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HSI Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Curling and flat iron. Black and red

Our heat resistant glove protects your hands from discomfort and burns while styling with heat tools such as flat irons, hair dryers and curling irons.

Key features

  • Heat resistant Gloves
  • One size fits all
  • Used for flat iron, curling iron, and hair dryers.

Honest reviews


Do not buy…Cheap knitted glove

This is a useless product. It is too big for my hand and fingers are way too long for anybody. It is not heat resistant either. I recommend to get well fitting, comfortable pair of glove from a store. Now you have an extra if one is old or get lost. Added on 10/23/2012 Please do not buy this, you will be sorry that your money is wasted. You probably end up keeping in you junk pile; what a hassle is it to return an item! I paid the shipping cost to show them that there are some people would not buy into this kind of fraud. I paid about $10.00 then I thought it was a rip off. Now asking price is almost doubled! Believe me. This glove probably cost less than 1 dollar to generate it.

Althea Cooperstown, PA

This glove works great

Not sure what all the other reviewers are talking about. I like this glove a lot. If it were completely heat proof it would be very thick and hard to move your hand in. Plus, I hold my hair to the iron with this glove and when it finally gets hot on my hand, I know my hair is done.Then I do another trick which works great, don’t let the curled hair fall after you pull it off the iron, hold it in your heat proof glove until it’s cooled down a bit. You can also pin each curl to your head so they can cool completely without gravity pulling them down. You may not realize this but as it hangs and cools, it releases a lot of curl. My hair falls out so quickly and I really hate using any hair spray so this works awesome for me.

Denise Kurtz, IN

To expensive for pour quality!!!

I think it was expensive for the pour quality .. I can still feel the heat from the iron… In the picture it looks really nice n once u get it looks all ugly n bad well it wasn’t what I was expecting :/

Francis Madison, KS

double purpose glove

My wife had one of these gloves for doing her hair, however I also found it worked better than oven mitts when grabing something hot from the oven as I got a better grip. So now my wife has her’s for her hair, and I have mine for the oven. Very handy glove. Also Blue Novelties, the company I purchased from is a excellent company to do business with, as they not only shipped fast, but also follow up with an email to make sure you are satisfied with your purchas.GaryEdited 6/21/2013I got this glove confused with another glove (the charcol glove for BBQing). No, I don’t use this one for taking things in and out of the oven, it’s too light for that. But my wife absolutely loves it for doing her hair. Still 100% rating for the glove and service. Sorry about the goof, we ordered both at the same time.

Gail Diagonal, IA

To bulky

I ordered this with my her styler wand and I used it maybe once. It’s very bulky and made the job hard to do but it does protect your hand well. Would be better is it was tight fitting.

Vilma Hillsboro, OR

A must have for avoiding burns with conical shaped curling iron

No more burns while making perfect spiral curls, this glove totally protects from the heat.Don’t make the mistake I did and use your spiral or conical curling iron, where you wrap the piece of hair around the barrel, WITHOUT THIS!

Susana Lexington, MA

Just a normal glove

I compared this glove with other heat resistant gloves and ultimately decided to put this one in my cart. Since it was an “add-on” item. It stayed there for a while until I reached the amount needed in my cart to ship. I was excited when I finally received it and was quickly disappointed that this was literally just a normal glove. I have used it and it does do the job but I was expecting it to be different. I wish I would’ve gone to Walmart and bought a cheap, regular pair of gloves instead of waiting for this one glove.

Esperanza Mecosta, MI

I like it and I dont

I bought this glove for help with my mini flat iron as it is very little. I was getting burnt due to it getting so hot. But at the same time the material feels to scratchy. I am assuming there is no way to make it fel better, but I just can not give it five stars.

Olive Robertsville, OH

gets the job done

The previous glove I had came with my curling iron, but I use these kind of gloves for any heat styling of my hair. The special value of this glove is that it protects my wrists from getting singed by the hot iron. Other gloves I’ve gotten in Sally’s and other beauty supply stores don’t extend far enough down my arm and so there is a risk of getting burned. This glove is also pretty thick. Of the ones I have tried I would definitly recommend this one. It’s a little more pricey but it’s worth it.

Wendi Myra, TX

Good glove

I bought this and it works very well but I have to say it is very large. I have very big hands for a girl and they were big on me.

Anastasia State Line, PA

Very convenient gloves …

These gloves are real hand savers. They are great even when my thirteen year old uses the hot spiral curler on very long hair. She wouldn’t be able to do her own hair without the protection of the heat glove. Great product and very reliable seller!

Eddie Gilman City, MO

Excellent tool for not burning your fingers

I use this with my T3 Sing Pass Whirl (a clip less wand) I HAVE to have these gloves when I use it, otherwise I burn my hands. I’ve also found they are great to use with straightening irons as well. All in all I really like these gloves (actually, there is now way I can use my tools without them) and I like that they are black. They work great.

Mavis Castaner, PR

Works great, saves your fingers

I bought this glove for my niece who straight-irons her thick hair on the hottest setting every morning. This glove saves her from burning herself on the iron and on the hot hair coming off the iron … she’s got no more complaints! It was reasonably priced and fits her hand well.

Earnestine Reeds, MO

Works great

I really like this glove, it is well made, and it helps to use when styling hair with rod curler or flat iron. in the past I have singed my fingertips before, no problems now with this handy glove.

Dominique Albrightsville, PA

Heat? What heat?

I am a klutz when it comes on to curling my hair and I am always afraid of getting burnt. This glove makes it easier to avoid those situations. It may be tricky to maneuver but with practice you will get the hang of it.

Georgina Winslow, IL

Excellent flat iron

This is a great flat iron. It heats up very quickly and straightens (or curls) the hair effectively leaving it smooth, shiny and soft. My hair is naturally wavy, dry and frizzy. I live in Arizona where the super dry climate makes hair really hard to manage. I consider any flat iron that can tame hair living in Arizona to be superlative! And this one does it. I have straightened my hair and also created big ringlets quickly and easily with this iron.The iron has a dial to regulate the temperature of the iron from 140 to 410 degrees F. There is a little light on top which is red when you first turn it on and which changes to green when the iron has heated up and is at the temperature you specified with the temperature control dial.It also comes with a nice glove to handle your hot hair without burning your fingers, a very cute heat proof pouch made of red satin, and a tiny bottle of Argan oil. All very nice.I would definitely recommend this flat iron.

Jillian Ross, TX

smooth, great fit, works!

Well made, soft, smooth, great to use with hot air dryer & brushes or curling iron. Great product! Love it! Thanks!

Francis Waukon, IA

Works Well

I just recently bought a larger heated styling brush that is 1.25" in diameter. There aren’t many rows of bristles, which allow a lot of exposed metal, and so I’m my always burning my finger when I’m styling my hair. I was hitting the same spot on my finger repeatedly and was working on a pretty good blister, so I went looking for a solution. Initially I thought I’d have to resort to an Ove Glove, but while searching came across this heat resistant glove made for hair styling tools. Didn’t know they made things like this, figuring everyone else was just better at using these tools. Not only was I happy to find a product like this, but really happy that it works! No more burns…but keep in mind, I did not purposely test it by laying my finger on the hot metal. I simply used the glove while styling my hair as usual, and for once didn’t burn myself. The glove fit fine and didn’t impede my use in any way. Very pleased with the product and how fast I received my order.

John Martinsburg, MO

A glove that works!

A heat resistant glove is pretty straight forward, right? You want to be able to wear it and grip your hair without burning your hand. This glove does all that, I even had my finger resting against a VERY hot curling iron for a few moments while I waited for my hair to curl and I didn’t feel the heat at all. So it definitely works well and I highly recommend it!

Malinda Kykotsmovi Village, AZ


When using a curling iron or flat iron these are great for not getting burnt. You will agree and the price is perfect too.

Darlene Olsburg, KS

love it

makes straightening my hair go by so much faster since I can actually handle the hot hair. It’s also great for my styling wand. I like to use 450 degrees for both and this glove really helps.

Jenifer Evanston, IL

skin saver

I have a curling rod which gets really hot resulting in several ugly burns on my hand. This glove is the perfect remedy. No burns since I started using it. And it doesn’t make my hair frizzy the way some gloves do. Well worth it!

Sheila Glady, WV

They Work But Not Great at Very High Temps

I bought 2 of these gloves with the specific intent of using them in conjunction with Keratin treatments, which require a 450 degree flat iron. I used the gloves a number of times with the iron set at 392 and 419. They worked fairly well. You can feel the heat for sure, but no burning as long as you keep moving.Unfortunately, they do not perform well with higher temps. I did my Keratin treatment today and set the iron at 455. They did not protect my fingers nearly as well. However, I would not have been able to do the job at all without the gloves.I would have given 4 stars but the seam opened in the web of one glove and I ended up with a burned thumb … from my hair, not the flat iron.

Krystal Pepeekeo, HI

Necessary for high temp irons

With the high temps of the modern hair irons, you’ve got to have one of these for your own safety. The burns you get off the high temp irons isn’t just a superficial burn, it is 2nd degree at the least. I do wish the gloves went up to the elbow since I am rather a klutz but it covers the wrist area totally.

Allene Mc Knightstown, PA


No more burns. I admit to being a klutz around hot electric anythings. The iron included some lame two-finger type of protection which promptly fell off and how I burned my thumb. Figured I’d never use the curling iron. Along came this little miracle glove and BINGO, problem solved. Love it and recommend it.

Marisol Limestone, TN

Five Stars

Works great with the her styler curling iron.

Olive Lexington, OR

HSI Professional Heat Resistant Glove for Curling and flat iron. Black and

I like this product but I find that it gets in my way when I’m curling my hair. So, I don’t use it.

Jaime New Germantown, PA

what a rip off

This is a cheaply made material for this purpose, unravelled within a couple of uses. And not even a pair, just one… so a waste of $9. Am now using a regular pair of gloves and it’s still in-tact.

Sharron Bethel, MN

Protection for Hands

This glove works pretty well. I thought it would be thicker to keep the high heat away from your hand, but it is thinner than I thought.

Dixie Winston, MO

good to have when needed

This is really a must have when using straighteners. I was surprised how easily I got used to not getting burned 🙂

Patrice Cantua Creek, CA