’ve avoided using hair dryers because the heat always made my hair frizz wildly, but the cool settings took much too long to dry the hair. The Infinity Pro manages to strike a balance, with a cold setting powerful enough to still dry the hair quickly while the heated settings doesn’t frizz my hair up nearly as much as other models.There was a bit of a learning curve with this dryer because it is large and a bit heavy. It took me a while to figure out how to maneuver it to reach my roots and create the styles I desired. But it was definitely worth the effort, because my hair has never looked better.

Matilda Nordheim, TX