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Infiniti Pro by Conair 1-Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron, Purple

The Infiniti by Conair CS710R Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron protects, revitalizes and nourishes your hair as you straighten and style. The CS710R delivers 89% straighter, less frizz, high shine, silky straight and healthy-looking results. The ceramic-coated plates provide maximum conditioning and frizz reduction while you straighten. It reaches heat levels of up to 455 degrees and only takes 15 seconds to heat up. With an instant heat recovery system, the CS710R will automatically recover its heat if unplugged or power is lost. It has 30 different heat settings for various styles and has floating plates to straighten or flip hair. The auto-off feature keeps the flat iron safe if accidently left on. It includes a .25 fl. oz. bonus pack for Argan Oil Fusion which offers a true conditioning and damage protection benefit. The Infiniti by Conair CS710R Ceramic Flat Iron is the all-around flat iron that will fit all your styling needs.

Key features

  • Tourmaline Ceramic technology provides anti-frizz and anti-static results, with less damage
  • 89% Straighter and less frizz
  • 455°F Highest ceramic heat with 15 second heat up and 30 heat settings
  • 3X Smoother surface for faster glide
  • Bonus: One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment (.25 fl. oz.) included! It helps protect, revitalize and nourish hair and provide maximum conditioning and protection

Honest reviews


Didn’t curl my hair

This is terrible for making flat-ironed curls. I’m new to flat-ironing, but it really can’t be that hard. Perhaps I got a defective product? But it did not create curls.

Adeline Rincon, PR

Best I have found thus far

I have very curly hair, its natural. Im A Black Female. I wanted to try a new look, it has been over 2 years since I have put any type of heat towards my hair. So I picked this one up because of the high heat level, which is needed to tame my hair. So I must say it does a good job. I simply blew my hair out with a dryer and comb technique then I used this. I also created curls with it, I used to do that with my flat irons. The curls come out nice. The only Issue I have is that, while using the flat iron the on/off button is located in a position where you can easily press it, so be careful. I returned the “Remmington” brand to the store and switched for this, totally better.

Marguerite Peckville, PA

Slight upgrade from an earlier model…

I had been using an older style Conair flat iron, that looks very similar to this one. I was happy with it, but I wanted to see if this would make my hair smoother and straighter.There is a difference. It does heat up in seconds, as advertised. Also, this flat iron is 25 degrees hotter, going over 400 degrees. I would be afraid to use this without a product on my hair to protect it! It’s a little smoother as it glides over my hair, and I think it flattens my wavy hair a bit faster than the first model, due to the high heat. It does seem to help with frizziness too, although its hard to tell how that compares with my older model.All in all, I’m impressed with it. And I have to admit, I just LOVE the purple color! Recommended if you want a cool looking flat iron that gets very hot, very quickly. 🙂

Kathie Penuelas, PR

Also Hot!

I’ve been happily using theRemington S9500 Salon Collection Digital Ceramic Hair Straightener with Pearl Infused Wide Plates, 1 InchI got through Vine for over a year now but wanted to compare it to at least one other current commercial flat iron (I also figured that I could leave one at my parents’ house and finally really retire my trusty Solano). I’m pleased to say that although this new Conair doesn’t surpass the performance of my Remington, it’s about as good and has a somewhat cheaper list price as well.To be fair, a flat iron isn’t called to do much when confronted with my hair. It’s short, fine, color-treated, and already fairly straight. It’s just that it doesn’t look too hot after it has been slept on and unless it has been ironed, can get a tad frizzy near the scalp closest to parts of my face if the weather’s humid. So just about anything will do for me.The Conair heats fast (maybe a bit faster than the Remington but I use both at a low temperature) and utilizes tourmaline, rather than pearl, to boost the effectiveness of its ceramic plates. Included is a bottle of argan oil for conditioning. I first became aware of this rather spendy condiment in specialty food stores but never bought it because of the price. FWIW, I won’t be using it on my hair either because it’s just too fine–I sparingly use a leave-in conditioner called Hydro Milk that I love; my stylist introduced it to me some years back and I’ve had no reason to switch. Regardless, the Infiniti does a nice job without the argan oil (which, in this formulation, barely contains any argan oil at all–it’s mostly chemicals). I don’t think it does a better job than my Remington but it’s no worse either.The only thing I really don’t like about the Infiniti is the fact that the blades don’t lock–I really like this feature on my Remington and it’s due to Conair’s not having gone the extra mile that I give the final nod to the Remington (and the reason why I nicked a star). Other than that, the Conair is an excellent flat iron and comes with a five-year warranty as opposed to Remington’s four-year (both are very generous). Both have an automatic shut-off feature for added safety and swivel-cords that make life easier while you’re ironing. I can’t imagine that someone needing a flat iron wouldn’t be delighted with either one so it comes down to whether or not locking blades are important enough to merit paying a bit extra. If it’s not a priority, by all means, add a Conair Infiniti to your cart–you won’t regret it.

Kathrine Levan, UT

Excellent Flat Iron for the Money

I had been using a Remington flat iron that worked fine but is no comparison to this one. This flat iron heats up really fast; they claim 15 seconds & I would say that’s pretty close at least at my optimal temp.I have medium length, thick hair that has a lot of natural wave; not really curly. My optimal temp is 20 which is considered Med-High according to the instruction manual. It takes me about half the time to flat iron my hair with this iron compared to my old one. I think it’s partly because this iron gets hotter & it gets hotter much faster. It’s really a time saver! According to my hairdresser it’s actually better to use a hotter iron (within reason – use the correct heat for your hair type) because you won’t have to go over the hair as many times which can be more damaging.I always use straightening gel to protect the hair cuticle & give that extra gloss. A tiny bottle of Argan oil is included w/this iron. I thought it might make my hair greasy so I used it on a weekend. It actually worked really well, no grease & made my hair shiny & smooth. I would recommend trying a very small amount the first time (you really don’t need much for “normal” hair). This is an oil pressed from the kernels of the argan tree.The temp is adjusted by a turn dial that goes from 1 to 30. The included temp guide:Low 1-8 – Delicate, thin, easy to damage hairMedium 9-14 – Average to thick or treated hairMed-High15-20 – Thick or wavy hairHigh 21-25 – Hard-to-straighten hairMaximum 26-30 – Very resistant hairAnother plus with this flat iron is where the on/off & temp control switches are located. My old iron had them right on the top of the grip & I was constantly turning it off or changing the temp by accident. This flat iron has them on the side & I have yet to accidentally turn it off or change the temp; very good design.

Hollie Birnamwood, WI

Heats quickly, does a great job

I received my Conair CS710R Infiniti Pro flat iron free from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for writing a review.Our household has three females, so there are always lots of hair styling accessories around. Both of my daughters straighten their hair and have had several flat irons over the years. I thought this one would be like the others when I ordered it.I’m happy to report that both girls love this flat iron! It heats up super quickly, and the heat setting can be adjusted. One daughter has hair that gets damaged by too much heat, and she was happy with the heat levels on this appliance. The narrow width of it was a hit too, since it works well for bangs and on smaller pieces of hair. The purple color is cute without being too girly, and the cord is plenty long for any outlet-to-mirror distance.The tourmaline plates makes nice smooth hair without any frizzies, and the smoothness of it means it glides through hair without burning. This is a great appliance for the price, and my daughters are telling all their friends to try it.

Sally Accomac, VA

Great results and easy for pre-teen to use

I ordered this with my 11 year old in mind. I have a generic “chi” flat iron that I bought at a local beauty supply store, and my daughter is always borrowing it. I hoped that this flat iron would keep her from borrowing mine all the time.First, this iron is light. It is about the same size as my iron, but it is much lighter. In fact, it is so light that several times the weight of the cord pulled it off of the bathroom counter. I don’t really consider that to be a negative, since we don’t leave our irons plugged up, but it may be an issue if you tend to forget to turn things off. The cord also swivels, which is a nice feature that I wish my own iron had. The lightness of the iron, along with the swivel cord, makes it very easy for my 11 year old to use to straighten her own hair.Second, the iron has multiple heat settings (30) which makes it easy to adjust the temperature to suit your particular hair needs. My hair is fine,somewhat thin, and frizz prone, so I require a lower temperature than my daughter who has thick, coarse hair that is very difficult to straighten. I like the fact that this iron heats up to 455 degrees, instead of the 350 degrees that most cheaper models go up to. Another plus for this iron is that the outside of the iron stays relatively cool to the touch. When I used the iron at the “21” setting, the outside of the plates stayed cool the entire time I used the iron. When the temp was turned up for my daughter to use, the outside of the iron became warm, but never hot enough to burn my daughter (which is more than I can say for any of our other irons, including a Chi knock-off, a Remington, and two other Conairs) My daughter is just starting to straighten her own hair, and with this iron she does not have to worry as much about burning herself.As for results, I was able to quickly straighten my fine hair, and my hair remained reasonably straight throughout the day, even though it was raining outside. My daughter’s hair, which is much thicker and coarser required two passes through the iron (for each section) but her hair still looked shiny, soft, and straight after a day at school (and being in the rain)In conclusion, I feel like this is an excellent flat iron for the price, and it would especially be a good tool for pre-teens due to its light weight, cool-touch outside, and the results acheived. My daughter is able to handle this iron much better than some of our others which weigh more, and don’t stay cool on the outside.

Deirdre Dayton, WA

Love It, Love It, Love It!

I previously owned a Remington hair straightener. It worked well enough. It heated up fairly quickly and straightened my hair, however, it always left my hair frizzy even when I used special products like TIGI S-Factor Flat Iron Spray 4.23 oz.. I thought maybe silky smooth straight hair just wasn’t in the cards for me unless I went to the salon because somehow they always managed to make my hair look straight, flat, and fabulous. But I was wrong! Apparently I was just using the wrong tools!This Conair Infiniti Pro straightener is amazing! It heats up in less than a minute, glides through my hair like butter and not only leaves my hair straight but also leaves it shiny and smooth! No frizz! I cannot rave about this hair straightener enough. (I also own a Conair Mini Pro hair dryer that I love.)The one thing that made me give this hair straightener four stars instead of five is that it doesn’t have a locking mechanism to keep the straightener closed for storage. I wrap the power cord around the straightener even though I know you’re not really supposed to do that. Other than that one flaw I love this thing! It does exactly what it says it will and my hair, while not difficult or terribly wavy or unmanageable, does take some work to straighten and this flat iron works like a charm. One pass on each section and it’s done so it’s a definite time saver. If you’re in the market for a new flat iron and don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars for a high-end salon quality hair straightener this is the perfect pick for a girl on a budget.

Sallie Potts Grove, PA

Smooth, silky looking hair

I almost couldn’t stop stroking my hair to write this review, it looks so shiny and straight.Seriously, I am genuinely impressed with this flat iron. I typically am a wash-and-go type of girl, with an occasional spruce and curl for a night out on the town. I often don’t even blow-dry my hair, but I really liked this device. I have very fine hair with a bit of a wave. It sometimes starts to look a little frizzy around the ends.I received this product through Amazon Vine, and didn’t expect that it would make any difference. However, days that I use it, people ask me if I got a hair cut/color, and compliment my hair. It definitely makes my hair look healthier, straighter, and it brings out a shine.The flat iron is easy to use – it heats up almost instantly, and in 6 or 7 passes, I’ve gone through my hair. It barely takes more time than brushing. It has adjustable temperatures for different hair types. While I probably should be using the low or medium setting, I find the best results with the medium or medium-high. The cord is on a swivel, so it’s easy to use on either side.So, the end result is that I’m unexpectedly happy with the product and wish I’d tried one sooner!

Shelly Rowe, NM

Works Great!

Okay, so I’m not a girly-girl at all and usually style my hair with a baseball cap and a ponytail holder, so I know nothing about styling hair. I have somewhat frizzy hair and have been very aggravated since the straight-glossy look became popular because I could simply never get my hair to look like that. I’d go to the salon (which I absolutely hate to do except for the part where they wash your hair and give you that great massage) and come home with sleek hair only to find that I couldn’t replicate the look at home to save my life. I have a cabinet full of products that supposedly help with straightening, but no matter what I used I couldn’t pull it off. My hair would be straighter but still very frizzy and not at all sleek. Now I know to blame my el-cheapo flat iron! I got this iron from the Amazon Vine program, but if I’d known how well it works, I’d have bought it. I haven’t even tried it with the oil that it comes with. The other day I got out of bed (after washing my hair the night before and letting it air dry) and styled it with this iron using some drugstore brand heat-protective spray. WOW! My hair finally had that straight, sleek look from the salon. Now I know that if I blow it out straight and use the oil, I can probably expect even better results. This thing is great! Now that I’ve said that, here’s a warning for any of you who may be as ignorant as I am about hair styling. This iron gets wicked hot super fast. I actually burned my finger from touching my hair right after I straightened it! Touching the iron itself would be a very bad thing indeed. So use this thing carefully and don’t give it to a young child, but prepare for excellent straightening results.

Lavonne Davenport, VA


This is the first time I’ve used a straightener that was hot enough to keep my thinner hair straight and give it a thickness. The unit heats up REALLY fast– really fast. It is also safe and has a great tip to use on the end. It has an automatic shut off is great as well. I liked the oil that came with it, my hair was shiny and bouncy. With winter heat blasting, my hair can get static and this really helps keep it sleek.

Jeannie Powhatan, VA

Works Great!

I tried this hair straightener on my hair for the first time last week and I was impressed with the results. I had been using theInfiniti by Conair SS9 1 1/2″ Nano Silver Steam Straightner, Redand I liked the results that gave me as well, but it was so heavy and made my arms tired to hold it up for so long (I have very long hair). This straightener is extremely light-weight and makes my hair sleek and straight. I like that there are so many different heat settings and that there is a light that indicates when the straightener is ready for you to use. The purple color is a plus also!

Violet Renick, WV

A Little Too Hot for Comfort

This seems to be a great little tool. I’m very impressed with what can be done now that I’m trying a new, all-one-length hair style. Of course, like other electrical appliances, it can be dangerous around water, and it should never be used on wet hair.But for the straight, shiny look that I’ve been wanting to achieve, this seems to be the tool. I note that by just a flick of the wrist, I can get a bit of a curl at the bottom, which is very nice.I am just a little concerned about how fast it heats up and how hot it does get. I think one will have to watch out for that and not get burned.

Mildred Dorchester, NE

Definitely a five star item…highly

Reviewer is a long-time user of flat irons with relaxed African-American hair. The Conair CS710R Infiniti Pro 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron offers a super sleek design with high quality plates that yield a super shiny and extra straight finish. The heating element allows for a wide range of heat settings with a rheostat (like a dimmer) that allows you to finely set the temperature rather than the more common hi-lo or hi-med-lo settings. The product delivers on its promise that it heats up quickly and is ready for use in no time. This is next best thing to salon grade flat iron. Super good value for superior performance!

Eliza Gillham, AR

Wife loves it!

My wife uses this straightener and loves it! She has naturally wavy hair and likes to keep it straight. She uses the Conair Infiniti every time she washes her hair. Kathy’s hair looks great after a treatment with the Infiniti!

Lola Valley Grove, WV

Good product for the price

Bought this for my daughter, who has straight hair but needs a little touch up in the mornings before school to get rid of that bedhead look. It’s no CHI, but it works well and you can’t argue with the price. I would buy it again.

Roberta Beverly, MA

Works as well or better than higher priced irons

I got the Conair CS710R Infiniti Pro 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron to replace a no-name flat iron that my stepdaughter got at one of those mall kiosks (at double the price of this iron).This iron has multiple heat settings and gets really, really hot…really fast! To its benefit, the iron stays relative cool to the touch despite the high temperatures of the plates. Speaking of the plates, these seem longer than her mall kiosk flat iron. Ceramic coated tourmaline plates really do reduce frizz and make straightening rather effortless. It is cool that the CS710R will automatically recover its heat if unplugged or power is lost…and it is an essential safety feature in my house that the iron will auto shut off if left unattended.Overall, does an excellent job and makes a great replacement for a Chi, mall kiosk flat iron or any other higher priced option.

Bessie Noti, OR

Conair Flat iron: does what it claims!

I am not one to use a flat iron very often. We have a very small one in the house (my teen daughter’s), and I’ve played with it before, but I have thick hair and it took a while to see results with the teeny one.This iron is quite large with a very smooth iron surface. The heat is highly adjustable on this model, but I kept it somewhere in the middle(15), since I don’t want to fry my hair. It has almost instantaneous heating up time, I’d say maybe 10-15 seconds.It takes me about 10 minutes to get through most of the hair on my head with this iron. I have a lot of cowlicks and wave, but it did a fairly good job of defeating most of those, or at least the ones on the outside of my hair. I didn’t see any significant damage after using it twice in three days. My daughters both liked the way my hair looked. It looked very shiny to them, and I thought so too.Easy to use, not too heavy and fast heating time. If you are looking for a high quality, moderately priced flat iron, this one would do just fine. It’s basic, but I’m not sure what else you need in a flat iron.

Ophelia Triangle, VA

Gets Too Hot!

I have fine Caucasian hair with some stubborn waves, which is why I use a flat iron. Normally, I buy pricey Corioliss ones that work well enough and feel heavy and substantial in my hand. This one is much lighter, and also gets much hotter. And that’s the problem. After flat ironing a section of hair, sometimes it will be too hot to touch when you release it! I have never had that happen with the Corioliss. Also, somehow the hot plate of the Conair touched my face or part of my ear twice in the week I used it. I wasn’t marked by the burn, but I definitely felt it. I have never done that with the Corioliss or even the cheap little flat irons I order from a Hong Kong dealer to keep in my desk drawer at work.So, if you like your flat irons really really hot, then this one is good for you, but be careful.

Emily Molina, CO



Melody Galt, MO

Leaves hair straight and smooth

First off, if you’ve ever purchased a quality flat iron, you know how expensive they can be. The last one I bought was $75 and that was discounted, so the price of this one is amazing.This one works just as well as the more expensive one I purchased. I have naturally curly hair, that can get quite frizzy, but you’d never know after I use this straightener. And my hair looks soft, silky, and healthy.It only takes 15 seconds to heat up. 15 SECONDS!!! So no waiting.It also has an auto-off feature in case it’s accidentally left on, which I worry about when I’m in a hurry. I have left my old one on all day! I’m glad my house didn’t burn down.Argan Oil Fusion that came with the product is very nice too.Best thing, I don’t have to fight for the bathroom or the flat iron with my kids. I gave them my old one and I use the Conair.

Georgina Nahma, MI


I have a lot of very thin wavy hair and can get a decent straightening out of most flat irons but once I walk outside into the humidity…POOF!! I look like a chow. I’ve tried all kinds of heat protection products and serums but nothing stops the flyaways and nothing keeps my hair smooth all day.Using thisConair CS710R Infiniti Pro 1 Inch Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron – Purplemy hair behaved for once. After a day of sprinkling rain and lots of humidity my hair remained straight as a ruler and still glossy with no flyaways because of the argan oil.By far the best feature of this flat iron is the auto shut off. I have numerous scorch marks on my counters because my current iron doesn’t have auto shut off so this will save me from adding any more. The second best feature is the 15 second heat up. Perfect for those mornings when I’m running late.The only negative for me was the extra long plates. It’s been a little awkward filling the iron with enough hair to cover all the plates and I feel that I don’t get my hair as straight as when I used my normal pinch of hair which doesn’t cover the full plate. Not really a downside just my preference.

Jenny Matthews, NC

Love this straightener

Not only is this straightener nice to look at with its sleek lines and pretty shade of purple, it’s also easy to use. It heats up hot and fast and glides through your hair like silk. I was unsure how it would work because the one I received, the plates don’t touch each other when I hold it closed (there’s a gap between them). I like that the plates are longer than regular sized flat irons. This is a very nice product and I recommend it.

Misty Akaska, SD

Heats up lightening fast

I’m very impressed with just how fast this Infiniti straightener heats up. On the packaging it says it only takes 15 seconds to heat up, well, they weren’t lying! I think it’s even a little faster, because when I plugged it in and turned it on it was fully heated within seconds.I have fairly long, wavy, baby fine hair which tends to get frizzy and this straightener worked great for my hair. This straightener came with a very small sample of Argan Oil to put on your hair before straightening. I love it, you can put it on wet or dry hair and it adds a nice sleek looking sheen to your hair after it’s straightened.With most other straighteners that I’ve used I’ve had to go really slow to get the desired straightening, not with this.Also, the cord on this straightener seems to be a bit longer than my other straighteners which is nice.The only thing I’d like to see added to this is a loop like you see on many hairdryers so you could hang it up.Overall, I love this! I’d recommend it.

Jeanette Peggs, OK

Great iron

I have fine, color treated hair that’s just wavy enough to require styling everyday. I love the adjustable settings and don’t require this to be on the higher settings in order to straighten my hair. When I use this in addition to the blow dryer I think my hair looks very polished.

Debbie Reagan, TN


This flat iron is the truth. I am very pleased and impressed. I love the temperature control, and the tourmaline technolgy made my hair very light and straight. It has 30 heat settings and I used setting 10 for the front and 15 in the back, my hair came out very silk straight. I’m relaxed with texture btw. Love it, I highly recommend it.

Anita Bethlehem, PA

Great for the money!

One of the best flat irons in the world. It is a great price and works very well. I use it regularly.

Noelle Garretson, SD

Damaged my hair, bad design

I’m Hispanic, I have fine curly hair and have used this a couple of times now to try to give it a chance. I cannot recommend this to anyone with my hair type. The heat plates do not make contact all the way across(only at the tip, VERY odd), and my hair was constantly getting caught in the edges and getting ripped out. I had to pass over each section of hair 5-7 times to get the curl out(my hair is not THAT curly) and my hair was still a bit frizzy by the time I was done. Perhaps if your hair is very thick and can fill the huge amount of space between the plates this might work for you… for everyone else, I would pass. I don’t think you necessarily have to spend a lot on a flat iron to get a good one(the one I had before this was $30 and lasted me several years), but this is a really low quality flat iron even for the price.

Earnestine Great Mills, MD

3.5 Stars With Reservations

Caution—this product does not have a GFI ( a ground fault indicator which shuts electronics off when exposed to water so you don’t electrocute yourself) built in and that concerns me. Unfortunately, it also concerned my husband who is an electrician and warned me not to use this in the bathroom and that makes this product a little difficult for me to use since my mirror is in the bathroom right over the sink and near the commode.The instructions for this are adequate, and the iron is extremely simple to use. It is actually very user friendly. Plug it in, turn it on select the temperature you want and wait for the light to stop blinking. One problem is, is that I didn’t know the correct temperature to use for my particular type of hair, so you will have to play around with the settings some to get it to work for you.I have very long over-processed hair (I’ve been coloring it for more years than I want to admit to!) and as I’ve gotten older my hair has become quite wavy. This product took care of all that for me and it didn’t take all day to do so. It was quite fast and and left my hair looking soft shiny and very natural. I’m Italian/Hungarian with very thick hair.I have found that not only does it work on my very long hair but it works on my very short ( about 2-3 inches in length)bangs also! So this product is perfect for anyone with almost ANY length hair—good to know!I also liked the fact that if you tilt the iron slightly at the ends of your hair you get a nice little flip sort of thing going on.The .25 oz. bottle of Argan oil that comes with this is a nice little bonus and made my hair somewhat shinier. It can be bought via Amazon. However, be aware that it is not a 100% natural product and may leave your hair with some issues.

Malinda Vassar, KS

SUPER hot!

This iron is HOT! 445 degrees! My teenage granddaughters are using it here in the mornings One has curly hair and one has very thick wavy hair. This iron does a fast a job on both of them. They rave about how soft and silky their hair feels and it truly looks beautiful, and very shiny.In case you wondered, I haven’t used it on my hair, because mine is super short and very, very straight! LOL!

Shelly Temple, OK