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Ideaworks Dual Sided Back Scrubber

Experience the most invigorating shower of your life. Cleans and massages your entire body. Combo large and small bristles side cleans every inch of your body effortlessly. Reverses to a nubbie side for a spa-like massage experience. Stimulates circulation to sore, tired muscles. Comfort grip handles lets you reach every inch of your body with ease.

Key features

  • Combo large and small bristles side cleans every inch of your body; Effortlessly
  • Body scrubbing side reverses to a nubbie side for a spa-like massage experience
  • Stimulates circulation to sore, tired muscles

Honest reviews


It DOES work. But you need to be aware.

First, let me emphasize that I didn’t go into this looking for “massaging”. To me that’s just a gimmick. The only real “massage” you can get in a shower comes by way of Asian slave laborers in seedy acupressure joints behind Wally World. This, ladies and gentlemen, serves one purpose: scrubbing. That’s what it does, and for that it does do a good job. It will tear your back up. You will not feel as though spots were missed. But I want to address some of the other reviews here…comments that were made.RUBBER BRISTLES:This did throw me. And no, the bristles aren’t the best. There’s two issues here. One, they’re too stiff; as you use it the first one or two times your back, if you have sensitive skin, may actually get red and itchy as a result of using it. As your back skin gets used to the scrubber, this sensation gets less and less, but it may frighten you at first. Feels somewhat like a rash…not comfortable in the slightest, especially if you have to suffer with it at work. Two, the spacing and layout of the bristles, as well as possibly the stiffness, is not conducive to proper lathering. I have tried three different body washes that lather quite heavily with a loofah, yet with the scrubber I get barely nothing…just suds and water. I imagine the loofah-based scrubbers do a better job here, though they don’t scrub as good. I think a mixture of loofah and rubber bristle would be in order; one to agitate, one to lather, and together they create a clean mixture.SIZE/HOLDING ANGLE:You know, this thing isn’t really that big if you’re 6’2. If you’re short or really skinny, then I can see how it might be rather large feeling. But what caught my eye is the notion that your arms have to be extended. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I think I may put up a “how to” video, because it’s clear people don’t know how to have their hands to use this. It’s really not that hard. And no, you’ll not be seeing my Old Spice Guy body in the video.MASSAGING SIDE:I used this once. I didn’t feel massaged at all. In fact the massage side is just not comfortable at all. It’s not painful or anything, just boring. The nubs only work when adding pressure that this won’t give. Again, seedy acupressure shop.NOT ENOUGH PRESSURE:The bristle side has well enough pressure to get the job done. Anyone who says otherwise (A) is using it wrong or (B) isn’t strong enough. The pressure is actually too much at times.WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO SEE:There really should be holes in between the bristle groups. This allows water to flow directly through and may help lessen some of the irritation from the scrub. I also would like to see something that helps with lathering. I don’t know how they can pull that off with rubber bristles though. Perhaps a circular loofah area in the middle, surrounded by a circle of bristle groups? That might be interesting.Anyway, it’s 3 stars because while I do and will find value in the purchase, it’s not great. I like a good lather. This isn’t able to give it to me. Also, the stuff I’d like to see above would be important for me to rate this any higher. I recommend it, but don’t expect some amazing massage experience out of it.

Lakisha Lemont Furnace, PA


I really like this back scrubber. It’s easy to use and feels great on your back. Seems to stay cleaner that the brushes too.

Leona Coronado, CA

Wash away! Great scrubber!

Absolutely great product for washing your back and your feet! The massager part is not so WOW as described, but the scrubber is WOW!Easy to maneuver, easy to wash out, easy to hang in, great color!I bought another 4 to give away as Christmas presents. I recommend it.Note: I did not comment on its sturdiness because it’s too early to say if it is resistant (wear&tear;) yet. However, it looks like a sturdy rubber.

Charmaine Lindsey, OH

Skin is so soft!

I really love this scrubber. I get back acne and its hard to get a good scrub with just a regular loofah. At first it kinda hurts, like when someone is scratching your back and it’s alomost over whelming, it’s like that but you get use to it. My favorite part is when Im all done and rinse my back off and the feeling of the water going over my freashly scrubed back is amazing. Its a nice clean feeling. My skin looks so much better now! I havent tried the massager part since I dont have that kind of time in the morning but it worth the money just for the scrubber.

Enid Duffield, VA

It’s ok

I expected more from this thing. As for cleaning my back its kinda awkward feeling and doesn’t leave me feeling as clean as. I woul like but great for cleaning my feet

Shirley Henderson, MD

Back Scrubber

Rather difficult to maneuver and getting soap on it – hardly ever use it any more – back brushes seem to do a lot better.

Marjorie Marland, OK


I’m sure it’s a great product but as a heavy guy, it just didn’t do it for me, I put soap on it but it’s hard to lather it and basically just not a great design, not sure what all the 5 star reviews are for. I went with another product

Erica Essex, MD


my back feels so much better now that I bought this. I like how easy it is to use and how its easy to clean and its hard to bacteria to build up on it.

Isabella Garrett, WY

Got moldy after a few months

This back scrubber was great for a few months, then it started growing mold!! It hung up to dry after use, so it really shouldn’t have! It had black mildew/mold all over it, I finally had to throw it out. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to clean it off.

Lenore Malden, MA

Love rhe back scrubber.

Find it very energizing and gets to back and feet easier, since I am disabled and cannot get to my feet or back without it.

Liza Stewartstown, PA

not what I was looking for but still good

I think this product will last for a long time, but its not exactly what I was looking for. Its very silicone like & stiff…a good back scratcher or massager… but it doesnt let the bath gel foam up very well. I was hoping for something a bit more malleable that exfoliates…I like to feel clean when I get out of the shower.

Emma Sailor Springs, IL

Great for anyone, especially those who cannot reach all areas of their back easily.

I have owned many different back scrubbers over the years. Nothing compares to the quality and durability of this back scrubber. The "bristles" are rubber but they are not too stiff and not too flimsy. They clean the skin well and they also feel AMAZING. I could fall asleep to the feeling. Because the entire thing is rubber, it can be washed and reused repeatedly without harboring bacteria and becoming old/gross. It is very flexible and easy to use. Use it alone or with a friend and you will love it either way.This is so worth the money!

Janis Monterey Park, CA

Not stiff enough

I bought this massager for soaping and scrubbing my back in the shower. I do like the idea of something that can hang in the shower and never decompose from the mold and easily washable. I like stiff brushes and was hoping that massager would be stiff enough. Not really: it is rather soft and may work for someone with a very smooth and soft skin, but not for my hairy back (sorry for the "graphic" detail) 🙂

Magdalena Clarks Point, AK