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Image Skin care Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum 1 oz

A natural skin lightening serum desugned to diminish brown spots and redness associated with rosacea, post peal, and post surgery and sunburned skin. Directions: use morning and evening for best resultsrnSkin type: sun ddamaged skin, rosacea,aging.

Key features

  • An oil-free serum with a natural blend of bearberry, kojic acid and licorice
  • Lightens freckles, melasma and age spots
  • High doses of Vitamin C immediately reduce the redness associated with rosacea

Honest reviews


Didn’t lighten my skin at all

I bought this for the sun freckles & age spots on my face. They’re very pronounced during the summer and I noticed this year that some of the freckles were running together, creating larger patches of brown spots. Very unattractive. I applied this twice daily, morning and night, used up the entire bottle and did not see any lightening at all, none whatsoever.

Ernestine Waynesville, GA

Smells Bad

I feel this item does nothing! It has a bad odor and is worthless. Not ever something i would get again! very too bad.

Faye Idaville, IN

on my 2nd bottle

I have 3 sun spots – on my forhead, and under each cheek. This thing seems to be working just fine in keeping those spots more pale, but if you are going to be at the pool and under the sun all day, this won’t save you! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen (or chemical peel)!

Lenore Brisbane, CA

smells like almonds

this stuff gets on everything, your hair, pillowcase, husband’s face, etc. It seems to take forever to absorb or maybe it just doesn’t.

Kenya Canadian, OK

Prefer the bleaching serum

My face has several brown spots that are pretty deep. I love the smell of this product and maybe had I caught my skin issues earlier this would have been the way for me to go, but with my skin issues the bleaching serum works best.

Mallory Nehalem, OR

Fantastic product!

I just bought this lightening serum because it was the only one claiming that it is good for roseacia.Since so far I have never found anything actually helping my roseacia, I was very sceptical about these claims. However, I decided to buy it hoping that it would lighten my other discolorations, like a few spots of melasma.I have to say that after just a three days of using this serum, my complexion is brighter, my roseacia is less “angry” looking, in fact I don’t think one can even tell I have a case of roseacia, my skin is so much whiter and better looking. I just hope they will not stop making this product like it’s frequently the case.I wish the shipper would have included a list of ingredients on a piece of paper, not just what shows on the small bottle itself, as it is hard to read. Other than that I have nothing but the best things to say about the promt shipment of this product, and of course this delightful product itself.I will try to update this review after I’ve used this serum for a longer time, but so far I am VERY pleased.

Amber Pease, MN

Great product

Makes my skin feel smooth. Not greasy. My skin glows after using this product. I recommend. A very good price as compared to spas.

Mariana Spreckels, CA