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Infiniti by Conair YOU Style

Conair CS54 You Style Two-In-One Styler Find Your Own Fresh Look! You Style is uniquely designed for twice as much styling power. Get soft waves or straight styles with one simple tool! Create waves or curls with the curved edge curling plates, or go for sleek, straight styles with the traditional flat straightening plates. All it takes is the flick of a wrist! Go straight. Go curly. Go straight to the curl. You decide. You Style. The CS54 is preferred by stylist since it creates body in a single stroke. It was selected as a finalist in the Personal Care, Health and Garment Care category for the Housewares Design Awards presented by Homeworld Business. Be good to your hair CS54 is made with nano silver tourmaline ceramic heating plates and curved cooling plates so you have less damage. Nano Silver unites micro particles of tourmaline ceramic and silver for a unique combination of technologies that emits frizz-reducing natural ions and creates silky, healthy-looking hair. Features: It starts to heats up in just 30 seconds so you can start your day off right within a matter of seconds High heat levels so you can curl or straighten hair faster (360 degrees F) Uniform heat recovery system maintains optimum heat levels for perfect curls Salon swivel cord for easy storage Auto off Limited two year warranty How to create soft waves with CS54: 1) Separate a section of hair 2) Place curved plates close to the root 3) Gently close the You Style using the easy grip cool tips 4) Glide smoothly down the hair 5) Turn the You Style 180 degree with the curved plates facing out 6) Curl under the hair strand and simply release for today’s beautiful curl!

Key features

  • Discontinued by Manufacturer
  • Unique combination of technologies
  • Revolutionary design that makes curling as easy as straightening
  • Uniform heat recovery

Honest reviews



Did an okay job, nothing special but it burnt me many many times. I threw it away after use 3.

Flossie Naperville, IL

it works!!

I was replacing it because I was always using one similar, better quality that my roommate always let me use. Now that she moved out, i don’t have access to it. This was is not bad for the price. Only problem, my hair tends to get caught on the ends, so it breaks it. Also, the curls aren’t as full as the other one I used. It just gives you waves at the tips of the hair.

Dorthy Little Meadows, PA

Have had it for years

Pros: Straightens well, curls ok, heats up super fast, lightweightCons: Hair frequently snags in the gap between the end of the heating plate and the plastic. Medium is far too hot for my fine hair, and low is too cool. The curling action is clunky at best and is much easier to do with an iron with curved plates and plastic body. It leaves crimp lines from the sharp plastic corners.

Jamie Gardner, ND

Very nice.

Super easy to work. Havnt really used to curling part. I have noticed it doesnt always get hot enough. But the price isnt bad for the quality.

Angie New Kingston, NY

Not for long hair

I bought this and regret it. It may work out well for shorter hair, but not below shoulder length hair. The plates leave a straight line in your hair when you try to make a curl.

Tanya Anderson, AK


I like this iron because you straighten your hair making a soft curl at the ends so that it looks natural. I still prefer to use my curling iron if I wanna make perfect curls starting fron the roots, but this iron is extremelly practical because your hair doesn’t look “dead straight” at the ends and you don’t have to worry about using your curling iron after the flat iron. The only reason why I didn’t give 5 stars is because it rips some hair when the hair is caught at its edge. Still I like it because it’s the only one around.

Nicole Osterville, MA

OMG – LOVE this!

Does NOT fry your hair. Heats up INSTANTLY. Makes even the thickest, coarsest hair flat, smooth and shiny without damaging it! It takes only a few seconds to style each section of hair. The curl feature works great also! I can’t say enough good things about this nifty gadget – Oh and it is INEXPENSIVE TOO! Try it, you will not be sorry 🙂

Evangeline Cerulean, KY

Straightens my thick, curly hair. Minor problems.

I’ve had this straightener for over a year and I love it. I straighten my hair in very small pieces because I have very thick hair. But that’s true for any straightener! I have never had a problem with it not straightening my hair. As far as the curling capability, I don’t really use it to “curl” my hair (my hair is naturally curly). What I do use the curved edge for is to curl the ends of my hair under so that it’s not stick straight like a broom. It works great for that. And you won’t have a hard edge instead of a curl if you’ll turn the straightener slowly as you do it. I don’t know why some people have commented that it’s physically awkward to use; it’s just a straightener. It’s pretty simple. I only deducted one star because previous reviewers were right in that it DOES occasionally pull out hairs if you’re not careful – there’s some gap in between the plates somewhere that occasionally catches strands of hair. I can’t believe that wasn’t found in quality control but it should definitely be fixed.

Alissa Edgerton, MO

No curls 🙁

If you’re looking for a hair straightener, buy a hair straightener. If you’re looking for a curling iron, buy a curling iron. If you’re looking for a product that does both? This isn’t it. I tried curling my hair w/ it like the directions show you – I got a tiny wave at the bottom of my small section of hair. I even had my sister use it on my hair herself thinking maybe I’m doing something wrong and it’s easier for someone else to use it on you, nope. Still got the same tiny little wave at the bottom, same result w/ my sisters hair who has a completely different hair type then me. Just doesn’t work…….. 🙁

Juanita Lovelock, NV

Mediocre at best

I have just dumped mine off at Goodwill along with other junk.It’s not a good-enough streightner, because plates are not positioned close enough together. It’s not a good curler, either – because, whatever you do, you CANNOT glide this thing through your long hair like the commercial says.Mine is long, fine, with strands of different length – I lost a lot of hair via it getting caught on the corner of the heating plate. It is poorly designed, with huge gaps between the body of the device and heating plates.Normally, my hair isn’t hard to smooth or curl, but this device achieved neither.P.S. You can actually get a nice curl with a regular flat iron that has spring-adjusted plates and smooth outer surface, like Chi or other brands.

Mitzi Kingsford Heights, IN

It’s going back to the store…

It’s a good straightener, but that wasn’t what I had purchased it for. I wanted to see if I could get some curls, but I should have gone with my gut and just bought a curling iron, because this didn’t curl my hair. I’m Asian and my hair already has a bend to it. When I put in velcro rollers when my hair is wet, I get beautiful big curls. This didn’t do anything but smooth out my hair. I already have a straightener that does that. It’s going back.

Marcy Murrells Inlet, SC

Take it or leave it

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. She is 14 and she asked for it by name. She really likes it, but when I borrowed it to try it out, I wasn’t very impressed.It seems a bit bulky and my hair got caught repeatedly in the crack where the plates meet the plastic housing. I got so tired of my hair being ripped out. I don’t know if it makes a difference or not, but my hair is down past the middle of my back, but my daughter’s hair is just touching her shoulders.I didn’t find that this straightener made the hair any smoother or sleek than other straighteners.While using this, you also have to keep watch as to how you’re holding it as you go over each section. If you have it one way for one section and then hold it basically upside down for the next section, you will end up with different results on each section due to the rounded side. When I use my regular flat straightener, I can just place the hair and and go and it doesn’t matter if I have it upside down or not. Sometimes you just grab the pieces of hair and get them however you can, but with this straightener you can’t do that.

Lucia New Cambria, MO

better devices out there

I am not fascinated by this curler and straightener but I don’t know what I expected after using a Chi for several years. I will say that I think it is better for curling than than straightening. I found that I still had major waves throughout my hair even after using this tool for 40 minutes after a straightening balm and blow drying. I don’t think the plates get hot enough to create a super straight look. In addition, the tool has these metal plates that frequently snagged my hair. I don’t particularly enjoy my hair being torn out of my head and after using it five or six times became fed up and ordered a solia.

Deanne Cushing, OK