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Hugo for Men by Hugo Boss Eau de Toilette Spray, 2.5 Ounce

Launched by the design house of Hugo boss in the year 1995. This aromatic green fragrance has a blend of lavender, green apple, mint, grapefruit, basil, carnation, sage, geranium, jasmine, patchouli, fir, and cedar.

Key features

  • Launched by the design house of Hugo boss in the year 1995
  • For all skin types
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews



good price good product good presentation i recommend the product you can buy it several times excellent bran and you can be confident

Marian Winnebago, WI

Great Fragrance

I love this Fragrance. First time I used it I wasn’t sure but it has really grown on me and my wife loves it too 🙂

Francisca Sandy Level, VA

The real deal when purchased through Amazon

This has been my significant other’s favorite cologne for years and years. We purchased this directly through Amazon (NOT a reseller) and received the legit product. Contrary to other reviews, he has not noticed any change in the product’s scent or strength. The price can’t be beat and after checking various online options (like Sephora), I was not able to find the legitimate product for a lower price.

Erin Ocean Grove, NJ

this one i wear more than my number one pick

cool water was/is my number one pick for everyday wear.. but Hugo out did cool water wit this one.. smells sweet but not girly,perfect balance of sweet and fruity.

Annette Floral Park, NY

Nice smell same I brought from Europe but not long lasting

Nice smell same I brought from Europe but not long lasting. I don’t know but not long lasting at all. I love perfumes long lasting. Daytime use with casual wear only.-HP

Julie Edgefield, SC

Very Complex scent

No wonder this is Hugo Boss’s #1 seller.. so many notes in the fragrance makes it very unique. Quite a bit of citrus with a side of woods. Would definitely recommend to others.

Sharlene Farrell, MS


Every man must have this cologne! it smell, so clean, fresh, I’m in love with this cologne, buy it! you won’t regret!

Daphne Brecksville, OH

The hubbys favorite!

Got this for my hubby for our anniversary and he was so delighted. I received it in time and packaged very well, and the price was excellent! Thank you!

Nola Pendleton, KY

Feels Good To Smell Like A Boss

I bought this because it was on the top ten colognes for men on some site i went too on google. Anyways, it smells really great and lasts all day. I work in a corporate office and its 8 hour days and this scent lasts well pass the time i get home. Warning: you dont need a lot of sprays for this, a few well placed squirts around the neck and the wrists and your good to go. I recommend this, it came well before the estimated delivery time, nothing was tampered with and it smells really great. Get this fragrance and smell like a BOSS!

Wendy Jackson, PA


I gave it a 3 because with the current colognes of today, it kinda doesn’t stand a chance but for those old skool people who happens to like the musky, woody, type smell. Its a good choice. The smell won’t fade on you. Just don’t just too much. It can potentially be way too strong to some.

Jean Tebbetts, MO


Electronics hobbyists, beware…Read on for more.I know that this is an oldie and a well-loved cologne, but I absolutely could not stand it. Personally, it would be a 1.5 star rating out of 5. But since I will factor in others’ opinions about it, I will give it a neutral 3.I’m a 21 year old college student. I’m quite mature (I’ve been told) for my age, and I think my colognes tend to reflect it. I have only started getting into colognes recently, so I do not have the best nose. I can’t tell you what notes are in each colognes, or what the base is of each one. But I do know what smells good to me and what doesn’t. I’ve currently got UR by Usher, Chrome, Burberry London, 1 million, Le Male, Armani Code, and Blvgari Black in my regular rotation/collection.I tried this cologne the other day, and my initial impression was that it was very strong. The alcohol content of this cologne must be much higher than comparable EDTs. The only one I have smelled with more alcohol has been Nautica Blue. The alcohol overpowers the top notes.The dry-down is where it gets interesting. I can swear that Hugo smells exactly like breathing in the saccharin-sweet fumes from using rosin-core 60/40 lead solder while chewing 2-hour-old spearmint gum. It’s uncanny. And it’s not just my skin type. I let several friends and family members borrow it, and I smelled exactly the same thing on them. Soldering fumes and gum. I did notice that, for my friends and family that have never soldered anything before, they found this scent to be quite pleasant. However, anyone I knew that had soldered anything before or has been around someone else soldering knew the smell without me having to tell them anything.I haven’t ruled out the possibility that I got a bad bottle/batch. I will certainly give it another try if I see it in a dept store. So although this is a classic frag, beware. Try it out before you buy it. Especially if you’ve ever soldered anything before and you didn’t enjoy the fumes. It’s definitely a unique scent.

Jeannine Cedar Hill, TX

Tried and tested

you cant go wrong with Hugo by Hugo Boss…still the same..kind of a gold standard fragrance for men..Mild yet smells wonderful…Can wear it everyday…great price at Amazon for a 5 ounce bottle…

Elena Waterford, MS