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Hot Tools HT1108 Professional Marcel Iron, 1 Inch

Marcel iron even heat for longer lasting curls. Also it has soft handles and secure grips. If you simply want a curling iron that will get the job done this will be your choice.

Key features

  • High heats up to 430 farenheit
  • Soft handle and secure grip
  • Pulse tecnology
  • Fold away safety stand

Honest reviews



This has a grip and handle not like a “normal” rolling iron you may be use to, and you may find this to be hard or a pain to use, so remember when ordering!! I love this grip and clamp style and the rolling handle makes is so easy to do your own back of head hair with out trying to use 2 mirrors and backwards!! Love love love, gets hot quick, stays on till I am done with it! Wish they had a lock for the open bar part so it didnt flop around when in travel.

Guadalupe Clintonville, PA

Great Product!

I was perfectly happy with this purchase & good price! I have used this exact product for years .. the ONLY curling iron that heats up fast & hot enough to do the job for me .. plus has a nice long life On and on and on! Once I found this brand I have never switched .. have used it for years .. have it in just about every size for all the different hair styles I’ve had over the years! You won’t be disappointed .. IF you are comfortable with a Marcel curling iron. Great Product!

Jacqueline Marlboro, NY

Salon Quality

This is a great salon quality curling iron. I love the curls or waves you can make. If you have never used a Marcel Curling iron it is highly recommended, you can learn how by watching you-tube videos. The barrel I purchased was 1 1/2 in. and it is perfect for big bouncy curls. The iron itself heats up quickly and you can adjust the temperature.

Caroline Brewster, NE

Perfect Product

I love this curling iron! It does have a learning curve to understand how the handle works as it twists but overall I am thrilled with this purchase.

Gayla Preble, IN

Very easy

The easiest curler I have ever had, once got used to rod instead of clip to hold clamp I like it better I used to burn my thumb when in a hurry with small clip on clamps. I am much safer with rod clamp. Does a great job with big full curls

Jeanie Wrentham, MA

the best

These are the best marcel irons around, will only use these. I own a beauty school the only one I will let my students use. easy to us, spins nice and heats up very well.

Violet West Burke, VT


I love this iron. Nothing beats the hot tools marcel iron! The tinier curls are great for holding the curl but be sure to brush them out before you leave the house or else you will look like curly sue

Leigh Vinalhaven, ME

click click click

the first Hot Tools marcel that I bought from Amazon had a problem with the rotation mechanism in the handle. I returned it and bought one from a local beauty supply store where they let me test the item before purchase and it worked fine. I think it was just random defect. I like the one I have now just fine.

Noemi Rose Bud, AR

Don’t grap the tip!

IMPORTANT TIP: Most curling irons have a tip at the end that one can hold onto. THIS DOESN’T!! There are gloves one can buy to use with these Marcel types of curling irons so one doesn’t burn the tips of the fingers. I’m still getting used to it, because I don’t use it every day, but so far, I love the ease and size of this curling iron. I thing a glove or at least 2 finger cots should be in the package for what it costs, but other than that, no complaints so far.

Luisa Ravine, PA


I’ve never used a curling iron like this, it’s not bad but I’m a bit uncoordinated and clumsy so I can’t seem to use it well. I’m still trying!

Mollie Rock City Falls, NY

Doesn’t work

I’m asian and my hair is medium in thickness. My hair uncurls once I get to the other side of my head. I’ve used other ones that were better and lasted me more than one day without any sprays. This one might work for you if you have fine hair.

Ola Wilmer, AL

HOT TOOLS 1104 Marcel Curling Iron, Gold/Black, 5/8 Inch

I am a cosmetologist and I only use Marcel Irons.I was so thankful to know I could purchase on Amazon.This iron is fantastic!,It heats up quickly, it has a long cord and I use it daily at the salon.

Sheila Perry, AR