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IBD Just Gel Nail Polish, Solar Rays, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

IBD introduces just gel, the strong 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel. Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color. This versatile gel polish cures quickly under either LED or UV light. It also protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Gel removal is simple as well. Remove just gel polish easily in just 10 minutes with no mess and no fuss.

Key features

  • 100% pure gel formula that wears like classic true gel
  • Apply like polish and be rewarded with richer more even color
  • Protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear

Honest reviews



I wish it wasnt such a greenish yellow. But overall its pretty good. It does take 3 coats to cover tho

Celina Sharpsville, PA

Very bright

Applied thick and stayed on great. Had to apply several coats so I couldn’t see my nail through the color. Color is very neon bright and stayed bright. I left it on for a week before soaking it off & it soaked off well.

Allison French Camp, CA

Neon yellow green.

It is just not what I thought as swatches online can be decieving. The product is great, the color is just way to neon, like toxic waste.

Jenifer Kenvil, NJ

neon yellow, like the highlighter but….

the color of this polish came out with the idea to match a highlighter. But the polish is too thin and you can see through it which doesn’t make it as bright. I came up with the idea of using a white polish first and then putting two coats of this on top. Made it much brighter and thicker.

Lilian Echo, LA

Cool Color

My only issue with this color is trying to get enough on and even. I applied 3 coats instead of two to get desired color.

Sonya Litchfield, NE

Love the color and the price!

I used this with my gelish base coat and top coat, and I put two coats over two layers of Gelish’s Snow Bunny to get that intensely bright neon yellow pop. It looks amazing, literally a highlighter yellow. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments! Oh, and I really like the price of these IBD Just Gel colors. I can use them with my Gelish system and they’re sometimes up to 6 bucks cheaper! Lasted 1 1/2 weeks, would have lasted longer if I would have taken the time to apply it better!

Betsy Chester, WV