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IBD Dehydrate, 0.5 Ounce

Dehydrate. 5 oz. Cleans the nail plate prior to application.

Key features

  • Cleans the nail plate prior to application
  • No dyes
  • No burning

Honest reviews


It dehydrates without being harmful.

A lot of the dehydrators in the past have been harmful and dried my nails out too, too much to where they tear, but this one doesn’t do that! This one dehydrates the PERFECT amount to where my acrylics will stay on, but it won’t dry it out too much, make my nails thin, or make my nails tear. I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a dehydrator that isn’t as harmful on your nails as others.

Winnie Cedars, PA

It does what it’s supposed to do

Shipping was super fast. It does exactly what it needs to do, which is remove any oils and dry the nail bed to prevent lifting of your acrylic. It works just fine. A little goes a long way. I only had to wet the brush once for 5 nails. It doesn’t burn or smell bad. The price is reasonable! I recommend this product.

Aisha Greenbrier, AR

Totally necessary

This makes a big difference. I would not do my nails without applying this product first. I think that this product is as important as the bonder.

Lindsey Cranesville, PA

Great Product!

I really love this product. It makes manicures last so much longer, especially for those of us with oily skin who generally have trouble making nail polish stay on.I cut my cuticles, wash my hands with antibacterial soap, rough up my nails with a fine grit, put two coats of this on (letting them dry in between), and then push the cuticles back as far as they will go. Then I finish off with my manicure using the Shellac system (Which I highly recommend.)

Whitney Weinert, TX

Works great!

You’ll need this for any gel system. I used my Gelish phbond the first couple times I used my IBD system and thought I’d better try the IBD brand dehydrate and it works great!

Dianne Blue Ridge Summit, PA

Great addition!

I love doing my own gels, you ALSO need a bonder so don’t forget that. This replaces the acetone step.

Noemi Queens Village, NY

Helps prevent lifting

Works just as it says it does. The difference between when this has been used before applying acrylics as opposed to when it hasn’t been is quite noticeable – acrylics stay on a lot longer and seem noticeably less flimsy. Perhaps the tops of the bottles are made a little cheaply, because mine screws on crookedly every time since the first time I went to replace the top again, however it’s still a tight enough seal that it doesn’t leak or evaporate so all’s well.

Ladonna Fults, IL

great product

works amazingly well…will purchase again!!! A must have for gel wearers!!! I love it… i have been disappointed before. happy ive found this

Cherry La Jolla, CA


Just received this item today so ready to use it ! Just got one bottle to begin with since I’m only going to be working on myself . Ready to try soon!!!

Reba Absecon, NJ

Does What It Says….

This product does what it says it’s supposed to do…removes any oils from the nail bed so artificail nails apply better. It does have an offensive smell, but it is nothing compared to the strong stinky feet smell you get at a salon.

Diann Canton, OK

Good Product, a Little Overpriced

It does its job. There are probably cheaper alternatives, but it hasn’t done me wrong. It’s perfect after I buff the shine on my nails.

Jodi Stoney Fork, KY

Dry it out, I am warning you.

Use this dehydrator before anything else or your nails will pop off. Its the right size and one bottle seems like it will last forever. Good value and a great tool in the kit.

Tori Clinton, TN

Like it

It is my first dehydrate product ever, so I do not have anything to compare it with. But I think it works very well, and the good thing is – it lasts really long.

Lynn Rexmont, PA


This product drys the nails really well so that the acrylic sticks better. this product is honestly the only thing tat held my nails on when I was using some cheap and worthless primer. It is an awesome product. I would absolutely purchase again.

Gladys Aquasco, MD

thank you!

I used this once for acrylic nails and they are still on! yay! I used it about two weeks ago I was having problems with my nails staying on not any more!

Carmela Wade, NC


love this product, helps applying acrylic nails a lot easier. i will have to buy more, considering i do all my nail work myself since it is way cheaper. nice price and great shipping

Katina Amsden, OH

Great for acrylics!

This dehydrate worked very well the smell was a little strong but i experienced no lifting and no problems with it overall I’m satisfied!

Katherine Horse Branch, KY

Great for gel nails!

I do my own gel nails and this is a must have. I use IBD gel and was having problems with it popping off – this is a great product and will help reduce pop offs and lifting (as part of proper prep). Love it and will definitely repurchase.

Hazel Coahoma, MS

Great Product

Needed something to help nail polish and nail wraps to stay on my nails. This is amazing. This works so great. Its so easy to use with no smell at all. Will order again.

Kirsten Lagrangeville, NY