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IBD Ibd Professional Uv Gel Kit

The professional gel kit contents:.

Key features

  • The Professional Gel Kit This professional kit includes everything needed to begin offering a complete line of UV Gel services
  • A full color booklet contains step-by-step instructions on the latest gel application techniques
  • Stylist approved

Honest reviews


Fantastic – LOVE it.!!

Gel is super easy to work with. Love the kit, has pink, white, and clear gels. As well as two tubs of the techno red color gel.

Tracie Buffalo, IN

home gel user

This kit was not at all what I was expecting. This kit is like acrylic nails NOT gel nails that you get in the salon. I reordered all new stuff.

Mia Edinburg, PA


Too expensive for what you get and too hard to do yourself. I would have returned it but I did try to use it. It is now in my closet collecting dust.

Zelda Oakhurst, NJ

product is great

This kit by ibd is great. However, the customer services is a little lacking. When I received by box, I left it unopened for a week until I was ready to do my daughters nails. I then found out that is was missing the nail wipes. I e-mailed the seller and was told to check the black bag. I had already done that after watching videos on u-tube. I sent another e-mail and Ryan asked me if there was a hole in the bag. Seriously, no hole. I finally got them after a week of asking. That is why the 4 stars. The other thing is there should be nail dehydrator included for 70+ dollars.

Therese Toa Baja, PR

Great beginner kit

It has almost everything youneed as a base for beggining your home gel nails. Its missing the forms for building the gel nail.

Maggie Berne, IN

IBD Professional Gel Kit

The IBD Professional Gel Kit is wonderful. I truly do love it. The gel is very easy to work with and it self levels which is great. My only complaint would be it does not come with a hydrator for your nails. My order arrived within 3 days of ordering so they ship very fast and I received my order very will packaged. I had no leaking of any of my products. I definitely recommend this product…

Iris Porcupine, SD

So Fun!

I loved my kit. It is great….but I am not a professional and it did take me a while to do a full set on myself…a couple of hours. Also, i’m a little obsessive when it comes to detail – so that could be one of the reasons it took me a little longer. I’m sure the nails would stay on longer but I think the glue I used didnt help plus the fact that I think I really need to practice. I did have some lifting – but I dont think its the product…..I’m going to emphasize that I think its the practice that will make all the difference.Even then….I still love the way my nails look when i make the time to put a full set on.

Freda Redkey, IN