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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron, with Travel Size Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment

The Proffesional HSI Flat Iron is great for transforming frizzy, dull hair into gorgeously straight, sleek locks. Aside from straightening, the Proffesional HSI Flat Iron curls and flips hair beautifully, its 1″ plates giving maximum control for all hair types. With flash quick heating and swivel cord, this iron provides great style without making a mess or taking too much time. Featuring new easier grip with ergonomic design for easier hold, the styler flat iron also has versatile heat settings to provide you with total control for all your hairstyling needs. Moist ceramic heat with solid ceramic plates and coils will maintain even temperature

Key features

  • Use with fine to coarse hair to Straighten, Flip and Curl
  • 1 inch solid ceramic tourmaline plates and advanced infrared heat technology
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Includes Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment to help smooth and protect tresses
  • Straighten, flip and curl your hair
  • Adjustable temperature from 240F to 400F (120C – 200C) to suit all hair types
  • Ceramic/tourmaline ion plates create a shinier, silkier finish in lesser time
  • 1 inch plate width, wide enough for any hair length and hair types, yet narrow enough for bangs
  • Transform frizzy, dull hair into gorgeous straight, sleek locks
  • Is wordlwide dual voltage compatible 110v-220v

Honest reviews


Best Flat Iron I Have Used.. At An Awesome Price.. You Wont Be Sorry 🙂

Florence Mooseheart, IL

Straight Hair Finally!

I am African American and I have been trying to transition from perms to natural hair, but straight natural hair. I used to use a Remington hair straightener and it worked okay for the most part but for some reason my hair never shined the way I wanted it. I was looking at getting a CHI but then I came across HSI and decided to research a bit more before I made the purchase. I am super glad I decided to take a chance on this straightener because I have never, ever had straight hair without having to use a perm and to be honest my hair never took to perms that well either. My hair is about 8 inches and kind of coarse when not permed and my new growth is especially hard to straighten because the hair is super coarse and curly. I used this for the first time tonight and I had straight hair on one pass. I will tell you what I used on my hair to get a perm look without the chemical!I mixed together the following products to get super soft, shinning and nutrient-infused hair:Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion100% African Shea Butter (purchased from Amazon)Nature’s Way EfaGold Coconut Oil Pure Extra Virgin (purchased from Amazon)Now Solutions Castor Oil (purchased from Amazon)Now Solutions Jojoba Oil (purchased from Amazon)Lemon Essential Oil (purchased from Amazon)After I mixed this together in a quick application my hair was seriously soft, manageable and amazing when I straightened it. I wanted to see how all these products worked together and now I am going to melt these items together to get an even mixture and place the grease in a container and refridgerate to make it firm again. This coupled with the straightener equals amazing results and should definitely be attempted. There was also no burning smell as I straightened my hair and the room did not fill with smoke as I am used to it doing with my Remington.I am not sure if the Argain Oil works because with all the oils I placed in my hair I did not need to use another to straighten my hair. I will try that later on and report back. The package came with a beautiful red sleeve to place the iron in and I love that touch. I don’t know how a CHI performs so I cannot relate to the differences or similarities but I do know that if you are on a budget and prefer to have amazing hair without having to shell out over a hundred dollars then this is your straightener. I highly recommend this.Just to note: I am not a puppet who was promised anything from the company or seller to leave a good review as well as I do not work for HSI. This review is coming from my honest usage of this product from a long time Amazon consumer.

Lindsay Golva, ND

Everyone else must have a different product…

I ordered this based on the positive reviews, the price, and the claim that it is “professional”.When I got it and went to plug it in, I was surprised by how cheap the plastic is on the plug. Like a cheap dollar store toy. It heated up pretty quickly and I used it on my daughters hair. I was pleased with how straight and smooth it turned out.I few days later, I went to use it again. I plugged it in and turned it on. I blow dried my hair, which takes at least 10 to 15 minutes. The flat iron still wasn’t hot! It did heat up till the red light turned green shortly after but that’s way too long to wait. Also, as I was using it, it kept cooling off so the light would change back to red. Ridiculous. I’m’ returning it.Also, there is NO WAY this thing is worth $200. My Conair from Wal-Mart is superior to this.

Gretchen Elmsford, NY

Best Flat Iron I Have Ever Used!!!

This flat iron works wonders on my hair. It leaves my hair shiny and smoothes the ends without leaving them rough and dry. The rounded edges makes curling hair a breeze. Another plus is that the temperature dial and on and off switch are located on the underside of the iron just below the iron plates. This is great because I never have to worry about accidentally increasing/decreasing the temperature or turning the iron off while styling my hair(This was a constant problem I had with my chi air smart). I use this flat iron in combination with got2b guardian angel flat iron balm spray.

Cherie Cairo, GA

Best flat iron I have ever used.

I’ve been a flat iron user for several years now. People have raved about this HSI Iron, so I decided to give it a try. I am blown away by my results. One of my biggest pluses is that my hair is very shiny, even at the end of the day. Since I started using this flat iron I can go 4 days without washing and blow drying my hair. I have had compliments and would suggest this flat iron to anyone who wants fabulous hair.

Florence Celina, TN

Not impressed at all

I don’t get the hype about this. I like my $25 one better from Walmart. Might have gotten a fake one or something. Did NOTHING for my hair. Best of luck.

Janis Plymouth, WA

The greatest Flat Iron EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!!

I have been using flat irons for over 10 years, and it has been a struggle finding a good one that actually lasts and doesn’t pull out all my hair out.I have been using a CHI that I spent over 200 dollars on, and not even a year later it just stopped working, it worked in the morning however in the evening it stopped. So I visited amazon went through the flat irons and the review and this one had some great reviews, plus the price was something I couldn’t beat. It arrived within a couple of days, greatly packaged and when I tried it, I fell in love. It doesn’t pull my hair out and the best part is it lasts through humiditym with the chi I had two straighten it 2 times sometimes 3 a day, this one I straighten before work in the am and by the time I get home from school )11ish pm) my hair is still shiny, still flat! I love it, I will never buy another chi! If I could give it 10 stars, I would.

Leona Nesmith, SC


I have very thick hair which is naturally curly. I am a bit of a lazy straightener and occasionally would try to go too fast. It doesn’t matter with this. It leaves my hair very straight and shiny. I also use a spray heat protectant product (just a cheap suave product) and it just does a great job. Warms up very fast. I have paid a lot more for straighteners which don’t work half as well.Best straightener I have ever used. I will be buying another one for my mom’s birthday which is coming up. Cuts my straightening time in half!

Barbara Emma, MO

Very Nice Flat Iron

I was very skeptical about this particular product and I read every review. But I still decided to try it anyways after the comments. I am in love with the flat iron. My daughter has very course hair and I was like let me see if this will straighten her hair first and see how good it is before I perm her hair. I tried it and was very surprised and the curls last for at least a few days. It heats up very quickly and it does get very hot. I love the fact that the temperature and the on/off buttons are in the middle as I don’t have to worry about my hands accidentally hitting the buttons and turning it off. Some people complained about it pulling your hair, well I have not had that problem. Also my flat iron does clasp all the way down and the design does not affect my ability to flat iron my hair at all as I saw that someone stated that as well. I just pray that it last for a while and I did get everything as advertised. Also, please be aware that when I first plugged the flat iron in, it did not come on. But the reviews stated to hit the reset button and it would power up. I did that and it was on right away. I am very satisfied with my purchase…

Whitney Masterson, TX

Don’t Buy!

Does not do at all what it claims would not straighten my hair… returned the product right away after receiving.

Tabatha Macedonia, IA

Product not for me

Returned. It was too large and cumbersome for my small hands to manipulate. That’s not to say that it isn’t a flat iron and I was sorry that I had to return it without even trying it.

Lily Vandalia, MO

HSI Flat Iron

I tried to use this flat iron but it seemed to pull my hair. I ended up purchasing another tourmaline flat iron from a local store and it works much better.

Miranda Altona, IL


I ordered this straightner after my cheap one from Target broke. After reading the reviews on Amazon and price shopping I decided to get this straightner. For $44 this was one heck of a deal!I’ve been using it for only a few days now. It did come with Argan Oil instead of the “biosilk” as it advertised but I was fine with that since Aragn Oil has become my go to hair product. I’m a bit disppointed with the product though. Yeah it gets the job done, but I was expecting something from a product that is worth $299. My cheapie from Target does just a well of a job as this straightner. It heats up slower than my target one, and doesn’t straighten as well as I was hoping and I practically have the dial almost all the way up! I have medium thick hair and I have to run this straightner through it a few times more than what I should be. So while the price is great for the product and it’s pretty much what I would spend at Walmart or Target for a straightner anyways, I’m just saying that if you’re looking for a “salon quality” hair straightner I would go ahead and buy a Chi or ISO…

Shari Albright, WV

its not that great.

I really don’t like this iron for the following reasons one the heat settings are on inside and hard to get to. the iron grip pulls on my hair to rough . over all hair oil great iron sucked sorry not the best ive had better.

Beverley Old Westbury, NY

Eeeehhhh, For 30 more you could get a much better straightener.

This straightener is so overrated. I don’t understand why its so highly rated. I mean it gets the job done but it has no features and its just so basic.Pros:PriceHeats up fairly quicklyDurable (dropped so many times & still works)Cons:HEAVYDoesn’t make hair shineGives hair dull/dry lookBasic ( no features)The red light on my straightener NEVER EVER turned green (which its suppose to)The warranty/guarantee by HSI was never honored

Amalia Ukiah, CA

smart item with added protection

This is a great product if you use the UV lamp. I was conscious of the added damage to my skin until I stumbled across this item. It prevents wrinkles and those ugly dark spots, so you can keep your hands pretty. I even bring them to the salon when I get my nails professionally done. Wish all salons would offer these, because I often get asked from their clients where to get them.

Janna O Brien, TX

Worst flat iron ever!!!!!

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! ITS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!I was so exited to receive my flat iron because i have had the same flat iron for the past 5 years so i wanted to make a change and i thought this one would be better for my hair since its ceramic…. I was sooooo WRONG!!! i got my packaged opened it and i was all nicely packed i couldn’t wait so i tried it right away. My hair was already straightened so i thought this thing was a miracle when i tried it on my hair. The next day after i showered and dried my hair i was exited to use my new flat iron. (Im a mexican-american female with thick black hair) this thing was at its highest setting and it was not straightening my hair!!!! i was so PISSED bc it didn’t work and i was running late so i pulled out my flat iron of 5 years and did my hair i couldn’t believe my Remington wet to straight flat iron was better then this piece of crap!!! i also realized that when you use a heat protectant serum it burns onto the plates of the iron and it looks yucky and brown!! the plates also looked like they were about to fall off!!! til this day my 5 year old flat iron is still working for me!!!!!

Merle Adams, OR

Best Flat Iron I’ve Ever Used

I got this flat iron about a month ago and I’m reviewing now because I have used it every day, and I mean heavy useage and it has performed beautifully. I have it on for very long periods of time because I have very thick african-american hair and I also add in clip in extensions, and this tool does a wonderful job of blending. It gets my hair super straight and you cannot tell where my real hair ends and the extensions begin. I’ve had other flat irons that could not produce the same result without some sort of spray, oil or creme added to the hair prior to use of the flat iron. Awesome. Also, the glove was a very useful tool, I used to get burned alot because I have to go very close to the scalp and the glove save me a lot of pain.

Robyn Assumption, IL

Wish I could give 0 stars.

How in the world is this rated so well? It is absolutely one of the worst flat irons I have ever owned. Maybe I am just use to good ones, but wow. It pulls my hair out every time I even try to clamp down. So bad. I will be replacing asap.And it feels cheap and the handle gets hot… wtf?

Shanna Grandview, TN

It’s just Ok.

It’s an Ok product. Nothing spectacular. It does not heat up enough for those with thick hair like me. I am using it, but it is not a favorite. Once it burns out, I will not repurchase. I do not recommend this product for people with thick hair.

Janell Amston, CT

I expected a higher quality product. You get what you pay for. Nothing special about it.

The metal plates tug on stray hairs when im sliding the straightener down my hair. Thats annoying. I guess its a "you get what you pay for" kind of product. I really didn’t want to spend plus $80 for a hair styling tool so now im stuck with a mediocre hair straightener. It does the job.

Rosario Kanona, NY

Not my favorite

I was hoping to love this, but it never seemed to retain its heat. It took forever to heat up and every time I passed through my hair, it would lose its heat again. I don’t recommend this product.

Marilyn East Orleans, MA

Great product

it heats up quickly and makes my hair very smooth and does not need to go over and over the same areas

Dollie Pomeroy, WA

So far so good…

I bought the “HSI 1 CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER” to replace my “Remington Wet 2 Straight” flat iron. The Remington one worked *okay*, but I was never able to get salon quality hair from it. I have used the HSI flat iron now 3x, and my hair is looking very straight, silky and shiny. (I use it along with Argan Oil) I am happy with my purchase. — My only complaint is that it takes a few min to get fully hot, and then has to re-heat itself to max temp every few minutes.

Jennifer Penland, NC

Not as hot as advertised.

Overall, I like the size, style, etc of the HSI 1″ flat iron BUT there is NO WAY it got to 400+ degrees! I really liked the moveable plates and really wish it had gotten hotter. I have full, straight hair and use a flat iron daily to flatten and compact and de-wrinkle my hair. The HSI didn’t do much to my hair but when my CROC died I thought I would try this one out. No go. I cannot believe the number of good ratings though! Perhaps I got a dud?

Nicole Marinette, WI

Didn’t work for me

I was very excited to get this flat iron after reading reviews here on Amazon. I decided to buy this and try it myself. My hair is normal and fairly straight. It was quick to heat up to the max 410 degrees and the LED turned green once heated. I noticed that as I began to straighten my hair it felt as if the heat started to drop. I’d look at the LED and it was at Red again. My outlets were just fine and the cord on the straightener was intact. The plates are not as smooth when doing your hair. It felt like it was tugging my hair.Got my money back for this purchase. Amazon does have great Customer Service 🙂

Lucy Las Vegas, NV

Decent but with flaws

I purchased this flat iron to replace the CHI that I had that broke after 3 years of use. As far as straightening goes, the HSI straightens as well as the CHI. The result is very silky, straight hair with no frizz whatsoever. With that being said, there are some flaws that I can’t seem to overlook. One, the straightener does not get hot even at the hottest setting. I could overlook this since it seems to do the job somehow without getting too hot. My CHI got so hot that I couldn’t even touch my hair a few seconds afterwards because it was so hot to the touch. That may be a downside to some people, but for me, that’s the job of a flat iron. Two, the indicator light is virtually useless. It should turn from orange/red to green when the iron is at the desired heat setting, but it constantly switches from red to green for no apparent reason. Even if it is laying flat on a surface, it is constantly switching from red to green and I never know if the heat setting is right. This makes me think this is either a defect or that it doesn’t maintain the heat setting. In addition, it takes forever for it to get hot and add that to the problem of not knowing if it’s “ready,” and the whole process becomes annoying. What was the deal breaker for me is how this flat iron tugs at my hair. My head is still hurting from using it. If you can overlook these things, then maybe it’s worth the purchase because it’s so much cheaper than the CHI, but I use my iron everyday day, TWICE a day, so I want the product to be near perfect. My CHI was near perfect, until it broke on me of course.I honestly don’t know how it got such high ratings because you really are paying for what you get. Yes, it does the job, but it sacrifices so many little things.

Haley Accord, NY

Not that good

I was trying to find a better hair straightener than the one I own which is a Remington product. Sadly, this was pretty similar in its performance to the one I own. I guess if I want to see dramatic results, I have to invest at least $100.

Cassandra Palmer Lake, CO

I don’t get the fuss over this one…

I was really wanting to love this… But it stank up my house so badly, I couldn’t keep it. It also made my hair stink. I know it’s getting rave reviews, but it felt cheap to me. ItI ended up getting another brand for about $50, and love it. This HSI did straighten my hair, but the flat iron that I ended up keeping instead makes my hair feel much much much softer and healthy.I have long, thick, beach-wavy, dirty blonde hair.

Benita Stowell, TX

Great product

gloves are easy on/off, fit well but giving material which fits different hand types. They cover your hands right down to your nails so your skin isn’t exposed to the UV light. I definitely recommend using them when having your nails done at a salon or at home.

Kathleen Shermans Dale, PA