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Hydrate, facial moisturizer, 1.7oz.

A gentle and hypoallergenic facial moisturizer. Contains sheaf butter mango butter avocado and hydromantic. Delivers long-lasting moisture to prevent dehydration. Reduces the effects of aging and sun damage. Skin appears softer smoother plumper and healthier looking. Perfect for all skin types even very sensitive skin. Product line: bag – day care product size: 48g/1.7ounce. Osage hydrate. 1.7 ounce. New.

Key features

  • Osage hydrate
  • 1.7 ounce
  • New

Honest reviews



I am so happy to purchase this high quality moisture cream. Obagi is my favorite skin care line.Wonderful service by seller and the price is sooo great!

Allison Knoxville, AL

FINALLY!!! Obagi without PARABENS!!!!

I was on the Obagi Nuderm system for a year and it worked WONDERS on my age spotted sun worshippedskin but when I learned recently about parabens, which are lab made preservatives that have beenfound in breast cancer tumors, etc, I threw all of it out. I needed to take a break from the Nudermsystem anyways and my skin was where it needed to be.My friend, whom I introduced Obagi to, got this Hydrate from her aesthetician’s office and told methat it was paraben free! She loves it so I thought I’d give it a try on the evenings sunscreen isn’tneeded and to alleviate my dry chin and mouth area. I bought it here on Amazon and saved $12 insteadof buying it at my dermatologists office! YEs!!!!I have used it about 3-4 times and I used it last night and I woke up this morning and the skin aroundmy mouth and chin was flaky. Unsure if it this is meant to be just an “as-needed” spot treatment for drynessinstead of as a night cream. This does go on silky though and it reminds me of how thosedymethicone products feel. It has no scent which I am very glad about. And I have not tried to wear it in themorning/daytime because I wear an spf 30 under my tinted moisturizer.I am currently on Image Skincare products and love it but some of my sun spots have come back even thoughI do use spf 30 every single day so I want to eventually go back to the Obagi Nuderm line but I refuseto until they make the entire line paraben free. (not only are parabens found in paraben users breast andother cancerous tumors but is also found to raise estrogen levels and there are also concerns with parebensin childrens bathing products etc causing premature breast growth as well as pubic hair growth in as youngas 4 yr olds!!).PLEASE OBAGI FOLLOW WHAT YOU DID WITH THIS PRODUCT AND MAKE ALL OF YOUR LINE PARABEN FREE!

Teresa Stanley, IA

Finally, a moisturizer from Obagi

I love the Obagi skin care system but longed for a moisturizer during the dry winter months. I guess Obagi felt the same way. This is a non-greasy mild moisturizer. I will buy this again and again.

Araceli Clymer, NY

Hydrate gets my vote

I have been using this for about a year and am well pleased with it. No problems with product to date.

Lauri Seminary, MS

obagi is nice

Anything by Obagi is very nice. I am 59 and have young skin because I take care of it with products like these.

Arlene Humboldt, SD

dont buy

never again purchasing this moisturizer , it has a bad smell plus it gave my skin a rash, I don’t think this is the original Obagi, product has no expiration date

Sheila Enning, SD

i trust anything by obagi

Its definitely no heavy hitter like the rest of the line. Nothing fancy or luxurious, but it does the job of moisturizing. Might not order again. I could take it or leave it. I just trust the Obagi brand so much that I wanted to try it

Angel Hinesville, GA

Great & light

I use it a lot with my Obagi regime. It’s not oily yet moisturizes my skin. It’s not a heavy moisturizer but I have oily skin that turns dry when I use nu-derm. Will buy again.

Casey Curryville, PA


Good word for this product, once your I to the system, this does make you feel like it is rehydrating the skin

Jordan Strang, NE

Just The Best

If you are looking for the best moisturizer, that feels natural not greasy, this should be your choice! I love It!

Wilma Avon, IN