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Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid + Matrixyl + Algae Eye Cream 0.5 oz.

To hydrate, firm and tone the delicate skin around your eyes, turn to our Hydrating Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Matrixyl 3000. This gentle formula effectively reduces the look of fine lines and crow’s feet and it delivers these results in a lightweight, non-oily, and fragrance-free eye cream that you’ll feel good about wearing every day.

Key features

  • 2 bottles hydrating eye cream

Honest reviews


I want to love this….

I adore the hyaluronic acid masks and how they make my skin look and feel after using them (I’m 51 and they really give me a super glow and softness). I was hoping this eye cream would do the same…but truly, it just didn’t. A let down. Oh well, I will stick with the ROC items that have worked well in the past AND the masks, which are fabulous (if short lived….great for right before a party/get together).

Casandra Lostant, IL

Excellent and good for very sensitive eyes!

Again, I have purchased from this company… and yes, you have to allow them a few extra days to deliver you a FRESH product… but is well worth it. I really like this product and works well for day time, under makeup and is a great night time eye cream… I must rub my eyes when I sleep because other products for use around eyes end up causing morning burning, redness, and swelling… This product does not!! I also found that if I have irritation from sun/sweat/salt and burning eyes, I can use this product to cool and soothe the skin around my eyes… Yes I like it!! (I have probably tried every eye product for sensitive eyes out there… from $10 to $200… and there are only two that I continue to use… this will be one of them!!I also had a recent failure of some sun block and ended up with red face and burned lips… I used this product around my lips too and it soothed them??? I would love to see this in a larger size?(I use their Hyaluronic Acid serum and am trying some other products from this company… 🙂

Maricela Kilmarnock, VA

It’s Hyaluronic Acid – So it Works!

I like this cream. It’s in a small bottle and doesn’t last long but I realize the benefits from hyaluronic acid and so I got this one. It’s not a "serum" which are said to dry the face and not "hydrate". I must say, though, I’m a guy and nothing I’ve tried has made my skin look and feel as great as Lab Series products.

Samantha Sanford, NC

Pretty good stuff

I uyse this in conjunction with Murad Resugence products so I cant tell you which is doing a killer job, but overall my skin looks 1000 times better than it did a couple of months ago. I also use a gentle acid peel on it occasionally and use the PaloVia, Needle Roller and NuFace microcurrent systems to stimulate the skin. Its still cheaper than a series of face peels, which I tried once about 10 years ago and looked like a burn victim and was not impressed.

Tina Brogan, OR

Leaves a visible white film

Unfortunately, I haven’t noticed any visible results with this eye cream. It also leaves a white film/crust all around my eyes that I have to carefully clean off every morning which is pretty annoying. It definitely doesn’t work under concealer since it balls up pretty badly. Overall, a pretty big bummer.

Penelope Camden, AL

its ok

I love hyaluronic acid and feel that eeveryone should be applying it daily however, this product has a sticky texture.I do like the pure HA from timeless much better

Rae Darwin, MN

Good product, great price!

Nice eye cream for the price. I have very sensitive/acne prone skin and this has not broken me out. I can’t tell a big difference in fine lines being less noticeable, but they have not gotten worse… so, good eye cream for the price!

Katina Unionville, OH

Really nice eye cream!

I love this eye cream and will reorder. First of all, I’m a contact wearer and tend to have sensitive skin. This product doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes in any way. It doesn’t have any kind of odor or perfume that I’ve noticed.I’d describe the texture as a creamy gel. It’s lightweight and absorbs like a gel; however, it’s just a bit more creamy and it moisturizes very nicely. The skin around my eyes stays hydrated for hours. I can’t say it’s a miracle worker, but I don’t expect miracles from topical products. I’m 40 and have some sun damage. I have pretty realistic expectations.All in all, I would recommend this product and I will be reordering it myself.

Stacey Wolf Lake, IL

i like it

b/c it seems to really get moisture in around your eyes. however, one of the main ingredients is emu oil. now what do they do to the emu to get that?

Ivy Hudson, IA

Sensitive skin loves it!

I have extremely sensitive skin around my eyes and this cream caused absolutely no irritation. In addition, it works better than any other eye cream I’ve tried: It hydrates, soothes, smooths and greatly minimizes wrinkles. Some fine lines have virtually disappeared over the past several weeks since I started using it.

Alba Oxford, OH

Wonderful! :))

I’ve been using this for about a week and it gives great hydration under my eyes! I use it morning and evening. I just love it because it has softened the fine lines under my eyes…I’m hoping they eventually disappear. I also love this because I have a bad habit sleeping on my side which can cause wrinkles but it helps and prevents my fine lines from getting deeper. I also started sleeping on a satin pillow case to prevent wrinkles and it seems to help. Love this product but I’m looking for a miracle worker. Hopefully this is it. I will give a updated review once I finish this off…Hoping this is my miracle to get rid of fine lines!

Nichole Small Point, ME

Two Stars

It didn’t do anything for me but not saying that it would not work for others.

Reyna Lewiston, CA

hydrating eye cream

I like this product / I’ve ordered other products from this company and have not been disapointed. I also use it with Arbutin Vitamin C Kojic Acid Skin Lightening Cream . Both go on easly and feel great on my skin.

Cecelia Euclid, OH

It works

I really feel like it makes the skin around my eyes better, but I am little worried about the ingredients. I used this for a few months now, because it works and I haven’t found anything better.

Anastasia Waynesfield, OH

Pretty Good Stuff!

I liked the fast shipping and great customer support. The product did lend some improvement on lines. But, for me this product seem to work more on puffiness around eyes.

Tasha Hiram, ME


Very nice cream. Very non-irritating and gentle. While I can’t say that I see a big difference in the way my eyes look after using this about 3 weeks, it sure doesn’t aggravate my skin in any way. I’m considering buying the face Hyaluronic Acid from Timeless, because it is so gentle, and is perfect to use after the derma-roller. I actually like this product and give it the proverbial two thumbs up.

Alta Mondamin, IA

Eye cream

This is the best product I’ve used for wrinkles around the eyesCan be used under make-up and at night.

Alisa Quincy, PA

Best Eye Cream I’ve Found So Far

This is an all-around great eye cream at a reasonable price. Here’s a little breakdown for those thinking of purchasing this item.Consistency: I would characterize this as a non-greasy, lightweight cream/gel. It takes a moment to absorb, but it is non-sticky and makeup applies smoothly without “pilling” or settling into creases.Effectiveness: This is not a miracle product (but really, do they even exist?). However, it does a great job hydrating the eye area and seems to keep fine lines at bay. That’s all I can ask for at this point. I used to work for a “prestige” cosmetics line and have not found more expensive products to work any better than this one.Vehicle: I love the pump. How gross is it to repeatedly contaminate a product because you have to stick your fingers in a jar? I also like to think it prevents ingredients from oxidizing, since they are not exposed to air as it would be in a wide-mouthed jar.Value: I have yet to find an eye cream I enjoy as much as this one at 2-3X the price. Also, it lasts a very long time. Looking at my purchase order history, I seem to be buying this once per year (I’m on my 3rd repurchase in 3 years). I use it sparingly twice daily. A little goes a long way. However, the pump dispenses more than I use, so I try to only compress it about half way. If you are using full pumps, you will obviously go through it a lot quicker.Ingredients: A short ingredient list, there seems to be a lot of “actives” in this product without a lot of extra junk or toxic ingredients. There is no discernible odor/fragrance, it is non-irritating for my sensitive skin, and I haven not experienced milia (those little white bumps) from this product. I also appreciate that it does not contain aloe! A lot of “natural” eye creams rely on this relatively cheap ingredient as a carrier/filler, but unfortunately, it is responsible for a lot of allergic reactions.I definitely think this is quite a little “gem” I’ve found on Amazon!

Lorene White Plains, NC