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IBD Just Gel Nail Polish Top Coat, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

IBD’s just gel polish top coat provides a glossy finish to your gel polish manicure that last for weeks. Apply after the color coat to ensure the best seal. With its chip resistant and long wear it is a must have to finish your manicure in style.

Key features

  • Provides a glossy finish to your gel polish manicure
  • Apply after color coat to ensure best seal
  • Chip resistant and long wearing

Honest reviews


Great price for the product

I was very please with the price of this product and how quickly I was able to get it in the mail. The only complaint I have is that it says cure for 30 seconds using LED nail lamp. It took about 3 minutes to fully cure this top coat instead of the 30 seconds they said. Other than that it is a great product for at home gel manicures

Rebekah Cowpens, SC

Will not buy again

I have used Gelish at home since last October and never had a nail peel off. I thought I’d save some money and get IBD for the base and top coats. All of my nails kept peeling off. I kept redoing them as a nail would fall of then finally after 3 days of that I just took them all off and redid my nails with my Gelish base and top. I can still use the IBD colors but not the base and top coats. I use a LED light and I also have a UV light and both failed to keep the nails on longer than a day.

Cheri Venus, FL

Good Product; Great Size for the Price

This bottle is a good bit larger than the other gel topcoats that I have bought. I tried it for the first time last night and it was thin enough to go on well and dried perfectly with my UV light.

Rae Blackwater, VA


The topcoat was shiny and seemed fine but the whole manicure peeled off within hours (I mostly blame the base coat) so I’m not a fan of this line.

Valeria Charlotte, MI

good protection!

This seems to work well with my UV light for my gel nail kit. It think it helps make them stronger but I dont have much to compare it to.

Irma Whitethorn, CA

This is a great top coat

This top coat works really well. It goes on smoothly and makes the polish really shiny when done. It dries fast under a UV lamp and stays on great when cured correctly.

Gretchen Monmouth, OR

IBD Top coat

This top coat is great, it is strong and shiny and is less expensive than many of the other brands. I will buy this again.

Brandie Mc Neil, TX

Not shiny enough

Cures quickly, but the finish is not as shiny as I would like. I Will be trying another brand. I guess you get what you pay for.

Robbie Harman, VA