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HOT TOOLS 1023 Ionic Turbo Dryer, Black

This professional hair dryer is one of HOTTOOL’s greatest. This dryer is lightweight, balanced, and has maximum air flow. This dryer is also very durable. It has a heavy-duty motor, a lint trap, hard-mounted heating coil, and a high pressure fan that are meant to last. With multiple temperature settings, power levels, a concentrator nozzle, styling pik, and a cold air shot button, this product is a must have for any stylist who wants clients to view them as the best in the business. It features multiple temperature settings multiple power levels 1 cold shot button Includes concentrator nozzle and pik model 1023.

Key features

  • Rubberized finish is comfortable to hold
  • Diffuse and pik included
  • 6 speed and heat settings
  • Cool shot to lock in hair style
  • 8 inch long cord

Honest reviews


Worth the purchase!

I have afro, tightly coiled hair(the size of a pen tip), thick, natural, 5 inch hair and since my hair has gotten longer, I need to use heat to dry it faster. I decided after researching, that this was the best dryer for my money. I wanted a dryer with these attachments and of ionic or titanium technology. This dryer dries very quickly. I did a blow out on towel dried hair on medium heat, high speed in 10 min! My hair was also shiny afterwards. It may sound weird, but whenever I used this dryer, my hair is much softer than it usually is with out it or airdried. I don’t ever use the high setting, and the medium setting does just fine. My only complaints are the side switches, as one reviewer noted, can be easily changed during use. I try to place my thumb between the switches to avoid this. Also, it can get a bit heavy if you have extended use, so luckily it only took 10 min to dry my entire head.

Janine Williamsfield, IL

Nice dryer, great price

Really like everything except for the placement of the switches. They are right where the palm of you had lies and tend to switch settings when you are using it. Overall, great dryer at a great price and would buy again. Seller (Outlet) shipped in one day.

Ollie Hill, NH

Good blow dryer

I have had this blow dryer for 4 months and love it! It dries my hair faster than my previous Revlon dryer and I use it every day and have not had any problems. I also like the temperature setting that are available, good buy for the money!

Edwina Scooba, MS

one of the greatest hairdryers i have ever had

Amazing hairdryer! I love it and I recommend it to everyone Great price and does a great job! Thank you

Margery Chatham, NJ

a tad bit disappointed

I have been looking for the perfect blow drying for years now, and I thought, when I ordered this baby, that it would be it. Well, it’s not. I have only been using it for a week now, but I hate that the buttons are on the side. It just doesn’t make sense. When you are holding the dryer, your hand naturally grips right where the buttons are and tends to change the settings on the dryer. I hate that! Also, it doesn’t seem to dry my hair any faster than my previous dryer. I am still on the fence on whether I want to return the dryer or not….will use it a few more times and see how it goes….

Robin Hyde Park, NY