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Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray By Paul Mitchell for Unisex, 6 Ounce

Hot Off The Press- Thermal Protection Spray was launched by the design house of Paul Mitchell. It is recommended for normal hair.

Key features

  • Hot Off The Press- Thermal Protection Spray By Paul Mitchell For Unisex – 6 Oz Spray
  • Hot Off The Press- Thermal Protection Spray By Paul Mitchell For Unisex
  • Rich in quality

Honest reviews


Holds curls all day 😀

I love to curl my hair, but because my hair is a longer length and pretty fine, it looks good when I first curl it but then within an hour or so most of the curl falls out. So for me this is really a miracle product! I love love love it!!! No matter what kind of curling iron I use it not only protects my hair from damage but also makes my curls last all day, and even the next day. If you have issues with your curls falling out, definatly try this stuff. It works great.

Joanne Woden, IA

Wonderful for curls

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product. If you love to curl your hair and have it STAY all day and into the next one or 2 days……..spray this product on each section, curl with a curling iron, and then go on to the next section. Once all the sections have cooled, BRUSH THROUGH the curls…YES, I said that. These curls will beautifully. I will never be without this again!

Petra Orlean, VA

Hot Off The Press Thermal Protection Spray

I used to use Chi Iron Guard, but when I was no longer able to get it at the shop I frequented, I decided to try Hot Off the Press. And am I glad I did. It holds my curls, but doesn’t leave my hair stiff or dull. And it has a very nice light fragrance. I am now on my second can. I highly recommend.

Willa Hyannis, MA

totally undecided

Read the reviews before buying, bought 2 and almost finished one. Not sure it is all that I hoped for.

Tia Douglas, WY

Helps my style hold better for sure

I don’t know how much protection this is actually providing my hair since I don’t use heat tools very much, but this spray definitely helps my style hold better.

Angelina Jackman, ME

Nice product, but expensive

This product works well, but I can find other similar less expensive products that will do the same work on my hair.

Summer Pointe A La Hache, LA


I use this product before I curl or straighten my hair. It’s light weight, smells great and helps hold the shape your are going for. I’ve tossed out my other Heat Protector sprays, they are nothing compared to this!

Jimmie Stem, NC

Hair protection for flat iron

I was using a flat iron on my hair. My hair dresser noticed that my hair was breaking off. She recommended this product for use before using the flat iron. I have been using for 2 years and have never had any more problems with breakage. I can’t live without this product. Great.

Jeanie Milam, WV

really works

i bought this at a rave review by a youtube guru, works really well, it doesnt smell bad or make your hair like really stiff. worth the buy

Cleo Climbing Hill, IA

Not what my wife was looking for and it added too much stiffness to her hair!

My wife recently purchased a nice hair flat iron and she wanted to try to use a thermal protection spray to make sure that she didn’t damage her hair. We had tried a lot of Paul Mitchell products and liked how well they worked so I took her to a salon and we purchased a can of this. The salon actually recommended a lower priced product that they used in the salon but we trusted the Paul Mitchell product name.My wife immediately didn’t care for it and she said it felt more like a hair spray in her hair than anything else. She also felt that her hair actually looked frizzier using this product than without it. She didn’t want a hair spray or a stiffener and so this will be the last can of this product she will buy. She put it on lightly and had this hair spray effect and I have to admit her hair did look frizzier.If you are looking for more hold in your hair and curls after using a flat iron then this product might be OK for you but my wife will not purchase it again.

Reyna Aledo, IL

Saves your hair

If you use a curling iron or any product that heats up your head then use this first. It is very light, not wet and it protects your hair.Other products that I have tried were too wet. This is perfect. Love it.

Angelina Lickingville, PA