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Incoco Nail Polish Strips, French Manicure, White Cloud

The classic French manicure made simple. Easy to apply French tip nail appliqués provide a flawless French manicure at home with no hassle or drying time. This set includes a single sheet of 16 white French tip strips. Please note that there are two rows of tip strips on the sheet, separated by silver tabs.

Key features

  • Nail polish strips made with 100% real nail polish
  • No more dry time, smears or smudges
  • Remove with regular polish remover
  • Includes 1 sheet with 16 white French tip strips in varying sizes
  • Made in USA

Honest reviews


Great product!

I LOVE these stick-on french tips!! For years I’ve tried to get the line straight with the traditional french nail polish and it always came out horrible. With these, you just prepare your nails as usual and just peel and stick…buff off the excess and apply your top coat and nobody can tell its a stick-on! I ordered 3 more packs…one for each of my daughters and of course another one for me. You can get a great look that isn’t tacky in a fraction of the time and money you would spend at a salon. Kudos to this seller!Seller shipped on time..packaging was great…price is great. Would recommend this seller 🙂

Maura Red Bluff, CA


I have tried Sally Hansen and Kiss brand French polish strips and these Incoco are far superior. Easier to work with better adhesion and resistant to damage from normal wear and tear. I sealed the strips with Kiss gel top coat and UV lamp. Will definitely order again

Leeann Hartford, OH

Great results with gel top coat

These make it easy to do professional-looking manicures at home. They are a little tricky to apply, but I got the hang of it quickly. I wish they had a rigid plastic tab of some sort to hold unto during application. They can be stretched and manipulated to match the natural curve of your fingernail. The sheets are so thin that there is no ridge visible. It looks seamless. There is enough to do long fingernails. My only complaint is the price. There is only enough to do one manicure. I apply these to my bare nail, then a coat of sheer pink OPI polish and finish with a UV-cured clear gel top coat. The white tips still look very nice after a week, very minimal chipping on the end of the nail. It could possibly be touched up with white polish, but the bottom of the nail near the cuticle is starting to lift.

Georgina Driftwood, TX

Works okay

I love the colors, For me they didn’t stay on the full 14 days but about a week which is pretty good too, I wear it under my gel polishes…

Cynthia Ashby, MN

Lasts long

If you can manage getting these on correctly they are well worth it. I even had my daughter help and she struggled (not at all like the video). However they do look professional and lasts long. Another downside is that while filing they will FRAY. But if you cut them clean with a clipper, as they grow out, they will last longer than the promised 2 weeks 🙂

Susie Mid Island, NY

Good and Bad

There are pros and cons to these nail polish strips:Pros:Extremely convenient and time-saving–much easier than drawing on your own french manicure.Easy to use–you can even reposition them if you put them down incorrectly. You get about two trys before the shape becomes distorted.They look perfect.Cons:Don’t work well with gel nails–they cause peeling and chip easily. I kept getting tears and flakes at the tip and free edge.They looked too perfect–great from far away, but up close, they looked really fake.They may work much better with traditional nail polish–but not so good with gel products. Won’t buy them again, even though they were so easy to put on.

Deirdre Barronett, WI

Not durable

I tried this item 3 different times and it peeled off my nails within hours. I was really hoping it would work much better but alas, I am still on the quest for maintainable/easy French manicures. (I stink with drawing the smile line with a brush and the guides just let polish underneath them.)

Ora Redding Center, CT

faster, cheaper, and longer-lasting than a mani!

I prefer these over getting a french mani at a salon! I can do them anytime I like, and they last for weeks without chipping. The low price is just an added bonus! I’ve recommended these to several friends (and will continue to do so!).

Catalina Adams Basin, NY

Makes French manicures a bit easier

This does make French Manicures a bit less messy for me, but there is still the matter of placing it just right and then there is something of a ridge that shows a bit beneath the sheer polish. It’s ok.

Isabella Texarkana, TX

It looks almost like you had them done

I was stopped in a kiosk in Vegas and were shown these French nail strips. I was skeptical because I was shown numerous nail products that I was told ‘its easy’ , and ‘anyone can do it’ but when I get it home and try it it is impossible to do my own nails! So instead of letting the salesgirl do my nail, I asked if she would ‘instruct’ me to do my own nail. Well I did and it was easier than the other one, but it still takes patience and time.

Florine Braggs, OK