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IBD Just Gel Nail Polish, Moroccan Spice, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

IBD introduces just gel, the strong 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel. Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color. This versatile gel polish cures quickly under either LED or UV light. It also protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Gel removal is simple as well. Remove just gel polish easily in just 10 minutes with no mess and no fuss.

Key features

  • 100% pure gel formula that wears like classic true gel
  • Apply like polish and be rewarded with richer more even color
  • Protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear

Honest reviews


Inexpensive but works perfectly

Loved the price and really loved that it worked just as perfectly as the other more expensive brands. I have purchased 5-6 colors by his company

Debora Collins Center, NY

Absolutely Gorgeous!

This is one of the most beautiful IBD glitter polishes I have purchased thus far. It is lovely over a solid color or on its own. The glitter pieces are small gold, orange and red. Get it and enjoy it!!

Tami Benson, IL

best gel polish come across

Love the glitter. Great coverage

Karina Pennellville, NY

I don’t know how to describe it

All I can say is I love this polish. There is enough glitter in it that you can cover your whole nail without a color coat under. Buy it. I promise you won’t be disappointed

Lorena Bristol, NH

Spice up your mani!

I’ve said it in many IBD reviews, it’s my go to gel polish. Great price, great colors, great product. I consistently get great wear time and an easy application. Morroccan spice applied a little on the thin side, making pooling a little bit of a concern, but easy to overcome with a thinner application. It’s a dense glitter that is opaque in two medium coats or three thin ones, (I recommend the three thin, because of the pooling issue). The glitter is not just gold, it’s actually a fine gold and red. Not Chrimstmas-y gold and red, but more like a fire was lit on your nails, warm gold flames burning with tiny red embers to temper the flames. Very pretty!

Ofelia Tuscarora, PA


Now this is a nice glitter color! Very thick and all glitter, not just speckles of it throughout. I have not used it just yet…I plan on using it today for a manicure. I’m sure it will be nice just by looking at it in the bottle.

Sofia El Prado, NM


The color is throughout, if that makes any sense. If you are expecting a clear coat with some gold sparkles in it, this will not fit the description. It is all sparkles but subtle enough to wear to work professionally.

Nan Fairview, NJ