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Hugo Naturals Smoothing and Defining Conditioner, Coconut, 12-Ounce

Natural botanicals help nourish hair withoutweighing it down—while Tahitian monoioil and quinoa protein make curly or frizzyhair more manageable.To Use: After shampooing, work smallamount into hair, concentrating on the ends.Leave on for a minute, rinse well.Never Any: parabens, phenoxyethanol,SLS, PEGs, propylene glycol, petroleumproducts, artificial colors or syntheticfragrances.

Key features

  • Gluten and soy free.
  • Vegan.
  • No aimal testing.

Honest reviews


Expensive waste

I wanted to like this conditioner (and its matching shampoo-see my other review) because I love other coconut sulfate/ silicone free hair products and was hoping to get these delivered to my door instead of having to go to the store.This is the worst conditioner I have ever used. It is worse than using nothing after shampooing my thick, fine curly hair and that is saying a lot if you have curly hair. I tried using this and its shampoo for two weeks before I quit and went gratefully to a brand I knew would fix the frizzy horrible mess. Yikes. Plus it didn’t smell much like coconut. It had a weird smell faintly of coconuts and rubber.My hair was so dry, weirdly textured & not soft… It sucked after using these products. I went back to my old organic brand that was sulfate silicone free and was instantly better, thank God.

Connie Grandfalls, TX

Makes my hair straighter and smooth

I’m on my second bottle of this conditioner and I love it. I use Nature’s Gate Jojoba shampoo (so my hair doesn’t get greasy) and this conditioner daily. My hair is very thick and a mixture of fine and course with a wave in the back. This conditioner makes my hair a lot straighter and smooth. And it’s so nice to know it’s all natural.

Deann New Lebanon, NY

Smells like rotten coconuts & doesn’t moisturize at all

I’ve used a few brands of natural conditioners. I have thick, dry hair so I always try to get something that moisturizes well. This stuff smells SO gross and makes my hair feel just as gross as it smells. I feel like it doesn’t rinse out well and makes my hair heavy. Ick!

Jeannie Whitewater, MT

The Bom Dot Com

I have 4a/3c hair and we all know super curly hair is prone to dryness. This kicks dryness in the butt. It is the only conditioner I have ever used that I can actually omit following with a leave-in and my hair will stay moisturized. I’m so bummed Whole Foods isn’t carrying it anymore and I have to order.

Dorothy Topeka, IN

terrible smell

the smell is terrible. it’s like rotton coconuts mixed with some kind of chemically made product. it’s hard to describe the stink but it isn’t pleasent. it doesn’t smell natural.

Catherine Enfield, NC

Smells Good

Smells nice and the conditioning was ok. I thought the Vanilla and Sweet Orange version did a better job at conditioning my hair.

Erma Blue Diamond, NV


good small.. good ingredient.. but small amount.. so i use this one bottle per one month.. i dont have any complain.. but texture.. too watery..

Darcy New Century, KS

Very Good But…

I use this with the smoothing and defining coconut shampoo. It leaves my dry,wavy,thick hair soft,silky and shiny. Does not have a fresh smell but once rinsed out there is no odor. I’m glad that it does not have an overpowering scent. However my hair was greasy and the oils covered my face.

Eliza Jacobsburg, OH


you would not believe how good this smells! and it doesn’t have any of the bad stuff in it. hair feels great too!

Hannah Scranton, SC

smells good but….

Leaves my hair greasy.

Sonja Hammond, NY