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Infiniti by Conair i Series Folding Handle Hair Dryer

The infiniti by conair i series 260PX folding handle hair dryer is ready to turn anywhere you are into a salon. it features dual voltage for travel, a cord that retracts into the handle, and the handle folds in to make this the perfect portable styler. with advanced ionic technology to minimize frizz and versatile heat and speed settings the 260p is perfect for all hair types and styles. it also features a cool shot, a removable filter for easy cleaning and concentrator/diffuser attachments that are guaranteed to style any hair.

Key features

  • Ionic ceramic technology – less frizz and more manageability helping to create healthy, silky, shiny hair
  • Versatile three heat/two speed settings for all hair types and styles
  • Retractable cord for convenient storage and travel
  • Folding handle
  • Cool shot button

Honest reviews


Convenient features, dries hair really well, doesn’t last long

I think this is the third one of these dryers that I have owned. I’m guessing that something about the foldup mechanism wears it down after awhile and causes the dryer to stop functioning – just guessing. I believe my previous one lasted a year and a half, which is definitely not long enough. But the thing is – I love the features on this dryer. I love the retractable cord and the ability to fold up the handle. It still isn’t small, but I can set it on top of the little cabinet in my bathroom, and that’s good enough for me. It’s inexpensive enough that I don’t seem to mind buying a new one every 18 months. And this dryer is one of the few that really handles my thick coarse hair well. It dries my hair well and dries it fast. The different speeds and temperature settings work well. I would give it five stars if it didn’t break down after such a short time.

Carissa Columbia City, IN


In the past, I spent $50 on a hair dryer, and because I can’t have nice things…I would drop them violently, or hit them repeatedly again the countertop when I was blow drying my hair upside down. Finally, I said to myself- “Enought is enough”, I was buying $50.00 hair dryers every 3 months! I bought a $15 Conair (not this exact one) at Target and it lasted for 5 years and through out all my violent tendencies with hair dryers–but all good things come to an end. I got a puppy and she chewed through the cord! So I had to buy another one. This lady at Ulta suggested a Vidal Sassoon one…It folded and the cord came up. I loved it, but it stoped working after a month! So, I went to the trusty amazon and found this gem. So far, so good. I’ve had it about a month, and my hair feels better than the Vidal one, and my previous Conair! I highly recommend this, and I’m hoping Conair doesn’t fail me now.

Cristina Firebrick, KY

Works but feels cheap, typical for Conair

NOTE: It will work in foreign outlets but you need an adapter! HOWEVER, you cannot use the drier on the HIGH setting while it is accepting 240 volts. Only the low setting is available but when I used it in Russia. The low was pumped up to about 80% of the high setting, however (the increased voltage). Hope that makes sense!I have a very nice Revlon drier that I LOVE. I *only* bought this Conair drier because it works with European voltage and I used it in Russia and Finland.My hair felt dry and puffy and my Revlon drier does not cause that at all. I don’t know why the Conair is causing it. It also took much longer to straighten it out with the drier and round brush. Lots of frizz when I finally finished.Retractable cord function works great though the “Press” button is weird/sticky and the cord needs a little help inside. The “folding” action is VERY tight. I thought I might break it trying to get it to fold in half and the unfold it again. Feels like it isn’t meant to fold.The high setting is pretty mediocre while using in the US. In Russia, it’s even less powerful. The temperature settings are accurate. Hot is pretty hot, cool shot works great. Drier is quite light which is a bonus for traveling. The weight and the dual voltage are the two reasons I took this drier overseas. The shoddy build and poor strength are the two reasons I intentionally LEFT it in Russia. Wasn’t even worth the space in my suitcase.

Alyce Conneautville, PA

Great Buy

Pros: Lots of nice features; fold up handle and retracting cord. Really does make my hair feel soft and seem healthier.Cons: It’s not as lightweight as I would have hoped or some other reviews have said. It’s also not as quiet as other reviews have stated, the noise is average, not any quieter or louder than others that I have owned.Overall, I am happy with it, especially for the $25.00 price.Update 04/16/13 – owned for over a year and still going strong.

Marissa Henderson, IL

Easy to Pack and Worked Well in Chile

Bought this for a 2-week trip to Chile. Worked well on their 220 volt system though it cannot be used on High Heat and High Fan when operating on 220. Once I got home to the US I moved my current hair dryer to the guest bathroom and am using this one now. It has a strong fan and the heat options are accurate.The retractable cord and folding handle make it less cumbersome in the suitcase and it’s easier to store at home too.

Felecia Ursa, IL