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Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver with Ceramic Tourmaline And Pulse Technology

New plate design creates ultra-deep waves in any type of hair. Ceramic radiates far-infrared heat to preserve hair’s natural moisture while tourmaline produces ions to seal the hair cuticle and increase shine.

Key features

  • Variable dial heat settings up to 430F
  • Cool tips for easier handling
  • Locking switch locks plates together for convenient storage
  • Patented Pulse Technology for gets hot & stays hot performance
  • 8ft swivel cord for tangle-free operation

Honest reviews



this heats up really quickly and really hot. i did my whole head of hair (long & thick hair) in less than 15 minutes.

Geraldine Garcia, CO

Made my hair look frizzy, not wavey

I really had high hopes for this. I don’t know if it’s because I have naturally curly hair, but this didn’t add a wave to my hair, it made it look more crimped and frizzy. I would let my hair air dry or I’d atleast blow dry it and then use this so I don’t know if that’s part of the problem, but I don’t have the time to blow dry, straighten and then wave. That might’ve worked, but I was lucky I had enough time to do this step, let alone 3 steps to get it looking perfect. Maybe this is much better for people with naturally straight hair, but for me it went back.

Deloris Forbes, MN

Awesome tool

It makes my hair look like angel hair– if there is such a thing. :)Anyway, it gives a feminine look and it heats up super fast.Greetings from beautiful Armenia.

Aimee Cowgill, MO

Deep, define waves in seconds

Unlike other wavers I have tried, the Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver actually makes deep defined waves that will last. I suggested using a setting spray before and after using the waver so the waves set in place even longer. It will leave a deep zig-zag pattern, not just a “S” shaped like curls. I am Latina and my hair is thick and long. I start by parting around the crown of my head and work with 3 inch strips of hair. Spray a small amount setting spray such as hair spray or freezing mist and begin about 2″ away from my scalp. Hold the waver in place for 8 to 10 seconds. Let it open and slide it down the same strip of hair and repeat until I reach the end. I love using products that are ceramic and tourmaline because they use far-infrared heat to protect your hair from intense heat and produces negative ions to smooth and increase the shine in your hair.This beast does heat up to 430 degrees so be careful when holding it close to your face. Comes with a nice long 8 foot cord and an on and off switch. The only negative thing I can say about it is I wish it had some kind of light that would let me know it was on. However I still rate it 5 stars because it leaves my hair looking like it was done professionally!

Angela Greenville, MO

I took the plunge to beach waves

AMAZON Prime made this a plus on my order. I got it the next day, the seller must have put it in the mail the day I ordered it, I found it the next afternoon, right at my door.I love the way it "controls" my odd "half and half" hair. Curly on the bottom of my head, straight on the crown, and this made my hair do "even" during the summer months, plus gives me so much body. We live near the beach, and it makes me look like I just came in from a swim. Easy and fast, this temperature control puts you in control of how your hair looks, and behaves.The other thing I noticed, I can do my ‘do like they are doing the ‘do’s on most of the TV Shows I watch, just by putting it at an angle and, I get compliments, and lots of questions on "how did you do that" … Credit where credit is due. Great Seller, great product, and I think when the humidity goes away as winter approaches, this will be my "go to" seller for any new straighteners, or curing irons.

Shawn Shelby, NE


I ordered this along with another one and I love both! This one is great because it heats up really hot for my thick hair! Waves turn out great, just takes some practice.

Mavis Santa Monica, CA

Heavy and broke after two months of use.

Heavy!!! And not only that, after two months of use, it just stopped working. And it burned my fingers. Be careful.

Marisol Bigfoot, TX

Easy to use and gives great results.

Gives great result in a fast and easy fashion. I will say that it looks better after several hours (meaning, more natural). Great investment in my opinion!

Renae Sumerduck, VA


I would never buy a waver like this one again. Instead of a nice beachy wave it looked more like a nice 80s crimp. I am going to try the actual wavers with barrels instead of this version.

Shawna Vernon, IN

Damages hair

I bought this because at the time I hadn’t figured out how to curl my hair. This gives me pretty waves, but its way to hot and damages my hair. I have used it maybe 3 times in the year that I have owned it. I can’t compare it to others though because I have never tried anything else.

Debora Wakefield, RI

Beachy waves

This iron is slightly bulky but it really does produce beautiful beachy waves (think mermaid hair). It heats up very fast ( heats up to 430 degrees) and has a latch that keeps the plates together which is nice if packing for a trip. I wish it could be made less bulky but overall I like it and would purchase again.

Sabrina Raleigh, IL


I love the way this waves my hair. This is the best hot tool I currently own. It is a faster alternative to the wand. Don’t get me wrong the wand is a great hot tool but it takes a little longer than this tool. I know they make 2 different styles but I am one for speed and this one is great.

Carrie Horicon, WI

Works Great!

I love this deep waver. It’s the first one I have purchased and it really gives me beautiful waves. I recommend hair spray or mouse (preferably with heat protection)so the waves remain in place for a longer period. Also don’t leave this on a surface that can burn while it’s on. I left it on my bed and it burned it.

Zelma Goodyears Bar, CA

Love love love

I am in love with this waver. My daughter has fine hair but you would never know it once it is waved! It turns out so dang cute and she really likes it. I love that it comes with different heat settings so I don’t burn her 4 year old hair.

Hester South Woodstock, CT


I have naturally curly hair which can frizz up and be quite stubborn sometimes. I don’t use this directly after taking a shower. I will use it the day after I wash and straighten my hair. It works great!!

Rosalyn De Soto, WI


i cant say i found anything bad with this waver!!! totally awesome!!! i bought it cuz i saw some ppl talk about it on YouTube. but i never thought it would turn out this great!!!the waves stay for a long time!!! it arrived so quickly, it’s so easy to use!!! i totally recommend it for any girl!!!

Kathrine West Newton, IN

Sexy hair 🙂

I must say i have extremely thick hair and this waver heats my hair perfectly! you can adjust the heat to your hair thickness. The waves are very defined, i highly recommend this waver 🙂

Wanda Cerro Gordo, NC

Create perfect waves

This product works so well and is an extremely great value. Creates loose and beach-y waves quickly and easily. No need to linger too long on the hair to get good results. I have thin hair that is down to the middle of my back and I was able to do my entire head in until 20 minutes. The waves last for the entire day even without hair products.

Rena Bovey, MN


So now I know how the salons get these wonderful waves!I love this machine…it is absolutely amazing. I did alot of research between the hot tools hair deep waver vs the 3 barrel crimper and I am glad I chose this!Instantly, without any hair product in my hair, the waver started adding very defined waves into my hair! and they actually stay for quite some time! Of course, with spray and mousse, I am sure they would hold for more than a day.Do not hesitate to buy this product!You definitely need a heat mat while using this product as it heats from both sides.

Clare Betterton, MD

Not for me

If you use this, start at least halfway down your hair or you will look like a poodle. I have long thick hair. I much prefer a curl to a wave I discovered thanks to this. Back to hot rollers for me.

Jenna Star, MS


For deep beautiful waves buy this hot tool. I still have it almost a year later and it works perfectly fine still.

Rosetta Howey In The Hills, FL