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ILight Organic Advanced Brightening and Line Smoothing Eye Treatment, The BEST Eye Cream For Dark Circles, Puffiness and Fine lines. With Caffeine, Caviar, Arnica, CoQ10 and Reishi. 0.5oz

I*Light is the only eye treatment you will ever need and it will become your #1 favorite product. It offers quadruple action. Unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, de-congests and lightens the eye area, instantly minimizing visible under eye shadowing and puffiness. After 4 weeks it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Calming and restorative, rich in antioxidants provided by a cocktail of superberries like Goji, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Blueberry and rich in Vitamin C, I*Light fights skin damage and cellular oxidation that causes premature aging, by excessive free radical activity. Combination of Kojic Acid and Milk Thistle repair sun damage and sun spots, hence improve and brighten up overall eye area, while Caffeine, Horse Chestnut, Arnica, and Ginkgo Biloba improve blood circulation acting as decongestants, reducing water retention, shadows and puffiness. Adding astringent properties, they cause constriction of blood vessels, anti-inflammatory, as well as circulation boosting properties. Reishi and Caviar rich in vitamins, CoQ10 and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid help to fight aging, supporting natural skin function the best way possible, improving firmness, elasticity and keeping your eyes looking fresh, bright and forever beautiful.

Key features

  • After 4 weeks it visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Calming and restorative, rich in antioxidants provided by a cocktail of superberries like Goji, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Cranberry and Blueberry and rich in Vitamin C, I*Light fights skin damage and cellular oxidation that causes premature aging, by excessive free radical activity.
  • I*Light is the only eye treatment you will ever need and it will become your #1 favorite product. It offers quadruple action. Unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, de-congests and lightens the eye area, instantly minimizing visible under eye shadowing and puffiness.
  • Combination of Kojic Acid and Milk Thistle repair sun damage and sun spots, hence improve and brighten up overall eye area, while Caffeine, Horse Chestnut, Arnica, and Ginkgo Biloba improve blood circulation acting as decongestants, reducing water retention, shadows and puffiness.
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Honest reviews


Best Eyelid Treatment And A Bargain

Purchased in February 2011 and, over six months later, my eyelid skin is smoother, plumper and I even have noticeable eyelashes peeping out from the bottom of my top lid – I had not seen ’em in years. After about one month of use, in March 2011, I had my regular yearly eye exam and the technician was easily able to take the Optos scan of my retinas since my eyelid skin was no longer so saggy (there was no scan in 2010 for that reason). Even though the under-eye dark circles didn’t vanish (these ARE less noticeable, though), I’m very, very pleased with the entire Sweetsations Therapy line and especially with this little product. And a very, very small amount is plenty for my eyelid and under-eye area, with a bit left over to pat on my lips as well. The single tube with its nifty applicator lasted for six solid months so is quite a bargain compared with the other eye cream I was using! Thanks, Sweetsations Therapy!

Alta Brady Lake, OH

it works!!!

I actually use this on my entire face.I had run out of my usual night cream after taking a shower one night and saw I had sample of this stuff so I decided to try it. Sweetsation products are all natural after all, and I figured since it was safe enough for use on the eye area which is delicate, it would be ok on the rest of my face. I put it on. It had a fresh, organic, subtle, earthy scent and the consistency was light but luxurious and spread easily and evenly. I woke up the next morning, I examined my face, washed up & reapplied under my usual makeup routine (examined my face like I usually do after trying a new product.. did it work yet? :p) and didn’t note anything unusual. However, when I went into work that morning I received a compliment from my co worker. Well it wasn’t really a compliment at first, but rather, an “Oh my god! What do you have on your face?” To which I probably gave an odd look because I had no idea what she was on about, “Your face, it’s like glowing, it looks perfect!” At first I was confused as I didn’t think that single or so application was the culprit. I do expect miracles from products sometimes, but seriously? My co-worker, with a look of total disbelief, came up very closely to my face, and she was just in awe. I explained the phenomena to which she went on to say how my face looked like there was nothing wrong with it at all, that I had absolutely not a single flaw on my face. This seemed a bit odd, but it was utterly lovely to hear, and it made a little excited at the thought that I had found a miracle gem of a cream. I was mostly stunned at how big of a reaction she had made to my face.I have combination skin; oily t-zone, with dry, enlarged pores on my cheeks and the occasional popped zit mark here and there. The skin under my eye area is thinning out, and is slightly gray and hollow.Another co-worker, a male this time, also agreed with her. I continued to use it both A.M. & P.M. and the compliments kept pouring in. The rest of that week I had people that I hadn’t seen in a while saying I was looking good, someone else said that my skin looked very very good, I was asked if I had always had good skin (wow!) and even a patient of mine made it a point to talk on length about the products I was using, and if they were affordable. I explained and said that paying a reasonable amount of money for something that, lo and behold, actually *works* is very much so affordable! Granted, using this nightly would be a little costly so I’ve decided to just use it on my eyes from now on and sometimes my whole face when my skin needs a little pick me up. It does wonders, and by looking at my face I swear this stuff makes me channel luminous Twilight vampire skin on demand.

Peggy Algoma, WI

Line Smoothing – Passed!!!

This is another awesome product from Sweetsation Therapy. I ordered this along with Lumi Essence Organic Lightening Treatment and literally fell in love with both products. Where do I begin? The texture, the lightness, the way it absorbs your skin and the scent are incredible!! I use it twice a day, in the morning and under Aqua Tica Organic Night Cream (another fave of mine). After having used it for approx. 2 months, the difference is huge. No dark circles even if I didn’t have a good night sleep, no puffiness after a night out and definitely less wrinkles. I also apply it above my upper lip to prevent those ugly vertical lines from forming ;). My skin never looked so beautiful! Give these amazing products a try, I promise, you will not want to use anything else, because they are that good!!!

Vickie Cedar Hill, MO

Another great product!

Love, love, love this product. The product feels so silky and smooth going on, but yet it provides just enough moisture that you know it’s working. The tube is huge and will last forever. The smell is great too. It feels very nice and the price is right too. I would put this to bat with any super expensive department store brand. I have tried them all, and I am hooked! Try it.

Antonia Williston Park, NY

Not for me

Sad to say I did not see a huge mprovement. The product did last me two months, but the packaging is cheap,caused more fine lines around my eye and I will not repurchase. I gave two stars because it made my dark circles less noticeable but that’s just temporary and the samples they sent with it worked way better. They sent the scrub and the serum. I don’t recommend this product.

Marisol Piscataway, NJ

does not work

the first few seconds you think,, oh this works great as the product , as their whole line smells amazing. However once you put any kind of make up over it, even after letting it dry and only padding it in the skin, it’s like nothing ever happened.For this price I stick to the less expensive products from Roc and L;oreal that seem to even show for a few hours a bit of a better affect.

Angel Bagdad, FL

Great moisturizer, non irritating and a great primer

I’ve spent a LOT of money on eye creams and this was by far the best buy. This is a fantastic primer as well as an eye cream, I’ve noticed that I don’t even need to use a primer with this moisturizer for my concealer. It plumps up fine lines all day and the area stays moist but never greasy. Very impressed and will purchase again.

Valarie Hewlett, NY

Love the I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment

I have used the I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment and would like to tell you this was probably my favorite product, although they were all equally great. I hate crow’s feet and the little lines around my mouth so anytime I find something that makes them less visible I am super happy and that is what this product did! A unique blend of natural oils and plant extracts instantly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and you will see it start to work almost immediately! I can tell you I have tried several rather expensive products that do the same thing but why pay that high price when Sweetsation Therapy’s is only $26.00!! It also helps with under eye shadows and puffiness and after 4 weeks of using you will see visible results. You can use this product in the morning and at night. Just gently apply a small amount on your ring finger and lightly dab all around the eyes.

Germaine Williams, CA

The excellent reviews are right

I bought this product based on all the excellent reviews, and because I am trying to use more natural products with less scary chemicals. I had been using Stri-Vectin most often, occasionally trying other things. This product, without any petro or other chemicals, is absolutely amazing and puts everything else I have tried to shame.I only a fraction of a pump, and the pump mechanism is great quality and reacts quickly to stop releasing product when you are satisfied with the amount on your finger. I loved the recommendation to use the ring finger to apply because it is the weakest finger, it does seem to be much gentler. It smooths the skin and seems to minimize eye bags (as much as they can really be minimized). It is a little bit oily, so it should be used as far in advance of using mascara as possible to avoid eyelash clumping. My skin quality looks like it is actually improved from using this, fine lines are kept hydrated so they do not look as visible.This will become a regular product for me, and I am looking forward to trying other products from this company.

Kathryn West Springfield, PA

Nope This Is Not The One

The product boasts plenty of natural and organic ingredients plus they sent it with a free tiny sample of their brightening cream but I honestly think it’s mainly water with less than 1% of the other stuff. And their brightening cream leaves an oily residue that dries and gets hard quickly. This eye cream is overpriced for its benefits and the applicator tip is entirely too wide, better to apply with your fingers. You will also lose any remaining product in the cylinder because once the stuff stops coming out of the pump you cannot access the rest and it’s time to get a new tube. it absorbs easily and provides some moisture but it doesn’t provide anything else, no lift, no diminishing of lines, no dark circle correction, etc., I’m in my late twenties and there wasn’t much of a difference when using this cream compared to my everyday moisturizer. Not something I could see myself purchasing again.

Irene Powderly, KY

Not very moisturizing

This seems like a nice formula, but it is just not very moisturizing and I seem to realize no benefits from it. Also the cap will not stay on, alas, you cannot travel with this. it’s fine and not irritating, but that’s about it.

Sharlene Lordsburg, NM

Great product

I just received this item. Amazing packaging fast shipping. Very large size. Should last a long time. I checked out the ingredients, it has so much good stuff in it should do what it says it should do. Nice lightweight texture cream for around the eyes. Not too greasy. I hope it will lighten those nasty dark under eye circles. I think I already see the difference. Very highly rated and recommended. The pricing is great so why not give it a try?!

Gabrielle Valhermoso Springs, AL

Best eye treatment (or cream) I have used.

I love this stuff.The two issues I have around my eyes are:1) puffiness – if I don’t get enough sleep, which is most nights as I have a baby, work a job, and also run my own small business.2) small lines beginning to form – I am about to turn 43This Sweetsation eye treatment helps both of my eye issues! I have used this for over a year, but I noticed a change within a couple of weeks of starting to use it. I put it on before bed, before my moisturizer and also in the morning, and I have virtually no puffiness despite being SOOO tired, and the fine lines around my eyes are greatly reduced!I have run out a couple of times and thought maybe I didn’t need to use it any more, but after about a week, I noticed that the puffiness and lines return…so now I make sure not to run out!My only complaint about this product is that I can’t tell when I am about to run out, because of the way it is packaged. It is packaged in a pump so that you get every last drop, but you can’t tell when you are about to run out…it is just suddenly gone! So, now I make sure to have 2 on hand at all times, and when one runs out, I buy another.

Carmen Pathfork, KY

It works

I don’t use it all of the time because of the price but other than that it works and seems to be very safe.

Lucile Yucca, AZ

delicate eye cream that brightens and nourishes

after comparing numerous reviews, I chose I*light eye treatment, particularly because it’s organic & i trust sweetsations’ other products. I tried the cream for about a week, didn’t notice much change. i was kinda hoping for a miracle and decided to experiment with a few other under-eye creams, including one I made by combining organic ingredients. about a month ago, after falling in love with the sweetsation very berry masque and scrub, i decided to give the I*light another go. despite 3 other, lovely eye creams on the shelf, i find myself reaching for the I*light every morning after washing my face and every evening before going to bed. the treatment is light and hydrating and appears to brighten the under-eye area effectively. I’m happy!

Madelyn Winston, NM

Super stuff!!!1

This is an amazing eye treatment that really does what it says. I work 2 jobs and sometimes I don’t always get enough sleep. Adding this to my skin routine really started to make a difference. Their skin care line is amazing and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants OUTSTANDING quality products!

Veronica Kenbridge, VA

Love it

Everytime I wash my face I apply this around my eyes and my black circles are gone. Also I love the smell of it, it smells fresh and what makes it even better is that its all natural.

Alma Parma, MO

Amazing eye cream for sensitive skin!!!

First of all, I can’t say enough good things about Sweetsation Therapy products. I was looking for a new skin care regimen with products that were not full of chemicals and after reading all the amazing reviews on Amazon, I started ordering some of the Sweetsation Therapy products. And now I can’t stop!!!!!I have been using the I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening and Line Smoothing Eye Treatment for about 3 months now and it has definitely changed and improved the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. My skin is super sensitive and finding an eye cream that works and doesn’t sting or make my eyes red has been a challenge. The area around my eyes look so much brighter and smoother.Give it a try! You will not regret it!!!!

Robin Hartland, ME

A Wonderful Eye Cream!

I absolutely adore Sweetsation products. My passion for skincare lead me to become a licensed esthetician, and the search for a perfect product continued.I’m so happy I came across Sweetsation products on Amazon! From the texture, to the scent, to the ingredients – I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about it.The eye cream feels very light, yet effective. Goes on very smooth and just like the rest of their products – smells really nice. I saw results the first morning after using it the night before, I ran to my husband shouting from excitement “Look at my face! It’s glowing!” And he smiled at me agreeing that my face really looked beautiful.I do plan on renting a salon booth to do facial services, and I for sure would trust and choose to use their products on my clients!You HAVE to try it for yourself!~Love, Gintare.

Letitia Hurst, IL

Great eye cream!

Smells great, moisturizing eye area sufficiently but not greasy, I also like the pump design–it is convenient and avoid contaminating the cream. Great product!

Trina Grundy Center, IA


Havent seen much of a change but the eye area is well hydrated and it doesn’t burn my eyes,and that is a definite plus.

Allene Berger, MO

Solid eye cream

Not bad at all. I like that it’s made with natural ingredients. Again, it’s not earth shattering like a lot of people who review this brand’s products seem to say, but it’s solid.

Erna Greenbrier, AR

Works Well!

I love this product, and I use it every day. I only use a half pump, and this is enough to cover both under-eye areas. I had trouble with puffiness and dark circles in the morning, and this product has taken away the sleepy look (even though I wasn’t sleepy). I would recommend this product to anyone!

Jaclyn Silverton, CO

LOVE this eye cream!!

The I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment from Sweetsation Therapy is one of the best eye creams I’ve ever used. After using it twice a day for over 4 months now, I’ve noticed a great reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. I’m all about organic, non-toxic skincare and this eye cream fits the bill!!

Melisa Amana, IA

Didn’t work at all on me

Everyone is different. This product did nothing for me at all. Would not purchase again. Doesn’t mean it won’t work on others.

Mona Durham, MO

Awesome stuff!!!

I swear after the first night you see a noticeable difference. My bags got lighter, my eyes looked refreshed. The pump stopped working on the 3rd night but I emailed the company and they got back to me within a half hour saying to just hit the bottom of the tube on a water bottle or something with a top so it’ll hit the pump back into place. (After that it never broke again). Great customer service, great product. Even though it’s a little pricy I will buy again.

Vonda Winthrop, WA

Some of the best out there

I really like this product. I was stuck on using department store brands thinking that the more expensive the better. Now that I have found this, I will not be going back. This works better than what I was using. I noticed my fine lines were smoother using this than with the other brands. I did not notice a brightening but definitely a line smoothing. It’s got a great botanical smell and feels very hydrating when you put it on. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is 2 minor cons: #1, the pump is a little stiff and a sometimes it would squirt out much more than I needed. #2, when the tube ran out and didn’t pump anymore it still felt heavy as if there was still a good amount of product in there. I hate the feeling that I’m wasting it! It’s too good to waste! I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone.UPDATE: I broke open the tube and did find a little bit still in there, about another weeks worth of product. Also, I received my new order and the pump on this tube is less stiff than the first one. It must have just been a stiff pump for my first order. This one is much better. I love this product!

Freda Dolgeville, NY

It’s a basic eye cream from what I can tell

This is a good brand but for some reason this product didn’t impress me as much as the masks and scrub. It feels nice and I like the applicator.

Ginger Como, MS

Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Treatment

I had been looking for natural and preservative( paraben and phalates ) free skin care products for a while and found Sweetsation and decided to try it. I have combination skin and fine lines and dark circles around my eyes and loved the “I*Light Organic Advanced Brightening & Line Smoothing Eye Treatment”. I kept my eye are soft & hydrated, brightenend it, and I also saw a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes. I like the packaging too as a little bit comes out with one pump which is enough for both eyes. I highly recommend this product and will buy it again.

Earline Greenville, PA

Great Eye Cream

Have had a long history of using various eye creams that would work for a little while, then lose their efficacy. Some were good, for a little while, then for some weird reason would stop working. Some completely dried out the skin around my eyes, which still boggles my mind. Others, due to their consistency, would seep into my eyes and irritate them so I looked like a….well….I tried this cream due to the high reviews & nice comments not expecting this one to be much different. Well, this one is different. This one is on the the best eye creams I’ve used.I love that it’s contents are more natural and less toxic than other creams. I love that it lives up to its promise of brightening the eye area. I like that it has a pump vs an open container where you would continually stick your finger in and contaminate the product. I like that it feels light and not like I smeared Crisco all over my eyes. In short, I like this product. I like it a lot.The skin around my eyes is very challenging to work with as I have extremely dry/sensitive skin and am an insomniac to boot. All this would result in the obvious traits you would think: premature aging, dried out skin, deep wrinkling, loss of skin pigmentation, the whole nine yards of eye skin hell.This little cream helps to give me a look that is fresh, bright, rested and moisturized!Also, the vendor is very good with shipping items quickly.I recommend this product to anyone that has struck out on previous eye creams. I think you’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised.Merci!

Rosalia Brownstown, IL