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IBD Clear Gel Clear Gel .5 Oz

Clear gel – clear gel .5 ounce.

Key features

  • made of best qualify raw material
  • Proven quality
  • Stylist approved

Honest reviews


honest review

This product is extremely sticky. The application is smooth, but the product is really sticky. I think all gel should be in a typical nail polish bottle for easy application considering that gel is such a sticky product.

Debora Menemsha, MA


I love this gel. I’ve ordered it before. I’m currently waiting on this product. Because the first one I got was opened and the gel was inside of the envelope and everywhere else. When I emailed the seller and told them, they shipped a new one to my house immediately. They made it right and I appreciated that. I would definitely order this gel again from here.About the gel, it’s awesome. I’ve bought lots of different, “better” Brands of gels, OPI, EZ Flow, SuperNail..and this is the best one out of them all. It’s always even. There aren’t bubbles, if you apply it right. No chipping. The shine is wonderful. And it stays shiny until you take your nails off. I love it.

Mercedes Empire, OH

it wont cure….

It doesn’t really cure at all….i have the led lamp from Sensationail. So the lamp should be in good quality. but unfortunately, the gel wont cure n it stays in liquid. i am very disappointed…

Lola Ralston, OK

i guess????

I received gel fast but to me it seems like it could have been filled more there was a small amount inside also the lid was sticky so I contacted the seller and they said let it sit and let the gel fall back down WHAT??” To me for 11dollars there should have been more inside just go ahead and buy the bigger size…but it works well

Brittney Pawhuska, OK

ibd gel

this is soooo good. I love this gel. it have been doing acrylic for years and decided I wanted to see how this works. I can tell you this. I don’t want to ever go back to acrylic. this gel make my nails so smooth and I have had my polish on for about a week now and no chips. with the uv light, bonder, primer I am good to go. the price and package make it even better. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future

Cathleen York, NE

Good Clear gel!!!

I use this to build my Gel nails and have never had any issues or problems with it. Very Nice product!

Beth Wrightsville, AR

cheap imitation

this gel took forever to dry under UV light, thick and goes on clumpy. Takes a lot to smooth it out.

Cassandra Ambler, AK