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Huetiful Hair and Facial Steamer

We are so confident in the quality of our brand and the results you’ll experience, that we are the only hair steamer brand that offers a No Risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee for the first 60 days along with a 1-year replacement part warranty. Huetiful brand Hair Steamers are the original and best selling portable hair steamers; designed specifically to address the leading hair frustrations among women with wavy, curly, or kinky-curly hair; whether it is relaxed, natural, colored or transitioning. As a 100% minority owned business based in Atlanta, Georgia, we understand that your hair creates unique hair challenges. Dry hair, breakage, dandruff, frizz. A Huetiful brand Hair Steamer can resolve all of these frustrations and allow you to stop buying multiple deep conditioners, serums and hair treatments that never seem to completely restore enough moisture back to your dry hair. This product offering includes a Facial Steamer attachment (value: $19.95). Now you can bring the spa home to your house; give yourself a facial steam spa treatment. Recommended in Essence, Hype Hair, NaturallyCurly and other leading hair and beauty care publications and blogs.

Key features

  • 60 day, Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee. We pay SHIPPING. Even the Returns.
  • Restores moisture and hydration to dry or frizzy hair more effectively than conditioners or treatments alone
  • Helps prevent split ends and breakage that results from dry hair, heat or chemical treatments
  • The only hair steamer brand with available customer support, service, and instructional videos available on our website 24/7
  • Out of Stock Until DECEMBER 26TH, 2012

Honest reviews


Mixed feelings about the Huetiful Steamer

I bought the Huetiful steamer based on reviews I saw from three of my favorite natural hair YouTubers. And yeah, I paid the steep the $127.00 price. Was the construction of the steamer worth $127? No, it is has a shoddy construction. The marketing campaign (using popular natural haired divas) to make the high price tag seem worthwhile is a brilliant strategy. The steamer should only cost less than a third of its markup.When I opened the box I was disappointed. The steamer’s detachable hood is constructed from a super cheap plastic. There are dollar store plastic soup bowls with a heavier construction than the Huetiful Steamer’s hood. Also the main part of the steamer reminds me of a measuring cup with a heating appliance inside it. They need to invest more in the parts themselves, so people get the most bang for their buck. If I pay $127 for something, I want it to last awhile, and not be afraid it will be damaged or ruined. I have a hoodie dryer that I paid $60 for that is better constructed than the Huetiful Hair Steamer.Those criticisms of the construction aside, I have to say the steamer itself was extremely beneficial. It actually worked for my hair! To test the steamer, I used a super cheap conditioner too (V05 conditioner), without my extras, to test the benefits of the Huetiful steamer. Although all of my hair didn’t fit into the steamer, the top 3/4 did. That portion was extremely moisturized the next morning (even after sleeping without my satin cap). And it’s very soft to the touch…and this was a surprise. Usually, even after putting in my leave ins, my hair feels moisturized..but not so soft to the touch.So am I happy with the construction of the steamer? No. Did it work for my hair? Yes. Is it worth the $127 price tag? No.

Christa Ogunquit, ME

Wonderful and valuable purchase!

Love, love, love it! My daughter and I are reaping the benefits from this purchase. Purchasing this steamer at this price was equal to one treatment at local salons. I’m laughing all the way to the bank on this one!

Vicki Iowa Park, TX

Hair Steamer works well – love the facial attchment!

I purchased this product last year after hearing about it on various natural hair care blogs. I have natural hair (4b/4c) that tends to be dry and needs moisture, so I thought this would be good for my hair. The hair steamer works fine, but unless you have an adjustable office chair at home – you will be squirming to find a comfortable sitting position when using the steam hood attachment. While using the steam hood – the steam reached most of my head/hair, except the nape of the neck area (the hood is just designed this way.) The steamer unit will shut off automatically after about 20 minutes.The facial attachment is great and I love using that twice weekly. My skin has responded well and I have not had the flaking and dryness I normally have during the winter months. One thing I wish the Huetiful company would do is to add instructions on how to use the facial steamer attachment – none came with my order. (I figured out how to use the attachment, but instructions are always nice.)

Irene Tomkins Cove, NY

Good steamer

Really good with deep conditioning or just adding moisture to your hair. I’m relaxed and use my steamer maybe 3 times a month. The steamer helps me maintain the moisture balance, especially in the winter months. I wish that it could better accomodate the lower back part of my hair. It takes some maneuvering to get complete coverage for the nape portion. But overall it’s a good buy and very easy to use.

Rena Orr, MN

Wonderful steamer!!!

I will no longer use a dryer to deep condition my hair. This steamer is the way to go. Apply conditioner to your hair and sit under this steamer…you hair will feel amazing!!! My hair felt like butter. I haven’t used the facial steamer yet but my hair looks and feels great!!!!

Edith West Alton, MO


I love this hair steamer. I felt it helps my hair retain more shine and luster after I use it with my deep conditioners.It also works as a great steamer for the face.

Carol Eden Valley, MN

Steamer worked twice then never again

I bought the steamer last year for $125 and i used it twice and on the third time it stopped working. Tried to reach company but they’re giving me the run around. Now i have a broken steamer in my closet. Very disapointed customer. It’s a shame that companies like Huetiful are ripping customers of their hard earned money.

Karen Flatwoods, KY

It’s Works

So hair steaming is all the rage for naturals. I must say I used it every week when I put conditioner my hair but then I slowly started to use it less maybe every other week. It makes my hair real soft but there is maximum hair shrinkage afterward. Usually when I wash my hair i keep it stretch so it doesn’t tangle and when air dried it still hangs to some degree below my earlobe. But after is use the steamer my hair curls all the way up and i have an 4in fro. I have to put my hair in braids which combats most of the shrinkage.The steamer has a “steam” on and off setting and a “ozone” on and off setting. I always turn on both. I’m not sure what the ozone is suppose to do, but i figured it wouldn’t hurt.The steamer also comes with a Facial attachment which is nice, but don’t leave it laying around because when I have guests over they think its a…… “toy”. Anyways, I only put distilled water in it like an iron or humidifier so it wont rust or grow microbes. I must say that it is easy to clean I put the head attachment in the dishwasher. The unit is real compact so its easy to store and transport it.The product is expensive… but it definite works, I will continue to use it, but I feel like its probably not necessary to have unless you have extremely dry hair. Otherwise using a conditioner cap or shower steam is adequate enough.

Dorothy Columbia, AL

good unit

I’m from England and steamers are common in salons and beauty shops. I’m glad I came across this, but I which it was not table top. I for the life of me can’t find a good position to put this, I’m either on a foot stool stacked with books or in some other awkward spot to use it. I barely use it, which is a shame. I need to figure this out because it does leave my hair very soft and hydrated.

Valarie Arlington, TN