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Infiniti Pro by Conair 1-1/2-Inch Nano Silver Steam Flat Iron with Bonus Heat Instrument Case

The Infiniti Pro 1-1/2-Inch Nano Silver Straightener infuses hair with moisture as it gently detangles your hair. It protects hair from damage and locks in style. This flat iron has a removable water reservoir for added styling options. It also includes: Retractable combs, 30 second instant heat up, easy-to-read temperature display, professional line cord, and a heat resistant pouch and mat.

Key features

  • Infuses hair with moisture
  • Gently detangles and protects hair from damage
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Includes retractable combs
  • 30 second instant heat up

Honest reviews


not worth money

Was very unhappy with this item and didn’t feel this product did what it advertised. Returned

Lilian Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Not worth 1/4 of it’s price

I bought this because of the infomercial. Even on the hottest setting, this didn’t straighten my hair as well as my Remington does with 1/2 the heat (or even my $15 Conair) I had to refill the steam thing about 3 times just to last for my shoulder length hair. Instead of leaving my hair feeling silky, it felt more coarse than usual, and caused my hair to flip out at the ends no matter what I did. It’s easily the worst flat iron I’ve ever used.The only reason it’s getting more than one star is because my little sister used it as well and liked it, even though her hair doesn’t stay straight throughout the whole day.

Mabel Elko, NV

Stick with your Chi

I bought this as a backup flatiron when I found it dirt cheap. I was hoping that it might outperform my trusty Chi & I would have a nice, shiny new flatiron, but I should have known better. I’ve used it several times now and with or without steam, it simply does not straighten as well as the Chi, even with the temperature controls.The water reservoir is ridiculously small, and you literally have to use an eyedropper to fill it. I like that it has a long power cord and automatic shut off, but ultimately neither of these features make up for the fact that this flatiron does not straighten as well as my Chi, no matter how small I make my hair sections or how many passes I make.In places where my hair is relatively straight to begin with, it will give it a more flat, polished look, but it doesn’t even come close to taming my mermaid waves in the back. I think it also makes my hair feel more dry and brittle. It’s better than nothing, but you should save your money and invest in a Chi. The steam, comb and temperature controls are gimmicks that simply don’t work. Skip it unless you’re in some sort of a pinch and can’t find a styling tool that’s decent.

Kari Wallingford, IA

Absolutely worth the money!

This completely does what it says! I read the reviews & wondered but bought anyway. My hair type is medium coarse & I currently own a CHI – this works better than my CHI because of the shine & now my hair is silkly. In fact, it was too straight! I cut my hair (wish I hadn’t now) so my long hair would have been super. Tried w/day old dry hair & thought, if it didn’t work, I’d wash/condition it and start again. Didn’t have to -you’d think I had done my daily routine or come from a hairdressers!!! Highly recommend to all – just make sure you know how to use a straightener – don’t listen to bad reviews unless they tell you hair type, and experience w/straighteners. Cons-yes the water reserve does empty fast, but if you’re a mom or multi-tasker in the mornings like me, no worries. Unplug, pop out, refill, check on the kids/feed the dog, come back, pop back in and finish up. AND this is day one – I’ll write another in 2wks.

Sandy Jonesport, ME


I must say that every hair is different but for my sister and I this iron works wonderfully. We have natural curly hair and the straightner leave our hair… well, straight. Even more, it won’t curl back. I just wash my hair and let it dry naturally and then use the iron. In 30 minutes my hair is done. One thing though, because I do it myself, the ends of the hair don’t look too nice, but that’s just the day that is done, by the next day the ends look fine.

Allyson Flossmoor, IL

I like it!!

The only con is that just a tiny amount of water fits in the compartment, but I don’t use it anyway. I think it’s easier if you leave your hair almost dry afeter you wash it and then use the iron. It really straightens without drying it out. Seems to me to be of good qualiy.

Maureen Silverlake, WA

Good features

This flat iron offers some good features and was well rated. My wife finds it a little big, considering her last one was 1," but she likes its. There are no complaints so far.

Esther Van Dyne, WI

It works, but it breaks too

This is my third iron in the last 4 years. I like it and keep buying it because I use it every day, and it doesn’t damage my hair at all, because of the steam. However, the water compartment breaks and Conair doesn’t sell the part separately, so I am forced to buy new ones often 🙁

Rosalia Red Creek, WV

Flat Iron

Straightens hair well. Alittle heavy and handle alittle difficult to hold to – not as ergonomic as could be. Like the ability to use built-in hair separator/comb feature or not (has button you can choose to use or not use). Also like that you can use steam or not as well.

Tasha Day, FL

not what i was looking for but its a good flat iron

the piece to steam water broke and wont stay in and i really didnt see a difference in with the steam or without. I prefer the maxiglide over this but as a flat iron it really straigten the hair out and leave it soft and moisturized.on relax hair. For natural hair it doesnt do the job of straigten like i wanted, but i use it often when i want a wrap look or straighten hair after a wash.

Queen La Salle, CO

Just what I was looking for

I like this model because it has slight teeth to help keep the hair separated as you pass this through your hair. There are more settings than I need, but the basics are great.

Mercedes Swatara, MN

I wish I could give it 10 stars!

A little background info about me and my hair. I’m 41, bleach my hair, have well water, and love to straighten my hair. All 4 of those things together mean one thing: Hair Breakage!I had sworn off flat irons after my hair broke off about 2 years ago. It has grown back now, so I’m looking for healthy ways to style it. I started out with a couple of sets of steam rollers. They do great on my hair. Guilt-free styling… but what if I want straight hair? Without the damage?Well, this was the answer. I have very thick hair, but it only took me about 10 minutes to straighten all of it, and it looks AND FEELS wonderful! You have to try this iron if you have lifeless, damaged hair. If nothing else, get it for yourself for Christmas!

Melanie North Norwich, NY