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Hot Tools Big Bumper Spring Curling Iron, 1-1/2″

The Gets Hot, Stays Hot performance of the Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Spring Curling Iron heats up quickly and remains hot, up to 428?F, while you style your hair. Professional Features Include: Advanced Ceramic Titanium styling surface Soft-Grip textured handle Patented Pulse Technology Gets Hot and Stays Hot performance 85 Watts of power Temperatures up to 430? F 220? C 10 Variable heat setting with built-in rheostat control Extra high heat Fast heat-up Heavy-duty long-life heating element Foldaway safety stand Pilot light 8-ft. heavy duty tangle-proof swivel power cord On / Off switch Solid state circuitry Spring Iron Features: Bonus! Two extra easy-to-replace springs Powerful spring clamp Extra-long thumb grip

Key features

  • Made in China

Honest reviews


great item!

This iron heats quickly and does a great job smoothing. Mine let’s you set your own heat settings and the higher settings are indeed very hot, good for curly hair.I now have the hot tools irons in all sizes. I first bought the 1″ and loved it and have slowly added to my collection, so that I can get different looks. I have naturally tight curls, that are unruly. I use the 1 1/2″ when I want an almost straight look, but want the sides to go back a bit, and the back to have some really big loose curls / waves. I use the 1 1/4 inch to get the Jessica Simpson / Daisy Duke look. I use the 1″ for medium size loose curls (Easy to shake out), and the smaller size for tight curls or corkscrew curls.I find the 1 1/2″ to be faster than using a straightener, and can get an almost straight look with it but add a bit of large curls if that is what I am going for. I use the 1 1/4″ the most (more on a daily basis). It is good for Medium to long hair. Note: the two inch, for me, is very uncomfortable and awkward to use. I have burnt my ear twice, and the curls almost always fall out. That is the only one I regret buying.

Rosanna Senecaville, OH

Just doesnt work

I dont get what kindve hair this works for. Im half latina, I look caucasion, people say my hair is black, but seeing family I dont consider my hair black, I have thick straight hair, and a lot of it. I used very little hair to see if I could curl it, I heated it up to a high setting, I kept it in my hair for 15 secs, it was very hot, as I had touched it to my head by accident, practically nothing happened except for the very end was curled. Seeing I was new to curlingn irons I looked up youtube vids to see what I was doing wrong, I tried 2 techniques, rolling the hair around the shaft, then clamping, and clamping the end and rolling up, still nothing, Im keeping with my straightner to curl, its ceramic, curls last long, and it actually works… reason I looked for something else is that my particular flat iron has a gap that rips my hair out. IDK why people like this, except that it seems like a sturdy machine, it is a bit heavy.

Mildred Owego, NY


doesn’t hold my curls very well. Took a long time for the curls to even hold, it felt like i was holding this curling iron in my hair for at least 5 minutes per section. I would curl my hair and spray the curls so they would hold but within an hour they had fallen out.

Zelma Melvin Village, NH

Love Hot Tools

Love this Hot Tools 1 1/2" gold curling iron. Has an adjustment heat that works perfectly for any hair type.

Johanna Prairieville, LA

High Quality

– Works very well- Becomes super hot – which my thick hair needs to help hold a style- Pivoting cord at the end is genius, never gets tangled- Easy to use

Ilene Bowlegs, OK

Gets hot, but isn’t very durable

I have owned some hot tools products in the past, and it seems as though the quality has diminished over the years.Pros-This does get very hot-The controls are great-The barrel is smooth and I have not had an issue with it getting caught in my hair or my hair not sliding through it easily.- My hair does hold curl fairly well and this creates larger, waves that stay…for me, at least (if you want something for tighter curls, go with a 1 inch barrel)Cons- The purple ring above the cord is so cheap and broke shortly after I got it. This resulted in the whole wand coming apart and shocking me. I currently have it duct taped together and it’s survived this way for close to a year now…although very annoying. I just didn’t want to replace it so soon after buying it and am trying to make it last till it dies completely.- the stand is so cheap and doesn’t work at all. I have a small bathroom with zero counter space. I set the curling iron on the stand on top of my toilet seat and the stand slid back, resulting in the toilet seat top getting burned (it’s plastic). Not long after that, the stand popped off completely.While this gets hot and does create curls, I’m not expecting it to last terribly long judging from how cheaply the outside of the curling iron was made!

Nelda Hopwood, PA