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Indigo Wild Zum Face Walnut Sugar Facial Scrub, Rosemary-Mint, 5 Ounce

While zum is a made-up word, Indigo Wild zum face rosemary-mint walnut sugar facial scrub uses ingredients that are not. With no trace of mineral oils, parabens, phthalates, petroleum by-products or any chemicals for that matter, zum Face will help give your face a natural lift and a new look. Go ahead, pamper your face, you deserve it.

Key features

  • Natural exfoliator
  • Walnut powder and rosemary-mint
  • Great for a weekly super scrub

Honest reviews


Beware, it’s perfume-y

I don’t think of “gentle” facial soaps as being so fragrant. Even when it’s essential oils, too much of a good thing can still cause a bad reaction for people with sensitive skin. Luckily, I haven’t reacted to this soap, but the strong aroma scared me enough to hold off trying it till after Christmas. It smells nice, but fragrant things and my face usually don’t get along well. I ordered this expecting that it might have a *mild* scent from natural oils, not that it would be just as strong as all their other soaps.Other than my initial shock, the soap is fine so far. Nothing to rant or rave about yet, but I’ll update this review after I’ve used it for awhile. At this point, it doesn’t seem any different from the regular zum bar soaps for your body… other than it’s more drying than I expected. I have combination skin, but of course it’s drier in the winter. If you’re not familar with Zum bar soaps, they’re lovely. They do a great job of leaving me clean and soft without drying out my skin or breaking me out. So, I was expecting zum face to leave me a little more hydrated than it does. But… it hasn’t completely dried me out, or cause flaking, or anything so far.

Susanne West Hurley, NY


Love this facial toner. I would definitely recommend AND order again. Not sure I would buy if from this seller though. I waited for quite a while for it to reach my APO address in Germany and when it finally came they had sent me the face wash by mistake. Disappointing. Then they wanted me to mail back the facebook to get the toner I originally ordered. Kind of a pain!

Pearlie Coldiron, KY

The Facial Oil is lovely!

I love the Zum Facial Oil, and since it’s so potent, a few small drops are all you need to cover your face, neck, and chest. I usually use this when I come home from work and wash my makeup off. Since you’re supposed to apply it to damp skin, it works best if you use it right after washing your face.It imparts a lovely glow to your skin.The only reason I’m knocking off a star is because the smell is quite potent. I usually love all things aromatherapy-related (especially lavender, which plays a starring role in the ingredient deck for this oil), but the lavender smell is a bit overwhelming with this. It eventually dies down a bit, but it’s quite strong and sometimes irritates my eyes and allergies if I apply a bit too much.Overall, though, this is a lovely oil that is relaxing to use at the end of a stressful day at work!

Lois Mountainville, NY


Love it!! This is the BEST facial scrub. I looked around for a scrub and this was the best deal and I could not be more pleased.

Irene Rocklin, CA

Way better scrub than St. Ives

In the winter, I have EXTREMELY dry, flaky skin on my face (particularly my nose and forehead) and need to exfoliate daily to keep it under control. I found this amazing scrub by KJEssentials that I was using and then it got discontinued and I couldn’t find anything even close. The St. Ives apricot scrub is a joke for skin like mine.I tried the walnut sugar scrub and have been happy with the results. I don’t think it’s quite as good as my old scrub, but it certainly beats anything else I’ve tried! I’m not crazy about the scent (rosemary mint), but that’s not that big of a deal. I’ll continue to use this scrub.

Lydia Athelstane, WI