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Image Daily Hydration Moisturizer 30 SPF, 3.2 Fluid Ounce

Provides the ultimate protection against the aging effects of the sun and environmental exposures.

Key features

  • Broad spectrum
  • Paraben spectrum
  • Chemical free

Honest reviews


Great Product!

I have been using this cream for a long time and I love it! It goes on smooth and lasts a long time as little goes a long way. The SPF 30 is great for protection from the sun and it has a moisterizer that leaves your skin very soft!.

Nettie Effie, LA

Great Product

This is a great moisturizer for semi-oily skin and it has a sunscreen in it. When I first started using this I noticed a difference in my skin after 1 week. I use it on a daily basis. Not oily and makes my skin feel smooth and soft.

Danielle Cedar Crest, NM

Very moisturizing, maybe too much for some.

After years of battling acne, my normal to oily skin went dry. I hadn’t changed any of my skin care product and assume this is just a premenopausal symptom / hormonal issue (I’m 44). My skin has also become very sensitive over the last two years.Most chemical sunscreens cause tiny whiteheads on my skin after a few days. Most physical sunscreens suck all of the moisture (natural and topical) out of my skin. After a few days of use my skin reddens with a white "frost" of peeling skin.This is the only sunscreen I’ve found so far that moisturizes and doesn’t clog my pores. But it is SUPER DUPER MOISTURIZING. Think of it more as a facial cream with added spf not the other way around, and you’ll be on the right track.It will probably go on "greasy" as others have noted. It takes about an hour for my skin to suck up the moisture and then my face looks normal. At one point I was using an additional moisturizer under this and it was too much. This is all the moisture I need for the day unless it is especially dry, cold, and windy (not often in Austin)If you have normal or oily skin this my not be the sunscreen for you, but it works great for my dry and sensitive skin. A little expensive, but worth it for me.

Marian Belen, MS

IMAGE is the best skin care … period

Image is my favorite line for skin care and even my doctor makes a big deal on how awesome my skin looks! I am 41 and thanks to good DNA and the Image line I do not look it! This is well worth every penny, because no one knows I suffer from melasma and acne, not to mention it helps freeze the aging process! I use Vit C, Ageless cleanser, Ormedic lip care, and some others I change out from Image depending on the season. It is affordable compared to other lines and is dermatologist grade (not the horrible drug store stuff). I cannot say enough good things about Image!!!

Sofia Poultney, VT

Great for Dry Skin with Acne

I have acne, but dry skin from the acne medications I use. How I use this sunscreen is that I first use my acne medication (benzoyl peroxide); second I use my moisturizer; then finally I use this sunscreen over it. I wait a couple of minutes between steps to allow for my skin to absorb the products. The sunscreen is very moisturizing and has a great smell. It is a great base for applying makeup over. I am happy with my purchase!!!

Rita Lincolndale, NY