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HOT TOOLS HTBW1850 Petite Tapered Curling Iron, Black/White, 3/4 Inch To 3/8 Inch

Tapered curling iron petite professional features, flipper less for a single wrap curl nano ceramic ultra smooth surface for frizz free styles effortlessly creates tapered spirals petite nano ceramic barrel beauty industry standard handle provides maximum heat curl after curl rheostat control to adjust temperature foldaway safety stand variable heat settings use less heat for fragile or damaged hair bonus. Heat resistant glove included Inchon inch indicator light cool tip separate on/off switch 8 feet tangle free swivel cord one year warranty.

Key features

  • Rheostat heat control dial heats up to 450 degrees
  • Powerful spring clamp
  • Heat resistant styling glove included
  • Foldaway safety stand
  • 8 inches long swivel cord

Honest reviews



It was really great for my daughter’s asian hair. She curled it late at night and when she woke up, it was still curly. The Heat glove works nicely and is a little scratchy, but helps a bit. You can’t grab big chunks of hair and expect it to curl, but smallish to medium bits will work wonderfully. Very pleased. My daughter’s hair is so hard to curl and she was delighted when it held wonderfully. We didnt get it for 35 dollars, but rather for 12.99 at LOTLESS in Manhattan, where they had this curling iron, as well as some huge three barrel wavers and all sorts of wonderful products. They were ALL ONLY 12.99!!!

Harriet Fresno, OH


I purchased this curling iron a few months back after someone recommended it to me. I could not be happier. I have fine straight hair that’s pretty easy to damage. In the past, I’d use a regular hair curler with a springy clip and the curls would last no more than an hour, and that’s after using a decent amount of hairspray too. Regular curling irons would always damage my hair too, so pretty much stopped using them. Then I tried this curling iron and I was in love almost right away. It did take a couple of tries to get used to curling my hair this way, but once I figured it out, it was pretty easy. I don’t like to use a lot of product in my hair and these curls stay pretty tight even when I only use some light hair mousse. These days it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to curl my hair in the morning and the curls stay on until the end of the day. I am also very happy to see that this iron does not damage my hair as it heats it all evenly. I’m very happy with it.

Freida Rutland, IA

Best Curling Iron I’ve ever owned!

I was skeptical at trying this out myself, but I had my hair done at an expensive blow dry bar with a groupon and they used one and I loved the result. So, I tried it out for the first time before work one morning…and needless to say 20 minutes later I had amazing curls, and in no time. I was amazed! It is so easy to use, I didn’t even need the glove. You can’t go wrong, and it creates amazing body, fulness, curls. They lasted 2 days too and would have kept lasting with touch-ups. There is a temperature control button so you can set it how hot you need, so you don’t risk getting it too hot. It is the BEST curling device I have ever used, and I have tried everything. My hair is super straight and fine and usually doesn’t hold any curls for that long, but not this time. It is better than any other traditional curling iron and I would recommend that everyone get it and try it! Best hair I’ve ever had or fixed myself.

Rebekah Rayle, GA

Finally get big loose curls! Lots of volume.

I feel like I’ve tried every technique and tool under the sun to get big loose curls and this wand finally delivered. I watched a few youtube videos showing how to use it. It’s very easy to get used to and I can style my hair faster with this wand than I could a straightener or curling iron. Even big sections of hair will curl. I’ve received a lot of compliments on my hair and even heard it looks like "model" hair.My technique: I section off the top and bottom portions of my hair and curl the bottom first. I point the tapered end down and wrap large pieces of hair around the iron. When I’m in a hurry I don’t bother sectioning, but sectioning does give a little more volume.The glove works great- I can barely feel the heat through the glove (don’t be fooled- the iron gets VERY hot, so definitely use the glove).I have A LOT of thin hair, if that makes sense.. a thick full head of long hair, but the individual strands are thin and delicate. This doesn’t damage my hair and has managed to make styling a lot of hair a breeze.One note: When you first slip your hair off of the wand it will look like a crimped corkscrew curl. When I curled my first section of hair with this I almost stopped, because it looked like a bad curling iron curl. By the time I finished my whole head, the curls had relaxed into big defined loose curls. You can make them even more relaxed/beachy by pulling straight down on each section after curling it. I use it with a teasing comb (around the crown of my head) to get expensive salon like styling. Seriously, this is the easiest style I’ve ever done with my hair and looks the best my hair has ever looked.

Rosalia Mc Grann, PA


I love the curl this gives my hair. It took a little while to get used to because there is nothing to hold the hair down when you curl, so you have to use your hands/fingers.

Colleen Spring Arbor, MI

Curling Wand

Super easy to use, the best advice I could give on this product is to use the glove that comes with it. Without the glove you could easily burn your fingers. Overall it is an amazing product and keeps curls in longer than a curling iron

Sally Dorset, VT

Hardly tapered at all

Not sure why everyone seems to love this iron. I did like the temperature dial, and it seemed to heat evenly and quickly- but there were some serious design flaws. The barrel seems shorter than the tapered irons I have used in the past, which mean that I had to curl the top section, then the bottom section of each piece of hair. The taper is also almost non-existant. The narrow end is maybe a few milimeters smaller than the wide end. The curl did not hold well in my hair. Not a fan.

Karin Almont, CO

THE one!

I love this curling wand. Everything I was looking for. Creates curls that last for days and my hair usually does not hold a curl.

Antoinette Pacoima, CA

Sexy, toussled curls

Takes a little practice, but once you get the hang of it you won’t be disappointed. Creates beautiful long lasting waves.

Margie Cumberland, NC


I think it’s perfect for formal hairstyles. Not so much for beach style waves. Creates curls inmediately and if you put hairspray holds a lond time.

Angelique Okahumpka, FL

Probably a Problem with the User (Me)

I just couldn’t figure out how to use this to get nice curls. I had a friend tried and she couldn’t either so we switched to the old fashioned curler. Luckily I rarely curl my hair so I’m not too bummed. Probably works well if you have the skills for this kind of curler.

Geneva Hanover, ME

Tapered not good.

This wand works fine but the tapered barrel really makes curling hair a pain. The hair always wants to slip to the thinner end. Making it impossible to get large diameter curls. If you want thin spiral curls, this is a good product.

Pat Waynesboro, MS


This wand is magical!!!! I love it! besides the fact that it comes with a glove for me not to burn myself..its like nearly impossible to burn yourself the bottom tip doesnt heat up and its a pretty big tip too so less burns. I got this wand as a birthday gift last week and WOW I learned so fast its very easy to work with, the best part is that it heats and cools off really really quuick! The buttons are easyto manage and dont get in the way durning the process…OH! and its so light not a problem to hold upside down, your arms to not get tired! I truly reccomend this wand, its worth every penny!! <3

Alexis Colfax, ND

The new age of curls

Based on previous reviews I purchased. I am not disappointed and think this is a great tool and quality made. I like the temperature adjustment for how hot you want it, that’s a definite sophistication needed especially for those who care about damaging their hair after prolonged and repeated use. I would say my only true critique is that I don’t agree with the reviewer who said she was worried about using without the traditional curling iron wand with handle holder and found it super easy and intuitive to adjust. I don’t, I find it definitely is having a learning curve and I’ve been doing hair professionally for over 20 yrs. but I’m coming around and as far as the tool goes it’s everything it says it is and more!

Sherry Bremen, ME

Ah – it’s ok.

Was hoping to love this. it is ok. Maybe it’s just me – but I tend to burn my scalp, ear and face with this thing. The glove provides a little assistance, but not a heck of a lot.

Marcy Thornton, AR

Great replacement for a more expensive tool

I bought this to replace my T3 curling wand which broke within months of purchase (along with the one I got to replace it, but that’s another story). After spending $150 on a product which only lasted for a short time, I was pretty annoyed and didn’t want to shell out the same amount to have that happen again.I did a lot of research on different brands, and decided this hot tools wand looked pretty comparable. If it broke on me, I figured it wouldn’t be as much of a loss, and I wanted to give the brand a try. Honestly this iron is JUST as good as the one I was replacing (which cost over 4x more). It heats up quickly, and the curls hold until the next day for me. If you are looking for a good quality, tapered curling wand I would not hesitate to recommend this one.

Silvia Pawnee, IL


(GREAT) Product that is!! Hot tools has always been a winner for there amazingly good quality tools. I have so many of there products and each and everyone of them have delivered. I will always shop Hot Tools!!

Kimberlee Verplanck, NY

Works great

I loveeeee this curling iron!! It creates tight curls in my long hair. My hair is down to my waist so the curls look beautifully done. It even stays days in my hair since it gets hot up to 450 degrees. I love it!! I bought the medium sized one bc I wanted tighter curls, not wavy ones.

Nita Columbus, AR

Mom with no time!

I finally grew my hair out long enough that I wanted to get a curling iron. I have three kids and no time so I was kind of on the fence with this clipless one. I went ahead and got it.. LOVE IT! I didn’t have the temp up all the way and left each curl on the wand about 13 seconds and it made beautiful curls. I also purchased clips to hold the parts together. The glove was helpful but ended up taking it off bc it’s a weird fabric and my hair was sticking to it. Definitely recommend!

Johnnie Stony Creek, VA

Hard to use

The glove was a nuisance and hard to grab hair sections with. Hair kept getting caught on glove and the overall product was just difficult to use. I prefer using my straightener to create waves and curls.

Desiree Linkwood, MD

Great for middle eastern hair

I’ve been using this for about a week. Works great, actually easier to use without the glove. Much easier than a curling iron.

Ava Saint Clair, MN

Keeps a curl in stubborn hair, even without hairspray!

I always used curling irons with clips before, but I heard so much about these clipless ones that I had to try it out. I’m so glad I did! It does have a little bit of a learning curve and takes a few tries to get right, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy. I don’t like the glove it came with (too scratchy and bulky) and take my chances with using my bare hands with the iron- so far no injuries (knock on wood).I have stick-straight Asian hair, so the strand itself is very thick. With my old curling iron, I’d have to hold my hair in for like a minute at the highest heat setting, and even with hairspray, it will all fall out in a few hours. I don’t even have to crank the heat up all the way with this curling iron and I only have to hold my hair around it for maybe 15 seconds so it dramatically cuts down on hair-prep-time. I got the biggest barrel (1.25") because I have long hair and like the way bigger, softer curls look. After I curl one side of my head, I run my fingers through a couple times to break up the curls and give texture, and then lightly spray with hairspray to hold the shape. My curls stay for days if I don’t wash my hair (using dry shampoo to keep the oiliness at bay).

Merle Claire City, SD

Still don’t have the hang of this

I got a little to frustrated with this, so it’s put away for now. Perhaps once my hair gets longer, it will be easier to use.

Patti Falcon, MS

No complaints here

I used this when I had longer hair and it curled perfectly. I don’t use it as much now that i’ve cut a good amount of length off but still gives bouncy curls. I don’t use the glove it came with, it just seemed to get in the way. It also looks like a body exfoliating glove..

Beverly Goleta, CA

Better than a curling iron!

I love love love this wand! I have used curing irons and have never been able to keep my curls for the whole day or get nearly as much volume as I have with his wand! I love that this wand it has temperature control so you can choose the heat setting you want. My hair never smells burnt after I use it either. It gives my hair so much body and volume and the waves stay all day! It leaves my hair feeling so soft and looks so healthy and shiny! This wand did come with a glove but I don’t use it. The wand does get very hot but I love the fact that it has a hot free tip so you can rest your finger on the end and its not hot! Seriously the no heat tip is what sold me. I will never go back to a curling iron. At first it was a little tricky to use but I watched some youtube videos to help me see how to use it properly! Trust me use this and you will not regret it! The price was great and I like it better than any other brand. The chi runs about 65 bucks and my roomate has both this and the chi and I tried them both and loved the hot tools! Great investment!

Lynette New Lenox, IL


Here are the reasons why:- heats up quickly- retains heat- perfect size for a head full of bouncy spiral curls

Norma Laconia, TN