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Hydrating Rose Glow Gel Deep Facial Cleanser

Our gentle but powerful cleanser removes impurities and restores skin’s natural pH balance to prepare skin for professional exfoliation. Rose Hip Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, C, E, & F which protect skin from free radical damage, boost collagen growth, and restore skin’s natural healthy glow. Alcohol free Paraben free Phthalate free No added artificial colors, fragrance, or preservatives

Key features

  • A Professionally formulated Pre-Peel Treatment. Hydrating Vitamin C Cleanser 4 fl oz. / 120ml. Use 4-5 days before beginning Professional Peel treatments to balance skin’s pH and allow treatments to penetrate deeper.
  • Rose Hip Seed Oil is rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, C, E, & F which protect skin from free radical damage, boost collagen growth
  • Removes impurities and restores skin’s natural pH balance to prepare skin for professional exfoliation
  • Made in the USA, High quality product produced in an FDA-registered facility certified GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices Product, to guarantee quality and safety of the product.
  • Vegan friendly: all botanically-derived ingredients, never tested on animals. Alcohol free. Enhanced with Kumquat oil: a powerful anti-oxidant rich in Vitamin C and minerals to protect skin from UV damage and pollution

Honest reviews


Leaves my face feeling super clean

Most of my face cleansers will make my face feel clean, but this one is different. This cleanser leaves my face feeling so clean it could squeak if I rubbed it. Recently my skin has been less that cooperative. My skin has been oily. Yuck. My usual exfoliants and cleansers haven’t helped. So I started using theFruit Acid Gel Peelmade by the same company as this cleanser, combined with theHyaluronic Pure Moisturizing Cream. I’ve been using all the products together as a 3-step process and have really liked the results.The cleanser doesn’t leave your face with any kind of medicines or moisturizers on it. It leaves it completely bare so that a chemical peel can work it’s best. I LOVE that about this cleanser. I would use it all the time without being part of a process of prepping for a peel. I love the cool clean feeling I get when washing my face with it. The feeling of having my face completely clean without some residue of acne medication, skin softener, wrinkle fighter, etc is great. Just clean. Love it!Also something I really like about products made by this company is they are not tested on animals. Each product states this on the label. Animal testing for cosmetic purposes is a thing of the past and I appreciate that this company chooses not to participate in the inhumane and outdated practice. Also noted on the label is these products are made in America.Sample provided for review

Celia Lucerne, CA


Instead of using alcohol or something super drying, this is a great cleanser to remove all traces of oil and makeup for a good peel to skin contact.This product works exceptionally well. I sometimes use it just to be sure that my skin is totally clean, even when not about to apply a peel.Sample provided without obligation

Christina Graham, WA

A tiny drop does a LOT!

I was given a review sample of Refresh Skin Therapy’s deep facial cleanser for use prior to applying their Fruit Acid Gel Peel, and I was truly surprised that a very small application of this cleanser is all that’s required to clean my entire face and neck and hands. My skin felt completely refreshed and as if it had been toned by the smallest possible drop of gel the first time I tried this cleanser, and I’ve been enjoying the same wonderful results every subsequent time I’ve used this wonderful product. Not only does my skin feel clean, but it feels a whole new level of clean–clean without any moisturizer having been included already in the wash. That makes this cleanser the perfect partner for the Refresh Fruit Acid Gel Peel, followed by the Refresh Pure Moisturizing Cream, which I also highly recommend.

Candace Polacca, AZ

This SUPERB product works wonderfully on my very dry and scaly skin!

In the past, I have tried many types of cleansers for my DRY, SANDPAPER TYPE OF FACE and nothing worked that well. That is until this product! There are many reasons why I am very pleased with it:+ This worked to removed old skin cells, and really clean my face. To achieve this result, the very first time that I used this, I followed the instructions and did two applications of this due to my super dry and very, very scaly skin. Results: All of the scaly parts came off and my skin is SOFT and does not feel like sandpaper anymore.+ It has a tingling effect – Noticed even in my first application that it was deep cleaning my skin.+ Easy to apply according to directions. So I did follow directions and massage this in my face, then I used a rough washcloth that was wet and massaged this in with the washcloth. This helped to further remove the scaly skin and old skin cells.+ Rinses off easily – Just to be sure, I rinsed TWICE to fully clean my skin.Will it work for you? Yes, I believe it will because if this worked well for me with my SCALY and very DRY skin, it should work for anyone. Highly recommend this!Provided by Refresh Skin Therapy for testing and review.

Renae Aibonito, PR

Feels fresh!

This facial cleanser leaves my skin feeling clean and very soft. I have older, normal to dry skin with some past sun damaged areas. This makes my skin feel completely clean without feeling dry and tight.Smells so pretty and just takes a few drops to thoroughly clean face and neck area. It lathers up beautifully too. Rinsed away completely with a few splashes of warm water leaving no traces of make up or lotions.I was given a sample of this product to try for my honest opinion. That having been said I really do like this facial cleanser and since I have started using it my skin feels great!

Connie Pelkie, MI

Wonderful Cleanser!

I used this cleanser as part of a three step skin treatment with REFRESH SKIN THERAPY products. I will start by saying that I absolutely love this cleanser. It goes on really smoothly and takes very little for a thin coating that deep cleans. I use a fair amount of face makeup so I get some pore build up. This cleanser in conjunction with a soft loofah did a fantastic job! This is a great product made with some natural ingredients like olive oil, rose hip, kumquat and seaweed extract. I very highly recommend.. Now on to the fruit acid gel peel by the same company.

Lynda Westport, SD

Lovely cleanser!

The manufacturer sent me this product for review as the first step in a triple whammy skin care routine. It’s packaged in a no nonsense plastic bottle that in no way indicates the nature of what’s inside.The fragrance is simply lovely. It’s rose, but in the real rose sense, not the chemical rose-like aroma that lots of inexpensive products contain. It’s not cloying or overpowering, just definitely there. It makes the product a pleasure to use for the several minutes suggested to thoroughly clean the face before proceeding to the next step in the process.Before I talk about effectiveness, please know that I’ve used just about every product on the market for face cleaning, from Noxema, Ivory soap, Neutrogena products, Philosophy, Dr. Pericone, Estee Lauder, Lancome, and Clinique, to whatever’s on the bathroom counter wherever I happen to be, like Dawn Dish Soap (don’t ask). There’s a reason Refresh sent me this product, is what I’m saying! Some products don’t clean well at all, some strip the skin, some leave the face feeling greasy, tight, or itchy, some cause breakouts, and some just feel detergent-y (no, not the Dawn–it was actually pretty good). I think I’m qualified to speak as an expert consumer of skin products.The Rose Glow Gel does exactly what its name suggests. It deep cleans without itching or stripping. It smells heavenly, and left my skin soft without grease, clean without tightness, and ready to accept the next step in the treatment (which is awesome). Whether you use this cleanser as a standalone–and you wouldn’t need to use it every day, it’s that thorough–or as part of the Refresh three part treatment routine, it’s a winner!

Rae Leechburg, PA

Nice Quality Product

I recently was provided with several products to review by this company and over all I really like them especially the fruit acid peel. This product was no exception. It cleanses nicely and gently. However, I marked it down for two reasons. I found it a bit thick to come out of the bottle. And I feel at 4 ounces at the current price of $18.00 it is pricey. There are other cleansers that claim to balance the PH of your skin that are much pricier, but there are also quality products like Eucerin and Cetaphil that are gentle on the skin and could be used to prepare the skin for a peel that give you more ounces for your dollars.Overall, this is a nice indulgence and works well with the fruit acid peel and moisturizer made by the same company but you could also use another quality cleanser instead as your prep for the peel and moisturizer.

Patty Milan, MO

Deep Cleansing

Refresh Skin Thearpy Reveal Pre-Peel Rose Glow Cleanser is the perfect cleanser to use before you use a Fruit Acid peel. It restores the skins natural PH. This cleanser contains olive oil castile, glycerin, rose hop seed oil, kumquat extract and seaweed extract. I think this cleanser can be used for any skin type but I have oily skin and I notice this deep cleanses my skin. I break out less while using it. You can use this in the shower but I like using it with a washcloth at night before I go to bed. Then I follow it with an application of the Hyaluronic Moisturizing cream.~The Rebecca ReviewI received this product free for review. This review is my honest opinion.

Marquita Bitely, MI

Step ONE to {Re}veal your Beautiful Babysoft Skin

You know what I’m talking about…that soft, fresh, glowing face that is hiding under a few years of dry, dull, congested skin. Be it from weather, age, clogged pores (or in my case, ALL of the above!), this is your first step to putting your best face forward.Some of my favorite ingredients are used in this nourishing formulation, like rose hip oil and seaweed extract. It’s a gel that foams a bit with water, thanks to olive oil derived castile. Nothing irritating or artificial here. Not one ‘safety flagged’ ingredient, and no hidden ingredients. Other products that list ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ can hide a lot of unsafe chemicals under those names, at least those sold in the USA. Chemicals banned or regulated in the skin care products in other countries can hide under ‘fragrance’ here.After rinsing with cool water, apply your toner and moisturizer.Or, this can be the first step for an exfoliating treatment.I have skin that can react badly to certain products. I had no redness or irritation with this.Please note that this product is not tested on animals, and is made in the United States.A sample was provided for review

Kristy Bitely, MI

Gentle Cleaning!

I really like the Rose face wash. It smells great, applies easily like any liquid soap product, and lathers up well. It does a great job cleaning your face, gently. After use my face felt more alive, fresh and clean. I could actually see the difference, that was nice. I liked this product very much.I used The Rose Face Wash, Glycolic Peel, and Moisturizer together from this company. I have to say these products work well. My face feels refreshed and soft after use. I have sensitive skin and allergies so I must take extra cautions when using a product, but I had no problems with these products and no allergies. I recommend this regiment, and these products. You like what you see in the mirror. I received free samples of these products for a fair and honest review

Margery Cloverdale, MI