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Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream, 1 oz.

A luxurious anti aging night treatment designed to optimize the skin’s overnight repair process to improve the skin’s resilience, elasticity, texture, radiance, volume, and contour for a younger looking complexion.

Key features

  • Multi-action anti-aging formula – Helps optimizes skin’s natural repair and renewal processes for younger looking skin.
  • Smoothens, firms and lifts the appearance of the skin and helps reduce the look of sagging skin.
  • Helps exfoliate and speed up the skin’s own cell turnover process, the process by which bright new younger-looking skin cells come to the surface – skin appears more radiant and luminous.
  • Visible improvement in the look of lines & wrinkles.
  • Intensive hydration to improve the look of dry skin and impart a healthy glow.
  • Smoothes, lifts, firms and helps to improve the look of sagging skin
  • Reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles and creases
  • Delivers intensive hydration to improve the appearance of dry skin and impart a healthy glow
  • Helps speed up the skin’s own turnover process so the skin is re-texturized and radiant
  • Contains Vitamins A, C, E and Resveratrol, a blend of anti-oxidants that help protect the skin from environmental stress while soothing and calming irritated skin

Honest reviews



In just 3 days time, I could start to see a big difference. In a weeks time the difference was simply AMAZING! By simply applying a light layer to my freshly washed face at bedtime, my face began to even out color, lose some fine lines and look years younger. I had friends and family remark at how young and radiant I was looking!

Lora Papaaloa, HI

Similar to many other creams; don’t really notice a difference.

Having not found any products to try out and review myself, I thought I’d get something for my mom to try. So, this is from her perspective.She found that it wasn’t very different from other moisturizers she’s tried: creamy, goes on smoothly, too light for a night cream (dries too quickly, not staying on the skin long enough to ‘repair’), and whipped for volume. She says there is a very slight tingle when putting it on and a very faint smell, but the smell is an inoffensive chemical smell. One 1-oz. jar has lasted approximately 3 months and there is still some left.There are no results to report, i.e. she says there are no visible signs of improvement, although her skin feels good upon application. She hasn’t had any skin irritations or breakouts while using Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream and so she assumes the product is non-clogging.She recommends Cetaphil as a low-cost option over Hydroxatone, though in her words, “This certainly isn’t a bad product.”

Elsie Pecan Gap, TX

Nice Overnight Cream!

I have been using this cream for a month now. I have nothing but great things to say. I am in my mid 40’s and I don’t have many wrinkles yet, this helps my skin feel tighter when i wake in the morning after sleeping. I have normal skin, have had no bad effects. I feel is makes my skin look brighter as well. A great amount of product as well in this container- I have been using for a month, have more than half the container left. Very impressed, does everything I hoped it would do!

Violet Salyersville, KY

Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream: Not For Everyone!

This cream has many good qualities. I found that this cream smooths on easily, causing a very little to go a long way. It is readily absorbed by the skin, leaving no greasy feeling. It is light to the touch but has no smell. I found that somewhat disappointing, because a light, pleasant scent would be nice, especially for this price.For me, this cream seems to be a little harsh, though. After three days of use, I found that my skin was sensitive to the touch and very puffy in the morning. I seem to have an allergy or at least a sensitivity to it. I have never had a problem with similar products before.

Ava East Pembroke, NY

Intensive is right!

This I gave to my wife and I’ll relay her message here. She says it “works really good”. So there you have it, folks!

Janell Stigler, OK

Pretty good product but not as rich as what I would like

This is a creamy, nice product. You use this before bed after cleansing the face. It goes on smooth, no smell and absorbs well.It is not as rich as I would like, and I would have liked a pleasant scent but it does not really have any scent at all.I much rather recommend the L’oreal Gold hydra-nutrition rich cream, it is much better and has a very rich creamy feel.

Nita Elvaston, IL

Awful smell, but good results

I’ve been using this for the past 30 days. I normally use Loreal Revitalift. In comparison, the Hydroxatone makes my face feel softer and smoother than the Revitalift did. I have noticed a few little lines by my eyes and my laugh lines looking a little smaller in the past 30 days. However, the smell is really not very pleasant. It’s kind of like a petroleum smell with a stale odor. The smell lingers for about half an hour after I put the cream on my face, and it’s not a good odor to have attached to the skin around your nose.The jar is fairly small, especially for the price, however the cream goes on very smoothly and I find I don’t use as much as I did with my other cream. This jar is lasting me longer than my Revitalift, even though it’s half the size.Overall, I’m pleased with the results. I wish it smelled nicer, or even neutral. If you are bothered by fine lines, it’s a good nighttime cream, but if you’re sensitive to odors, you might want to smell it at a store before you invest in a jar.

Meredith Carefree, AZ

Great stuff

Absorbs quickly and completely, easy to apply, has a very mild scent, and leaves you feeling softer and firmer in the morning…pretty much as advertised – what could be better?Only drawback I can see is that it’s a tad on the expensive side. Still, a little goes a long way – the 1oz. jar should last most people several months. To me, definitely worth the price.Definitely worth a try!

Gail Hillisburg, IN

Working on the Night Moves

I have used many many lotions on my face, many creams, many serums.What is so different about this one? Well so far its doing what it says it will do.First off I ask of any overnight cream, that it absorbs quickly into my skin and this does. Who wants a lotioned up pillow, or even worse going to get frisky with your hubby and apologizing for not being able to nuzzle me because my face is so greasy. Women want to seem like they look gorgeous without any effort and going to bed looking like a clown isnt very mysterious.Second, after a few weeks now of using this, I can see that its reducing fine lines, giving radiance to my face, It feels like its rejuvenating my skin. I also use this on my neck, because people tend to forget the delicate places arent just on your face.It has almost no scent, which I appreciate, and a little goes a long way.

Gracie Wilmore, KY

Jury Still Out, but OK so Far

Products like this are often very hard to review, because their true benefit can’t really be seen right away, and then over time, you tend to forget how you were when you started. But, I’ll do my best with what I know so far – I still have a lot of the product left and am still trying it out. Will report back with new findings as I make them. For now, this is what I can say.The packaging isn’t bad. The price of $59 per ounce (on amazon) seems steep, but if the stuff really works well, then that price might seem low. Everything is relative, as they say.The cream is flesh tone and has a slight smell. The smell is hard to describe. Barely there, but detectable. I have gone back and forth on whether it is OK or slightly bad. This is overnight repair, so not many people will be able to smell it on you anyway. No worries there.Took me a while, but I did figure out what the texture reminded me of. It was sort of like Noxzema. Not what the maker probably wanted to hear, but then that isn’t bad really. The cream does slide on fairly well and goes in pretty easily. Left my skin feeling smooth. No irritation.No miracles yet, but it is still early.By the way, I am a man, and 52 years old.

Annmarie Gulf Shores, AL

It’s okay, but doesn’t do anything special.

Back when I was a teenager, my grandmother had me start using Oil of Olay. At that time there were two types, daytime, which was light pink, and nighttime, which was thicker. I used both for years, but as I matured, and had more money to spend, I switched to more expensive creams, and still use them. I tried this thinking it would be highly moisturizing and a miracle cream (I know, they don’t exist….) This is the basic nighttime cream you could have bought anywhere in the 80s for less than eight dollars. I’m not impressed, and I won’t bother with it again. I also tried the neck cream in this brand, and the smell was so overwhelming, I couldn’t use more than a few times.

Mavis Tetlin, AK

More of a mostureizer

I find the cream to absorb into the skin nicely, leaving no residue on sheets or pillows. Does a good job moisturizing but has it removed any lines or wrinkles? Not that I can tell.

Rebekah Tye, TX


I really like this overnight cream. It is kind of thick and covers with just a small amount. It doesn’t feel greasy at all. My skin feels really soft after using it. I have used it about one month and can see a difference in the wrinkles around my mouth. They are definitely not as pronounced. It seems as if they are softened. They are not totally gone mind you, just less noticeable. The thing I love the most about the Hydroxatone products is the lack of fragrances. There is NO FRAGRANCE! There are few products out there that I can say that about. I will add that I am using the daily moisture cream and exfoliating cream along with this overnight cream. But, I feel the overnight cream is the superior product of the three. I’m sure the others do help with the overall appearance as well.

Young Bozman, MD

I like this overnight cream.

I have been using the Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream deligently each night on the crow’s feet at the outer corners of my eyes and the lines under my eyes. Please note: I am a man and have a beard, so around my eyes are my only problem areas which needed the attention of a repair cream. My wife has told me the lines do not seem so pronounced and that I look better. I think I look better too. Since I spend most of each day working outside I appreciate how this cream makes my skin look and feel softer. I will continue to use it each night and I will purchase this cream when I need more.

Estela Fisher, IL

It Really Works!

I was a little skeptical when I ordered this product. Hydroxatone’s aggressive TV ads kind of turned me off. But, despite myself, I was a little curious about the effectiveness of its products.Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream has won me over!This cream is not going to work miracles but I’ve found the results remarkable.I started to see a difference right away. Now, after a month–and less than half the jar used–I am really impressed by the improvement in my skin. I’m almost fifty. Since I started using this cream, I like what I see in the mirror more than I have for years. Here’s what it’s done for me:-fixed my dry skin, making it look and feel soft and smooth;-took away fine lines and significantly repaired deeper ones;-fixed my pale complexion, giving it a healthier-looking glow (bonus: my dark circles aren’t nearly as prominent now);-toned my skin, especially below my eyes;-reduced the appearance of pores, especially across my nose.I love the texture. It’s creamy and not a bit heavy or oily. I also love that it has no scent.I do feel it on my face for the first minute or two after I put it on. It’s a little tingly, almost warm. At first, that worried me. I have very sensitive skin. I was concerned it might break me out. But that didn’t happen and each week has been better and better.The label warns you to avoid getting it in the eye area and I imagine it would be most unpleasant in the eyes. Hydroxatone makes separate products for the eye area and I’ve been so impressed with this product, I’m going to order the eye serumHydrolyze (.5 Oz) Age Deying Eye Serum – Reduces Wrinkles, Dark Circles & Under Eye Puffiness.I don’t like to throw away money on beauty products. I’m going to keep using Hydraxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream because it really works for me.I never imagined I could see such results for only about $1 a day.

Deirdre Fair Oaks, CA

Nice but nothing special

I like Hydroxatone products in general, and this Overnight Repair Cream is fine. It goes on well, absorbs quickly and does not irritate my sometimes sensitive mid-40s skin. The cream is quite light with a texture that is a cross between a cream and a gel. There is little to no fragrance, which is preferable to me especially at bedtime. My skin did feel well moisturized in the morning but I did not see any “repair” benefits after four weeks of constant use. Given the relatively high price, I will not repurchase.

Tanya Chippewa Lake, OH

Love it – results were perfect on my 50 year old skin

It refreshed the skin on my face so much that I tried it on my forearms, that have been dry like a desert the last 2 years, and the result was instant and astoundingly wonderful.I have now ordered this as gifts for my sisters. The packaging is gorgeous, modern and says luxury to the eye. A terrific find.There is no scent when applied.Goes on smooth, not oily at all and absorbs 99 percent at once.I don’t know if you will find this as interesting but I went to the website and got the list of ingredients:Chronogen(tm) (Highly specialized Tetrapeptide that works with the bodies’ natural nighttime repair processes.Glucosamine HCL & Algae Extract & Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract. Gentle 100% AHA-free exfoliator complex. Helps exfoliate and resurface skin. Speeds up the skin’s own cell turnover process, the process by which fresh, new young skin cells come to the surface – so you wake up with refreshed skin in the morning. Visible improvement in the texture of your skin within two weeks. Improves the appearance of skin firmness, helps reduce the look of sagging skin. Ten tests to prove efficacy.)Hydroxatone Triple Hyaluronic Technology (Infuses, boosts, and helps synthesize new Hyaluronic Acid to fill up and plump up the skin with moisture and lock and seal moisture within the skin.)Hydroxatone 10 Complex (Peptide complex that promotes wrinkle smoothing, improvement of skin tone and elasticity and facilitates collagen synthesis. Helps reduce the appearance of expression lines.)Milk Peptide Complex (Helps stimulate collagen for a firmer look and feel. Reduces the look of depth of creases in just 14 days. Increases skin firmness after only 10 days. Helps increase skin thickness after only 19 days. Helps improve skin density in less than 2 months.)Resveratrol (Potent anti-oxidant)Retinyl Palmitate and Ascorbyl Palmitate and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin A, C, E anti-oxidant protection)Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder & Ceramide 2 & Evening Primrose Oil & Shea ButterOther Ingredients:Water (Aqua),Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride,Glycerin,Caprylic/Capric/Myristic/Stearic Triglyceride,C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Glyceryl Stearate,Propanediol,Di-C12-15 Alkyl Fumarate,Myristyl Myristate,Isocetyl Stearate,Steareth-2,Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter,Jojoba Esters,Dimethicone,Stearyl Alcohol,Steareth-21,Urea,Solidago Virgaurea (Goldenrod) Extract,Whey Protein,Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose) Oil,Acetyl Hexapeptide-8,Polysorbate 20,Pentylene Glycol,Butylene Glycol,Sodium Hyaluronate,Panthenol, Acrylamide/Sodium Acryloyldimethyltaurate Copolymer,Bisabolol,Carbomer, Isohexadecane,Algae Extract,Xanthan Gum,Tocopheryl Acetate,Glucosamine HCl,Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder,Ceratonia Siliqua Gum,Polysorbate 80, Aminomethyl Propanol,Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Extract,Disodium EDTA,Palmitoyl Oligopeptide,Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7,Tetrapeptide-26,Ascorbyl Palmitate, Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid,Ceramide 2,Retinyl Palmitate,Resveratrol,BHT,Sodium Hydroxide,Citric Acid,Phenoxyethanol,Caprylyl Glycol,Benzyl Alcohol,Chlorphenesin,Benzoic Acid,Sorbic Acid

Lindsay Needmore, PA

NIce Soft Skin

Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream is a very nice cream. It leaves skin soft and smooth. The only complaint I have for this cream is that it doesn’t have a pleasant smell. It doesn’t smell bad, but I would have liked to had a fragrance that was more pleasing. It goes to work immediately in that the skin tingles as it is applied. The packaging is beautiful and the product works nicely.

Alfreda Derby, CT

Good Product with Slight Qualifiers

We’ve been using the Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream for a couple of weeks at my house.Pros – The cream has a nice rich consistency that smooths on easily. It moisturizes the skin and your face appears noticeably more refreshed after a few uses.Cons – The cream smells clay-like and if you have sensitive skin it may get red after a couple of uses. The person in our family with sensitive skin switched to every second day and was then able to use the product without incident.If you don’t normally have issue with face creams this product may be for you. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to take that into account when purchasing this item.

Charlotte Elizabethtown, IL

Luxurious indeed, great night cream

Some night creams leave your skin feeling weighted down and slightly greasy. This product does not. It has the perfect weight for a night cream, with intense hydration without a heavy feeling. I have definitely noticed a difference in my dry winter skin since using this overnight. Scent is unnoticeable, a definite plus. Very pleased with this product.

Angeline Surrey, ND

Nice Moisturizer

I have tried a lot of moisturizers over the years, and HYDROXATONE INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT REPAIR CREAM is a pretty nice one. It is light-weight, non-greasy, goes on smoothly, and absorbs quickly. There is no real scent to this cream, and you only need a small amount (which is great considering the price). When used at night, my skin is definitely softer, smoother, and well hydrated in the morning. The little fine lines are less noticeable, the over all tone of my skin is a little firmer, which is very nice at my age! AND my husband actually mentioned that my skin seemed to glow! Woo hoo!Now, I do have sensitive skin, but HYDROXATONE INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT REPAIR CREAM does not seem to affect it. There is a slight tingly sensation when first applied, but it does not bother me. Since it is labelled as “intensive,” I only use this cream every other night, so perhaps this is why it works so well for me and does not irritate my skin. AND, when I sunburned my face, HYDROXATONE INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT REPAIR CREAM seemed to sooth, not irritate.Overall HYDROXATONE INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT REPAIR CREAM does everything I ask for in a night cream. While it may not be right for everyone, HYDROXATONE INTENSIVE OVERNIGHT REPAIR CREAM sure works for me.

Carmen Slatedale, PA

Never tried anything like this

I have never tried anything like this cream. I have tried night creams in the past, and would wake up with my face sticking to my pillow case, and having to wash it. This stuff just disappears.I have always been told that nothing you apply topically can make any difference, but this cream has changed my mind about that idea. I have really dry skin, so this stuff is probably best for my skin type.If you are younger, have oily skin, or pimples or eruptions, i would get a lighter formula.It is always best to go to a make-up counter and test several brands. I really lucked out with this product, because i have never found something so perfect for my skin.

Angelina Tilghman, MD

Expensive and Rich Cream – Test it first.

If you have seriously dry or damaged skin, this would work very well for you. I tried it for a few nights and it actually held its `moisturizing’ ability throughout the night. However, I did break out on my nose and cheek as I already have slightly oily skin. This `Hydroxatone Intensive Overnight Repair Cream’ is meant for just that – `repair’. Now I have used it on my elbows and dry bumpy sun spots (age spots) on my cheek very sparingly. You don’t need much. It has worked fine. If you are to use this nightly as a reparative facial cream, try a little at first to see how your skin reacts. I found there to be no odor or fragrance and the texture is creamy and not oily. However, considering the price, this is a very expensive cream. If you can afford it, you may find your solution. But I would highly recommend testing it on certain areas first.

Yvonne Salina, KS

feels good but a little expensive

This is really a remarkable cream since it does seem to leave a tingle on your skin once you apply it. It seems to plump up tiny lines but that could be the irritating effect of some of the essentials that are in the cream. I really didn’t think this could be used alone at night for *mature* skin since it didn’t seem very moisturizing. I had to layer on my regular night cream on top of this. I have been using this for a week now and I can tell that some of the fine lines around my eyes have been reduced a bit. The price is a bit expensive for my tastes.

Eddie Saco, MT

Luxurious INDEED.

I am not a person to spend a ton of money on beauty products because I don’t wear makeup in the first place, so this was a total delight to try. The first thing I noticed when I applied it was it’s thick, creamy, texture that went on my face smoothly as butter – but with none of the thickness that I noticed when it was on my finger – great, because it meant I had applied too much and it would last even longer than I had first imagined. It gives your face a silky, protective coating that makes you feel like a movie star! Best of all it absorbs right into the skin so you don’t have the hideous cold cream and curlers look that is a husband’s worst nightmare. LOLI have been using it for a few weeks now and can already see my face looking more youthful and refreshed when I wake up, and that is an insomniac’s wildest dream come TRUE! I love this product so much that I will consider buying it when I run out, which won’t be for a WHILE now and that alone makes it worth it.

Jeri Niantic, IL

nice but way too expensive

great feel and scent but i think it loses effect after awhile, although worked great at first. but way too expensive for a regular in my beauty arsenal.

Darlene North Vassalboro, ME

Good product

My wife has informed for this review that the overnight repair cream is indeed working as expected. She has used a variety of such products in the past, and this one does meet all expectations for a high end cream. There is no sticky or residue feeling overnight, or anything on the face that needs to be cleaned up. The skin does appear healthier and gives confidence. Under the eyes, there is more health in the skin, and no dark spots. It is very similar to other good quality creams out there, and is justifiable for the price.

Ruby Perry, MO

Very Impressive

I waited until the entire bottle of the product was used up to leave a review. I’m very impressed with this Overnight Repair Cream. It offers an intense moisture boost that lasts all night long. For people whose skin is dry and who suffer during the heating season from an excessive loss of moisture that leaves them itchy, this product is phenomenal. I don’t think I would use it during the summer season when my skin doesn’t need as much moisturization.This cream is great for skin types that really thirst for moisture. A very small amount suffices to nourish the facial skin, so one bottle of the product lasts a while. If your skim is on the oily side, however, I’m afraid this cream might be too heavy for you.Unlike other products of this kind, this cream has almost no smell. If your sense of smell is really acute, you will perceive a very minimal kind of chemical odor. But on the positive side, it dissipates in about 30 minutes. The odor is so minimal that most people will not even notice it.Overall, this is a very impressive product that I definitely enjoyed using and that my skin appreciated greatly.

Joy Pelham, NC

Nice Overnight Cream

Perhaps I am too young yet to fully appreciate this product, although I do use their undereye treatment lotion. I have found Hydroxatone to be lightweight and not too greasy; its light scent doesn’t seem to affect my sensitive skin. I don’t have a ton of wrinkles yet, but my skin certainly seems more evened out and moistured when I wake up in the morning.

Brenda Lyme, NH

Good Product but ….

This product worked for the first week, then it caused my combination skin to break out. I had to stop using the product in order to clear up my skin. I did not appreciate having acne again at my age. be ware this clogs pores

Nikki Schriever, LA