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Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer

Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer is a firming serum that transforms skin within 90 seconds of application. It reduces fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and under eye bags for a tighter and smoother feel. Moisturizing agents, vitamins and firming ingredients that make contact with the skin right away help results last for hours.

Key features

  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in only 90 seconds!
  • Visibly erases crow’s feet and reduces the look of under-eye bags.
  • Results last up to 8 hours.
  • For people of all ages who need a quick-fix for fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye bags.
  • Visibly erases crow’s feet and reduces the look of under-eye bags
  • Results last up to 8 hours
  • Contains Silicate Crystals that tighten skin on contact and provide an optical and light-diffusing effect

Honest reviews


Mostly Psychological

First off – read the instructions and don’t expect miracles. This is just a topical serum; it is not a permanent solution. HYDROXATONE 90 SECOND WRINKLE REDUCER will not erase deeply etched lines in your face or dark, droopy bags from under your eyes. It will however, for a while, reduce under eye puffiness and firm up those fine little laugh lines. HYDROXATONE 90 SECOND WRINKLE REDUCER works by tightening up puffy skin and fine wrinkles. It also contains “optically advanced light-diffusing ingredients” (whatever those are) which reflect and diffuse the light around your eyes, giving you (temporarily) a brighter, more youthful glow (something that Hollywood has been doing with movie makeup for years).Does HYDROXATONE 90 SECOND WRINKLE REDUCE last for 8 hours? Honestly, I am not sure. After tapping in a small amount and then waiting for about 90 seconds, my morning puffiness is definitely reduced. I can see a distinct difference. I also feel more awake, because of the skin tightening around my eyes. Psychologically, do I feel better because I look better, or do I look better because I feel better? Who knows? However, the puffiness is reduced and I feel more awake. Which is a definite plus. But I can’t tell you if it lasts 8 hours, because after two hours or so of being awake, my normal morning puffies are gone anyway. So maybe it just gives me an early morning advantage. I’ll take it!I have had none of the issues with the pump that others have experienced. Works just fine for me each time. You only need a very small amount, so the small bottle lasts a long time, which is important considering the price. It has not irritated my skin and seems fairly gentle.Overall, if you need an extra early morning pick-me-up in your beauty routine, then HYDROXATONE 90 SECOND WRINKLE REDUCE is worth a try.

Kirsten Birchwood, WI

Pleasantly surprised

I’m 38 years old with very fair, sensitive skin. I have some laugh lines around my eyes and a couple of deep creases on my forehead. As with most skin care products, I thought that the claims for this serum sounded too good to be true, but curiosity got the better of me and I gave it a try. The directions say to apply one pump of serum to each eye starting at the inner part and smooth out towards the outer eye. After a few seconds, I noticed a tightening feeling, which is expected (per the directions it means the serum is working). Once the product is dry it works as a sort of shield between my creases and my makeup and the lines were noticeably fewer. After another couple of minutes my bags were smaller, but not completely gone and there was also reduced darkness with my dark circles. While this serum is not a magical elixir that took years of my face, it definitely made a noticeable improvement with my fine lines, dark circles and bags. Unfortunately, the effects are temporary and the product does wear off after many hours. However, I’m impressed enough to recommend it to family and friends.

Earnestine Gackle, ND

not snake oil, not terrible either

This product states it works for 8 hours on wrinkles and lifts. Actually…. it works for 2 hours. It does not get rid of wrinkles but it does tighten for a small while. You have to use this before you use any other product what so ever. Let it dry then you can use it.not snake oil… but not a cure all.

Stacie Frankfort, KY

This stuff REALLY works!

Simply put, this is Spackle for your face! It works GREAT! I applied it and went out and was carded (I am 51) because I looked 25 years younger!! My son said I looked just like my photo’s taken in the 80’s!!A word of caution, if you apply Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer to your fine lines, make sure to put concealer or foundation over it, as it turns a powdery white otherwise.

Cheryl Patagonia, AZ

Yes, it works very well

Ok first let me explain. I do not have extreme lines or any bags under my eyes. I am also a male and I do use skin care products to take care of my skin. As I have aged I have of course noticed that I am now starting to get little lines in the corners of my eyes. Not to bad but enough for me to notice. Obviously this is part of the aging process and there is no such thing as a fountain of youth. And other then awaiting the inevitable as our skin starts to lose it’s elasticity there are products out there that at least give the illusion that you are defying the laws of nature.So how does this rank up? Pretty damn good. The product works quickly as it suggests within the 90 second window. It’s temporary but does last through the day as long as of course you are not a heavy sweater or plan to go for a long swim. The best way I can describe of what this is like is imagine taking the whites of an egg and placing it on your skin. What happens? It’s dries out forming almost a 2nd layer that tightens the area of the skin and eventually will peel off. That’s the best way I can describe Hydroxatone, which of course is different from the egg white in that it’s clear so you cannot see this on your eyes but my comparison was more for the description of how this will feel against your eye area and what it does.It forms a small layer (film) that is impossible to see, unless you put too much on and in this case you only a tiny tiny amount. One pump should do it for both eyes. Which btw I had no issues with the pump or the amount that was dispensed. Worked fine for me. After you place the Hyrdoxatone on your finger tip, dab half on the other finger of your choice and then apply the eye area as instructed and allow it to do it’s job.Just to be clear this is not a moisturizer nor anti aging cream which is separate from what this is. This is more like clear make up that will tighten the areas of the eyes until you wash it off, but with great success.So if you are someone who is looking to reduce small lines (not sure how this would work on extreme cases), this does exactly what it says. Just make sure to follow the instructions.PROS:Works for small lines around the eyeVery little needed, one pump can be divided into two for both eyesWorks very fast as suggestedCONS:Will most likely not work for heavy lines or bagsWill wash off if you get your face wet or sweat a lotFor the price wish it was a larger amount (but it does work)Feel free to ask me any additional questions.

Willa Cassville, PA


First of all, in order to get the product out of the pump, you need to turn it upside down or shake it so that the serum could get to the tube and come out from the pump. The tube is short inside.I didn’t really feel that this was a 90 second wrinkle reducer. It has Retinol in it, so it does help the skin cells regenerate faster. It did keep the look of my very fine lines under control while I wasn’t using my other products that were designed to reduce wrinkles. But it took at least a couple of days to show signs of the effect. So, the 90 second part…meh, unless you think tightening your skin immediately means it’s reducing your wrinkles. Yes, it does tighten my skin right after application on a cleaned face.I would agree it’d be a good product under a different name and in different packaging.

Mai Hudson, MI

Creme claims good, packaging needs a do-over

If you’re like me, you’re at that age when you start to notice the fine lines around the eyes and corners of the mouth. This becomes more prominent when my skin is dry, tired or dehydrated. If not addressed, boy, it looks bad after applying makeup. To combat this, I tried Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer. This product does what it claims. It plumps up those fine lines that make the skin around eyes, lids and mouth look dry and tight. This is a creme that relieves minor ‘crepe’ like appearance in the skin, smoothing and plumping. As previous reviews state, this is not for deep lines, wrinkles or heavy bags beneath the eyes. I’m knocking off two stars for the packaging and dispensing of the product. The pump mechanism is cheap and you have to pump it several times (wobbly) and the random spurts of cream can shoot out causing waste. Also, the dispenser hole gets clogged easily between uses. Even with the cap on, the product still clogs the pinhole dispenser nozzle. Also, the silver cap is basically a regular cap wrapped in a silver film over-lay that after just three uses began to bubble and flake. This resulted in tiny flakes of silver ending up on my finger tips, which unfortunately transferred to my eye lids and beneath my eyes when I applied the creme. I spent more time trying to scrape the silver flakes off my face than I did actually applying the product. The package is very cheaply made. If I could, I’d rather just break the nozzle pump off the top and dip my finger tip into the tube to avoid the flaking silver mess and clogged dispenser. However, the creme does work, so if you’re looking for a plumper for light lines, this will work – but for the price, they should re-design the packaging to cut back on waste and annoyance. The dollar store cap is embarrassing for this product.

Lacey Marion, SC

Works okay

This stuff is just okay. It does help smooth out wrinkles a very tiny but, but it feels very sticky and crusty.

Danielle Abernathy, TX

Expensive – but works

As other reviewers say, this is an expensive product, especially since the package contains only a third of an ounce. Still, a little goes a long way, and compared to lots of the competition, at least I see visible results from this stuff.Apply a small amount, and within a few moments, you can actually feel your skin tightening. The effect is to smooth fine wrinkles and reduce deeper ones somewhat. There’s not really much fragrance, and once it works into your skin, it leaves you feeling soft and smooth. The result is definitely visible, and lasts for several hours.If it’s worth, say, $100 a month to make your skin look tight and firm, then by all means give the Hydroxatone a try.

Ashley Belle Mead, NJ

Use with other moisturizers or foundation

While the Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer does work to some degree, be certain that your skin has been well moisturized or you are wearing foundation already beforehand. By itself, with 40+ skin, it can make the eye area almost “crepey” looking. That is something no woman wants to deal with!I have used this with other Hydroxatone products. I did not particularly care for the applicator (small pump bottle) and for the price, I think that there could have been a more effective way of application.

Hillary Gallagher, WV

Hydroxitone wrinkle reducer

This small tube contained a gel the consistency of custard. There is no possibility that the product could be applied using the aerosol spray top. It is too thick. I wonder if the bottle I received was old and had lost moisture. It was possible for me to use a toothpick to apply the cream around my eyes. You can feel the skin tightening almost immediately. It works about half as long as advertised on crows feet and has almost no effect on forehead wrinkles. After it wears off, the crows feet don’t look that much worse than before application; maybe just a little bit deeper wrinkles.

Autumn Glidden, IA

Dispenser is quirky, does tighten skin

The little pump design is a good idea, it just doesn’t work well for some reason. I have to pump it several times and it will either dispense a tiny drop or shoot out a stream of the gel that ends up being wasted. When you do finally get the product out of the tube and are able to actually use it, it does what it says. It does tighten the skin and decrease the look of any crows feet you might have. You need to follow the directions closely to get the best results of course, but it does work and seems to hold up for a couple of hours alone or under makeup. If the pump worked properly and reliably, I would probably buy this to keep on hand, but for now I will use what I have left and call it good.

Leslie Pool, WV

Pricey, but does what it says

This product probably works differently for many people depending on your skin type. I am 48 and have very thin skin under my eyes with wrinkles that look criss-crossed, particularly in the ‘tear-drop’ area, sort of straight down toward the cheek. This product really makes me feel better about walking out of the house in the morning. The effects begin to fade soon after you apply it, but very slowly, and you are going to look better than normal for hours. However, you only get .33oz of product that is mostly water, so the current price of $60 here at Amazon brings my review stars down to 3. I just won’t pay that kind of money for such a small amount of product. No, I have never before used such an effective product, but I refuse to pay ridiculous amounts of money to minimize wrinkles which are just a natural part of life. I have seen the product elsewhere for much less, but I would assume that that is generally a fluke, and the going rate for it is probably pretty much what it is here at

Latoya Cambridge, NE

Yes and no, an honest impression.

It’s been wisely said, that we spend our youth seeking fortune, then spend our fortune seeking youth. While few of us would dispose of the wisdom and experience age brings, almost all of us wake up one day shocked that we haven’t been the lone person to escape the effects of time and stress and gravity. Marketers are all to happy to prey on these revelations and offer expensive little potions in crystal containers with exotic or scientific sounding names and ingredients that promise to turn the clock back 20 years effortlessly. I received this 90 second wrinkle reducer with great skepticism especially after seeing the not so inexpensive price. Doing some research on the active ingredients, including Matrixyl 3000 which one web site touted as recommended by the trusted Dr. Oz, little information was found, except for the obligatory before and after photos, including one post claiming an 80 something granny reversed 20 years of her aging using this ingredient. The Dr Oz web site came up with no search results or referenced opinion regarding this ingredient, Matrixyl 3000. Time to apply it myself. The instructions advise putting a small skin of the product under and around the eyes and then patting gently fo 90 seconds to "activate" the ingredients. To my surprise, after following the directions and applying the cream around the fine lines surrounding the eyes, there was a small but noticeable smoothing of the skin. I quickly add, it felt as if there was a stiff starch on those areas. It seems logical to me that patting skin anywhere has the effect of increasing blood flow there and causing a slight plumping as a result. I speculate that after this plumping results, the product solidifies, holding the surface area in that more taunt attitude. The results were neither dramatic nor long lasting, so it remains to the purchaser to decide if this degree of temporary difference is worth the price. I gave it 3 stars also considering the price vs effect. As all things in life, the maxim holds true that if something sounds too good to be true………

Beryl Spiritwood, ND

Pump defective

I got this wrinkle reducer for review through the Vine Program and was looking forward to trying it. Regrettably I was unable to do so because the pump was defective and I could not get any product to dispense regardless of how or how often I tried. Other reviewers seem to have had issues with the pump as well, and in my opinion a product that goes for that much money should have a reliable delivery system. Therefore my rating is strictly for the functionality of the bottle and not the product itself.

Erna Forestville, MI

Pretty good product

I have been using this product for a few days and I find that it does work OK for the fine lines. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t get rid of my bigger lines on my forehead. It helped a little, but didn’t completely eliminate them. The product is drying and I found that I had to use some moisturizer under the eyes so that my make-up would go on well. I am happy with the way it works around my eyes. I don’t have any lines around my mouth, so I haven’t had to use it there.

Laurel Colwell, IA

Did not know this contained aluminum…

I’m on the lookout these days for anti-aging products. However, I do care about the ingredients in these products– I’m not going the surgery or injection route, and questionable compounds, such as those containing aluminum, are also OUT. Aluminum compounds in bodycare products have been questioned since the 1980s, and for me, I just don’t care to use the ones containing aluminium (yes, one can get nice deoderants w/o it). This is the first “instant” facial tightener I decided to try, but I’ll give it a pass.My bad for not reading the ingredients prior to ordering.

Shelby Brooktondale, NY

Container needs work

I can’t even pronounce half the ingredients in this product. When I first used it, I had white flaky stuff appearing on my skin so reduced the amount I used. My skin is dry and sensitive and when I put moisturizer on before or afterwards, it seems to negate any effect it might have. If I leave it by itself, it feels a little tight. But here’s the thing–the container doesn’t work now. You pump and nothing comes out where it should. If you press it down further, the product oozes up the sides of the pump and makes a mess. They need to get this design nailed down or they’ll never sell many.

Fanny Lumberton, TX

$60 might be a little much for this product

Maybe a 3 and a half or three and three-quarters stars would be more accurate?I would really think the best product out there that doesn’t require surgery or injections or fillers is probably one of the prescription-strength retinoids, and really, though expensive, the retinoids cost less than this product when you consider cost per ounces. What cost vanity – well, dang, I dunno.I liked never to have squirted out any of the product when I first tried it – then it came out in a blob – which it has done several times since then. So, yeah, be careful pumping – this stuff is expensive without having to scrape it off a wall or your sleeve or the mirror (I draw the line at the bathroom floor, though it was tempting) just so you don’t waste any. For the cost, seems they’d come up with better delivery system. And, more product – how vain am I that I’d want to spend $60 on such a small amount of something that may smooth out a few wrinkles – I’m still debating. I’m 55 and not heavily wrinkled, though I do see changes on my face that I’d like to find products that help make me feel all glowy and smoothy.There are some products I receive through Vine that I KNOW I’ll re-order, and I do. But, I’m not so sure about this product, not yet. I think, honestly, for the price, I’d want either more product, better packaging, or even more dramatic results. However, it did seem to smooth out my face in a way that made my make-up go on nicely. I didn’t slather it all over my face, just in certain areas, waited, and then did my usual make-up routine. I think it did help with crows feet, but I really don’t mind my crows feet so for sixty bucks, still not sure. Also, a serum I use, and a primer, seems to have sort of the same effect of my make up going on smoother and my face looking smoother.I didn’t expect it to get rid of my “Forehead Butt” (my brother’s name for that deep line between my brows, thank you very much –NOT!– brother :-D), but I put some there anyway and thought it may have smoothed it out a little. If it had really plumped up that forehead butt, I’d be vain enough to spend $60 on that tiny tube, oh yes I would! Oh how I detest the forehead butt – though I’m in good company and think it’s actually a sign of intelligence, wit, and all around awesomeness.So, if you have some money to throw around and like spending it on cosmetics – then I’d say try it. You will see some results. As for me, yeah, still on the fence – I just think I’ll have a problem spending $60 on that tiny amount for something that I’m not sure does quite enough for the money.UPDATE: – well dangity all to dangtown but I walked about with a shiny silver dot on my nose for who knows how long – because apparently the silver top flakes off – Lawd! *laughing* – geez – okay, manufacturers – consider making the container not so cheap, for it works as if it belongs on a bargain shelf and not a $60 shelf, though you could make the case that you save money on the package to make a better product, but I ain’t “buying” that, y’all. I have other products that cost much much less that have sturdier containers/tubes/bottles/etc.

Lottie Farmington, IL

Does nothing

I used to use a terrific temporary-but-instant plumping product from Avon, and unfortunately they stopped making it. Since then I have been looking for a product to replace it, and this is not it. This stuff makes your skin feel tight where you put it, and not in a comfortable way. And it leaves flakes when it dries. Didn’t like this AT ALL. I will have to keep looking for my miracle product.

Sonja Liberty, ME

Wrinkle Reducer

I received my Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer and was excited to use it but the pump does not work, I have to open the top to get anything out, it looks like the pump attachment that goes into the tube was never attached.The product is OK, I have used other products that work better, with a more noticeable difference. I will say that this product seemed to work the best and show the best results on fine lines above my upper lip.You do need to be careful, if you put on too much your skin tends to look like you have something white stuck to it!All in all, for the price, I think I’ll stick with my old brand.

Robbie Oxford, IA

Mediocre product with a horrible dispenser

As a 37-year-old woman with very fair skin, I take my skin-care regime and the products I use very seriously. Even with a great deal of care, there comes a time when we all start to notice “experience lines” and look for the products that can help us minimize the impact on our look. Unfortunately, I am going to have to keep looking.The product barely made an impact on the fine lines on my face. I followed the application procedures and applied it under one eye, hoping to be able to judge the comparison. Even after waiting for a bit, I saw no real difference. What I did see was so slight that I wondered if it was down to wishful thinking. The next day when I tried this same application on the other eye, I called my husband in to see if he could pick the eye that had been treated. Sadly, he could not. I tried it for several days with the hopes that perhaps there would be some sort of cumulative effect, but there was not. It did seem to make the skin feel a bit more soft, so at least there was that.Even if the product had worked, the dispenser was horrible. It reminded me of the cheap perfume samples they hand out sometimes at the mall. The pump barely moves at all and when it does, you either get nothing, or a double-dose. Considering the price of this little bottle, you would think they could put more effort into the dispenser.I cannot recommend this product as much better results can be had with a simple moisturizer applied twice daily.

Lynda Lawrenceville, IL


Having tried many products that claim to “reduce the appearance” of fine lines and wrinkles, I ordered Hydroxatone 90 Second Wrinkle Reducer to see how this type of face cream might work. It promises, when a small amount of the cream is applied around the eyes, to reduce crows feet, puffiness, etc., and to do the same on other parts of the face. I tried the comparison test, applying the product to one eye and not the other. The first hour or so, there did seem to be some reduction in under-eye puffiness, but this effect was short-lived and minimal. It’s a good moisturizer, but the miracle cream that will erase signs of aging has yet to be invented. (Alas!)

Traci Bevington, IA

(3.5 stars) Time will tell with this product

I would definitely say that this product does what it advertises, but long term expectations will depend on skin type and age. I suspect the ages of 40-50s will have the most success, the skin likely to achieve desired results with application as directed. Skin definitely tightens around the area of applications, more effective around the eyes than lines around the mouth (smokers may be disappointed). This may or may not be a product to use daily, but I would want to see if the skin around eyes dries out from frequent use. Unless a customer is obsessed with lines around eyes and lips, this may be a product to use sparingly or for special occasions. Luan Gaines/2013.

Imogene Philomath, OR

5 years gone in an instant

43 and just starting to get some tiny wrinkles around my eyes. No, I don’t look 25 when I put it on. But there is an absolute and instant difference around my eyes when I use this. I can feel it slightly,very slightly, tighten. My eyes look more awake and as of they’ve seen less time than they have. I also like that there is retinol in this product so not only is it an instant fix, it is giving me a little more long term assistance in the process. A tiny bit works wonders.I have had no trouble with my applicator as some others have reported. That may be hit or miss.Be careful with what creams you use this, make sure they’re all absorbed before you apply because otherwise there is a slight flaking of either the product or the cream I used.

Stacie Sistersville, WV


You know how you read something that sounds too good to be true? After using this product, the description provided would fall into that category – somewhat. It did improve bags under my eye to a small degree but it did not make any noticeable difference on small wrinkles.Following the directions exactly provided the best benefits. How do I know this? Because after following them (using 1 pump of the product and applying by patting it on only) and getting lackluster results, I was thinking that using more lotion or layering it on would provide better results. Not even close, the results of not following the directions were pretty scary with more (fake) wrinkles being produced.I have tried using this 3 times with the same results: no visible reduction of wrinkles yet a slight reduction of puffiness under the eyes. The price listed does not encourage me to buy this as a under the eye fix. I will stick to a more expensive product that produces better results (Freeze 24/7 Eye Serum).

Janell Milton, VT

Maybe good for someone with fine lines

I tried this on lines by the eyes: there was definitely a difference, almost immediately, just as promised. Someone once told me that a quick fix is gone just as quickly, and that’s definitely the case here. Also, the improvement was just not dramatic enough for me. My guess is that this is probably better for someone with fine lines than deep wrinkles. At this point, my wife tells me, only Botox will help! I still hold out hope, though I’m probably not going to try this Hydroxatone product again. It’s not inexpensive, and, quite frankly,there are other products that strike me as being more worthwhile. I’d rather focus on something that might take longer to provide results, but have those results be more substantial.My biggest qualm is that you can actually feel the product stretching the skin tight. It’s not “uncomfortable” per se, but it is an odd sensation at first!btw, I found that it worked better over moisturizer than under. The packaging says to try it both ways. When I put moisturizer on top, I felt that it was undoing the wrinkle reduction.I didn’t have any problem with the dispenser. Reading other reviews, I guess I was lucky?I hope you enjoyed this review! If it was helpful, please click so below. If I can answer any questions, feel free to add a comment and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

Ada Snowflake, AZ

Good product in poorly designed applicator

I was looking forward to receiving Hydroxatone 90 Second Instant Wrinkle Reducer because I’ve reached a point in my life where the laugh lines have undeniably turned into crow’s feet. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the product does as it claims as I saw an almost immediate (90 second) improvement in the quality of the skin around my eyes. I then put a drop on the back of one hand, rubbed it carefully in and voila – that hand looked younger than the other.The problem, and this is a big one, is that the product sells for $60 and the applicator behaves like the seconds or rejects you get at swap meets. You pump several times and nothing comes out, then you pump again and a glop shoots on to your blouse cuff. For this much money I want a delivery system I can depend on.I’d like to give Hydroxatone 90 Second Instant Wrinkle Reducer only 2 stars but the product that did emit from the cylinder actually did work as promised. I say “Try at your own risk”.

Alberta Gladstone, NJ

Do Not Expect a Total Transformation

I found this product to be most helpful in temporarily reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. It was not ever meant to fill in wrinkles or deeper lines, or to reduce puffiness under the eyes. As an older woman who has skin issues due to early unprotected exposure to the sun in the pre-sun block days, I know that the only things that are going to truly help reduce the damage are a face life, Botox, or some other type of injectable — none of which I can afford! But any moisture on the skin is going to soften the appearance of lines and this product is adequate for the purpose. It applies and washes off easily, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, and is hypoallergeric.

Marguerite Cassadaga, FL

Does what it says…sort of.

No, this won’t take ten or 20 years off of your face or work major miracles. It’s not Botox or Restylane, but it certainly does help a bit with smaller lines and superficial wrinkles. It will not take out deeply etched lines, but for those little laugh lines at the corner of the eyes, it’s a pretty good fast fix — but a temporary one. I received my Hydroxatone 90-second Instant Wrinkle Reducer on Monday and it is just Thursday, so I’m not going to discuss long-term results. Given the ingredients, I’m a little doubtful that there will be any. But short-term, not bad.When most skin care products claim “visible results,” they mean with the Hubble Telescope. This does kind of plump up wrinkled areas. It does not do anything for real eyebags, however. I tried this on three friends over the last few days and we discovered that it is fine for reducing temporary puffiness, the kind caused by staying up too late, allergies, that sort of thing. But if you have luggage under the eyes, forget about it. Nothing sort of surgery will remove them because they are little pockets of fat that cannot be dispersed via a topical product…or at least not yet.Nice product, fulfills its short term commitment, and is less expensive…considerably less expensive, than the more invasive and longer-lasting procedures. This works much better, by the way, than the mass market alternatives in the $20 range. Revlon does one that is pretty useless under its Regeneris brand. I’d opt for one of these. If there are any long-term results, I will come back and amend the review. But lets not hold our breath.Keep fighting the clock. Moisturize (but not under the eyes…only oil-based eyecreams go there…water in moisturizers adds to the puffiness), use sunscreens, keep your hands away from you face, don’t smoke, don’t squint, and don’t lean your cheek on your hands. That should help. And next time, select parents who aged well. That’s your best bet. I’m picking Dick Clark and Jane Fonda.

Faye Keyport, WA