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iLoveCos Makeup Brushes Set 16PCS Eyeshadow Lip Brush Set Multifunctional Premium Wood Handle Foundation Blending Blush Cosmetics Eyeliner Face Powder Makeup Brush Kit With Portable Makeup Bag

iLoveCos–To make you younger and more beautiful. iLoveCos 16 pieces essential makeup brushes set is a set of premium quality makeup brushes for cosmetics professionals, but equally handy for everyday use and people who are learning the art of makeup. This unique brush set is great for: Fan, Powder, Blush, Angled Contour, Eye Shadow, Medium Concealer, Blending, Nose Shading, Lip, Angled Eye Shadow, Short Eye Shadow, Small Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lash, Sponge Eye Shadow, Eyebrow. Package Includeds: 1 x Fan Brush 1 x Eyebrow Comb 1 x Lash Brush 1 x Eyeline Brush 1 x Sponge Eye Shadow Brush 1 x Angled Eye Shadow Brush 1 x Blending Brush 1 x Blush Brush 1 x Nose Shading Brush 1 x Concealer Brush 1 x Eyebrow Brush 2 x Large Eye Shadow Brushes 2 x Small Eye Shadow Brushes 1 x Angle Eye Shadow Brush 1 x Professional Brushes Bag

Key features

  • High quality brushes for face and eyes, smooth application, gentle soft skin feeling.
  • Silky soft, smooth hair brushes designed for makeup artists and professional cosmetic use but also for amateurs.
  • Versatile brushes great for all types of makeup: foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, concealer, and more. Create a complete look at any level of artistry.
  • High quality travel pouch designed for protecting, storing and assorting all brushes.
  • 18 Months Warranty. Notice:Every Single Brush Comes with Logo iLoveCos on.

Honest reviews


An OK Complement To Your Brush Collection, Not Good As A Stand Alone Set

These brushes are really a mixed bag. On the pro side, the carrying case is well made and had two magnetic snaps that keep the brushes securely tucked away. The larger face brushes are nice and soft, and though I experienced some fallout, it wasn’t as bad as soome brushes I have tried. On the con side, the eyeshadow brushes are too thin and firm and too much the same. There are no fluffier brushes for powdered shadows. The thinner, stiffer brushes are not bad for cream shadows and products like eye primers or shadow bases, cream foundations, etc. but they really struggle with powder products, even if you’re just trying to pack on a thick layer of color, and don’t really work that well for blending.For the price (I paid about $10), they are an ok complement to the brushes I already have and there are enough good brushes to make it worth such a little amount, but this is not the set to buy if you want one all-inclusive brush set to meet all your needs. Not a bad set to give as a gift, as long as the person receiving it already has some good, fluffy blending brushes, but if you want something more inclusive, there are some great sets for about $5 more that have more brushes, better quality, and are more encompassing of the various types of brushes for blending and shading.

Lorie New Suffolk, NY

Cute, but wrong color & not very durable.

It was kind of strange to open the bag of brushes expecting them to be the neon purplish/blue color and find white/purple ombre brushes inside lol. The bristles are white on bottom and purple on top, not the neon bluish/purple color shown in the photo. The handles and the case ARE the colors in the photo. It needs to be put in the description that colors vary.*edit*Anyways, these are my first set of brushes and I do like them. I’ve had them a little over 4 months now and they still haven’t shed bristles yet, but unfortunately three of the non bristle brushes have popped off of the handle (mascara wand, brow brush, & eyeshadow pad). I’m not an every single day makeup wearer, I wear it maybe twice a week, so thats the only time I use them. So it does make me a little upset that they’ve not been used frequently to have broken already. I changed the stars from 4 to 3 because the brushes (other than the ones with bristles) have fallen apart. They’re cute and work for basic makeup application, but aren’t very durable.

Dolly Troy, MI

Really liked them

These brushes are so soft!! The face brushes are so great, they work amazingly on my skin. There is also absolutely no fall out even after washing! My only down fall with these brushes is that they are not that dense so when it came to blending, as far as eye shadow goes, they really aren’t the best. They make blending very difficult. And as most brushes do, they did smell at first but it goes away pretty quickly. Over all I do enjoy these brushes they are great starter brush for those that are just getting into make up.

Freida Ventress, LA

Extremely good product for the $$

This is a great set of brushes for the lady who loves luxurious feeling brushes made with an eye to style. The brushes all have long handles making them easy to use. The bristles are beautiful in design and a delight on the skin. If you prefer stiffer brushes then this set may not be what you are looking for. My brushes are being used with BareEscentuals mineral makeups. The brushes are as good as the ones sold by that company but at a fraction of the cost. I am delighted with all the brushes but truly pleased to get lip brushes that are firm enough to outline my lips yet easy enough to clean for use in another color. As to the complaints of others that the bristles are not secure, mine are snug and shed free.

Carly Kenton, TN

Nice and soft

Received a month later, however, it was noted when purchased. I wasn’t in no rush as it was a Christmas present and it came on time. Brushes are extremely soft. Love the feel of it and the variety of sizes. It also came in a pretty hot pink pouch. I only wish I would’ve ordered myself one too. Will recommend. Don’t anticipate speedy delivery thou.

Leola Homer, GA

I LOve em

They dont break out the skin and are so cute to look at,they are not cheaply made even though I got em for cheap ,I am very happy with this product

Beulah Talisheek, LA

Pretty starter brushes

They are very pretty. They don’t last long. The tops on most of them came off. but for starter brushes I would say its a great deal

Rosella Ferris, TX


One of the brushes came apart in my hand as I was opening them. The rest are pretty nice for the price

Alana New Berlin, PA

Purple brushes!!! Yay!

I love these brushes! The set is awesome and I have a brush for everything! Keep in mind this is an incredible price for the amount of brushes you get so they are not professional quality brushes. The eyeshadow sponge type brush became unglued and another of the brushes has started to lose bristles already. It doesn’t bother me because they were cheap and I still have 14 other brushes to use.

Savannah Tyrone, NM


This brush set is beautiful and soft. I love the brush holder that it comes with, it is the perfect way for me to keep them organized!

Katharine Fort Towson, OK

Good set of brushes for the price

I got these because I wanted a kit of brushes and was too lazy to go out and buy some. The smaller brushes are great for eyeshadow, concealer, eyeliner, etc. The bigger brushes appear to be very plush and wide, but when I received them, the big three were essentially the same size as a blush brush, not the big fluffy foundation brush I wanted.The brushes do smell very acrid, but after washing them with regular soap, the majority of the smell was gone. I haven’t experienced any hair fallout yet, so fingers crossed.

Lolita New Russia, NY

purple brush set

For an inexpensive set these are of decent quality. The purple case is pretty but stinks to high heaven! I have let it sit out to try and dissipate the chemical odour and its slowly getting better. The brushes are soft and work pretty well; especially the powder and blush brushes. Not the best but definitely worth the money. The brushes themselves are quite attractive with dark red wood handles and purple bristles.

Lauri Bradyville, TN

My first brush set

This is the first time I’ve used a brush set and I wonder why I have not in the past! I haven’t begun to use them all, but I do have my favorites!

Adrienne La Feria, TX

Amazing selection

I am so happy with the brushes, I can’t believe I get this many makeup brushes for the price. I now have all the brushes I need!

Jana Winona Lake, IN

Soft and effective.

I’m very pleased with these application brushes. They are very sturdy, well made, and come in an attractive organizer case. The bristles are very soft and gentle for the most delicate of jobs. I would definitely recommend these and will buy these again!

Autumn Kayenta, AZ

I love them

I think they are perfect. Been using for over a week and its has only shed one or two bristles. the stiffness in the smaller are perfect for detail work and lining !

Lessie New Edinburg, AR

pretty purple

So soft easy to handle. A great buy. Essential brushes to create that diva look. Cute stylish purple pouch tyhat comes in keeps them neat and in plac. So easy to clean which I consider thast very important

Vilma Yoder, IN

Love the color and quality

They don’t shed! And my makeup slides on smooth with these! I love that they came with there own case!

Joan Ransom, KY

Pretty good

I really like these brushes. The color is very pretty and the bag is very travel frendly too. Mine are surprisingly good quality too. Im really impressed

Dona Hidalgo, TX

Long Wait !

The brushes seemed nice but have an off putting smell. Plus the brushes do take awhile to come in so don’t plan on a week shipping here. However for the price they were nice especially if you like purple.

Cherry Crescent, PA


Very pretty. Alittle on the soft side…like so soft they don’t pick up much pigment…but I don’t mind, I tend to be heavy handed with my application, anyway. Overall a nice little starter set.

Susana Emmett, KS

Better Than I Expected

Brushes are better than I expected. Yes I would recommend. They are super soft–so go lightly when dipping into high pigment palettes.

Marquita Wimberley, TX

Will do the job)s)

A full 14 brushes and tools that appears to be good quality at a very good price. Why pay $50 to $150 for a "name" when you can buy this for $15 bucks.

Phoebe Hudson, WI


I love the color and style. I use all of them. Im glad i bought them. I use them at work and they work fine.

Sabrina Fort Fairfield, ME


These brushes are really nice. They don’t shed and they are very soft. I have recommend them to my friends and would recommend them to anyone!

Rena Lisbon, LA


These makeup brushes are really good quality and I love the color of them. The case is pretty good too!

Nancy Glenwood, MN

I love em’!

So the reason I gave 4 stars was the smell when I first opened the package and the fact that a few brushes were still "shedding". I let the set air out for about 6 hours with a dryer sheet folded in it and now I have to hold the case close to my face in order to even smell the weird plasticky smell. I washed the brushes and they stopped shedding. I loved playing around with these just to see what they could do. They all work very nicely and feel so soft! If I know anyone who needs brushes on a budget I will suggest these!

Kasey Fort Garland, CO


These brushes are TOO cute, I love the purple tint, and they are a great quality. For the amount I paid I thought I might be getting some cheap china made knock off brush which would fall apart in a week. But these are great! HaHa Very happy with my purchase!

Deidre Castalia, IA

Great makeup brushes

*I didn’t buy from this seller specifically but I ordered from another.* They had it listed down for 1.32$ which was very cheap so I thought the quality of the brushes would terrible but they turned out being amazing brushes!The brushes that I received were white with purple tops (I’ll upload a photo), they have the same handle and case. When you get them in the mail, the brushes are wrapped individually and the 4 large ones have a plastic cover on them.The bristles on the brushes are soft, I was a little bit scared that they’d be too soft that they wouldn’t pick up eyeshadow or powder but they actually do pick up a lot of product. The brushes are about 6 inches long (From the top of the bristles down to the end of the handle). I haven’t had any break on me yet which is good, so they’re durable.This brush set does not come with tapered e/s brushes. All the e/s brushes that come in the set are flat brushes, which you can’t really blend with. It also doesn’t come with stippling, foundation or concealer brushes.Overall, I would recommend this if you’re looking for a brush kit with basic brushes, they’re working for me. The Contour/highlighting, powder, and blush brush work great.*I didn’t proofread so I apologize for any typos

Pat Revelo, KY

Very nice

Obessed and Ive only use a couple so far!.. since i have my old ones!.. so pretty and very nice colors! ..

Kathy Richville, MI