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IBD Just Gel Nail Polish, Funny Bone, 0.5 Fluid Ounce

IBD introduces just gel, the strong 100% pure gel formula that wears like a classic true gel. Apply it just like polish and be rewarded with richer, more even color. This versatile gel polish cures quickly under either LED or UV light. It also protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear. Gel removal is simple as well. Remove just gel polish easily in just 10 minutes with no mess and no fuss.

Key features

  • 100% pure gel formula that wears like classic true gel
  • Apply like polish and be rewarded with richer more even color
  • Protects natural nails with stronger, long-lasting wear

Honest reviews



Excellent creme candy pink! I received many compliments on Funny Bone. If I could describe it:Medium opaque tone.Bright, more vibrant than pastel, but not neon.Soft, not harsh…Retro, tasteful candy, polka dot, ‘mod’ pink.Creme color, no shimmer.Two coat cover for me.Shows light, metallic, dark and color nail stamps or art very well.I find it coordinates well with nail rhinestone and fashion color palettes out this year like Pantone Summer 2012.Photo:[…]

Sarah Cheyney, PA

This pink wonderful

This is nice realy nice I use de color for a week and it work so good. And about prise what can I say . The color is beauty but You have to put three coats

Renae Cloverdale, IN

My favorite.

This a great summer color, or if you want to brighten up your day in the dreary NY winter. It looks just like the bottle and hoes on great.

Sheryl Hoople, ND

So pretty!

What a beautiful pink! It’s soft, not neon at all. I have cafe con leche (think hot latte with whole milk, not skim, that’s too dark) colored skin and this pink polish makes my skin appear lighter. Truly elegant. The color is a cream, no shimmer or sparkle; but, I added IBD Moroccan Spice and it really glammed it up! I simply adore IBD colors! They are inexpensive yes; however, they apply very well if you use thin coats. You will need 3 coats to achieve maximum coverage.

Dolores Dennis, KS


This is a great baby pink color and my daughter LOVED it! I painted her nails for her birthday party with it and naturally it lasted for about 2 weeks!! I will never go back to regular polish!

Amparo Long Beach, MS

Bubble Gum Pink

If that is the color you are looking for, this is the color you should get. Very girly. Love it!

Morgan Crescent, OK

the color doesn’t look good on my skintone

this color is not as cute, at least not on my skin tone. i wish it was a brighter, more pastel tone of pink. Kind of reminds me of bubble gum, but slightly duller.

Lorrie Ranier, MN

Pretty in pink

I like this color as I was looking for something darker than the pale pink (more like skin tone) pink that I have now. This delivers that pink color and is more of a cotton candy pink. Really pretty for spring!

Tasha Le Claire, IA

This is Hot Pink

I am into neon colors like Neon Pink Orange Red and Purple. And this is definitely a Neon Pink. I have not used it yet because I’m waiting for my nails to get a little stronger I have to keep them really short because they are peeling. right now I’m using a hardener and nail polish with hardeners.

Nora Navasota, TX

Very Pleased!

This was my first bottle of IBD gel polish. I generally use Gelish, Daisy gel, OPI, Sephora, and Red Carpet (Ulta) but I’ve found this polish to wear just as well. It has great coverage and nice deep color. This is also a full sized bottle 0.5 fl oz as opposed to many of the store brands (Sephora, Red Carpet, etc.).

Lauren Pahala, HI