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Hype Hair by Conair Ultra-Hot 3/4 Inch Curling Iron

The conair 2011hcs hype hair® instant ultra-hot 3/4” curling iron features a classic style with modern ultra-hot technology. the 30-second instant heat-up feature gives you pro-style heat in practically no time. it has 30 heat settings including 15 ultra-hot heat settings for pinpoint styling. the turbo heat function combines convenience and power. the 2011hcs will provide you these ultra-hot settings without any risk of hot spots because it has a uniform heat recovery system. and stay safe thanks to the auto off feature which turns the device off if left on too long. so if you want a traditional curling iron with modern technology, the 2011hcs is the curling iron for you.

Key features

  • Uniform heat recovery system maintains optimum temperature for consistent styling
  • Optional Turbo Heat feature increases the temperature up to 20°C/36°F, maximizing results and locking in curl
  • 3/4 inch gold anodized barrel
  • 30-second heat-up to 315°F
  • 30 heat settings for all hair types, including 15 high-heat settings for coarse hair

Honest reviews


Burnt my hair off, I had no idea!

I’ve been using this curling iron once every week and noticed that my hair was starting to break alot.I do deep conditioning 3times a week and I use henna to color the top half of my hair, so my hair wasn’t in terrible shape. I had almost no split ends and breakage due to my usage of hair saving products. (megatek, jamaican castor oil, grapeseed oil, nexxus promend, etc.)HOWEVER I decided to pay close attention when I curled my hair with this curler…I used the level 10 setting and noticed that alot of hair was being burned off immediately… I’m not sure if it’s because the product is made for a different hairtype, but I would not recommend this product to anyone who has straight, coarse-thick hair.I’m going to stick to steam rollers, or even better- Helen of Troy Gold series hair curlers.

Sonia Tekamah, NE

I’m Buying Another One

This is my second review in the Curling Iron Saga. What happened is this. My old ‘gold’ Conair Curler died. I was annoyed — principally because I looked funky as a result — so when I went to the store I decided to purchase a different brand.Revlon Radiance Tourmaline Nano Ceramic Styler Model RVIR1017, 1″ 1 eaThis turned out to be a terrible decision because the Revlon styler was a piece of junk. The barrel/gripper gripped a little too hard — for my fine hair, at least — and it never heated up fully, even after waiting 15 minutes. WHO KNEW that ‘instant heating’ was actually a feature you can’t get elsewhere.So, end of saga. I’m traipsing back to the store to see if I can exchange this for a wand like my old Conair, the one featured here. If I can’t do that, I’m still going to buy another one because I don’t have all day to get ready before I drive the kids to school.Pam T~busy and occasionally cranky momOther Notes:Besides heating up very quickly, I found the barrel/gripper combination on this Conair model gripped my fine hair just right. If I pulled I could slide the hair out. Not that you’d want to do that, but I tell you that so you can know it won’t break your strands.

Ollie Ironia, NJ

VERY cheap feeling but does the job.

It is hard to find this size iron, or I would be looking for another one just because it feels SO cheap. However it actually does a good job, and the curls hold. It does not catch my hair. I just hate the way it feels (hollow and cheap). It is actually a little bit smaller than my hot tools the same size, which I like. I bought this for it’s shut off feature that my hot tools lacks.

Celeste Alamo, ND

Works great!

Nice size wand for great curls. Gets really hot, which is what my hair needs to hold the curl in.

Shelley Flaxton, ND

for those tight curls

Nice little curling iron for the money. It will give you those tight curls you want, but I decided I like the larger size for my hair, but this one is a good one.

Ethel Bourbon, IN

One of the best curling irons!

After my last Revlon curling iron started malfunctioning after only a few months of use, I was thrilled to find one by Conair… my previous Conair lasted for years! It heats instantly, has the perfect holding strength in the clip and does a very professional job. Unlike the Revlon, when I use product in my hair, this one doesn’t stick. I would have rated it a full five stars, however, I agree with one reviewer who complained about the tip being too small. I’m right handed, so I hold the tip with my left hand to wound each curl… and I’m constantly burning my thumb. If only the rubber tip were a little longer… another example in today’s market of "pay more, get less."

Trisha Hartsel, CO

Great iron – worth the buy!

This is a great curling iron. It heats up fast and has a good size barrel so it is easy to use, especially if you have long hair.

Betty Five Points, CA