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Hot Sticks by Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush – 3/4″

The Hot Sticks by Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush features a 3/4-inch barrel for gorgeous, long-lasting curls. Smart technology keeps the barrel at a stabilized heat during styling to apply even heat while styling and avoid damaging hot spots. It features a 30-second heat up and 25 temperature settings for all hair types.

Key features

  • Smart technology keeps barrel at stabilized heat during styling
  • 30-second heat-up
  • 25 temperature control settings
  • Creates tight, small to medium long-lasting curls
  • Dual voltage

Honest reviews


Not what I expected

This isn’t what I expected nor wanted. Even then, It’s not “wow”. Will keep on looking for something better to replace my faithful old brush 🙁

Emilia Richardton, ND

Discussing both 1 1/4″ and 3/4″ brushes.

I originally bought the 1 1/4 inch Instant Heat Hot Brush because I had allowed myself to be convinced by watching a demonstration of a similar product on television that the size would work well for my hair. I was not all wrong, but after I used it a couple of times I wondered if I would have better results with a smaller brush. I have short hair (does not cover my ears) which is very fine, but also thick and straight. As it gets some length on it between haircuts it lays down completely flat on my head. I need height and volume, but don’t want curls.I bought the 1 1/4 inch brush and liked the convenience of it, but the brush was simply too large to wrap my hair around. I had a lot of difficulty picking between the two sizes for my first purchase and quickly began to wonder if the smaller brush (closer to the size of my curling iron) might not be a better choice for me. I ordered the smaller size and it does exactly what I want. I get lots of volume, the cowlicks on the crown of my head are controlled, I don’t have curls or waves, but the little tag ends of hair around my ears and nape of my neck now lay down flat. Oh, and did I mention that I don’t like to spend a lot of time fussing with my hair? This small hot brush is perfect for me.Both brushes work and are designed exactly the same. Everything pertains to both hot brush sizes. There is an on/off button with red or green indicator light, turbo heat on/off button, a turbo heat indicator light, comfortable textured handle, chrome barrel, plastic bristles, and a cool tip. Begin with clean, dry hair. Damp hair works too, it just takes longer with more passes of the brush through the hair. Styling products can be used on the hair. Hair should only be wrapped around the brush twice so longer hair will require moving the brush along the length of the hair, beginning at the end. Trust me, you don’t want those plastic bristles to get tangled in your hair. There is a temperature guide for the 25 possible heat settings, but you have to be prepared to experiment. For my short, straight, fine, thick hair I have settled on a heat setting of 17 which Conair’s chart considers medium-high. I was surprised that it took that much heat.Turbo Heat is a feature which provides a constant amount of heat, no fluctuations caused because of power changes you have no control over. I turn on the brush and turn on the Turbo Heat at the same time and for the setting of #17 that means it takes the brush over 1.5 minutes before the indicator light stops blinking. That 30 second heat-up they talk about is for the lowest heat setting number with Turbo Heat not turned on. If you turn the brush on and allow it to come up to heat, then turn on the Turbo Heat it will go through the entire heat-up time all over again. Turn them both on at the same time if you are going to use Turbo Heat.I am really happy with this product. I do not shampoo my hair each day and the volume stays in my hair very well. If I want to refresh the style, I simply heat up the brush and run it through my hair as if I am simply brushing it. That actually brings the volume back. I tried today to change the style from the styling of yesterday and it actually did work. This product has dual voltage ability, but you must buy an adapter that configures to the plug you will be using. That information is easily available at various online sites. I don’t know if I will keep the larger brush or pass it along to one of my daughters or granddaughters. Just remember to be careful when using the hot brush. That chrome barrel gets very hot and will burn your fingers if you touch it. Even the “cool tip” gets warm.

Roslyn Townsend, DE



Kimberley Princeton, TX


Hard bristles do not catch hair, so why do companies not understand this? Also, this is just a heated brush. It is NOT an air brush.

Stacey San Luis Rey, CA

I was mistaken

I guess it was my fault, so I gave it four stars. I didnt read correctly and thought this was the blow dryer version. I am not sure if it worked or not cause i never used it, I just returned it.

Naomi Hortonville, WI

Best styling product EVER

First off I want to say that I have very thin, very fine, wavy hair.Second I want to say that I am a complete moron when it comes to styling my own hair. It’s nearly impossible for me to get the curls that I want. I’ve tried everything including hot rollers, curlformers, wands, irons, flexi rods, hot flexi rods, spoolies, perms, and every crunching gel, mousse, cream, or spray known to man. And none of those have given me the look I want. I should explain that a great deal of my styling failure is due to user error. I am a 30 year old woman and I am ashamed to admit… I have no idea what I’m doing with any of those things. (even after watching countless tutorials)But FINALLY i have something that gives me the look I want. … nice bouncy curls that last!I have no clue why this product isn’t all over youtube or the rest of the internet. Like no one is talking about it… which baffles me. It’s soooo cheap. You can find it at practically any store, and it works miracles!! I admit it does take some practice to master but I’m telling you if I can do it, literally anyone else can. I know most people probably use this brush for getting that blow out look or just creating volume or waves, but I use it for getting CURLS. Since the picture on the package itself showed tight curls and it says right on there that you can achieve tight curls, that is what I aimed to do. And I did! It can be easy to get your hair tangled, but just don’t wrap the hair around tightly, and don’t wrap any hair over itself, and you’ll be fine. If you follow the directions it comes with, it’s actually pretty easy not to tangle. And on the rare times that I do, I just kind of shake the brush a little and gently tug it away from my hair and then it’s fine.Another thing I like about this is the ability for do-overs. I have a Conair curling iron that only gives you one shot. If you mess up your curl one time, it is impossible to fix it. But that isn’t the case with this brush. I honestly have no clue why this curls so much better for me than any other wand or iron. I mean it’s basically just a clipless iron with bristles but it just works so well. It also gives me volume that nothing else has ever given my flat lifeless hair.And the look lasts all day! No hair spray needed! I am so happy I found this. It’s my holy grail!

Noreen Hensel, ND

Conaire Hot Brush

This Conair hot brush has so much quality built in at a sper low price. Even auto-shut-off!Great size for short to median hair or just curly styles. Many heat temp selections sogentle on hair. Use on DRY hair ! Heats fast, easy to hold without burning fingers.Better than curling iron because it grips the hair easily. Same results, but much faster.Leaves hair super shiny as the barrel is ceramic. Nothing else on the market that has this muchquality at such a low, low price.VERY, VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER !!!

Alisha Rock Rapids, IA

hot brush

this is not what I expected; thought it would blow air out through the wand but it just gets hot; works well but it’s just ok.

Wendi Atlanta, KS

Instant Heat Hot Brush

Love this hot brush curling iron. The brush is made of plastic so it grabs your hair -not like the boar or natural bristle brushes. Also, it heats up very quickly – you don’t have to wait longer than 2 minutes tops.

Libby Finchville, KY

Soft curls that tend to go flat

I like this brush as an alternative to curling irons and wands used on my slightly longer than shoulder-length hair. I had one in highschool but I didn’t like it. I though 30 years later, the quality would have improved. I was right. You have to take the hair in smaller sections and the curl is not defined like with an iron. It’s soft, flowy curls. However, within hours, my hair was flat. So, unless your hair is shorter and curlier, I would not recommend if you want real curls that last. It is NOT good for fine or thin hair.

Freda Rush Hill, MO

Money Well Spent~

I have had this hot brush for several months, used it 2 or 3 times @ week and have been very pleased with it. The instant hot feature is especially nice to have when I’m behind schedule. The only reason I did not give it a 5-star rating is that it doesn’t have a stand — although, this has not been a problem to date as the tines hold it up.

Robert Corinne, WV

Instant Heat Hot Brush = Instant Style and Volume

This “Instant Heat Hot Brush” is an excellent tool for your hairstyling arsenal. And believe what it says: It is definately INSTANT HEAT! It has an excellent range of heat temperatures that will suit any type of hair. The barrel is 1 1/4″ and in my opinion, works on any length of hair. It’s easy for me to style my “growing out from a Victoria Beckam bob” that has anarray of lengths in the back and longer lengths on the sides. The brush can be used as astraightening iron as well as a curling iron. It works very well on my fine hair giving itmuch needed volume. Yes, I said VOLUME!!! Plus, the “brush” actually holds my hair during the process making it easy to use – plus it has an automatic shut off. And did I mention – it works GREAT for bed head hair! This hot brush is made by Conair so you know it’s a qualityproduct. I highly recommend this Instant Heat Hot Brush.

Naomi Cobb Island, MD

It’s OK

It doesn’t work as well as I had hoped but will use it occasionally. My hair is still somewhat fried from a perm I had about a year ago and was hoping this would smooth it better than it does.

Tammi Mathews, LA

Tangles long hair

I have very long hair, well past mid-back but not quite to my waist. So, the majority of you with shorter hair will likely have different results that I did. But, this brush immediately tangled for me. And my hair got so entwined and stuck in this brush it took about three minutes for me to untangle it and free myself from the brush. The bristles weren’t the main driver, it was the small seam between the plastic handle and plastic tip, and the metal body. Very surprising that these aren’t sealed better to prevent this. Once my hair got tangled in those gaps, it inevitably got tangled in the bristles too. Maybe I just got a bad one, but really can’t recommend this for those with long hair 🙁

Karla Virgilina, VA

Too small

I have medium volume straight long hair so I though the 3/4 inch will work better. How wrong I was. The spikes on this brush are so short that they can barely grasp my hair. Very hard to use and does not curl hair effectively. I get better curls with a flat hot iron then this product. Not recommended.

Nanette Salem, IN

Love it!!!

Love Love Love. I use to have one of these for years and loved it. Saved my hair from bad heat damage. Love that I have another one and I use it every day. Thank you for the fast shipping and great price.

Pam Delta, UT

I don’t know why I bought this

I have only used it twice in the past year. When I used it it did nothing for my hair and also there was black stuff coming out in my hair. I think it was melted plastic…

Justina Manilla, IN

So far love it

I have pretty straight hair and every now and then like a different look. I have tried regular curling irons (1 inch and 1.5 inch); the curls are good but they don’t last long and I on’t get soft curls with those. This is a great product for soft curls or smoothing out hair in the morning. Best part is, the curls last much longer compared to the regular curling irons. Only thing I would have loved to see in this product is a better brush, this brush is not bad at all, but my hair slip out of it while curling as the teeth are smaller than expected. With loner teeth I guess this would be an ideal product for me 🙂

Erika Sandy Point, ME

Not enough for thick coarse hair

I was hoping this would eliminate the need to blow-with-a-brush my thick short hair. But unfortunately it doesn’t provide enough control to replace that. It’s good for touch ups, but when I used it on my hair that I didn’t blow dry, it didn’t give enough control. My hair stayed frizzy and lost its shape quickly. I don’t like using a curling iron, but with the clip it does provide more control and has more effect on the hair.Based on the other reviews it does replace that process for many users, but didn’t for me.Pros:Easy to useAdjustable heat settingsGood for touch upsProbably not damaging to hairCons:Doesn’t provide enough control for thick, coarse hairDoes not seal the cuticle, hence doesn’t stop the frizzies

Candace Lenni, PA

Disappointed after all the great reviews.

I don’t think this brush gets as hot as it should with all the different settings it had. I cranked it up and it does not get hot enough to style my naturally wavy hair. I will be donating to someone with hair that requires less heat to style.

Natalie Nichols, FL

Great Find!

Great hot brush! My sister bought 1 of these years ago and then it died a few weeks ago. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find one like it. I looked on Amazon and there it was! Needless to say I bought her 2 of them, 1 to take home and 1 to leave at my home. She was so surprised and both work perfectly. It’s so nice to be able to find something like this at Amazon. If you use this size brush for curling this is a great little tool. Highly recommend it.

Ronda Pewaukee, WI

beautiful curls

this hot hair brush detangles my hair and gives beautiful curls.curls may vary ,just depends on how you work it.heating is perfect and love the grip too.

Charmaine Noxen, PA

Works Great On My Baby Fine Hair. Ready To Use So Quickly!

Since I have baby fine hair that is kind of hard to curl, I purchased the 3/4 inch model of this Instant Heat Brush. What amazes me about this brush is that it heats up so quickly but does not overheat.So far, I have not forgotten to turn it off, yet I am so glad to know that it has an auto turnoff.One more thing I want to add: This does not tangle up in my hair and gives my hair softness and curl. And this brush is easy to clean also.

Bobbi Reedsburg, WI

Surprisingly good

It is a nice big roller, gets very hot n quick. Has many heat settings. I have mine on the higher ones n I have very thick hair

Mindy Strandburg, SD

Instant Heat is right!

I ordered the 3/4-inch hot brush for myself and after experimenting a few times, liked it so much I ordered the 1-1/4-inch as a gift for a friend and she is very happy with it. It heats super fast, has many settings for heat needed depending upon hair type, and after a few minutes of experimenting I was glad I bought the hot brush style instead of a regular curling iron. The delivery was fast, the items were packaged well, and the hot brush works according to description.

Trina Virginia, MN

Surprised – Love this

I got this because I have fine, wavy brunette hair that often frizzes.- I wanted something that will reduce fly-away hair- I wanted a way to style my hair super fast between washes and still look good.This does the trick.- Variable heat – great.- Tip stays cool so you can actually handle both ends.- Nibs on the brush stay cool while the barrel heats up so I don’t burn my skull Ever anymore.- Super fast warm-up time.- I can use it to straighten my hair by just drawing the brush through my hair straight- I can use it to curl my hair by turning it while the hair is wrapped around it.It does risk tangling if you wrap long hair around it more than twice, so I try not to do that.All in all, I love this puppy. Highly recommended.

Deirdre Charlestown, NH

Love it! Love it! Love it!

I’ve never been into hair styling products, but I really needed help with my longish, layered, curly-like, hair. I wake up in the morning looking like Rod Stewart and it would take soooooooo long to try to look decent. Or I’d just have to put it up. Now it takes me under 10min. and the curls are so pretty. Very full and looks like I’ve worked on my hair all morning.It’s fun to use too. I can’t believe the difference. It was like magic… although I don’t use that many tools so I’m no expert, but I love this one. It heats up quickly, the cord is long, there are a lot of settings, and it just works great!I think would work a little better on thicker hair given that it is a bigger barrel and the fact that it needs to have something to grip onto. Shorter, thinner hair may be more of a challenge. What’s also a huge perk is that the large cap at the top is easy to hold onto meaning you’re not burning your hands all the time.If you’re looking for a product of this type you won’t be disappointed. I like it a lot, if you couldn’t tell.

Rosetta Cascade, MD

I love it!

I ordered the bigger one but had to return it. Because it was too big for my short hair. But Amazon kindly and quickly replaced my order (I mean, changed to the smaller one), and I could get the product in a short time.. So far, so good. Hair damage is not that serious, very easy to use… I love it so much.

Sandy Clarkdale, GA


This is the greatest thing since sliced bread…well no not really. I read so many rave reviews on this. When I first received it I was disappointed. I tried to curl my hair with it to no avail. I couldn’t understand why so many hyped reviews. I was going to return this but then I read it takes practice. I practiced and I learned I had been using it all wrong. Now I have gotten the hang of it and am only keeping my old clamp curling iron as back up in case something happens to this one. Really awesome..the reason for only 4 stars is because your hair can get tangled pretty easy and when it does, it’s not too pleasant. Also the cord is very short, can’t move to my normal “getting ready” spot, need to stay close to the outlet.

Marta Valley Grove, WV


I have used this brand of iron for years and have always been very happy with them. I was disappointed in a few of them for the cords were too short, this one is not. It is however, a bit heavy but I’m used to it. Heats well, does what I need.

Haley Del Rio, TN