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HotHuez Temp Hair Chalk

Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk creates vibrant color in just three easy steps.

Key features

  • Vibrant color with high impact style
  • Works on all hair colors and styles
  • Washes out with shampoo

Honest reviews


For my 6 year old its good, for an older teenager or woman…

On a recent vacation, my 6-year old daughter saw this on TV and asked for it for her birthday. She loves it. Its easy to apply for her, and fun. Her hair is white blonde, and she still needs a few passes to get the color really deep. Its messy and gets everywhere, so its one of those things we do right before we leave the house, because I dont really care if it gets on her carseat, but I do care if it gets all over our sofas and chairs, bedding, etc.But for an older teenager or woman who wants to try hair chalking, this is not the product for you. There are other sets of challk out there with way more colors for about the same price that go on the hair better.

Briana Glen Dale, WV

Not bad!!

I got these as a birthday present from my little sister, and they work fairly well. I like to use them on my bangs, but they turn my forehead bright pink, which takes FOREVER to wash off. The color payout is great, except for the blue, which is slightly gray. I would recommend for use on non-bangs.

Sonia Victor, MT

Hair Chalk for Kids

I have to say.. A lot of parents are complaining about the hair chalk not coming out easy. DONT USE IT ON YOUR LITTLE KIDS!!! Plain and simple. 😀 Im a hair stylist and I can not stand seeing people complain when its common sense!

Lois Bennington, KS

Chalk It Up To Experience

From a makeup/play standpoint, this stuff is a lot of fun and my daughter loves it. The kit includes four colors (pink, bright blue, green and purple) in small applicator discs that you rub across your hair to apply.However, it leaves a miserable trail of stains everywhere she sits. Anything her head comes into contact with gets ruined. Our off-white sofa is completely ruined, with a huge pink area now embedded in the arm that vacuuming and cleaning will not remove.We knew the dust might wind up in a few places we didn’t want but not to this extent.Avoid this garbage.

Emilia Rimersburg, PA


Same as other review colors are bright but do clump. Don’t brush you hair after applying. It is a very messy application. Where a towel around when you do apply. Colors does transfer on clothing and be for warned it is messy after when your applying will get all over sink, towels and clothing. But other than that it is cute,

Helen Aldrich, MN

Okay Product

My biggest disappointment with this product is that some of the colors don’t show up very well in dark colored hair and these are extremely messy and don’t stay in for very long. Beware that the color does and will rub off onto clothing and furniture.

Casey Albrightsville, PA

does not work like i thought it would

in the picture on the front it looks like it goes on perfectly. but it doesnt. It fades out and make ur hair really snarly

Shari Calypso, NC

Not a great product

Was better off buying this at walmart so I could return it without any hassles. The "chalk" was dried out and all feel apart after one use.

Bridgett Hallsville, MO

They Worked for Me

I bought this Hot Huez hair chalk set for my niece’s 6th birthday. They were a big hit. We had to glue one of the pans of chalk back in it’s holder but other than that we didn’t have any problem. Some of the colors were more pigmented than others but they all showed up. They aren’t awesome quality but they did what they were designed to do and my niece loved them; so I am happy! ***I would not recommend these for use on dark hair they probably won’t show up!

Robyn Eden, TX