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Infinite Skin Clarity Cleanser 15% Salicylic Acid Acne Facial Cleanser (5 oz) A concentrated Salicylic Acid cleanser to treat even the most stubborn acne and scars. Clarity Cleanser’s medicated salicylic formula safely and effectively penetrates beyond the skin to purge bacteria and dead skin cells from within, improving skin’s appearance and helping prevent future breakouts, without over-drying the skin. Highly effective for even the toughest facial & body acne problems.For best results, use with Infinite Skin Clarity Enhancement Cleanser. Infinite Skin products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients used by cosmetic surgeons, physicians, and medical spas, at a fraction of the cost. Proven effective along high-end brands Obagi and SkinCeuticals, Infinite Skin products have tested similar to better results at 10 times less the cost. Infinite Skin brings highly effective medical & spa grade results without spending the hundreds of dollars you would at a doctor’s office or medical spa. Recommended For: Light, moderate, to severe acne, cystic acne, blemishes, breakouts, uneven skin, acne lesion, inflammation, keratosis, pimples, blackheads & whiteheads, and oily skin. Benefits: • Dramatic decrease in breakouts • Ideal oil control • Clearer complexion • Help diminish soft acne scarring • Attack acne at the source • Pores appear smaller and tightened • Decrease in whiteheads and blackheads • Soft, smooth, and clear skin

Key features

  • Safely & aggressively fights active acne while lightens acne scars and prevents future breakouts
  • Highest concentration of acne fighting Salicylic Acid in any acne cleanser on the market
  • Dual action treatment and prevention of breakouts, redness & acne scars
  • Strong yet gentle enough to use everyday without over-drying the skin
  • Professional brand and guaranteed quality. Infinite Skin Peels are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and used by cosmetic surgeons, physicians, and medical spas. Products are quality tested for purity and effectiveness.

Honest reviews


Feels great

Has a very menthol fresh feel to it. That said, of course beware around your eyes. I think it does great at cleaning.Not noticed a remarkable but a slight improvement of acne due to hormonal acne. I say its probably most effective on mild to moderate acne.

Kristina Alamogordo, NM

you can feel this.

I buff this in with olays buffing thingy. I usually leave this on after buffing and let the acid do its thing. I will buy this always. Love al the infinite skin cleansers!

Geraldine Easton, IL

acne cleanser

I was worried about using this because I have dry skin but luckily enough it did not seem to make my skin any dryer or give me dry patches. This is a good product. I have been using it a week and can see results. My skin is smoother and less break outs. When I first applied this product it didn’t seem to do anything. I couldn’t feel the normal tingling that you feel with most acne products and it also did not have that many exfoliating beads in it so I after rubbing it in I decided to leave it on for maybe 3 to 5 minutes. Boy, I felt a ton of tingling and also some weird numbness around the mouth area so I freaked out and thought I was possibly allergic but I decided to try it again the next day and did not leave it on that long and the tingling was there but no numbness like the first time.. So since then I’ve been using it daily and I love it. My skin is starting to look healthier and I am sooo happy.

Myra Pageton, WV


It’s true. The seller is VERY slow to ship.I could do without the blue granules. They are terribly scratchy. I think they’re meant to exfoliate, but all they do is tear the skin. I really love the solution and wish I could lathering it in without bleeding profusely. I love the smell and the tingle but it’s better to admire this stuff from afar. If you’re up for it, I recommend you lie back and pour the cleanser on your face turning your head appropriately for it slowly glide across you face… Praying helps too. Then move to the shower and rinse it off thoroughly. THOROUGHLY being the key for those little blue buggers will end up in your hair and other unmentionable places. If you use as directed on the bottle, you’ll only experience the “aggressive” part in “Safe and Aggressive Acne Cleanser”. Buy and you’ll see.

Krista Ephrata, PA

Fabulous Product!

I have been dealing with adult acne for some time. I have tried every drug store brand cleanser along with ones like ProActiv. Since using this product I have not had ANY breakouts. Before I would have them because of monthly hormonal surges and the breakouts would be all over my face for over two weeks of every month. I will never go without having this product in my home!

Wilda Monroe, LA

I don’t know

I tend to get new acne after I wash my face with this product but I really don’t know if it’s the product has caused it or something else. So I’m omitting this product from my skincare regime at the moment. Will try this again after I get my acne under control and I will update this post after I’m sure of its effects on my skin.

Abigail Coalgood, KY

Nice tingle!

This is my second purchase and while I like the sting/tingle it provides, I haven’t seen a dramatic improvement in skin appearance. I will continue use since I bought 2 bottles this time but unless I see overall change I probably won’t buy anymore.

Louisa Woosung, IL

it worked

but it is too strong for the face on a regular. just once a week, that’s all anyone needs. I had something serious going on both internally and externally showing in my skin. I dealt with the external part with this, and will keep using it on occasion, and can focus on the internal stuff, before I break out again. My back is ridiculous, but its improved in just a few weeks, but I do have to use it everyday there. I project I might have to use it for a few more weeks before I am 100% clear and then maintain, but nothing has ever put a dent on my back-acne before.

Renee Charlton Heights, WV