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Hydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40, Light 1.5oz

“BB” stands for “Beauty Balm” a multi benefit perfecting cream that acts as an anti aging moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation all in one. Available in 3 skin flattering shades for multiple skin tones.

Key features

  • Reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles as it evens skin tone and minimizes discoloration
  • Firms, moisturizes, softens and brightens the skin
  • Soothes and protects with natural anti-irritants and potent anti-oxidants
  • Protects skin from damaging UV rays using powerful BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 40 SUNSCREEN (one of the highest SPFs available in store)
  • Provides a natural, “no makeup” flawless finish with buildable coverage
  • Simplifies your skin care routine as the BB cream reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles while it evens skin tone and minimizes discoloration
  • Protects skin from damaging UV rays using powerful, broad spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen
  • Provides a natural, no makeup flawless finish with buildable coverage
  • Firms, moisturizes, brightens and softens the skin

Honest reviews


Not Horrid but Not Fantastic

I’m ambivalent about this BB Cream, Like I said in the title, it is not fantastic; it is just a heavy crème that will give you a 40 SPF. Maybe.If you are an older woman (or man) like I am, you may have some age spots as well as wrinkles a to contend with. Especially since people born in the 50’s were encouraged to suntan without any kind of protection! Remember baby oil with iodine? What can I say, we were ignorant of what the sun would do to us in our later years!Anyway – this product makes claims that I don’t think it can back. It has an rather unpleasant aroma. It is thick but does NOT cover any of your skin imperfections so can’t be used as a substitute base if you need a little help. It does cover tiny spots, but you must use a lot – you can’t rub it in-you must daub it on thickly and then your face feels greasy and sticky.(you can always put powder over it) It also feels like a ‘mask’ if you apply it to cover imperfections like I did. The claim that it “reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles” (quote from back of tube) is only because anytime you put an oil on top of dry skin it
• appears
• smoother, but that is only until your skin absorbs it all.This is not an economical product either, since it apparently needs to be reapplied quite often during the day.According to the directions on the side panel on the box—–>
• “Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.”
• “Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.”(You need both? Why? This product is supposed to be an SPF 40 sunscreen according to the label on the tube.)
• “REAPPLY AT LEAST EVERY 2 HOURS”I don’t think I need to say more.

Mai Strongstown, PA

Less BB, More Medicinal Foundation

The Hydroxatone BB Cream is the fifth BB product I have tried, hoping to get away from full foundation and save some steps by having sunscreen and anti-aging benefits. While the Hydroxatone offers an all-in-one product, it was definitely not my favorite of those I have tried.The texture was very thick, like a heavy foundation. Therefore, it did cover better than some BB/tinted suncreens do. The three stars that it earned from me was for this coverage and sunscreen and that’s about it.I definitely needed to use a pore-minimizer along with it, as it accentuated my pores on my cheeks. The color was close, but not quite right and left a matte finish that really needed to be at least slightly dewier, as it had a bit of an fake/ashy appearance to it.But, my biggest complaint about it…which I am shocked not to have seen mentioned by many others, is the smell. It has a very strong, unpleasant scent. I will admit that I am very strongly drawn to nice scents and easily put off by chemical ones, but I think most would agree that it is pretty bad.Just not for me for a few reasons, and then there is the price. Not very competitive since there are many nice BB creams out there for less or at a similar price which give a more appealing finish. I will keep searching and I would have to recommend that you do the same.

Maggie Walnut Grove, MS

Don’t think I’m going to use this.

I am a white male (who doesn’t wear other makeup, hey…some do) with medium tone skin; when I used to tan–back when it was healthy–I got pretty dark. The medium tone was a bit too dark for me. I felt like I was applying foundation (I have been on the stage, so I have done that).The cream is too thick for my liking. I like a lighter feel when I put on a lotion/moisturizer/balm.I can’t speak to it’s SPF (it’s winter here) or it’s anti-aging effects (I didn’t use it long enough); but my husband is very sensitive to fragrance and he couldn’t use this. He had a reaction to it almost immediately. So if you have sensitive skin, I’d look elsewhere.

Manuela Gamerco, NM

Skin feels dry, looks like very heavy makeup

If this was paint, I’d give it a great review. It has a lot of pigment in it, so you use only very little. It’s been very humid here, yet my face feels VERY dry, other than perspiring. Feels tight, wrinkles still show, until I added a couple of drops of oil into it, then my face looked & felt better & didn’t look plastic.If you’re prepared to add some good quality oil or plant butter, like shea butter (or perhaps a bit of glycerin – I didn’t try, but it would also make sense), you’ll look better & not feel so dry.Used alone feels VERY dry & makes wrinkles stand out, add a little oil, it’s perfect.

Cheryl North River, NY

Too Oily and Thin

I didn’t like this BB Cream. I found it to be more of a foundation than what I expect a BB Cream to be.It was thinner (more liquidy) instead of being a ‘cream.’ I also had quite a bit of shiny from it, I think it was more oily than I need for my BB Cream to be, as well.It did hold my powder on pretty well and the SPF appeared to work. I didn’t use it long enough to test any of the ‘anti-aging’ effects.Overall, I think this is best for people with drier skin and who don’t mind having to wear another layer of makeup on top of the BB Cream. I prefer my BB Cream to be able to be used on its own instead of always as a foundation for more makeup.

Lillian Cordova, AK

Greater coverage? Not really…

For BB creams I’ve used Vichy, a Korean brand (I believe skin 79 but I don’t remember since it was my mother’s) and hydroxatone. I don’t know about Hydroxatone’s sunscreen or anti-aging abilities but in terms of coverage, the former 2 I’ve used are so much better. I have red spots on my face post-acne so I need to use a green concealer but Hydroxatone’s cream disperses way to easily so it won’t go on top of the green area and conceal it, nor does it cover my red spots if I don’t use a concealer. So far my favorite of the three is Vichy. I would write a review about it but Amazon currently does not seem to have the product, so I would recommend it here. Vichy is the best foundation I’ve used ever in my life, but then again I have not had much experience in using high-level, expensive make-ups until recently. The past foundation I’ve used was non-liquid Proactive and liquid Nutrogena, both cake up on my face and make my face very uncomfortable and chalky. But Vichy not only absorbs into your skin, it leaves your face with a sheer, healthy and radiant glow, and it moisturizes your face and evens your skin tone while you wear it. The only complaint I have for Vichy is that since it so far only comes in two colors, I ended up purchasing the light one and it was a bit too white for me, I’m Asian but although I don’t have pinkish fair skin, I do have pretty light skin that is lighter than many Caucasians. If only the Vichy BB cream was a teeny bit darker, no one would notice that I was wearing make-up (I’m serious). So to compensate that I use this Hydroxatone BB cream–which when I got it from Costco it apparently only has medium color–to go on top of Vichy so to even and darken the color out a little. I’ve already received complements from the people in my workplace who noticed the glow that Vichy contributes. I’m also using Vichy’s Total Dark Spots Collector, although I’m not sure if it will make my dark spots go away (it hasn’t yet and I’ve only used it for two weeks), you do get an instant radiance on your skin immediately as you put it on. So all in all I highly recommend Vichy for the radiant glow features. Hydroxatone probably moisturizes your skin just as well or even better but it seriously does not cover anything at all and can only be used as really really light make-up. So if you have already perfect skin and you just want a slight glow when you go to parties and such, and you don’t want people to notice that you are wearing make-up, Hydroxatone is probably better. Otherwise, I would recommend Vichy.

Tori Camden, WV

Nice Color

I’m a big fan of BB creams, so I was eager to give Hydroxatone brand a try. I ordered this in the tan color and thought I could use it more in the summer months. Normally a medium color works for me, but the tan looked great. (I have yellow undertones in my complexion) I think the medium color would’ve been too light. The cream went on smoothly and smelled like citrus-which I love. Overall, I really liked the product, but gave 4 stars because it’s expensive. I like Garnier brand just as well & it’s more in my price range.

Leola Orangevale, CA

Okay BB Cream, but there are better ones out there.

BB creams are supposed to offer light coverage while combining the benefits of a moisturizer and sunscreen, which is SPF 40 for this product.It does offer light coverage and some days I do not want to wear a face full of foundation. The texture is very thick and quite unpleasant to put on for a BB cream. It felt like I was putting on thick foundation, but it did not offer the benefits of a more fuller coverage.I usually put on a moisturizer and primer before foundation, but I skipped that with the BB cream. The BB cream’s texture made it hard to blend and I ended up removing all of it because it was streaky and hard to blend. I didn’t bother trying to put a moisturizer and primer underneath since it would defeat the purpose of the flexibility of the BB cream to have multiple benefits.I could deal with a hard to blend product since it did eventually blend out, but the smell was horrendous. There are a lot of other creams out there that smell pleasant, but this one is definitely not one of them in my opinion. I would skip this any day and actually put on a full face of makeup or use a better BB cream.

Julianne Canton, NC

not the best I have used but not the worst

This is BB, beauty balm, cream (or it could be blemish balm) which means that you should be able to use it without any added moisture, powder, primer, or sunblock. I have never worn heavy foundations so a BB cream is perfect for me.I have tried BB creams that are great and not so great, expensive and cheap. I would place this one in the mid-expensive and okay group. It is not bad, but it has some drawbacks that keep me from saying that I love it.It is thick and heavy, more like a regular foundation than other light BB creams that I have worn. One reason I like BB creams is the lightness. I don’t see any of the normal moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin in the ingredients. I am not a chemist and they may have something else, but these are the ones that I usually look for because these are the ones that are usually recommended. What I do know is that I do have to use some kind of moisturizer under this BB cream or it is dry on my skin.It does not turn orange. I have the medium shade and it is pretty true to color. It will be to light for me when summer comes and I tan a bit. It works well with my blush.The fact that I have to use a moisturizer would not keep me from using this BB cream again. The heaviness probably will. I will continue to use the rest of this tube, but at the present it is not one that I feel I would use again because it seems to be a foundation to me rather than a light BB cream. However, if you are looking for a fuller coverage BB cream, this would be one to try.

Elma Chimney Rock, NC

Looks very good on, very pricey

Both my Mother and I used this Hydroxatone BB Cream for several days and overall, we both feel it’s a decent product. For her it offered very smooth coverage and felt light on the skin. The medium color was good and did not give her that “layer of foundation” look. It wore well all day and never looked or felt caked even with a bit of blush added. She said she’ll buy it again. For me though…. it looked fine and did feel light and I like the added benefit of sunscreen since I spent several hours outside every day working with horses. My complaint was that this cream sweats off very easily – now that is not unique to this product – almost no make up survives a morning working with horses and the only sunscreens that really last are the waterproof ones meant to be used at the beach etc. I think for an afternoon at the zoo or something, this product is just fine. However I personally feel it’s overpriced compared to other products out there. As to the anti-aging benefits? Who can say….most of those claims by any product are hokum and deep down, we all know it.

Elisa Amonate, VA

Sure a heck of a lot going on…

What drew me originally to this product was its multifunctional nature. You get the moisturizer with a tint that protects from sun damage while preventing aging. Smart to have all in one package, you’d think.Alas, this may be one of those cases where one might just prefer having the separate products.Not to say this doesn’t work. It provides plenty of moisture. I trust its sunscreen qualities. The color is nice–enough to give tint but light enough to work over a good spectrum of “tan”. Granted, the anti-aging is definitely something that will take awhile to test, but all the necessities seem to be in order for it to do its job.So why am I complaining? I don’t like putting this stuff on. It’s incredibly thick and heavy, no doubt the result of all the aforementioned nice qualities. My face doesn’t feel greasy, per say, but there’s definitely a constant reminder there is something on my face and it’s difficult to adjust amount for color.Three stars because yes, I believe, the product does what it sets out to do. But only three stars as it’s just not pleasant for me. I’ll stick to separate products, thank-you.

Elvira Paterson, WA

If you want your pores clogged…

I really was an innocent putting this on for the first time. A moisturizer with 40 SPF? The best of both worlds. Usually I useNIA24 Sun Damage Prevention UVA/UVB Sunscreen SPF 30/PAfor the SPF value of 30. Well now I know how it works. It puts a coat of something terrible over the top of your face so that NO SUN could ever penetrate.I have now tried to clean my face three or four times in the fifteen hours since I put it on and my face still feels clogged. It’s not just what I can see, I can also feel it with my fingers. It’s like there is some sort of plasticy sheer stuff over the top of my skin. It doesn’t absorb at all! It’s like a film.It was interesting that my better cleaners could not remove this. I used NIA24 by NIA24 Gentle Cleansing Cream–/5OZ andNIA24 Physical Cleansing Scrub, 3.75 Fluid Ounceand Clinique and finally triedOlay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System 0.68 Fl Oz, This has kind of worked but now I need new brushes.

Randi Atlanta, NY

Irritated my skin and gave mask-like coverage

I’ve been using a BB Cream from Korea for quite some time. It matches my skin tone (which is slightly olive) far better than this one, but I was out of my preferred brand when Amazon gave me the opportunity to try this one out. I ordered the medium, which is usually perfect for my skin, but this medium seemed far more on the fair side.First impression: wow, is it thick. Unlike the BB creams I’ve used, you can’t simply tap this into your skin and have it blend in. This stuff looks chalky, and requires quite a bit of effort to blend. After that, it looks okay but after a few hours it began looking mask like.After a week’s use, my skin was dry, flaky and irritated. Although BB creams are supposed to combine serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation in one product, I started having to use a separate morning moisturizer just to combat how this stuff dried out my skin. And with an added moisturizer, the stuff just slid off my face by noon. After two weeks, I started noticing red splotches on my cheeks and chin, and decided to stop using this altogether.

Karen Alvada, OH

what? no SPF protection really? Drat!!

The packaging clearly states “use with your normal SPF, and reapply your normal SPF product”. IE: you can’t rely on this BB cream to “replace” or “take the place of” your normal SPF…you’re out of luck. When I read this information on the package: “Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure.” and “Use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating.” I was so disappointed. SPF is really important. I wanted a product that could on hot days replace my heavy foundation and still provide SPF. I suppose I need a tinted sunscreen instead.I do like this product in terms of its creaminess and its application on my skin and my skin is softer to the touch after using Hydroxatone. For that reason I may purchase again but am not pleased by the misrepresentation of the product. With a glaring bold “Protect your skin from damaging UV rays” on the description, c’mon I expect to actually get that protection. 🙁 Disappointing. Add the proper description or at the very least tell us to reapply THIS product again rather than resorting to an outside product to get what this product promises.

Ashlee Nielsville, MN


In my 30-something years, I’ve tried a lot of make-up and beauty products. Some I liked, most I didn’t. TheHydroxatone Anti-Aging BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40falls into the former category.Actually, it outranks even the first because I LOVE this product – something I seldom find with similar products.Using it as a foundation, I find it to be lightweight and smoothly applied. Afterwards I have no need for additional layering of pressed powders and such. After application, my facial appearance is smooth and flawless. And the staying power is magnificent!But the most fabulous thing about this stuff is it moisturizes and hydrates your skin to prevent the looks of aging. While I’m old-school and in a routine of washing off make-up every evening, with this beauty product (sans blush, mascara, etc), you could easily forego such a tedious task. (This being my personal opinion and not the recommendation of the company)I’m hooked on the Hydroxatone family of beauty of products now. Their products are by far the best I have ever used. I’m a loyal user for life!

Sandy Rumely, MI

Excellent coverage

I’m not much for the whole full face makeup thing every day; I mean, who has the time! That’s why I love BB Creams; they’re like tinted moisturizers on steroids. You get moisturizing, anti-aging benefits and sheer coverage, all in one tube.I usually use L’Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream but I had heard good things about Hydroxatone’s BB Cream so I was anxious to try it. Hydroxatone’s BB Cream offers more skin benefits than my usually brand. L’Oreal’s BB Cream really only primes, moisturizes, and evens out skin tone with sheer coverage. Hydroxatone’s BB Cream provides anti-aging benefits with anti-irritants, antioxidants, vitamin C and peptides but most importantly a broad spectrum SPF 40 sunscreen. The Hydroxatone cream also provides much better coverage (great if you want to hide age spots or freckles) but this extra coverage comes at a price. While the L’Oreal BB Cream melts into your skin to give you a dewy finish with a light weightless feel, the Hydroxatone BB Cream feels thicker and provides a dryer, more matte finish.While, I love the light feel of the L’Oreal cream, you just can’t beat the SPF 40 of the Hydroxatone cream. So, if you have age spots or freckles you want to hide, this cream has better coverage than any other BB Cream I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a few). Even if you don’t need the extra coverage, the SPF 40 is pretty hard to beat too.

Marta Bolton, CT

A bit heavy for me.

I have been using a BB for months and I would never go back to wearing makeup.I have tried Loreal Magic skin beautifier BB, Super Beblesh Balm BB from Korea and now Anti-aging BB cream from Hydroxatone.Loreal continues to be my favorite as it is extremely lightweight and it allows you to add on where you need more coverage and it still doesn’t feel cakey. The Hydroxatone is much heavier and it seemed to make my pores stand out and the light facial hairs on my face seem more prominent. It offers heavier coverage but it’s more like makeup vs a BB.This cream was not for me (I have mature skin, some redness and sensitivity) It was far too heavy.If you are looking for greater coverage this may be the cream for you, however is is priced at about 28.00 higher than my current cream.

Tara Strafford, VT

No noticeable results

I have tried other products from Hydroxatone and I think they are more hype and not enough results for the price of the product. Its average at best. It is nothing special. I am 40 and lucky that I don’t have the dried look yet, but I am trying to keep it that way. But I don’t see any noticeable results with this. If you are buying this with the idea of it actually doing something great to your skin, I think you may be disappointed.

Marietta Elko, NV

Works well as sunscreen

This goes on smoothly and covers well. It offers great protection from the sun. That being said, it’s super pricey and the anti-aging feature of this cream was not evident at all, even after weeks of use. Overall, it’s a nice cream, WAY over priced for what it is!

Jannie Edgarton, WV

Feels ok on my face

So I have been hearing really good things about BB products so i thought i would go ahead and give this Anti-Aging creme a try.I chose the Tan and it isn’t super dark its just about right and im not all that tan. It has a very nice smell but that might be a problem for those people who have a sensitivity to scented things. It went on very smoothly and feels nice and light on my face.It seems a bit high priced to me and that’s a bummer because its not very good and you are suppose to re apply often. It would make a very nice concealer but i don’t think i would continue to purchase it regularly.

Renae Bon Aqua, TN

Really Wanted to Like This

It seemed like such a good idea, Cream with 40 SPF, some color and even anti-aging. Sign me up!I opened the container and was a bit overwhelmed by the smell. I took a deep breath and smeared it on anyway.The color was a little too dark. I’m pretty light right now, so that’s not a big deal – not compared to the smell. My skin felt very smooth after I applied it, but when I tried to put my regular make up over it, it was all blotchy. I thought that at least I wouldn’t need to worry about sun screen all day, but then I read the instructions which mentioned having to re-apply every 2 hours! Good thing I wasn’t outside a lot that day.This did not live up to my expectations at all.

Mari Venice, CA

Not for me

The first thing that surprised me about this is the drying effect. The color gave my skin a chalky color and didn’t easily cover evenly. I didn’t see where it does anything that it claims to. It is drying instead of hydrating and there was no brightening or anti-aging effects. It couldn’t substitute for foundation because it doesn’t even skin tones and can’t be used near the eyes. I didn’t realize that until I read the warnings. It also can’t be used on damaged or broken skin. For sun protection it says use a water resistant sunscreen if swimming or sweating and says to reapply it every two hours. My dermatologist recommends me to use good sunscreen because of a medication that I take makes my skin more sensitive to the sun, but this is more trouble than it is worth to me. It is easier to just put on makeup with a regular sunscreen. I would not recommend this.

Shana Newport, NJ

They Make a Lot of Claims

Sunscreen Claims: I have some problems with it being used as a suntan lotion since in addition to it not being water proof (the directions state that you need to use sunscreen if you swim or sweat – so you can’t even hike in this. It is also recommended that it be reapplied every two hours. If it’s to be used as a makeup/sunscreen that’s a bit much. I’ve used other moisturizer/sunscreen foundations and have never been told that I need to reapply it every two hours.Smell and Feel: Someone mentioned that it had a funky smell and heavy feel. I like the smell, it’s a bit fruity. In theory I like that it’s a heavier cream since it is winter and my normal moisturizer/foundation and my face feels more protected from the harsh weather. But at the same time it feels a bit dirty too. The cream is a bit tacky.Color/Cover Up: I received a “Tan” color and am a redhead with a blonds completion. I usually get the shade past fair whatever the brand calls it and this is the darker shade. I don’t think this would work for people of color. It would be too light. As far as covering up age spots and whatnot. I’m staring 40 in the face but don’t have any age spots yet (yay!) but I do have some freckles over my nose. It doesn’t cover those.Conclusion: I was looking for an all in one moisturizer/light foundation. This is that, at the least. I like the heavier texture for winter, but I feel like it makes too many claims as to what it can do. I don’t think I’d be happy if I’d paid full price for this. When I run out I’ll return to my usual drugstore brand of moisturizer/sunscreen/foundation.

Gracie Lamona, WA

Best BB cream I’ve tried so far

I’ve been using this BB cream for over a month and I’m a big fan. I have fair skin with yellow undertones and the medium tone was the perfect shade for my skin. My skin is also very sensitive and slightly oily, but this cream didnt cause any breakouts or leave my skin feeling greasy. It does have a slightly heavier coverage than the other BB creams that I’ve tried, but that’s what I was looking for. After a couple of minutes I couldn’t even feel the initial heaviness of it. My skin looks healthy and feels smooth. My only complaint is that I need to use additional sunscreen, because after a few hours outdoors my skin would still get a liitle pink. Other than that, I really like this product and I’ll definitely purchase more when this runs out.

Socorro Idleyld Park, OR

I love it!

I’ve been trying all the BB creams recently, I really liked L’OrealL’oreal Studio Secrets Magic BB Cream, Light, 1 Fluid Ounce, but decided to purchase MaybellineMaybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Medium 1.0 Fl ozsince it had SPF also. The L’oreal BB does feel very light, but I attribute that to the lack of sunscreen. On the whole any sunscreen in a product will feel a bit heavier, but it’s a must so I live with it. I’m a beauty junkie while also going for the ‘natural’ look most of the time. I’m good with mascara, sunscreen(even in the rain and snow!) lip tint and cream blush. I liked the idea of adding a BB cream since I can always use some extra coverage love now getting to the ripe age of 32. Plus I’m lazy and like that it mixes together moisturizer, light coverage and SPF. I got the Hydroxatone BB cream in Tan. I usually go towards the fair/light but found my Maybelline to be a little too light, especially in the summer. This “tan” is a smidge dark on me, but it helps on the whole so I don’t look so pale in the winter, so I’ll probably use it year round! I have freckles I hate(sun damage in my book) but in the past have always found trying to cover them, it’s too apparently I’ve “tried” and not succeeded. With this, I don’t have that problem. I actually had a friend ask where my freckles had gone, thinking I’d done something more extreme. This Hydroxatone BB cream goes on very smoothly and it’s pretty much foolproof! A couple of swipes around, using it like you would a moisturizer – and you’re done! I’m picky about what I’m willing to splurge on, but I’d definitely purchase this.

Lessie Trevorton, PA

Magical stuff. Great coverage, and great skin effects.

I was confused by the sudden appearance of all the “BB” creams, and am so glad that this is the one I tried.The Medium shade is perfect on me, and blends very smoothly and easily. It gives a surprisingly effective amount of coverage, without looking cakey or foundation-y, and I really notice the difference a few hours after application, when most concealers or foundations or powders usually have dried out leaving visible pores with dots of color in them- ugh! But this product does not do that- I think the moisturizer in it must be what keeps my skin looking freshly washed/done, and that is a huge bonus. I like the fact that there is sunscreen, too, but what has really impressed me is the coverage and the fact that my terribly acne-prone skin seems to be only benefiting from this. Not a break out since I’ve started to use it, and it’s so natural looking and easy I actually tend to put some on just even before going to the store or something, and it makes me look so much more polished than going “nude”, without looking like I slathered on makeup. Great stuff, highly recommend.

Beulah North Providence, RI

Makeup for the beach or waterpark

With it’s broad spectrum SPF 40 formula, I can see using this cream for days when you’re sitting out on the beach, or maybe while taking the kids to the water park. Any time you’re going to be out in the sun and don’t want to get sunburn. The cream is thick, like you would get if you were just applying sun block in an SPF 40 strength. What makes this different is they’ve added a bit of a color to it, so that instead of applying bright white sunblock to your face, it blends into skin better like a makeup foundation. Since there are only 3 shades, it’s not going to be a perfect match like you would get when you typically chose a makeup. However this is meant to be used as more of a sunblock with a skin tone tint, than used as an every day makeup foundation. Pefect for keeping in the beach bag or with your water park gear.

Melody Blue Mound, IL

Disappointing: way too thick and gluey

I was hoping this would be lightweight enough for me — I don’t typically wear foundation. Unfortunately, this was like the worst of both worlds: thick and heavy foundation crossed with that gloopy feeling from sunscreen. It also made my pores look oddly huge — what the? Isn’t foundation supposed to make you look better? This made my skin look worse, and feel really gross….and that was in winter time! I can’t even imagine how heavy this would feeling during the summer.

Graciela Oneida, PA

probably better for oily skin

First, I’ll say that this is the first BB Cream that I have tried. I tend to use tinted moisturizers or very moisturizing foundation. So, take that into account when reading this.The biggest PLUS is the aroma: a wonderful lemon-balmy scent that just makes me happy. It has a very smooth, soft texture that I like.The bad, for me, was that the finish is very matte. It looked like a mask sitting on top of my face. I started using it with my daily moisturizer, and that helped, but it still did not look very natural (I am a make-up minimalist). I imagine that if you have oily skin, this would work very well as a stand-alone product, and you’d want the matte finish. But for me, at 46 years old, I need the dewy-er finish.

Jeanine Lake Clear, NY

Thick with orange tint

Well, it does cover, I’ll give it that. I have dry skin and the thick heavy consistency of the BB cream reminded me of the bad old days when I used to have to put thick greasy emollient on my skin, before manufacturers came out with lighter fresher creams, even for very dry skin.It’s expensive, especially since I have to reapply every two hours, apply if I get it wet or go swimming, and it goes on like something that should be applied by a trowel. It also smells a little funky.The coverage was good, but as thick as it is it should be, it’s like putting plaster putty on my face, no wrinkle would dare crack through! the tan is dark and a little orange on my skin. I would probably go back to a high spf sun screen and regular moisturizer.

Sherry Dewitt, VA