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Hot Tools Professional 1175 High-heat 3-barrel Waver With Gold Barrels

Creates deep, luxurious waves on all hair textures. Gold barrels for faster heat up and better heat retention. Professional, super-deep precision aligned barrels. Fast and steady uniform heat pre-set to perfect temperature.

Key features

  • Gold barrels for faster heat up and better heat retention
  • Heavy duty, long-life heat element
  • Professional, super-deep precision aligned barrels
  • Fast and steady uniform heat pre-set to perfect temperature
  • Comfort-grip Marcel handle

Honest reviews



This is my second Hot Tools purchase and I love it!It heats up quickly, haven’t had a problem with the springs, and the long cord makes it easy to move around and style your hair.I have long thin hair and it takes a while to do my whole head but it works. I suggest trimming your split-ends before using this because I had split-ends and it made it look weird. Maybe it was just my hair, but after I got my hair-cut, it looked better.

Lindsey Westside, IA


Works a lot better than expected. I have thick, african american hair. For a quick beachy waves look, it took about 15 minutes for my medium length hair. I’m really happy with it. It’s easy to use, I didn’t burn myself, and it looks great. It’s ready to go in mere minutes. It has too settings, for my hair I used the high setting.My hair doesn’t look crimpy at all. It gives you the kind of look you would get if you braided your hair at night and let it out in the morning. Loose, pretty, soft, natural waves. To get a longer lasting look, some kind of holding product is necessary, but it did easily last through the day with some remanents of waves left over the next morning. I only wished that I had taken the leap and bought it sooner because I finally have an easy way to get a wavy look and do something different with my hair sometimes, something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.

Reba Rushland, PA

Product as I expected

I have asian straight-fine hair and it’s hard to be curled. If I use a curling iron, my hair will be straight again in 1 hour. I search a lot and review every comment of all wave irons that Amazon has, and I finally decided for this one. This is my first wave iron. I tried on my hair once I got it and it is amazing. I did not use any product before I use it. I used it on my dry hair, and it creates soft-defined wave. EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED! and the good thing is, I can finish all in 20 mins (I have shoulder length hair) and it lasts all day. Cons: I need to use high heat to make it works. Low and medium heat are not enough to curl my hair. Also, I need to wait like 3-4 mins to let the iron to heat up to the optimum heat. Oh, another thing, it is easy to burn the skin since there is no plastic at the tip like flat or curl iron, so be careful! But overall, it is a great product for me. Reminder: if you have more coarse hair, it might not work becuase even I have fine hair, I need to use the max heat.

Candy Longport, NJ

The results are amazing

It works better after ironing your hair for those who have curly hair already. I really like the waves, they have the perfect sizes and shape

Brandie Morrison, CO

This was a replacement for one I broke

My old one died, not totally, but it just wasn’t performing (after 14 years!!!) because I dropped it and broke the plastic handle. It still was working, and though I "fixed it" with duck tape, (yes, I know usually a man’s fix, but it worked) but after months of using it that way, I just thought "Why don’t I see if I can get a new one?" Amazon had it, and with Amazon Prime, it was in my hands in the NEXY day! Local company, so unless you are in So. California, don’t expect it that fast! Great seller, they must have stuck it in the mail the day I ordered.Amazon Prime ROCKS!!!

Alma Berlin, NH

Pretty happy

I am so far pretty happy with it other than the fact that I don’t think it got too hot even at the highest setting. But it heats up quite fast which is good and looks great once you do it.

Rosella Barrington, NJ

my favorite! holy grail

These hot tools irons are my favorite irons ever. I curl my hair with them all the time. They last a long time and whenever I have had an issue when first receiving the product- they were always helpful. I recommend this for sure.

Brandie Pittsford, VT

Works wonders

I absolutely love this iron it makes my hair so pretty!! Use small sections and run your fingers through when done and spray! So cute!

Callie Pomeroy, PA

will be buying more hot tools products works great!

I got it today and tried it immediately. It works really well. Does not frizz my hair out. Great too for adding body if you brush it out and add some shine serum. It also holds the mermaid look great in my hair. It is impossible to curl my hair. I have poker straight and fine hair that doesn’t curl= and this thing worked 🙂 Highly recommended.

Danielle Rosamond, CA

HOT curler!

This curler gets HOT! And it works great, but let me say this again: "This curler gets HOT!" And with no safeguard, you must be very careful using it. As pictured, please note that there is no finger guard on the end of the barrel(s), so you are forced to curl one-handed. However, it gives great natural curl, and I like how I can adjust the heat setting.

Kimberley Wickett, TX