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IBD Intense Seal, 6 Count

The newest technology in UV sealants. Non-cleansing, mirror glass finish. Eliminates buffing and saves maintenance time. Can be used on gels, acrylics and wraps.

Key features

  • Newest technology in UV sealants
  • Non-cleansing, mirror glass finish
  • Eliminates buffing and saves maintenance time

Honest reviews



Ok, I’m not sure about the "original" price of over 150$, BUT. This just doesn’t work. If you can’t use it with UV gels, what’s the point? It cracked and flaked off. I use Ibd UV topcoat and it NEVER cracked. I LOVED the glossiness, but it just didn’t work with what I wanted. (UV Gel Topcoat). Great seller, great delivery. hmmph product. :-/

Darla Rhodes, MI

use it all the time

love it when doing the gel nails. love the finish. no sticky residue but I do use the cleanser plus with it still. just cannot get out of the habit

Louisa New Limerick, ME

Great product

Love this stuff,makes polish n nails last forever.

Bridget Severna Park, MD


Ok. Here is the skinny. I want to give everyone a fair warning when using this seller. The product seems like it will work fine from the small test I did. However, my issues are with the seller themselves. I ordered what I thought, as per the item title, was a "6 Count" of this product. I ordered 4 "6 counts". That would be a total of 24 bottles. What I received was 4 bottles total. I also was charged $20 to ship the four bottles. I didn’t think anything of it when I initially placed the order as I assumed it was so much because they would be shipping 24 bottles not 4, which costs $5-7 to ship at most. I understand that that would have been an exceptionally good deal but according the post it was a value of $167.42. I checked Sally Beauty Supply. The list price is 17.99/bottle and they have it on sale for 14.99/bottle. So I’m not sure how they are getting a $167.42 value out of a single bottle of a max $17.99 item. Another reason why I was sure that it must be really a six count. I completely understand and accept a free market economy. You can, by all means, charge whatever you what/whatever people will pay, for your items. You can’t, however, tell someone they are buying certain quantity of something and then not deliver the quantity promised for the price agreed on. That is false advertizing and a SCAM. Charge whatever you want but be honest about what a person is getting. I have tried to contact this seller about this issue but they will only respond to me whenever Amazon prompts them. Its very frustrating. We’ll see what happens and I’ll post an update.

Candy East Flat Rock, NC

It doesn’t get any better!

I’ve worn acrylic nails for more than 20 years. I have never used a better product that outperforms this one.

Sierra Milburn, OK